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Corporate Strategy
FedEx Mission Statement is: “To produce superior financial returns for its shareowners as it serves its customers with the highest quality transportation, logistics, and ecommerce solutions.” There are three principles upon which the Corporate Strategy of FedEx is based. The principles are: 3. To leverage a significant point of competitive differentiation where each company of the FedEx family operates independently but competes collectively, 4. To extend the strength of the powerful FedEx brand name to three subsidiaries and to the holding company, previously named FDX Corporation, 5. To provide a single point of access to customers for sales, customer service, billing and automation systems.

However, in 2001, the company came up with a new strategic plan to generate substantial incremental revenues and profits by focusing on strategic growth opportunities such as:

6. To generate incremental volume in its core transportation business by crossselling all FedEx services, 7. To attract new business from small and medium sized customers, 8. To create new revenue streams with the new FedEx Trade Network Subsidiary and the new FedEx Home Delivery service, 9. To capitalize on e-commerce, 10. To provide meaningful supply chain solutions.

The Corporate Philosophy of FedEx is “People-Service-Profit” depicting that the prime importance the company gives, is to its employees followed by service and later

No-layoff Policy. It maintains job applicant and employee database and the employees have access to update their data on it. Survey Feedback Action (SFA) Program is another HR practice at FedEx. Guaranteed Fair Treatment Practice (GFTP) Amongst the strategic HR practices adapted by FedEx are the: PRISM Human Resource Information System: An information system that results in a paper less environment. the system enables job posting and bidding. Minority Recruitment Efforts. Management By Objective point and reward program is also tracked by PRISM whereby employees can monitor their individual progress. Secondly. Human Resource Strategies FedEx has been recognized for the strength of its management team. . Upon the results of the feedback from employees and discussions on the employee concerns within 6 weeks time. but the backbone of the company from the beginning has been its employees. The company has been cited for its: 11. Guaranteed Fair Treatment Practice (GFTP): This is a practice that gives rights to employees to have an issue reviewed by progressively higher levels of management starting with a written complaint to the Officer Review to the Executive Review. corrective actions are taken by the management. And job training and testing are also coordinated by the same system. and 13. It is a survey regarding the employee attitude towards their department and the company in general.the profits. 12.

Delta Air Lines. To build a superior team of employees. Inc. 15. To find innovative ways to maximize the value of the company’s core resources. extensive training is conducted. 16. Corporate Strategy Delta Air Lines Vision is: “To become the world’s best airline.” The five key strategic objectives Delta Air Lines. Inc. is following are: 14. To become number one in customer service. 17. .” Delta Air Lines Slogan is: “The best get better.Apart from these practices. The Corporate Strategy mainly is to differentiate itself from competitors through customer services so as to get customer satisfaction and secondly to maximize the profits for shareholders. 18. FedEx strives to achieve the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. To continue its strong financial performance. To develop a truly global airline network. the company has an open door policy and career progression policy for its employees. emphasis is given on Total Quality Management.

The CIT process is a problem-solving effort that allows employees to work as a team to identify. Delta’s workforce has been the highest paid in the industry. Employees are nominated by their peers for extraordinary work performance every month. Another HR practice at Delta is of Delta Survey 2000. Human Resource Strategies Delta has always understood the value of its human resource within the organization.While the Operational Strategy of Delta Air Lines. is to employ “hub-and-spoke” system under which. Profit Sharing Program under which virtually every employee benefits from the success of Company. and 21. rewards etc are taken. Another initiative is to establish Continuous Improvement Teams (CITs) throughout the organization. The programs objectives are: 19. The strategies Delta Air Lines has for its human resource include Family Care Saving Program. customer services. This is a survey conducted by an independent surveying firm in which employees opinion on leadership trust. analyze. Delta Air Line has a proper Rewards and Recognition program under which Above and Beyond is an award which the employees receive. Furthermore. Tax Qualified Retirement Plan. and solve problems that affect their work. 20. avoiding long layovers. Inc. job satisfaction. To instill a sense of ownership in Delta and its customers. a number of flights are scheduled to land at a hub airport within a 30 minute time-span and passengers can then take their connecting flights for their desired destination. Delta has also created a Personal Assistance Office that provides programs and resources to generate solutions to workplace productivity problems and remove barriers to optimal performance such as: . Motivate people. Build teamwork. safety.

fast friendly Service. 27. Apart from the above stated practices. Mental Health Benefits: To give access to mental health services. 26.” The companies Philosophy is Q. Alcoholic Recovery Program: That provides treatment to employees with alcoholic addiction.S. Lunch and Learn: Conducting seminars on various topics. restaurant Cleanliness. Critical Incidence Response Program: To assist and provide counseling to those employees who have undergone any critical incident or are under any emotional trauma. . and a menu that provides Value. Delta Air line has an open door policy. 23.22. McDonald’s Corporation Corporate Strategy McDonald’s vision is: “To be the world’s best quick service restaurant experience. Management Consultations: These include consultations for employees who are having performance or productivity problems. an abbreviation that stands for Quality food. enewsletter. Workplace Violence: To provide a safe working environment. face to face meetings between executives and employees and excessive training programs.C & V. 25. 24.

McDonald’s is serving up employment opportunities to two growing segments of the workforce: the disabled and the elderly. Increase market share. To achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of the McDonald’s system through innovation and technology. And this is the reason why McDonald’s has been criticized for breeding grounds for robots working for yesterday’s assembly lines. Adding Restaurants. Every job is broken down into the smallest steps and the whole process is automated.The company’s goal has been to provide the highest quality products and friendly services in clean restaurants at good values. 36. 33. Optimize profitability by reducing costs. 32. Human Resource Strategies McDonald’s Human Resource Strategy hinges on its ability to infuse every store with its Gung-Ho Culture and Standardized Procedures. 35. The Human Resource Strategies of McDonald’s mainly revolve around managing diversity and managing the human resource in the times of labor shortages. To be the best employer for its people in each community around the world. McDonald’s is focused on three worldwide strategies: 34. 29. McDonald’s Corporate Strategy is focused on: 31. Maximizing Sales and Profits at existing restaurants. The McDonald’s corporate identification is . Providing 100 percent customer satisfaction. Improving international profitability. The Growth Strategy McDonald’s has focuses on three key elements: 28. 30. To deliver operational excellence to its customers in each of its restaurants. not tomorrow’s high-tech posts.

Operations. McDonald’s has an extensive training program for its crew members. McMasters: A program similar to McJobs but also has a referral program added to it. The candidates are given proper training. innovative and engaging products. Exploring capital-efficient initiatives to drive long-term growth 42. an opportunity to work for McDonald’s after graduating from it. Revitalizing under performing areas (developing new strategies for Consumer Products and Home Video) 40. McDonald’s offers career-development program designed for various minority groups and training for managers that identifies diversity from a valued-added perspective. To build the greatest entertainment asset base in the world 38.S. between the ages of 16 to 60. Achieving greater profitability from existing assets 41. More than half of the top managers at restaurants owned by McDonald’s are women and minorities. Human Relations skills and Interpersonal/Communication Skills. market evaluation. Formal classroom sessions are provided in which participants learn management skills.C and V philosophy. McJobs: This is a program that gives the mentally and physically disabled people. A two-week curriculum covers four major areas: Equipment. . To simultaneously create the greatest entertainment product in the world. financial budgets and the reinforcement of Q. Furthermore. The Walt Disney Company Corporate Strategy Walt Disney has a two fold Corporate Strategy: 37. Managers at McDonald’s have been graduated with a degree in Hamburgerology from Hamburger University. focusing on: 39. which are known as McJobs and McMasters. Open door policy is appreciated at McDonald’s as well. Continuing development of creative. The Company entered into 21st century with a strategy that is four-pronged.strategically named in these employment programs.

Employee Development 47. structure approach to human relations. . Employee Communications The employees working at Disney are referred to as “Cast Members” as they do not work at a job. Walt Disney has an Employee Relations Philosophy in which they believe in: 49. Disney also has a University that teaches Disney Courtesy (customer service). philosophies and guest service standards on which Disney has prided it self for so many years. including areas such as: 43. Employee Relations 44. color.Human Resource Strategies According to Walt Disney: “You can dream. It is during the orientation that cast members learn the art of bringing value to guests. Being air and impartial in our relations with all employees without regard to race. 52.” Disney has never let the importance of its employees go overlooked. Employee Activities and Services 48. It continuously reinforces the values. This is an ongoing process for all Disney cast members. Providing a safe and meaningful working environment that contributes to a feeling of worth and individual dignity for each member of our family. Providing opportunities for growth and development on the job through comprehensive training programs. The Disney University 46. design and build the most wonderful place in the world. translates company policy and trains employees. create. 51.” The cast members share the values of honesty. they are “cast in a role for the show. Disney’s Human Resource Department consists of ten separate entities. religion. sex. beginning with the recruitment stage. courage. Benefits Administration 45. age. but it requires people to make that dream a reality. national origin. integrity. Disney’s Orientation Program is of key importance for its cast members which is a part of Disney’s well-organized. 50. Providing an opportunity for all employees to reach their personal goals while accomplishing the goals of the organization. instead. openness. marital status and handicaps. respect. diversity and balance.

Corporate Strategy Wal-Mart has obtained a distinctive competitive advantage by targeting small. Wal-Mart is America’s top discount store. Disney has fostered a greater “buy-in” to the company vision. dedication and individual contribution. cast members work together towards common understood goals. Teamwork. friendly management style. An informal . “By providing the cast members with the opportunity to express their own creative thoughts and direction. Providing competitive pay and benefits that recognize employee loyalty. tradition. and a technological advantage. Deliveries are made daily to each Wal-Mart store. Its distribution centers strategically blanket Wal-Mart’s market areas. Wal-Mart’s store location strategy was innovate along with other factors contributing to its success including rigorous cost control. Inc. Wal-Mart distribution system is another key component of its efficiency strategy.53. Promoting from within the organization when and where feasible. With its stated goal to be the Low Cost Leader. an excellent distribution network. rural communities which leads to lower operating costs. 54. Disney is rich in heritage. encouraging open lines of communications at all levels 56. Wal-Mart has built a network of stores and offices that serve two important functions: it avoids the cost of building separate administrative offices and it creates a strong feeling between store management and customer while promoting a better working bond among coworkers. Lastly. Most stores are located within 1 day’s drive of a distribution center. quality standards and values that it believes are critical factors to its success. Human Resource Strategies Corporate Culture and Philosophy: “Our Philosophy is that management role is simply to get the right people in the right . Disney works to make its vision a reality.” Wal-Mart Stores. 55. This design allows managers to interact with the customers during business hours.

We are a merchandise-driven company 59. We communicate with our associates 61. We maintain a strong work ethic 62.” The employees working at Wal-Mart Stores are called as “Associates” because it implies partnership. Wal-Mart’s corporate culture is defined by ten basic principles: 57. According to Mr. Participatory management from top to bottom is stressed and listening is an important part of manager’s job. The customer is always right 58. Associates are partners 63. Our people really do make a difference. Associates are empowered 65. Sam “99% of the best ideas we ever had came from our employees. we have average people operating in an environment that encourages everyone to perform way above average. they are given plenty of responsibility. Individual contribution to the team effort are welcomed and rewarded.” – Sam Walton According to David Glass: “We have no superstars at Wal-Mart.places to do a job and then encourage them to use their own inventiveness to accomplish the task at hand.” Sam Walton “managed by walking around” and expected the same from his managers. It is Wal-Mart’s family-like environment that emphasizes team work and encourages employee’s ideas and participation.” That is not the slogan at Wal-Mart. Our leaders are also servants 64. This partnership goes to past monetary participation to open-door policies. Our people make the difference 60.” “Most of us wear a button that says “Our people make the difference. it is a way of life. To heighten associate’s sense of mission. We have integrity in all we do 66. We control our expenses .

College graduates are hired 69. the elimination of dumb things. special promotional items. expectations. Key elements are: Productivity. general office personnel staff and the Walton Life Fitness Center Staff. employee dress casually some in tennis clothes for after meeting fun. payroll percentages. The division is divided into five functions: Store operations. people are our job. The Director of People Division says “We deal with people. training and development. Staffing In-store employees at Walt-Mart consist of two categories: mangers (salaried) and associates (hourly). People from other retail companies with outstanding merchandising skills are recruited. such as week’s sales. how things went and so on. unusual problems and reports on transportation. 68. Saturday Morning Meetings at Headquarters Wal-Mart conducts a very informal and relaxed meeting. The Wal-Mart Way It is an ongoing focus on quality with the emphasis on doing everything right the first time because that is the most efficient way. loss prevention and information systems. A primary focus of the people division is the recruitment of new associates. People Division Instead of Personnel Department they have People Division. The meet to discuss Wal-Mart issues. Every retail outlet is managed by a store manager and one or more assistants. associates and managers meet for ten minutes to discuss overall operations. . innovation that calls for “breaking the frame” and an effort to continuously improve. Hourly associates move up through the ranks. Every Friday morning each store has a general store meeting during which associates at every level can ask questions and expect to get straightforward answers from management. warehouse personnel. Managers are hired in one of three ways: 67. Also company’s five most important priorities are set to give employees goals and for the purpose of keeping them focused.Store Meetings Every morning before store opens and every evening after store closes. Teamwork.

New associates receive to evaluations during their first year. above standard and outstanding. All managers and associates are evaluated annually.Training Training is provided to all the employees mostly with the method of On the Job Training. first after 90 days and the other on their anniversary date. Associates are hired at higher than minimum wage rate and can expect a raise within first year. Performance Evaluation Wal-Mart calls the process of performance appraisals as “evaluations”. The four performance “levels” are below standard. standard. .

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