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I Won’t Stop

These are more of my thinking expressed here. I’m showing my words as I think of them in a spontaneous fashion. I’m going to unashamedly outline my core thinking of encompassing issues. We have every right to talk about these issues since we have the freedom of speech to say no to war and no to a culture that praises nihilism instead of the aspirations of righteous men & righteous women. It’s not popular to outline all of these things, but the truth must be told. You don’t need XRay vision to see the truth since the truth is real and transparent. I certainly don’t need to experience hazing to be all what I need to be. I just need to maintain my dignity and adhere to real values excluding wicked oaths. I have every God given right to live my life in accordance of empathy, intellectual power, and social inspiration to do what is just. Living life causes you to be cognizant and hopeful. Also, I’m not naïve about the issues of the world too. There are a lot of sick people living today. These sick people believe that if you don’t have the latest car, if you don’t participate in distracting gossip and if you act different from a stereotypical mode of conduct, then you are inferior. Yet, the truth is the opposite or those false designations. The truth is all peoples aren’t inferior and all peoples are equal. It doesn’t matter how you talk, what you look like, or where you’re from. What matters is how you treat your fellow man fairly, if you love all peoples equally, and if you desire moral improvement during the course of your life. The truth is that excellent achievement despite adversity is a pristine, common feature of human history. It was a lowly poor man (he’s more than just a man you know) that violated legal injunctions, broke up gambling in the Temple, and promoted freedom for the oppressed that transformed the world. I guess you know who this person is. It was leaders like Ida Wells, Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, and others that not only promoted opposition to physical slavery including lynching, but mental slavery. The cure to mental slavery is to truly realize the authentic that: BLACK

IS BEAUTIFUL (among other solutions). I MYSELF AM BLACK AND I AM BEAUTIFUL. They desired a strong mindset of cultural strength and a focused determination that could inspire black people to confidently outline their true destinies. Our true destiny doesn’t just deal with expression of creativity as found in music, fashion, and athletics. It also deals with manufacturing, education, occupational work, building businesses, teachings, having legal expertise, fighting for equality, and other modes of intellectual capacities. Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm, JFK, RFK, and others grew increasingly progressive before they died to not only oppose the war in Vietnam, but desire peace including an opposition to colonialism (plus imperialism) in especially the Third World. Our leaders aren’t just in the past though. We remember the past and we show excellent gratitude to those who lay their life down for ethics, morality, and people. The twentieth century gave us a foundation to carry forward protests, speaking out, and calls for freedom leading in this present twenty first century. This foundation originate though among the thousands of years among human history.

In local communities, there are unsung heroes that are using mentorships. They are cleaning roads. They are utilizing charity to assist folks suffering, and they genuinely have love for their fellow man. We will go through mistakes in life. On the other hand, if we change, ask God for forgiveness, and be a better human being, then we can assign into another level spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is never easy, but it’s real and it’s rewarding for the human soul. God is a motivator too. Marriage has great value in a society. I realize some people will not get married for whatever reason, but people should get married if they want to. You shouldn’t be forced to be married or not since that’s your personal decision. It’s none of my business. In human history, they stabilized civilizations among civilized peoples. Married couples get tax advantages from the government. Marriage can help people to acquire a higher standard of living. The point is that we should find unique programs to preserve marriages and strengthen marriages as well. Halloween is over, but the truth remains though and unbending like concrete. Halloween as truth seekers realize existed from the pagan Druid celebration of Samhain (that promoted demonic spirits, human sacrifice, and other deprave parts of human degeneracy). It was promoted by Roman Catholicism as some great holiday centuries after Samhain was done by Celtic priests. That is precisely why I refuse to support or celebrate some unholy day masquerading as some good old wholesome pro-children fun. I love to research. Therefore, I always realized what Halloween was all about. My mother didn’t celebrate it and she taught me and my brothers the history & composition of it. Doing evil is not a way to have justice. To have justice, you must efficiently do the right thing that can solve our problems in ghettoes of the world, to educate children, and to bring authentic, modernized infrastructure (to those suffering from poverty not only in America, but worldwide). Also, the middle class and the rich should go into the ghettoes and the poorer communities to help fight against poverty & bad conditions. Moving to some suburb and doing nothing to help your brother & sister is not the way to function. That isn’t a definition of liberation at all. Some want to leave the ghetto and do nothing else. That mentality is futile since we should help people. We have to have legitimate concerns with brothers and sisters everywhere across the world. If you want to solve these problems, we have to create a fair tax policy that’s progressive and even continue a guaranteed annual income for Americans. Also, power and wealth must be sent to the poor to give them the poor to fight against poor conditions. We should give compassion to all peoples in the modes of peace & liberty. I don’t follow some trends to suit the agenda of

political correctness. I don’t need excessive tattoos to prove my manhood. I don’t need to use derogatory language behind a person’s back like a coward to be a representative of grit filled person. I don’t need to justify evil in culture. I just need to daily sacrifice for truth and daily be a better individual as a means to honor my people and the rest of the human race in general. I respect my own unique worth and dignity to represent the ideas of human brotherhood, forgiveness, and salvation from injustice & oppression. Yet, I don’t deal with my enemies with naivety. I fight my enemies and we know who the enemy is. It isn’t a secret ;).

We don’t need the BIS, the FED, or the Koch brothers to try to brainwash us into accepting the old social Darwinian, ineffective Austrian economic propaganda that contributed to the present worldwide depression in the first place. I’ve noticed that the reactionaries never change their ignorance and hate. The reactionary Ann Coulter’s recent comments about my people prove on why I will never be a Republican. With people like Ann, it’s give me more inspiration to oppose the nefarious deeds of Secret Societies, corporate corruption, and the War on Drugs. People like Ann falsely assume that the President of the United States is a Marxist or socialism, which is false. It’s certainly time to not adhere to what oligarchy stands for. It’s time to see a populist way in solving our problems. Regardless of our political philosophies, we should make an effort to oppose any politician being controlled by Wall Street interests. The racists and the reactionaries believe in regressive policies indeed. Some Republicans have been hijacked by the extremists. Many Democrats are beholden to money and corporate interests too, so it’s not just a one party blame game deal. Therefore, promoting freedom, justice, and equality is fine with me. I want to mention the following. There is nothing wrong with you having eclectic tastes, having an unique social disposition, thinking independent, being free to love, and being conscious to break down barriers. We have the right to fundamentally be ourselves, to think rationally, and to reject the status quo. The status quo wants us to be, look, and dress the same in every fashion. I don’t need to be a caricature nor a clean cut lover of the war on terror plus fake patriotism. I just need to be myself with independence, excellence, and fair treatment among all peoples. I’m not some that is ashamed of where I am from. I am from Hampton Roads, Virginia. I’ve been to Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Newport News, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Hampton. I’ve been to Petersburg, Richmond, and tons of other places as well.

It’s ironic that reactionaries claim to support the people, but they or the Republicans even oppose a quaint jobs bill as proposed by the President Barack Obama. I don’t agree with the President on all issues, but some of this reactionary crowd (like Rush, Beck, Coulter, etc.) disrespects (in obscene terms beyond just legitimate disagreements) him and his beautiful wife Michelle Obama. So, I could never ally with supremacist wolves that love to slander a brother and a sister in the executive branch of government. It’s very hypocritical for some Republicans to yell out taxes and government spending, but then support the handing out of billions of dollars to corporations and international banks. This financial tragedy existing long before President Barack Obama took office too. We need jobs and excellent health care for especially the poorest of Americans. Even the limited stimulus (it didn’t go far enough) created over 1 million jobs to prevent the economy to become worse than it is today. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, so I think critically about embracing political

independence. We ought to keep moving and keep fighting for change though. Change can be great when we get POWER.

According to Manning Marable, Malcolm X as early as 1955 exposed the American intervention in Vietnam. This was during the time that the FBI monitored his activities illegally. Malcolm X’s MMI group supported self defense. He considered NY police commissioner Michael Murphy condemnation of his words as a compliment. Malcolm X worked in efforts to desegregate public schools in New York City. He wanted black people to have a better quality public education. He wanted black investment in black communities. He worked with MMI members James 67X and Charles 37X Kenyatta to try to recruit NOI members in the Boston area. Malcolm X wanted genuine common ground with many civil rights activists (some of which he had disagreements with) in order to go into the same goal, which is equality plus justice for black people all over the world. He criticized both major political parties as taking the black vote for granted and making voting very difficult as limiting true choices for Americans to have in a political atmosphere. Yet, he believed that vote is one tool black Americans can use as a means to control areas in their own communities. Many black leaders like Malcolm X, Dr. King, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Ture, Robert Williams, etc. were never racists; they just opposed exploitation and oppression in the world. In the summer of 1964, Malcolm X traveled in the Middle East and Africa to places like Lagos, Accra, Algiers, Cairo, Jeddah, Khartoum, etc. into of course Mecca. So, economic independence out of many solutions is great for the black community.

One of the biggest lies that reactionaries show is that they believe that Carter ruined the economy and Reagan saved. The reality is that the Federal Reserve is largely responsible for the economic downturn in the late 1970’s and the 1980’s not Carter. This inflation began to grow in 1965 for the next 15 years because of the Vietnam War. The high inflation caused high oil prices in 1973 and 1979. Crop failures worldwide also influence the rise of prices of foods as well. During this time, money inflation expanded and unemployment grew causing stagflation. The FED’s Volcker cut the money supply in the nation during the early 1980’s and a recession came. Then, when the threat of inflation ended in late 1982, Volcker cut interest rate and flooded the economy with money. This caused the recession to end and fuel expansion for seven years. Carter and Reagan didn’t have supreme control over the economy in those years. Unemployment in the final quarter of 1982 was over 10 percent. Carter only raised federal taxes by a small 1.7 of the GDP (or the Gross Domestic Product). Carter deregulated airlines and other industries in 1978. By 1980, Carter was deregulating trucking, railroads, interests rates, and oil. Reagan of course ended many government regulations, but worker productivity didn’t grow no faster in the 1980s than during the late 1970’s. However, Reagan's tax cuts were passed in 1981, and were already in effect by 1982 -- but, as we have seen, 1982 was the year of the horrific recession. Tax cuts for the rich can’t make strong economic growth since some of the rich just pocket the savings. During the New Deal era (1933 to 1975), America experienced the greatest economic boom in its history. The laissez faire economic philosophy has caused a recession Great Depression. So, leaders came to have a broad safety net for workers and the poor. Under FDR, the economic GDP grew in 5 out of 7 years from 1933 to

1940. America suffered no Great Depression from 1945 to 1975. Even Republican presidents during the New Deal era promoted government activism in the economy. President Eisenhower's interstate highway program connected an entire nation with highways, and allowed middle class families to migrate from the cities to the suburbs. President Nixon declared, "We are all Keynesians now," and created the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The poverty rate by the 1950’s was in 20 percent and Johnson’s Great Society reduced it to an all time low to 11.1 percent in 1973.

I won’t stop, because a real man judges a person on the character and behavior of that person not on their physical appearance or what they are born to be. A human henceforth has the same equal value as anyone else. We are entitled to justice, equality, and equal treatment morally plus legally. I won’t stop since standing up for real justice is better than worshipping the status quo. I won’t stop, because I’m too old to accept foolishness or ineptitude. We are in the early part of the 21st century and our generation has that chance to make a new and better world. One beautiful thing about Generation Z (that’s not me since I’m in Generation Y) is that tons of them are more tolerant about human beings than previous generations. On the other hand, we still unequivocally fight against this unjust war on terror, materialism, and any prejudice that plagues our world. It isn’t right to see the richest 1 percent of America take home almost 24 percent of income. It’s an example of economic inequality to see fourth-fifths of the total increase of American incomes went to the richest 1 percent from 1980 to 2005. For when one person’s rights are being violated, all of our civil liberties are threatened. Our civil liberties are threatened with militarized police, the proposed new cameras

in large cities, the Patriot Act, racial profiling, random searches in NYC, etc. I certainly won’t stop for discouragement, violence, threats, and our enemies’ tactics have never stopped human rights revolutions from being successful. The Inquisition couldn’t stop the translation of the Bible into a native tongue and it never relinquished true religious freedom. The brutality of slavery in the USA never stopped the end of it (via brothers and sisters). The dungeons and extermination Holocaust centers of Stalin and Hitler could prevent the liberation of millions of peoples after WWII and after the Cold War. The use of dogs, water hoses, and bombing of a church filled with innocent young girls also never stopped the Civil Rights Movement. So, threats may come and setbacks may transpire, but the whole forward motion of human rights among every background will not be backtracked at all. For those of us who are men, we should speak out more against intolerant behavior and any evil period. We must fight against societal stereotypes and continue to be strong in the mindset of assertive manhood. Real men should help struggling males to learn real manhood (like getting a job, getting an education, treating people with respect, confidence building, and using responsible means to be as self sufficient as soon as possible especially long term). Men, as Dr. Martin Luther King, said shouldn’t be emasculated by this corrupt society. Men have the right to be strong period. Also, we who are men should promote the rights of women and girls. We should adhere to the goal of all females to live their lives progressively to fulfill their own dreams. If our economy improves (and real wages not starvation wages are in existence. Minimum wage is very low that contributes to economic stagnation), more adults wouldn’t have to resort to live with their parents to make ends meet. That is why we need a progressive, economic solution to the enemy of horrid poverty in the world. All genders should oppose the police state, the prison industrial complex, and dangerous GMOs (that are sponsored by corporate interests). We have a long way to go when the world’s population mostly lives on a few dollars in a day. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars just to get romance. If you have to resort to pay an exorbitant amount of money, dress in a certain way, and change your whole personality in a fraudulent way to attempt to have romance, it’s not worth it. Life is too short to be a house slave to the system. Just be you with confidence. You don’t have to front. Real folks would respect you for maintaining your essence of authentic authenticity instead of a nefarious compromise. You notice that some in this world try to use religion and exploit the name of God to justify spending money for materialistic reasons or buy love. The last time I check, many of the great prophets were poor. Some of the greatest people in history suffered like hell and didn’t have a multimillionaire deal. They were rejected by society and they were demonized in their own nation. For the record, this fake religious mainstream system is controlled and funded by the same people that brought us the Inquisition, the slave trade, the imperialism, the suppression of civil liberties worldwide, and the continued damnable war on terror. Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t use spirituality. We can use spirituality to promote revolutionary concepts in society and liberation from oppression.

Radicalism is a part of history. The 99 percent isn’t perfect, but they are reflected in the majority view of Americans. Now, most Americans don’t support regressive economy, they believe that some factions of Wall Street have been involved in corruption, and even want a new taxation on the millionaire and billionaire brackets of U.S. taxpayers. People are being harmed by some corporations and big business. The poor has nothing to do with the corruption in our land since the amount of money spent on social programs dwarfs in comparison to the amount of cash spent on the military. The poverty rate is extremely harsh in America. The Los Angeles Times said that there are over 46 million people in poverty. Some of these people are experiencing

real poverty for the first time in their lives. This is why Dr. Martin Luther King wanted an unique coalition of numerous backgrounds to fight against poverty and economic injustices plaguing the poor. It doesn’t matter is poverty exists in a city or rural areas, justice should be executed to promote liberation among peoples. Today, there is a renewal of labor militancy in response to reactionaries. Katrina van deHeuvel wants to continue food stamps for people below the poverty level, which I agree with. The Census Bureau said that 3.9 million people including 1.7 million children came out of the poverty line 2011 via SNAP benefits in addition to wages and other income. SNAP is food stamps. There are job training programs (among public and private sources) that are trying to send poor Americans to work. People want a renovation or rehabilitation of housing, so poor conditions can decrease in the first place. Housing assistance should receive adequate funds since it’s underfunded presently. Simple billions of dollars to help struggling families in food, childcare, and medical access is great. Childcare funding, having low income people to have programs to afford college, and career pathway programs can decrease the poverty rate as well. The ruling class or oligarchy realizes that people are increasingly waking up, so they try to use the Left/Right Paradigm in attempting to control human beings.

I’m a grown man, so I don’t bow to any man. You can guarantee that I will handle issues. A human made up of flesh and blood can never intimidate me. In our generation, you have to be real. It’s time for a change. We have to be stronger to not only set an example of decency, but use strength to stand up for our fellow people. THE DREAM is still here. It will be fulfilled via dedicated efforts from real people seeking a Revolutionary change in society.

I still won’t forget to expose Secret Societies, corruption in pop culture, and tons of real issues going on in the world. Fighting for freedom, fighting for dignity, and fighting for not caring about the negativity that the world may spew are great codes that I adhere to greatly. I do like to thank all of the people reading these words (as viewers) and all of the real people in my life from relatives, working colleagues, friends, etc.

By Timothy

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