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the dwarves - fefu: the dvd dvd

the sparks- dick around 7"/cdep
jacko and the tennessee tearjerkers - flipside kid cd
the detroit cobras - lost and found lp/cd
the river dales - s/t cd
the vilent lovers club - s/t cd
goodnight loving - semetary tales lp/cd
me first & the gimme gimmes - love their country lp/cd
strate coats - s/t 7"
these arms are snakes - easter cd
maximum rocknroll magazine
nikki sudden - truth doesnt matter cd
pere ubu - why i hate woman cd
katharsis - world without end cd
ettes - shake the dust lp
mono & world's end girlfriend - palmless prayer / mass murder refrain 2xlp
the fix - speed of twisted thought lp/cd
lemonheads - s/t cd
the radio knives - cursed cd
ludicra - fex urbis lex orbis lp/cd
jello biafra - in the grip of official t 3xcd
the fondas - runaway bombshell lp
& much more

still hot:
antigama/jan ag - siekiera/destination death splitcd (kot) 7,5 euro
the infamous godfather of grindcore jan agathocles'solo outlet. split-fullength death match with
partners in sound from poland.
beat devils - wild rockin' mama cd (tcy) 13 euro
great album from this rockabilly trio. fast, uptempo neorockabilly, backed by a fat hitting doghouse
bass and some catchy tunes whets appetite for more. they combine a fine mix of hillbilly,
rockabilly and some classic psycho.
big bobby & the nightcaps "big bobby rocks & his nightcaps roll" lp (screaming apple)
10,50 euro
after the success of their two monster 45s on the us label black lung and their ep on the "mighty
apple", the crusaders of rawk and roll mayhem are now going to conquer the whole planet with
their longawaited debut-album "big bobby rocks & his nightcaps roll". influenced by the rock´n´roll
invasion of the fifties, the teen-punk spirit of the sixties and the aggression of the punk-rock of the
seventies, bobby and his drunken bunch will kick ass and certainly take no prisoners. helluva
smokin´ slab´o´wax.
bobbyteens "cruisin' for a bruisin'" lp (screaming apple) 10,50 euro
the bobbyteens are a trademark of high quality rock´n´roll. obsessed by the glam and glitter of the
seventies, the total “over the top” pop of this decade and of course the beginning of punk, these
two ex- trashwoman, one ex-spastics and one former-mummy create something not so new but
definitely spectacular for your listening pleasure. those californian trash rawk superstars deliver
13 blasts of sticky sweet ooey gooey bad girl bubblegum power-pop garage rock n roll slop that
will have you tippin´ yer glass and shakin´ yer ass.
bomber - "booze, dope and fever" cd (bad attitude) 13 euro
sideproject of flaming sideburns & mutants members. the music of bomber was often described
as “deep country” or “white man’s soul”. so here it is both physically and spiritually raw, pure and
honest to god. bomber practised what it preached: "we were relentless, and definitely at times in
deep waters... and if the good lord is willing we’ll meet you again." sincerely, jeffrey lee burns.
durham,north carolina,usa.
boss martians - "i wanna be your addiction + already there" 7" (bad attitude) 4 euro
super catchy power pop with equal emphasis on power and pop. produced by johnny
sangster,mixed by jack endino and cover art by david landis
the cannics - "psycho dad" 7"ep (incognito) 3 euro
wild 60's/sonics influenced punk. pretty violent live-reputation! 4 hits.
the chains "till you come back home + the boy who took my place 7" (screaming apple) 4
after having released a real monster of a debut-album on get hip records, the five lads from
montreal (incl. ex-spaceshits and smash up derby-member alex fascination) now come up with
their first 45 and much time & tough has been put into it. the group has recorded some of the
finest stuff of their carreer for your listening enjoyment. their freakbeat sound sits well between
british mod and now very hip american garage. one of the songs from their album has even been
selected track of the week on little steven's underground garage radio show. montreal's newest
hitmakers now deliver two incredibly hot 60´s soul movers, which are of co urse very much mod
influenced in that great indikation kinda way, but can easily compete with the brightest moments
of the detroit cobras and the dirtbombs. so all you dancers, mods, garage-heads, soulbrothers
and rock´n´rollers out there, here´s a little thingie you can´t afford to miss.
the chronics - "suggested for mature audiences" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
follow-up to their debutalbum "it's too late" which got rave reviews all over.11 tracks,including bo
diddley & stooges covers,a bit louder & stronger than their previous material but still with as many
catchy hooks.they have been compared to the heartbreakers,real kids,zeros & registrators & this
album is a perfect mix of all of those.
the chuck norris experiment - s/t cd (bad attitude) 13 euro
chuck norris experiment is a swedish band formed by members of rickshaw, tiamat and taurus but
doesn't sound like none of the aforementioned bands . it's rock 'n' roll deeply rooted in the 70s,
greasy, big sounding and groovy as hell. this side project, which is quickly becoming a real
touring band, comes to revitalize the ghosts of ted nugent, ac/dc, the stooges,monster magnet
and and any music fan, and especially the "heavyweight rock'n'roll" fan, should take notice before
it will be too late. the eight songs on this full-length will blow your mind away and will bring you
back in a time where rock was a word full of sweat, blood, spits and danger.
cocktail slippers - "housewives from hell" 7"ep (bad attitude) 4 euro
cocktail slippers are four hard rocking girls from oslo, norway (contains few ex- rebelettes,ex-
barbarellas members).the band makes a cool and refreshing mix of garage, rock´n roll, power-
pop and catchy melodies.accompanied by awesome farfisa sound, screaming guitar, high voltage
drums and rocking bass the band releases sound waves too strong for any regular human to
coheed and cambria - "good apollo i'm burning star vi" cd (sony) 16 euro
coheed and cambria - "in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3" cd (sony) 16 euro
denvis - "comin' home" cd (drug money records) 13 euro
solo-album from enfant-terrible mister denvis, boss and singer of the spades, brought to you with
a smile and a tear. no loud music to be found here but great semi-acoustic originals and few
covers (the nerds, tom waits..). out on mister denvis'recordlabel "drug money records".
the derita sisters & junior - "united states of the world" 10"picture-disc (incognito) 7 euro
one-sided picture disc. 8 songs comedy punkrock from california.
the dirters - "living like a dog" 10" (bad attitude) 7 euro
six rollin tracks from tampere city rockers. the dirters are fast & melodic rawk'n'roll !!!
drunkhorse/the feather - split 7" (delboy) 3 euro
earthless - "sonic prayer" cd (gravity) 12 euro
stoner rock heroes earthless are from san diego; members of clikatat ikatowi, hot snakes, electric
nazarene, and nebula. four epic tracks of loud-ass rock devastation, blown with drugged-out
bass, pulsating rhythmic sex beats, and brain-piercing acid flashback guitar leads.this stuff isn't
for everybody, but when it comes to stoner rock, these guys have a niche all their own and this
record is one of the very best of the genre. 2 epic songs zwatchaget. rock! to the stoner.
el guapo stuntteam - "battles across the stereo spectrum" cd (suburban) 15 euro
fifty foot combo - "jennifer jennings + 2" 7"eppicture-disc (delboy) 8 euro
the uncrowned "kings of monstrophonic sound' released this ep, named "jennifer jennings", a
swinging and instrumental version of the legendary louis neefs track on which they push their
barriers even further; using female backing vocals and a sitar! powerfull but swinging. it's
definetely on of their finest moments... also included are 2 live tracks, "theme from f.a.c.t.s" and a
neckbreakin' version of lio-clasic "banana split". both live tracks will with no doubt prove their live-
attics and are taken from the same live-session as the live-album.
the flashcubes ”brilliant!” lp (screaming apple) 10,50 euro
the band started in 1977 in syracuse, ny recorded just two singles, including one of thee power-
pop classics “christi girl” and sadly broke up in 1980. through the years their legend grew and by
the early 90´s more people had heard of the flashcubes than had ever actually heard them.
bursting out 12 new original tunes, “brilliant!” makes the case that not only were the flashcubes
one of the greatest power-pop groups to make the scene in the late 70´s, they´re still one of the
very best around. an opening cover of the eddie & the hot rods classics “do anything you wanna
do” serves as both a statement of intent and a gauntlet thrown. who could resist such a powerful
call to arms? who would wanna resist? brilliant. legendary. the flashcubes rule again.
flatline rockers - "neonlights and hell calling" cd (axis of evil) 13 euro
"neonlights and hell calling" successfully plays host to both modern, hard, tuff psychobilly
onslaughts and well-learnt lessons from the old skool. right from the opening instrumental, as in
their live shows, it's an excellently executed psychotic onslaught of power and proficiency.
sometimes like batmobile, with demented vocals, and sometimes they sound like tiger army and
then on a slow number or two it's more like guana batz doing the old "werewolf blues". nine self-
penned howlers stomp alongside some tasty covers from charlie feathers and johnny powers.
other stuff is heavier, faster, wilder... there's even a touch of new-ska but otherwise it's psychosis
all the way... you'll see and you'll hear... and you'll believe. it wrecks, but it rocks! as for that
opening instrumental again... well, hot damn, they've a deviliciously wicked bassplayer, the guitar
slinger sure ain't no slouch either, indeed there's nothing to do but succumb to this axe of evil!
fokkewolf - "pornorocker (no time for love) + 1" 7" (incognito) 3 euro
hard rockin' loud punk from england. incognito rec. sez "like hellacopters!. fokkewolf is the shit!"
limited edition of 750 copies.
the fuse - "breaker breaker" 7" (in the red) 4,5 euro
b/w beggars and choosers, transparent vinyl.
garage 13 - ride of the rides mcd (bad attitude) 7 euro
these six tracks continue,their famous twin-guitars assault with great melodies & hooks. fuel
smelling rock'n'roll action!!!
gg allin & the murder junkies - "raw, brutal, rough & bloody" dvd (mvd) 17 euro
"after spending 19 months in the adrian, mi correctional facility, gg allin was paroled in march
1991. back in nyc, the murder junkies were ready to carry out gg's rock & roll mission. in the fall,
gg allin & the murder junkies set out on their first us tour. see for yourself why gg allin will always
be the undisputed leader of the scumfuc rock & roll underground." - merle allin. this dvd includes
3 complete shows: san diego 9/27/91, chicago 10/10/91, and atlanta 11/20/91. 100 minutes.
grey spikes - "year zero" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
vinyl-issue from the cd on 1+2 from japan. the farewell album of this los angeles punkrockband. if
you dug their demolition derby rec. 7" (& their other releases), you'll find plenty of your liking here,
but there's also some more balanced songs, with maybe a minutemen touch. this is the band of
guitarist tony fate, who previously played in the early 80's punkband the sins & these days in the
bell rays. the bell rays have actually covered several grey spikes songs from this album on their
own records ("stupid fuckin' people" & "chemical"), so here's your chance to check out the
the hunches - "fuck disco beats" 7"ep (in the red) 5 euro
"fuck disco beats," is the band's response to the crop of groups that think gang of four is a genre,
while the two exclusive cuts, "when i became you" and "jakob's voices," drive the loud and
abrassive factor to new heights. packaged in full-color gloss sleeve.
jet boys - "jet patrol" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
"buckle your seatbelts. the jet boys are the long-standing dukes of japanese pervo punk and
never fail to impress with their revved up junkie rock and over-the-top graphic identity...a
japanese mad magazine punk combo with cool johnny thunders guitar licks and damn-the-
torpedoes-full-speed-ahead attitude.
the jewws - "l'explosion du son de maintenant" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
mix equal parts link wray, sonics, chuck berry & the gories & what you get is texas prime
garagepunksurfrock&rollers the jewws. their debut 10" from '99 has been the most played record
at the demolition derby hq for the last years so the jewws simply had to release their debut full
length on demolition derby.coco from man or astroman? assisted with the mix & tim kerr wrote
the linernotes.15 new originals of which 2 instro's.
the knights of the new crusade "my god is alive! sorry about yours!" lp (screaming apple)
10,50 euro
nobody seems to know who the men under the helmets are and many weird rumours about them
are swirling through the internet. a lot of familiar names got implicated with them and some
people even think it's the mummies back in action. obviousely we know the secret, but we won't
lift it! never! the knights are trying to save the world from satan with their crude garage-punk,
which will certainly remind a lot of all you out there of those glory days of the incredible before
mentioned mummies and we're sure they will bring the sinners back on the right track using
rock'n'roll as the ultimate weapon to convert them. read what garage guru lutz from soundflat
mailorder has written about them and you get the score: "the first time i heard these guys was at
one of my fave radio shows in the internet and it really knocked me out! of course i googled and
found their incredible website which made me wet my pants! now their album is here! they praise
the lord, their lyrics tell you the truth and they will conquer the world in their mighty armors, armed
with huge swords and vintage guitars!! on this album youll get 13 garagepunk anthems that will
blow you away. think of the early mummies meet the dead boys (the opening track "secret sign"
sounds exactly like "sonic reducer")! just have a look at this more than insane coverart and you
will not hesitate to join these christians! no chance for the devil inspired hippie movement, no
chance for drugs and no sexual promiscuity! get it now !"
the manikins "agalmatophilia" cd (screaming apple) 13 euro
on this cd you get both of the records by swedens finest punkrockers plus two bonustracks. all
those manikins songs will burn themselves immediately right into your brain like they did into
mine when i first pushed the play button. "agalmatophilia" is a real masterpiece of today´s garage
punk, with a trashy pop flavor to it. super catchy stuff that rawks like there´s gonna be no
tomorrow, with the same intensity and energy that made bands like teengenerate, the devil dogs
and the sonics so special. they have the ability to make your ears pop and blood pressure drop
and that will surely satisfy your most desirable punk rawk urges.26! tracks of pure garage punk
mayhem you simply can't afford to miss.
the master plan - "colossus of destiny" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
rock&roll supergroup including andy shernoff from the dictators,keith streng & bill milhizer from
the fleshtones & paul johnson of waxing poetics. a bit of rootsy-ness, a swig of booziness, and a
blast of fun from the hop. playful rock & roll with a serious attitude. make no mistake: this "side
project" had to happen, and the boys are in the hands of destiny. 13 tracks, 8 originals, 5 covers
(incl eastern dark cover), 12 vocal songs, 1 instrumental, 100 % rock&roll.
the mcrakins "comicbooks & bubblegum" lp (screaming apple) 10,50 euro
hatching onto the international punk scene in january 1995 with their brilliant debut album "what
came first", those two crazy canadian eggheads and chicken known as the mcrackins have
amazed and astounded wide-eyed onlookers with their human feats and
accomplishments.thus,establishing themselves as one of the best and most prolific power-pop/
pop-punk bands of the 90´s. having released over 200 songs on over 30 different labels and
extensively touring europe,the usa and canada, the mcrackins will not and cannot be stopped in
the quest for world domination. starting 1999 off with a bang,the mcrackins are teaming up once
again with germany´s screaming apple records for the studio album entitled "comicbooks &
bubblegum". the album features 15 slabs of grade-a bubblepunk served up the way only the
mcrackins can. it´s a remarkable collection of irresistible toons with the trademark melodies, great
lyrics and hooks galore that have made the band a favorite among power-pop/punk fans the
world over.this record will eggcite mcrackins fans and win over the non-believers once and for all.
mhz - "harness the power!" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
mhz is a powertrio from michigan including andy claydon (flying bomb co-label boss & ex-
monarchs) & don blum (von bondies) mixing up the best parts of the ripoff sound with the amrep
sound,inserting healthy doses of garage & even including a couple of choice instro's.imagine a
mix of the chinese millionaires & tar or a noise/punk version of man or astroman?. "wow! have
you ever heard a punk song with a led zepplin "whole lotta love" style extendo noise part? mhz
has accomplished that in a three minute tune! but don't think that pigeon holes their sound. they
take on all sorts of styles,giving each song it's own identity.they tend to deliver punchy, rhythmic
riffs with a nomeansno styled funky bass.yeah,that nomeansno influence comes through,as does
that of the minds and the minutemen.this excellent disc features all their recordings from 2000
and 2001.get it!" (hm) maximumrocknroll
morticia's lovers - "smash the radio" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
their 4th album with previous releases on mad driver(it) & zaxxon(canada).. 13 (incl a vinyl only
bonustrack) pure snooty wild and degenerate punk rock songs, including two great covers of
minor ’77 classic songs (dead in the suburbs from los reactors & alcoholiday from the kaos) that
highlight – if we still need it - in which measure the only real punk rock it’s worth recovering is
77’s.buzzcocks, kids, dickies & chuck berry are cheek to cheek but with a revolver in the
holster...the perfect album for your next rnroll party high alcohol !
motosierra - "kick ass rock'n'roll" lp (no brains) 8 euro
punk rawk explosion from the streets of montevideo, uruguay. motosierra play their favorite
songs, from los mockers and los violadores to gg allin. super fast punk rock loaded with anger.
play it loud, only.
motosierra - "xxx" lp (incognito) 11 euro
reissue of the cd with the same title which was originally released in uruguay on no fun records. lp
has new, different cover-art work and two extra-tracks: "feed my head" and "hell drunkards &
pretty tattoed hookers".
the nederbietels "on my mind/where to run" 7" (screaming apple) 4 euro
the nederbietels hail from world’s largest portal town: rotterdam, holland. they are fine purveyors
of raw european beat music and that garagey nederbiet from holland.the four nederbietels are
veteran teenagers who have been around in vintage rock’n’roll for two decades. the herring fab
four is made up out of (ex-)members of the perverts, the apemen and the ragtime wranglers. they
dress in white provo-style, very hip but certainly not hippie.
neurotic swingers - "sexy & mysterious" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
second full length on demolition derby of these french rockers.13 tracks including the first time on
vinyl release of the three bonus cuts that appeared on "french fries...",the compilation cd that
dead beat released for the neurotic swingers first american tour.this is a ltd to 500 vinyl edition of
the cd that appears on lollipop . this is what the press has to say about the band : "the neurotic
swingers are impressive, they know how to write a hook. they sound like the hives hanging out
with the briefs flipping through old issues of cream and sniffin' glue." - maximum rock & roll "so
many bands attempt this style and fail miserably. songwriting, musicianship and attitude....these
guys have the complete package and more. the songs are catchy, there's some superb lead
guitar work and it sounds great on every level." - fracture uk
the neva river rockets - "rocket's roll" cd (cty) 13 euro
hilbilly/rockabilly straight out of st.petersburg, one of the best emerging to the modern russian
scene. 21 bootyshaking songs; fifties covers and originals.
the new bomb turks - "!!destroy-oh-boy!!" lp (crypt) 11,5 euro
"destroy-oh-boy" is the kind of full-on flamethrower album that could make the most jaded cynic
believe once again in the curative powers of punk rock. on this set, the new bomb turks combine
1950s and 1960s roots rock at it's rawest, '70s punk at it's snottiest, and '80s hardcore at it's most
intense. then they filter out what's lame, put the good stuff together, and send it down the track at
150 miles per hour. the results are wild, frantic, and thoroughly enjoyable; jim weber's fuzzy guitar
communicates nearly as much through the power of downstroke as johnny ramone himself,
bassist matt reber, and drummer bill randt push the horsepower into the red with a fury that is a
wonder to behold, and eric davidson proves he's one of the great frontmen of 90s punk: smart,
funny, wise-ass when he wants to be, and possessing a genuine sense of purpose. from the
moment they crash into "born toulouse-lautrec," the new bomb turks grab your ears and won't let
go, and you won't mind a bit. points added for a great garage-style cover of wire's "mr. suit." ~
mark deming, all music guide. classic album!
the new bomb turks - "information highway revisited" lp (crypt) 11,5 euro
debut album "destroy-oh-boy" made clear they were the midwest's great new hope for old-school
punk rock, and on their follow-up "information highway revisited" they didn't change their tune
much -- they just got better at it. recorded on a lavish four-day schedule "information highway
revisited" sounds marginally more polished than but it's more a matter of cleaner engineering
than any attempt to impose a slick production on this band; the higher-quality audio allows one to
hear more of the band's nooks and crannies, and it turns out they're worth hearing, especially in
jim weber's guitar and eric davidson's vocals. the songs show the turks can pack a lot of variety
into their supercharged three-chord ravers, with undercurrents of rolling stones-style r&b and
sonics-esque garage thunder lurking clearly beneath the surface. and "girl can help it" proves
they can slow the tempo down a bit without losing any of their intensity. the new bomb turks were
one of the very best punk bands to emerge in the 1990s (they were certainly among the most
entertaining), and "information highway revisited" caught them on plastic at the top of their form.
play it loud (as if you had a choice!). ~ mark deming, all music guide. another classic.
nine pound hammer - "hayseed timebomb" lp (crypt) 11,5 euro
mega punk roar! a brawling combo knockin' out a raucous blend o' what comes naturally from
growing up punk in a hilltop town (pop. 53.000) in kentucky:
punkrock with a solid dose o' country. nine pound hammer pound out a loud-fast-crunchy mating
of classic johnny cash/merle harrard/"cosmos factory"-ear creedence honk and early
ramones/motorhead buzzsaw guitar roar with a satirical 3rd person take on the redneck/bible-belt
"lifestyle". "hayseed" is their third album, issued in sept. 94 and featuring some just plain
goddamn bitter anthemic tunes.
nine pound hammer - "smokin' tatters!" lp (crypt) 11,5 euro
more ferocious white trash on mint vinyl. classic.
n.y. whores - "n.y. whores + 2" 7"ep (incognito) 3 euro
san diego punk-veterans (ex-spent idols), good ol' school pogo-punkrock.
the phantoms - "who's the phantom?" cd (tcy) 13 euro
fabulously executed rockabilly from st.petersburg!! here's a band that plays about 250 shows a
year playin' mostly songs from the fifties (eddie cochran, carl perkins...) and originals. debut-
album, all songs in english.
piranhas - "piscis clangor" lp (in the red) 8 euro
detroit's piranhas have carved quite a reputation for themselves in their short existence. their live
shows have been described as terrifying, confrontational, dangerous, offensive, intrusive and
confusing amongst other things (all of it quite accurate as i almost got hit by a bottle thrown into
the audience by the singer on a san francisco-show 'bout 2 years ago-kurt). with live shows
legendary for their violence and mayhem it has somehow been overlooked that the band is also
responsible for some of the most original music going today. punk? prog? no wave? it's all of
these and none of them. screaming vocals, frantic tempos, fractured song structures, left-field
time changes, whirling carnival organ all executed with a demented sheen of pure art damage
that would make the residents proud. the piranhas vinyl-only ep is presented with loads of
pretension and no apologies -- eight songs in exactly 23 minutes.
the plastic letters "don't tell your boyfriend" lp (screaming apple) 10,50 euro
the plastic letters are a real teen-sensation. they make the chicks go nuts and the boys want to be
like them. the band comes from hollywood, california, the place where all your dreams can come
true and these guys are here to save you from boredom and make you wish it could be 1978
again. power pop with a punk edge.
poison idea - "pick your king + learning to scream 7"ep" lp (reflex) 10 eur
2 classic recordings from the kings of hardcorepunk on one slab of gorgeous vinyl.
powervice - "behold the hand of glory" cd-r 4 euro
the new wave of dutch heavy metal has arrived!!! 3 song demo of old school melodic heavy
metal, featuring ex-members of the spades, stormrider, the house of destructo and judasville.
the projectiles "hanging out!" lp (screaming apple) 10,50 euro
this album which was supposed to be released on voxx, never saw the light of day and this is a
real shame as it´s certainly one of the highlights of the 80´s garage revival. after two brilliant 45s
on jargon records they recorded this whole album filled with incredible organ-drenched, fuzz-punk
jewels you need to hear to believe it. their originals could´ve been taken from any of those classic
60´s punk comps. and their well chosen cover versions just simply blow you away in all their pure
60´s garage authenticity.
psychopunch/hollywood hate - split 7"ep (bad attitude) 4 euro
psychopunch(sweden).two damn fine tracks from famous "white jazz" rockers.solid as rock!
"redemption days" & "nothing ever dies". -hollywood hate (usa)california.they released a fine
debut album "product of our environment" (tko records).band's line up contains veterans like scott
wilkins (condemned to death, verbal abuse & electric frankenstein), and suzy owens (total chaos,
nina hagen, snap-her, masons).good old style california hc punk rock !"i am the enemy " & "has
hate been kind enough "(flower leperds).
rickshaw - "i'm ready + 1" 7" (bad attitude) 3,5 euro
"i´m ready" taken from their "sonic overload" album (devil doll records usa). it's absolutelly a hit
song,great riffs and melodies!!! flipside "endless groove" is previously unrelased. this rolls like a
big fuckin train!!! only 500 copies.
the rippers s/t cd (screaming apple) 13 euro
please get ready for the wildest r´n´b band on this planet. the rippers are from sardinia and follow
a long tradition of italian garage outfits in the past 15 years. totally devoted to all the "no-hit
wonders" from the sixties, they play an insane mixture of primitive garage-punk and ravin'
rhythm'n'blues. after havin' released just one incredibly raw and puristic 7", labels from allover the
world tried to sign them to record their debut album. a total of 25 songs for your listening
pleasure. the rippers don't want to create something new, they just wanna live out their passion
for the sixties and the music of this decade. a bunch of caveteens is
banging the stones and you can witness it. be sure not to miss this record. it's a real blast.
prehistoric sounds from the caves of italy. yabba dabba dooh!
the riviera playboys "ambassadors of rock'n'roll" cd (screaming apple) 13 euro
here comes this band that has captured the musical phenomenon which came creeping out of
millions of garages from the late 50's to the mid 60's and carries it forward into today's dreary
world. the band that includes ex members of the chesterfield kings, the projectiles, the insiders
and susan & the surftones delivers music that has a powerfully menacing quality, and is best
described in their own words as "raw, electrified r'n'r!". driven by fuzz & reverb drenched guitars
and wailin' organ sounds, all their songs got this distinctive primal approach, but the music still
has this veritable melodic content.
rock 'n' roll stormtroopers - hanging out with the boys 7" (incognito) 3 euro
pure energy punkrock with a joan jett-hard-rock/glam influence. 4 shots.
the rollin' miles - "hot rock!" cd (empire) 13 euro
wild fifties rockabilly band from spain. originally released as a 10", now remastered and sounding
even wilder! debut-album.
"una gran colección de 10 temazos entre los que se incluye una fabulosa versión del tema de ray
campi "caterpillar". nada de temas lentos, nada de baladas. sólo temas rockabilly con ritmo. una
delicia para tus oídos y, definitivamente, un disco de cinco estrellas". black cat rockabilly europe.
"wildest rockabilly soundz from spain's hottest latino rockabilly boyz!!! flyer del rockabilly
americana weekender.
slide & the question marks - "earworms" 10" picture-disc (incognito) 7 euro
from turno/italy. catchy pop-punkrock w/ female vocals. 6 songs
skip jensen - "abscond" lp (demolition derby) 10 euro
debut album of canadian one man band skip jensen (also in demon's claws, stack o'lees & scat
rag boosters). 13 originals & a cover of chuck berry's "promised land",recorded by edouard
laroque. skip has previously released 7"s on yakisakana & delta pop music. this is without
question skip's best stuff yet!! flat out wailin' and stompin, riled up and volatile; these songs burn!
slumberjack "nitro ground shaker" lp (screaming apple) 10,50 euro
three hot rod racing, women chasing, mental casin' surf dudes from sweden deliver the
soundtrack for summer. in the tradition of such legendary swedish bands like psychotic youth and
sonic surf city, they sing about all the important stuff that makes life worth living, like fast cars, fast
girls, fast food, pinballs and life on the beach. "nitro ground shaker" is a collection of 14 short, fast
and supercatchy surf punk tunes that would've made even the beach boys wanna catch a wave
again and it's their second album to date. surf's up!
smash up derby s/t lp (screaming apple) 10,50 euro
smash up derby are probably the hardest rockin´ band ever on screaming apple. hailing from
montreal, canada, they came to life in 1995 and have released a few 45s on different canadian
labels yet. their rip-roaring panic punk and roll reminds us a lot of the legendary devil dogs and
the spaceshits. distotred vocals and aggressive, straight in your face guitar action are their
trademark of quality. 12 tracks of explosive hotrod´n´roll are delivered here and with titles like
"miss tnt", "fireballs" or "you drive me nuts", you don´t have to be a rocket scientist to get the
picture.they have enough fuel to make your ears pop and blood pressure drop.
spacehorse - s/t cd (gravity) 12 euro
spacehorse is a san diego based hardcore band featuring scott from clikatat ikatowi and heroin,
matt from heroin, russell from camera obscura and champagne kiss, and adam from the
estranged. this eight song ep is fast hardcore in the vein of double o, die kreuzen, battalion of
saints, articles of faith and the offenders, with a touch of modern hardcore as well, intermitantly
using flangers and phasers, etc. for a more tripped out, layered sound. this ep was recorded at
gravity's bankers hill recording and mixed by paul jenkins of black heart procession in his studio.
the spades - s/t 7" (r³) 4 euro
this debut 7” was released on extra thick 220 gr. vinyl. they sound like a mix between redneck
thunder rock’n’rollers (hookers, candy snatchers, zeke) and heavyweights like antiseen, silver
tongued devil. 4 tracks including a stooges cover “cock in my pocket”. last copies!!!
the spades / maximum r&r - split 7" ep (relapse) 5 euro
2 brand new hits by the bad boys from eindhoven rock city and 2 great rockers by mrr. hard to
find, limited and on blue vinyl!!!
spent idols - "i don't give a fuck + the living death" 7" (incognito) 3 euro
straight stomping punkrock out of san diego.
stimpy - "dirty love affair" 10" picture-disc (incognito) 7 euro
debut-record for this crazy trio; catchy glam-punkrock. 5 songs - nice picture-disc-artwork.
streetwalkin' cheetas - "draw the line" 7" (bad attitude) 3,5 euro
a marriage between hardrock and pop. b/w i wanna be loved. special guest backing vocals on
draw the line by bryan "hangmen" small. only 500 copies.
sureshots - "rock'n'roll ball" cd (empire music) 13 euro
countless are the legends related to this quartet from the north east of england - let's short cut it:
this band is one of the hottest rockabilly outfits on the rockin' circuit, and, beside newcastle brown
ale, one of the most important export articles from newcastle! they started life as a trio called "the
atomix" in 1982, and set about rehearsing some of their favourite rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and blues
numbers from their various record collections. these would range from the obvious - elvis, eddie
cochran, gene vincent - to the not so obvious - johnny burnette, carl perkins, roy orbison etc. right
to the positively unknown!
testors - original punk recordings new york city 1976-1979 cd (incognito) 13 euro
28 songs, 64 minutes of original punkrock (taken from both their 10"s and one legendary lp
hailing from the '76-'79 area), one of the most underrated punk bands ever! comes with a 12-
page-booklet with lotsa liner-notes and many cool photos. sonny vincent's cult-punk band.
v/a born to lose - a johnny thunders tribute cd (r³) 13 euro
johnny thunders is the essence of what it is to be a rocknroll guitarist. of course he had the drugs
and the blond more than most but he had the riffs, i mean the riffs to die for. he figured out the
sweetest way to make a guitar sing. he started the sleazy glam look of the dolls which has
inspired rocknroll as much as his riffs. all of the great bands on this cd acknowledge this man's
importance and pay humble tribute resulting in a must have record for anyone that's ever like the
new york dolls & johnny thunders. 23 songs including johnny thunders & the ballbusters 'in cold
the wimps - "seventeen" 7" ep (incognito) 3 euro
side-project of jabberwocky. catchy and raw.