Ashwini apartment parking guidelines (draft


Parking right of the owner


2.1 2.2 2.3

1st Car parking Additional Car (or more) parking 2nd Car (or more) in the allotted area

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3.1 3.2

Two wheelers parking in the basement (additional) Two wheeler parking in open area (additional)

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4.1 4.2

General guidelines Overnight car/two wheeler parking by visitors

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5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 5.7 5.8 5.9 5.10

Vehicles parked without sticker Utilization of the parking fee Reverse parking in front of the building Owners renting out their parking slots Display of car numbers at parking slots Information to owners/residents Parking charges Traffic rule within the premises Conduct of drivers Taxi and hired vehicles

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Ashwini apartment parking guidelines (draft)
1 Guideline Objectives
Common understanding and guidelines have been defined for meeting the following objectives : • Having an orderly car/bike parking within the Ashwini apartment premises so that all the owners/residents enjoy their stay and ample space is still left for kids and walkers. • Provide options to residents for seeking additional parking space in the premises. • Ensure safety and security for all the residents.

1.1 Parking right of the owner
Parking area in the premises is part of the common area of Ashwini apartments. Owners have purchased the “right” to park their vehicles in the parking area identified. Hence all owners can only park cars to the extent of their right. The number of car parking slots shall not depend on the area available near to their car parking as the same belongs to the undivided share of land of all the owners.

As per the occupancy certificate for the building there are 37 uncovered car parking slots and 32 covered car-parking slots approved. Free slots that might be available will be allocated by the association on first-come first-serve basis. This will be subject to payment of an additional deposit/monthly fee amount to the association corpus.

Owners who have purchased rights to park more than one car inside the premises are requested to provide all the necessary legal documents to the association so that the same can be validated against the occupancy certificate. Subsequent to the validation, the association will clearly identify additional parking areas. Also the association will identify “No parking” areas and mark the same for general information of the owners and residents • .

2 Four wheelers Parking
2.1 1st Car parking
Ashwini Car park stickers will be issued to all owners/residents after furnishing necessary information to the association. Residents are requested to display the same on the car for security personnel to recognize the car. All owners / residents shall park their car in the allotted area only (allocated to them as per the agreement).


Ashwini apartment parking guidelines (draft)
Residents are requested to park in an orderly manner with due consideration to the vehicles in the adjacent slots.

Vehicles with the valid stickers will be allowed inside without security check. For other vehicles security sha ascertain the details whether it belongs to the owner/resident and only then allow the vehicle to be parked i the allotted place.

2.2 Additional Car (or more) parking
If the owner has purchased the right to park additional cars, same rule as the first car is applied. If not, the parking will be allocated by the association based on availability of parking areas. The owner/ resident shall pay a deposit/monthly fee as prescribed below in section 5.7. The deposit/monthly fee shall be paid in advance to the association. Upon receiving the deposit/monthly fee, sticker will be issued by the association. Additional car parking will be strictly based on availability of parking. If any owner/resident surrenders the car parking, the deposit/monthly fee balance amount shall be refunded and parking slot will be allocated other owner/resident in the waiting list. The association will maintain a “live” document of additional parking slots allocated to residents along with the current waiting list.

2.3 2nd Car (or more) in the allotted area
Many owners have some additional space near to their allotted car parking area which can not be utilized by other owners/residents for car parking. If the owner/resident wants to use this area for additional car parking, same can be allotted to owner by the association on payment of deposit/monthly fee. Stickers will be issued base on the above. If any owner/resident surrenders the car parking, the balance amount shall be refunded.

3 Two wheeler parking
Two wheelers shall be parked in the allotted area by the owners/residents (same as Car parking area). However they shall provide details of their two wheelers to the association and sticker will be issued for the same.

3.1 Two wheelers parking in the basement (additional)
Association may identify the two wheeler parking slots in the basement which is not part of any owner’s car parking area. Based on availability of such slots, same will be allotted to owners/residents on firstcome first-serve basisDeposit/monthly fee as prescribed in section 5.7 to be paid in advance for issuing the stickers. If any owner/resident surrenders the parking, the balance amount shall be refunded by the association.

3.2 Two wheeler parking in open area (additional)
Same as section 3.1 however deposit/monthly fee as prescribed in section 5.7 paid in advance for the year for issuing the stickers. 3

Ashwini apartment parking guidelines (draft)
4 Visitor car/two wheeler parking
4.1 General guidelines
Visitors are not allowed to park their cars/two wheelers inside the premises due to limited space. Limited parking slots ( 2 nos) will be reserved for visitors near the security area (parallel parking along the entry and exit passage & inside the premises near the security booth) and owners/residents shall inform the visitors accordingly. Slot shall be allocated by the security based on first-come first-serve basis. If all the slots are occupied, visitor shall make alternate arrangement for parking the car. Security will maintain the visitor’s vehicle number and visiting flat no. in the visitor’s register.

4.2 Overnight car/two wheeler parking by visitors
Security shall be notified by the owner/resident about such parking. Vehicle shall be parked in place identified by the security. Visitor shall make alternate arrangements if the existing visitor car parking slots are fully occupied.

5 Miscellaneous
5.1 Vehicles parked without sticker
If any unauthorized vehicle parked inside or in the visitors parking area without the sticker and if association/security does not have vehicle details (owner, reg no etc.,) for more than 7 days, the matter shall be notified to nearest police station due to security reasons (as required by law). As a result such vehicle may be towed away by police based on their discretion.

5.2 Utilization of the parking fee
The parking fee collected will be used for general maintenance of the apartment and association shall furnish details during the general body meeting.

5.3 Reverse parking in front of the building
Reverse parking in the front of the building shall not be allowed as it leaves smoke patches on the compound wall.

5.4 Owners renting out their parking slots
Owners can rent out their parking slots to other owners/residents of the apartment but same is to be informed to the association\security so that stickers can be issued. However, renting out parking slots to non owners/residents of Ashwini apartment is not allowed.

5.5 Display of car numbers at parking slots
Owners / residents can make their own arrangement to display the car number at the allotted parking slot.


Ashwini apartment parking guidelines (draft)
5.6 Information to owners/residents
Owners/residents are requested to adhere to the above guidelines and cooperate with the security. Since security will implement all the guidelines laid down by the association it is suggested to all the owners/residents not to argue with security on any issue but to bring it to the notice of the association.

5.7 Parking charges
All figures are in INR / month basis.

Independent 2nd car parking Car parking in Independent open Bike parking in Independent open covered area the allotted next to existing 2nd car parking allotted area area for bike parking for bike one area parking Nil 400.00 250.00 Nil 50.00 100.00

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Car parking in the allotted area – Nil Additional open car park – 1 lakh deposit to corpus Additional covered car park – 1.5 lakh deposit to corpus Additional covered car parking next to the existing one – 75,000 deposit to corpus Bike parking in allotted area – Nil Independent Open bike parking – 7500 deposit to corpus Covered independent bike parking – 10000 deposit to corpus

The above options i.e., monthly fee or deposit has to be decided by the association. The amount indicated is only as a reference value based on feedback from other apartments and association has to decide on the exact amount for the above ( both deposit or monthly fee based on the decision).

5.8 Traffic rule within the premises
• • • • • Speed limit is 15 KM/Hour One-way rule is applicable 24 hours for entry and exit Only drop and pick-up in the lobby area (No waiting allowed). No visitor car parking allowed inside other than allotted places. No parking shall be allowed other than allotted area for the owner/resident

5.9 Conduct of drivers
For the convenience and security of the residents following shall be observed for drivers. • Photo identity badge will be issued by the association which should be displayed on person always. • Background check with the police by the owner ( optional ) • Drivers shall use only freight lift • Drivers shall neither wander within the premises nor sit in the security cabin • They shall always be near to their car. • They shall not use apartment facilities for washing or cooking inside the premises. 5

Ashwini apartment parking guidelines (draft)
• They shall not be allowed to stay overnight inside the car when the same is parked inside the premises.

5.10 Taxi and hired vehicles
Due to security reasons, movement of Taxi & hired vehicles shall be restricted. No taxi & hired vehicles will be allowed to park inside the premises. If taxi is hired on permanent basis, same can be allowed but same as in section 2.1 shall be applied and driver shall be issued with the identity badge by the association. Taxis and hired vehicle drivers are not allowed to clean/wash their vehicles within the premises.


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