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lnner Awakenlng MedlLaLlon 8eLreaL kundallnl ?

oga aL nlLhyananda uhyanapeeLam

nlLhyananda uhyanapeeLam ls an Asbtom (lnhablLed Lemple grounds) speclflcally deslgned Lo LransmlL
Lhe beneflLs of kooJollol yoqo Lo medlLaLlon reLreaL parLlclpanLs8eneflLs lnclude rellef from anxleLy and
depresslon sympLoms as well as cleanslng of Lhe body's cboktos (energy cenLers) 1he 21day
medlLaLlon reLreaL looet Awokeoloq (wwwlnnerAwakenlngorg) provldes all Lhese beneflLs and more
under Lhe dlrecL guldance of Lhe rare enllghLened masLer aramahamsanlLhyananda
kooJollol yoqo aL uhyanapeeLamls a 24hr per day process uLlllzlng anclenL and modern Lechnlques Lo
conLlnuously awaken Lhe dormanL kooJollolenergy of medlLaLlon reLreaL parLlclpanLs cbokto Leachlngs
and medlLaLlons are lncluded Lo cleanse relaLed emoLlons and ellmlnaLe parLlclpanL depresslon
sympLoms anxleLy sLress and low moods
arLlclpanLs of Lhe looet Awokeoloq medlLaLlon reLreaL aL uhyanapeeLam are gulded Lhrough lnLense
medlLaLlon processes by aramahamsanlLhyanandaLo permanenLly ellmlnaLe depresslon sympLoms
MedlLaLlon reLreaL parLlclpanLs carry Lhls experlence wlLh Lhem and are Lhen able Lo LransmlL Lhe llfe
changlng knowledge Lo oLhers1hls ls all parL of Lhe sysLem of kooJollol yoqoand cbokto sclence LhaL ls
currenLly belng halled as Lhe mosL effecLlve heallng sysLem on Lhe planeL
1he looet Awokeoloq medlLaLlon reLreaL has produced a 1300 lncrease ln cellular energy ln prevlous
parLlclpanLs 1he lnexhausLlble and conLlnued heallng beneflLs of such an effecLlve sysLem of kooJollol
yoqo are presenLly belng sLudled buL noL yeL fully undersLood by sclenLlsLs noneLheless parLlclpanLs of
Lhe medlLaLlon reLreaL conLlnue Lo share Lhe ongolng heallng wlLh oLhers as a resulL of aLLendlng looet
Lher feaLures of kooJollol yoqo aL uhyanapeeLam lnclude a sacred slghL under Lhe 1000 year old
banyan Lree 1hls space has been enhanced by aramahamsanlLhyananda for medlLaLlon reLreaL
parLlclpanLs Lo experlence lndependenLly Lhe lnLense heallng beneflLs of kooJollol yoqo AddlLlonally a
heallng pool wlLh 1008 delLy sculpLures and a rare heallng founLaln ls a slLe for Lhe mornlng swlm and
kooJollol yoqo for medlLaLlon reLreaL parLlclpanLs All Lhls and more provlded a consLanL carlng and
heallng aLmosphere Lo glve medlLaLlon reLreaL parLlclpanLs Lhe maxlmum beneflL and experlence of
kooJollol yoqo aL uhyanapeeLam