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RESEARCH PROBLEMS Research is defined differently by different authors and scholars based on their perception. It is broadly defined as the process of finding out or searching for the solution to a problem. Some authors view research as an activity meant to investigate solution to problems – through planned and systematic methods. Some define research as a systematic attempt to provide answers to problems. Others however, explain research as being concerned with finding solution to problem or a search for knowledge. There are many more definitions of research, however, in the context of this book, research in general has to do with the search for solutions to problems or answers to questions through planned and systematic approach. Inherent in the above definition of research is the fact that, it is a systematic activity that is essentially based on scientific procedure with the ultimate purpose of taking decision. Research is predicated on the existence of problem, the interest and compelling need to find answers or solutions to the problem. Research Problem area generally derivable from previous research’s area for further investigation, current affairs, identified employment areas, major gaps in the field, testing existing body of knowledge if true in the new local situation, amidst other subjects, etc; personal experience demanding professional solution, if held ideas, beliefs, rituals are true; practical experience on site. They generally ask and answer questions like: What needs, gaps, questions, and unsatisfactory state of affairs have you identified in your profession? What existing body of knowledge in the profession that have been proved to be holding in one locality. Can they hold in another locality? What are those success factors in certain localities which can be attempted or the potency of such tested in another locality? What models, theories, paradigms, etc. are questionable and there appear to be avenues to answer? The following hints on stating Research Problems can assist us: 1. Preliminary investigation reveals that…. 2. Experience among the citizens of …. 3. Reports from the United Nations is very categorical on …… 4. Irrespective of the wide publicity of ..., it is still very common to see … prevailing in 5. A visit to ….will reveal that ….. 6. Documented facts on XYZ revealed that …… 7. There is a generally held opinion among the residents of XYZ that … 8. Historical records of the people of XYZ revealed that … 9. Although literature in Urban and Regional Planning hold the general view that ….., observation over a period in XYZ tend to suggest the opposite…….. 10.The highest rate of migration/urbanisation/…… documented so far has not exceeded ABC level in different parts of the world documented, however, in XYZ, it appears the situation is much more….. Direct students to find out research problems for study and attempt framing the problems using the above as guides Characteristics of a good problem statement i Not ambiguous. Should clearly states the problem ii Suggests the direction of the research iii Leads naturally to the aim/objectives iv Convincing v Significant vi Researchable vii Contemporary viii Achievable

ix x xi xii In the chosen area of specialisation Well presented Brief and concise (3-5 good paragraphs) Written in investigative language 2 .

Nigeria xxii. Towards Jalingo City Beautification. Nigeria. Solid Waste Management in Nutum Biyu. Benue State xxx.” where possible v Well punctuated vi Avoid Controversial words vii Not merely journalistic viii Avoid Repetition of words (word economy) ix Original 3 Critique the following topics: i. Fire Hazards Prevention and Control Planning in Limawa (Shinco) Ward of Jimeta – Yola. Nigeria xix. Adequacy and Distribution of Health Facilities in Kurmi and Donga Local Government Areas of Taraba State xxi. Taraba State xvi.TOPIC FRAMING The following hints can assist in framing a good topic out of the identified problem: i Not exceeding 25 words generally ii Clearly show study area iii Clearly show key study focus iv Avoided “A Case Study of …. Implications of Master Plan Conversion: A Case Study of Adamawa State Polytechnic. Development Control in Adamawa State: A Case Study of the Activities of Adamawa State Urban Planning and Development Authority (ASUPDA) in Yola Metropolis v. Adequacy & Distribution of Health Facilities in Adamawa State: A Case Study of Numan and Demsa Local Government Areas of Adamawa State. xv. Rural Water Technology: Planning Proposal for Jen xx. Kano by Kabiru Garba Minji iv. A Survey of Ante-natal Attendance in Mayo Belwa Town and their Health Implications xxviii. An Assessment of the State and Adequacy of Secondary School Infrastructure Facilities in Yola Metropolis vii. Assessment of Human Resources in the Health Services Sector of Yola North and South Local Government Areas of Adamawa State xiv. An Assessment of Solid Waste Management System in Zing Town xxv. Problem of Water Supply in Jimeta Metropolis. Gassol Local Government Area. xxiv. . Condition. Rural Urban Migration in Jimeta. Adamawa State vi. State. xxxi. The Role of Health Education in Health Promotion among Post Primary School Students in Yola North Adamawa State xxvii. Rural Development Planning for Rapidly Growing Communities: A Case Study of Bete Community. Constraints in planning and Execution of Urban Development Project in Jalingo. The Quality of Rural Housing in Wasai Village. Landscape Planning for Vinikilang Adamawa State Constraints in the Management of Essential Drugs Supply Programme: A Case Study of Bali Local Government Area. Taraba State xii. Family Planning Methods Preferences in Jalingo. A Comparative Analysis of the Pattern of Public and Private Hospital Administration: A Case Study of Hospitals in Yola Metropolis Adamawa State xvii. Environmental Impact Assessment of Jimeta Sports Complex Project. Effect of Urbanisation on Selected Infrastructures in Jalingo Taraba State xxiii. Taraba State. Nigeria viii. xiii. Basic Infrastructure Planning for Industrial Inducement into Gboko Local Government Area. Taraba State xxvi. Nigeria ix. Environmental Impact Assessment of the Jimeta Shopping Complex ii. Benue State. Jimeta. Infrastructure Development Planning for Logo Local Government Area. Taraba State xviii. Recreational Infrastructure Development in Numan. Adamawa State xi. Waste Management in Song Urban and its Implications on Public Health xxix. Adamawa State iii. Assessment of Effectiveness of Various Sanitation and Motivation Approaches in Zing. Yola x. An Assessment of Landscaping Elements in Colleges of Agriculture and Education (COA & COE) Jalingo. Taraba State. Institutional Land and Physical Development in Jimeta – Yola.

Nassarawa State. Analysis of Housing Supply in Jimeta – Yola. Adamawa State. Integrating Billboards. Fofure Local Government of Adamawa State xxxvii. Landscape Planning Proposal For Taraba State Polytechnic. Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State. lxiii. Jalingo. Yola North Local Government Area. Nigeria. xliv. State. Adamawa State. Planning for the Informal Sector of Jimeta. xxxviii. Benue State xxxix. liii. xlvii. li. Rural Development Planning For Kunini Community. Kano State. Nigeria. Benues State. and Signboards into the Urban Landscape of Maiduguri. lviii. xliii. lvii. 4 lix. xlv. Nigeria (2003-2006): Infrastructure Development Planning Implications. Planning for Nomadic Settlements in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area. liv.xxxii. Integration of Unplanned Settlements into Kano Metropolis: A Case Study Of Panshekara. . Nigeria xxxvi. lii. Posters. Niger State. Perpetuating Regional Development in Adamawa State Through Yola – Gombe Rail Line Extension. xxxiii. Resource Sourcing and Allocation in Ganye Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Nigeria. Community Participation in Infrastructure Development in Michika Town. xxxiv. lx. Nigeria. xlvi. lxii. Nigeria. Post Construction Physical Impacts of the Mada Dam on its Surrounding Environment: A Case Study of Akwanga – Keffi Water Scheme. Appraisal of Tourism Potentials in the Southern Region of Cross River State. Taraba State. Improvement Plan for Fufore Cottage Hospital. xxxv. Cross River State. Adamawa State. Appraisal Of Sabon Wuse Resettlement Scheme. xl. Flood Disaster Control: A Case Study of Vandeikya Town. Design Proposal for Vinikilang Government Day Secondary School. Adamawa State. Adequacy and Distribution of Health Facilities in Otukpo Local Government Area. Nigeria. Planning For Tourism Development In Benue State. Industrial Development Planning for Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Adamawa State. Cultural Influence on Physical Planning and Development in Guyuk Town. Adamawa State. An Appraisal of Rural Development Activities of Local Empowerment and Environmental Management Project (LEEMP): A Case Study of Katsina – Ala Local Government Area of Benue State xlii.. An Assessment of Progressive Tree Planting Practices in Residential Areas of Maiduguri Metropolis. Yola North Local Government Area. lvi. Nigeria. Adamawa State. Adamawa State. Public Perception of Community Participation Efforts in Infrastructure Development of Jalingo. Borno State. lv. Borno State. lxv. Borno State. Locational Analysis and Environmental Hazards Implications of Service Stations in Jimeta – Yola. Lau Local Government Area. Effects of Rural Development Intervention in Community Development in Gombi L. xlix. Evaluation of Residential and Commercial Solid Waste Management in Jimeta.G. Nigeria. Adamawa State. lxiv. Nigeria. Physical Development Planning Response to Parking Problems in Calabar Metropolis. Taraba State. Physical Planning For A Difficult Terrain – A Case Study Of Biu Local Government Area. Planning for an Ideal Remand Home for Yola. Nigeria. Security And Safety Planning In Slum Areas Of Jimeta. Sustainable Waste Management in Gombe Town. Regional Roads for Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State. xlviii. lxi. Gombe State.A. Planning Proposal for Recreational Facilities In Jimeta – Yola. Disposal and management in Jimeta. Solid Waste Collection. Nigeria. xli. l.

lxxvi. Taraba State. lxxi. 5 lxvii. Regional Development Planning Implications of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Treaty. Physical Development Planning Dimensions of Road Infrastructure Maintenance Finance in Jimeta – Yola. lxxiii. Nigeria. Nigeria. Jimeta – Yola. Taraba State. The Impact of Kogi State University on Infrastructural Development in Anyigba. Nigeria. lxxix. lxxii. Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Sukur World Heritage Site. Borno State. lxxx. Nigeria. Planning and Management of Urban Streetscape of Maiduguri. lxxviii. Nigeria. Tourism Potentials of Badagry Area of Lagos State. Analysis of the Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects of Small Scale Industries in Mutum-Biyu. Planning for Sustainable Water Supply in Arhankunu Mubi South LGA of Adamawa State. Application of the Core Periphery Model for Regional Development in Adamawa State. Nigeria. A Comparative Analysis of Plots Acquisition Methods in Areas of Residential Development in Yola. Master Planning Approach to Physical Planning and Development in Nigeria: The Case of Jalingo. Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of Groudnut Oil Mill in Sangere Bode Village. lxxiv. lxx. lxviii. lxix. Kaduna. Assessment of Selected Physical Planning Strategies for Flood Control in Maiduguri. . Public Private Sector Partnership for Sustainable Water Supply in Jimeta – Yola. Kogi State. Nigeria. lxxv. Borno State. Nigeria. lxxvii. Possible Environmental Hazards and Mitigation Measures Proposal for Ahmadu Bello Stadium. Nigeria.lxvi.

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