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(full disclsure time:) I was one of them. so .. What accounts for this trend?

... huge numbers of americans have turned ed to Islam. Some estimates now put the figure at 70,000 per year. And...

and What does it mean about being an american? have those of us who have turned to islam become unpatriotic?

i've met people who asked...

why are you all doing this? don't you realize these people attacked our country?

... 70,000 people a year to accept the very faith that the media has been telling them has yielded the single biggest threat to the american way of life?

first and foremost....

the "islam" practiced by the 9/11 attackers is flatly refuted by the qu'ran .... and (speaking personally here) the qur'an is what pulled me like a magnet to this faith.

that people are drawn to true islam because there is something authentically american about it?


before you dismiss that idea as absurd...

consider the following...

for most of our country's history... gambling was seen as something scandalous and shameful.

I'm 45. when i was growing up in the sixties and seventies, las vegas was the only place a grownup could legally engage in serious gambling.

we associate nineteeth-century gamblers with riverboats because gamblers were frequently murdered by vigilante groups if they dared to gamble on dry ground.

things have changed a bit since then.

most state legislatures have now changed course. they've made casinos profitable mainstream businesses, sanctioned online gambling, and turned convenience stores into casinos in all but name.

try visiting a convenience store for an HOUR ... count how many people are in line to buy lottery tickets or scratch cards... with millions of compulsive gamblers standing in line, How much shame do we as a nation display toward gambling today?

...and count how many people get back in line so they can gamble again!


for the first century or so of our history... women covered their heads in public.

hair can carry a strong sexual signal. not so very long ago,, a woman's unobscured hair represented a conscious signal of intimacy between a man and a woman.It was that way in america for a long time.

and nobody got mad at them.

(people praising my sister's beautiful hair trhoughout her life. the pain and trauma she endured from about age eleven onwards.)

abigail adams refused to be painted bareheaded for her official white house portrait. and As late as the 1950s or early 1960s, women in american churches usually wore some kind of head covering.

we search out the social views of our founding fathers ... but lose sight of the fact that our founding mothers considered it improper to go about without using something to cover their hair. it attracted unwelcome attention.

"times change." i know. all the same... new york city officials cut major crime by pursuing (seemingly) minor initiatives like stopping tolljumpers and erasing graffiti. changing the Visual signals to reflect Respect for community stopped wouldbe criminals from concluding they were in the kind of place where crime was "ok." so. what visual signals about respect for women does contemporary american society send? what behavior results?

for as long as anyone can remember, The amish and the mennonites have held this custom to be divinely ordained ... .. and that didn't make them unamerican!


now... let's shift gears.

for most of our country's history... divorce was seen as something shameful. So was sex outside of marriage.

Now, we hear a lot of self-flattering talk about "relationships" before and outside of marriage.

people drown in them. "relationships" may come and they may go. the resulting children have a way of sticking around.

how much respect do we as a nation accord marriage today?

they listen from behind the door as their parents betray them. they grow up alone, wounded, confused, angry, and ill-equipped to function as parents... or adults. the cycle continues.


for most of our country's history... alcohol was considered a tool of Satan.

In 1836, the US had a total population of about fifteen million people. one and a half million of those people were active members of the american temperance society!

as the adult child of a career alcholic, i speak from personal experience when i tell you i agree with that assessment. the US constitution was amended to prohibit the use or sale of alcohol in 1920. the ban lasted for thirteen years.

that means ten percent of the population had taken a pledge (usually in church) to abstain from drinking alcohol.

it's now estimated* that three million american teenagers are "out-and-out alcoholics." a couple of million more have drinking problems they "can't manage on their own. " the leading causes of death among fifteen-to-twenty-four year-olds in this country are automobile crashes, homicides, and suicides. alcohol plays a leading role in all three. (drugs play a role too.) satan has been busy in our country.

when the ban was repealed, many people believed that Satan had undermined it, and the country. again, as someone with firsthand experience of what alcohol does to a family... i have to agree.



for most of our country's history... civility in publications set certain limits on crudeness AND sensationalism, in large part because we wanted to protect our children.

when i was ten years old, a direct reference to the specifics of human sexuality on tv or in the newspaper was pretty much unthinkable. it had always been that way. kids simply were not exposed to off-color material through the mainstream media our values did not permit lewdness (or even suggestiveness) when kids might be affected. now OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING THE CORRUPTED, exploitative pseudo-CULTURE THAT IS gushing OUT OF OUR TELEVISION SETS, computers, AND OTHER MEDIA.

clearly,something is wrong.

where are we going with all this, brothers and sisters? towards america? or away from it?

Not long ago i had the disturbing experience of listening as a six-year old acciurately explained the sexually explicit lyrics of a hip-hop tune. I'd asked her if she understood the CD her brother was playing for her. (she certainly did.)


it wasn't because we liked our country's enemies. We were called BY SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE, SOMETHING very FAMILIAR. Something that rejected....
I heard an interview this week with a woman who had lost $50,000 in three weeks to online casinos. she put it all on credit cards

islam is a coherent system of thought and living ... utterly in keeping with the historic american values that reject these practices. it worships one God and demands obedience to Him. we believe nothing is worthy of worship but god almighty. we turned to islam when we could no longer ignore what wasn't working in our own lives.

exploitation of human sexuality

as in women using their hair, their bodies, or anything else to sell stuff.or men doing it. it's on your tv. right now.

extramarital sex and casual divorce..half of

american marriages end in divorice. One out of every three babies is born to an unwed mother.

islam works.
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
between fifteen and twenty percent of all US teens have addiction/substance abuse problems, serious depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or a combination of all three.

toxic culture

culture that endangers children and disrespects women; culture that glorifies cheap sensationalism, violence, drug use, and excess.


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[19.59] But there came after them an evil generation, who neglected prayers and followed sensual desires, so they will meet perdition, [19.60] Except such as repent and believe and do good, these shall enter the garden, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly in any way: [19.61] The gardens of perpetuity which the Beneficent God has promised to His servants while unseen; surely His promise shall come to pass. [19.62] They shall not hear therein any vain discourse, but only: Peace, and they shall have their sustenance therein morning and evening.