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Sunday, March 11, 2007


$500 + $50
$52,500 PRIZE POOL

Gerard Rechnitzer Wins No Limit Shootout

The 12th event of the Winnin ‘O’ the Green tournament drew 105 players and created a
prize pool of $52,500, a piece to be paid to each of the 11 table winners. Not to sound
predictable, but the final table was full of players who frequent final tables all year-round.
Players like Paramjit Gill, Frank Rite, Frankie Odell, and Sirous Baghchehsaraie.
Although George Rechnitzer was not at this prestigious final table, his son, Gerard was
present and made quite an impression on the veterans. Gerard was no final table rookie,
having made a 2005 WSOP Final Table in 7-card stud.
The final table was set quickly since the final round of the Shootout started with 11
players and the 11th place finisher played exactly one hand. The final 10 redrew for seats
again and started play about 7:30pm. As in the shootout format, each player started with
2,000 chips in the final round.
The first elimination occurred when Paul Lee, the beneficiary of the double up on the
first hand of the second round, raised to 250 and got called in two spots by Tony
Abesamis and Gerard Rechnitzer. The flop was 8-7-6 rainbow and Paul checked. Tony
bet 350 and Gerard raised it to 1,000. Paul folded and Tony pushed all-in. Gerard took a
few moments and made the call. Tony showed 10-10 for the overpair and gutshot.
Gerard showed 9-9 for a lesser overpair to the board but an open-ended straight draw.
The turn was a 5 and Gerard came from behind to his the 9-high straight. Now Tony
needed a 9 for the chop but the river King gave Gerard the early chip lead and sent Tony
to cash in 10th place for $1,050.
The second elimination occurred on the following hand (#18). It was the battle of the
blinds as the small blind Paramjit Gill raised with 10-4 and was called by the big blind,
Sirous Baghchehsaraie with Q-10. The board was 10-9-3-K-Q and Sirous won with
Queens up. Paramjit Gill finished in 9th place and earned $1,050.
On hand #24, the bad beat of the evening occurred. Sirous B. raised 350 from late
position and the button, Steve Crockett called. The flop was J-6-2. Sirous bet out and
Steve pushed all-in. Sirous made the quick call and showed pocket Queens. Steve
showed A-J for top pair-top kicker but Sirous’ overpair had Steve in bad shape. The
turned Jack changed all that and within one card, Steve was dominating with one card to
go. The river 6 filled up Steve and doubled him up. Sirous still has chips and is always a
final table threat with any amount of chips.
Play continued until the next big confrontation on hand #33 when Gerard Rechnitzer
raised preflop to 1,000. Paul Lee re-raised all-in and Gerard confirmed that he had Paul
covered in chips and made the call. Paul showed A-K and the classic showdown was
underway against Gerard’s Q-Q. The flop was 9-9-8. Gerard had the lead and Paul was
still searching for any pairing of his cards. The turn 10 created a straight draw for Gerard
but he just wanted to dodge an Ace or King on the river. The river was a Jack and Gerard
made the unnecessary straight and became the dominant chip leader at the table. Paul
Lee finished in 8th place and received $1,315.
Gerard left the table for a few hands to contemplate how he would play the rest of the
final table. In his absence, the players discussed making a chip deal once Gerard
returned. Several hands played out and in the middle of hand #44, Gerard returned and a
deal was made. Coincidentally, Frank Rite wasn’t sure if the deal was going to be
completed and he held on to his pocket Aces until he was certain the deal was done.
After everyone agreed he showed his Aces and wondered what would have been. Gerard
Rechnitzer was declared the winner and was first congratulated by his father, George,
who was watching intently from the rail.
-Jay “Bugsy” Siegel

Gerard Rechnitzer proved that the apple does not fall far from the tree as his father
George, with frequent final table appearances and several tournaments wins, taught his
son how to play poker. Gerard recalls sweating his father playing $75/10 Stud. The
student showed the professor how it was done and easily won his first table and then built
up a dominant lead in the final table letting the rest of the players deciding how to divide
up second place. Gerard has been playing poker for 9 years. He made his first final table
at the age 19 by using his brother’s I.D. In 2005, Gerard made a WSOP final table in 7-
card stud. Gerard says 7-card stud is his game but his father was quick to point out that
he has done well in No Limit Hold’em as well. Gerard, who owns his own real estate
brokerage business, will be playing in the Winnin ‘O’ the Green main event provided his
schedule allows. Gerard is dedicating this win to his father, who is responsible for not
only bringing him in to this world but for being an excellent teacher and father.
George and Gerard: winners in poker and winners in life. Congratulations.


Seat 1 Tony Abesamis $2,275
Seat 2 Hoang T. $1,800
Seat 3 Steve Crockett $1,675
Seat 4 Paul Emata $2,250
Seat 5 Frank Rite $1,675
Seat 6 Gerard Rechnitzer $2,100
Seat 7 Frankie Odell $1,950
Seat 8 Paramjit Gill $1,800
Seat 9 Sirous Baghchehsaraie $2,400
Seat 10 Paul Lee $4,075
Chip Variance= 0


1 Gerard Rechnitzer Los Angeles, CA $21,000
2nd Frankie Odell Denver, CO $10,500
3 Sirous Baghchehsaraie Long Beach, CA $5,775
4 Hoang T. Los Angeles, CA $3,675
5th Steve Crockett Los Angeles, CA $2,885
6 Paul Emata Los Angeles, CA $2,360
7 Frank Rite Irvine, CA $1,840
8th Paul Lee Pasadena, CA $1,315
9th Paramjit Gill Diamond Bar, CA $1,050
10th Tony Abesamis Los Angeles, CA $1,050

No Limit Hold’em
$300 + $40
Monday, March 12, 2007 4:15pm
Tournament Results: