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Overview and quick navigation links: 1. Initial setup and verification of your workstation 2. Workstation Settings/Best Practices 3. Regional and Language Options 4. ConnectWise Internet Client installation 5. Activity Capture installation and testing 6. Outlook setup to use the ConnectWise contacts as your E-mail Directory 7. Optional Microsoft Project Integration (this is not required) 1. Initial setup and verification of your workstation Important Note: The ConnectWise Internet client works across the internet. You can load it on as many workstations as you like. We encourage you to load it on your home workstation, your notebook, etc. You can use the ConnectWise internet client to connect to ConnectWise from anywhere on the Internet. Send us your Completed Workstation Installation Checklist Use this workstation installation checklist to setup and test the workstations. Print out a copy of the checklist for each workstation. Email or fax your completed checklists to: or 813463-4701 Verify workstation minimum requirements 1 GHz Pentium or faster 512 MB RAM minimum (1 GB highly recommended) more memory enhances performance 1024x768 VGA resolution or better set on the Display Property settings of the desktop 50 Meg free disk space Verify and update workstation Operating System • • • Microsoft Windows XP is the minimum operating system requirement The ConnectWise client MUST be installed on the C:\ volume. (ie. Cannot be D:\ , etc) You MUST apply all applicable updates from

We support Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 & 8.0 Browser settings for IE Recommended IE settings • Setting for printing headers and footers. Click on File on the tool bar and select Page Setup. Make the heading and footings blank. (this will allow reports to print out cleanly) • Other IE settings. Click on Tools on the tool bar and select Internet Options. Click on the Advanced tab. Find the appropriate section for Browsing and Printing and make the settings match below. 1 / 13


Click Add. IE additional settings Disable the Smart Screen filter (phishing filter in IE 7) and Pop-Up blocker for the URL’s in our trusted sites. Uncheck Require server verification for all sites in this zone. Click OK. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515. Enter PSA URL without the HTTP(s) prefix.doc Page 2 / 13 .(this will launch a new browser windows when you click on any hyperlink) (this will allow the reports to print the shading) Make ConnectWise Website URL a trusted site in IE • Tools -> Internet options -> Security Tab • • • • Click the trusted sites icon to enable the sites button below. Click OK. Enter PSA URL WITH Https as well. On the bottom of the Internet options screen there will be a button labeled Custom Level (click it). Click Add. Click the Sites button to bring up the Trusted Sites Dialog.

Disable both. one for the SmartScreen Filter(called Phishing Filter in IE 7) and one for the Popup Blocker.Scroll down near the bottom of the list and you will see two entries.doc Page 3 / 13 . /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515.

uncheck the box for “Reuse windows for launching shortcuts” and check the box to “print background colors and images.” /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515.doc Page 4 / 13 . On the Advanced Tab.Press the OK button and then click the Apply button to exit the Internet Options dialog box.

/opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515.On the General Tab. uncheck the box for “Delete browsing history” on exit.doc Page 5 / 13 .

it can potentially slow down your system if your system is not fast and the files are being scanned needlessly. It will be the Site name in Step 2 – Logon to your Production Data Base).doc Page 6 / 13 .adobe.html Foxit: http://www.msi Run http://yourconnectwiseurl.??/v4_6_Release/controls/CRRedist2008_x64.Adjust the workstation Virus Protection At the local workstation level if you have virus protection It is rare but.aspx?FamilyID=ab99342f-5d1a413d-8319-81da479ab0d7&displaylang=en Install Crystal Reports Run 3. you should exclude: • C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName \Local Settings\Application Data\connectwise (exclude this directory and all subdirectories below) If there is a Personal Firewall installed If the workstation is running a personal firewall.msi • (Note – You can find your (ConnectWise URL / Company Site name) in the document you received after your Installation was completed – the document with your login credentials. If there is a Pop-up Blocker installed This must be disabled or the application will not function /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515. Install Microsoft . It is the URL you enter when you log into your ConnectWise: Install a PDF Reader (below are the links to two different free PDF readers you can install) Adobe: http://www. We have windows which then you will need to setup the URL for the ConnectWise PSA application as a “trusted site”. if you are having the problem. The actual terminology used in the firewall package may differ but the firewall needs to trust and allow the application to come thru otherwise the application will not function correctly.5 SP1 on the workstation Go to the MS download web page: http://www.

Right Click on the ConnectWise PSA 2. You must log off for the settings to take effect NOTE: “Medium – 125%” will skew the login screen Changing the Privilege Level (Windows 7 Users ONLY) 1. Move the scroll bar to ‘Never notify’> click OK Magnification Level 1.2. Start> Control Panel> Display 2. Click on Properties> Compatibility 3. Vista & Windows 7 Best Practices When running a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows machine we recommend the following steps: 1. Click ‘Run as administrator’> OK /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515. Click ‘Change User Account Control Settings’ 3. Go to control panel>user accounts 2. Select “Smaller – 100%”. click “Apply” 3.doc Page 7 / 13 .

Click on the Customize or Additional Settings button (depending on your OS) 3. 5. To change these settings. For date formatting and other things to work correctly for international partners. Start> Control Panel> Regional and Language Options 2. If you live in New Zealand or another country where the time in your taskbar appears as “a.m. Click on the Time tab 4. Click OK 8. open Regional and Language Options from Control Panel. Click on the Date tab 6.doc Page 8 / 13 . the short date MUST have a format that has four places for the year. For the Date formats. 1. you will have to update your regional time settings to use “AM/PM”.”./p. Regional and Language Options SQL requires time stamps to include the global AM/PM format. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515. example: 7.m. select the appropriate AM/PM format. From the AM symbol and PM symbol dropdowns.3.

You can load it on as many workstations as you like. The workstation language does not have to be the same as the server language. Perform Step 2 and follow the instructions on the ConnectWise Install web page The ConnectWise Internet client works across the internet. your notebook. On the Formats tab. We encourage you to load it on your home workstation. ConnectWise Internet Client installation Install the ConnectWise Internet client on your workstation • • • Go to the ConnectWise Install web page: http://www.the server must be completely set up with the appropriate language settings. but you can't have IE in one language and Windows in another on the same machine. If installing on Vista click here. /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515.connectwise. There are several places where these are set.doc Page 9 / 13 . The workstation must also be completely set up with the desired language. make sure the language here matches the language you have an IE 4. You can use the ConnectWise internet client to connect to ConnectWise from anywhere on the Internet.

Login to ConnectWise PSA Site Company ID Username Password • Perform Step 3 and follow the instructions on the ConnectWise Install web page Set Outlook 2003 option for editing e-mail messages for Activity Capture (not needed in Outlook 2007) • • • • • Open Outlook on your workstation On the Menu bar go to Tool > Options Click “Mail Format” YourCompanyShortName* YourMemberID** YourFirstNameLowerCase * The name you specified in the Server-Installation-Checklist ** First initial. • Go to the ConnectWise Install web page: http://www. Activity Capture installation and testing Install Activity Capture This is for Exchange users that want to post emails as Service Requests or Sales Activities • Verify you have Outlook 2003 or 2007.8 or greater. Uncheck the two options for using Microsoft Word to edit and also read your email messages Click “OK” • /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515.ConnectWiseURL. Follow this link to get a tool to determine MDAC version and to download the latest version if necessary.doc Page 10 / 13 .connectwise. last name is the typical 5. • Verify you have MDAC version 2.

Set CompanyContacts here CompanyContacts at so it shows that the top list first addressof the list or second from the top . Set 4. Open any email in Outlook and click the Test Activity Capture twice “Capture Activity in ConnectWise PSA” button on top of an email. Select: Tools > Address 2. open Public Folders > ConnectWise > CompanyContacts Right Click on CompanyContacts and select properties. Click “Show this folder as an e-mail address book.” Click “OK” Book The following window will be displayed Set the CompanyContacts folder as the default address list 1. select: Tools > Options The window below will pop out /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515. Outlook setup to use the ConnectWise contacts as your E-mail Directory Set the CompanyContacts public folder as an Address Book • • • • • • Open Outlook on your workstation. • • Outlook may pop up a dialog box with the following message: A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook.1. Click “Outlook Address Book” tab. Do you want to allow this? Answer “Yes” to all cases 6. In the folder list. Start Outlook in the InBox.doc Page 11 / 13 3.

Fill in the export form as shown below. accept defaults and click “Okay.doc Page 12 / 13 .” you should see a message box saying “Project Export Complete.7.” You should now see the software development project. • Installing MS Project Import/Export o Click here to bring up the ConnectWise Install web page o Perform Step 4 and follow the instructions on the ConnectWise Install web page Testing MS Project Export o Open MS Project o Select an existing project or create a test project  File > New > Select “Project Templates” Tab  Select “Software Development” and click “Okay”  In the next screen. Optional Microsoft Project Integration (this is not required) The Microsoft Project Import/Export program adds the ability to import projects from MS Project to ConnectWise Project and export from ConnectWise Project to MS Project.  Select Tools > ConnectWise Project Export.” • /opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515. This part of the installation is optional. Do it if you are going to integrate MS Project with ConnectWise PSA. After selecting “Export to ConnectWise PSA.

/opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6148/74312515.doc Page 13 / 13 .