The Skin Care Market
The Skin Care Market is divided into… Super Premium Premium Mid Market Mass Market 25% 46% 24% 5%

•Over 40 years of Experience

. *Based on a Euromonitor study of global 2008 retail sales.* Others in this group include Lancôme.ARTISTRY Is among the world’s top five. Estée Lauder and Shiseido. Clinique. prestige brands of facial skin care and colour cosmetics. largest-selling.

ARTISTRY Second largest contributor to Amway’s business worldwide .

Artistry Brand History •Artistry was launched in 1968 •Today it is available in 51 countries in almost 40 years of existence •Has 250 unique products to choose from •Top Markets are . Thailand . China. Korea.Japan. US.

000 square feet •Linked to over 500 scientists. .ARTISTRY Production History •Most Artistry products are manufactured in a dedicated cosmetics plant at World Headquarters •Over 300 people are employed in the Artistry cosmetic plant •The plant is over 191. engineers and technicians •89 research and development facilities around the world •Over 4500 collective years of research and development experience.

The ARTISTRY difference .

1. High Tech Developmental Production •State of the Art Manufacturing Facility •NASA Technology .

Start-to-Finish Development & Production •Quality Control •Differentiation •Distributor Driven .2.

Formula Integrity •Product Performance •100% Satisfaction Guarantee .3.

Reliability and Simplicity •Dermatologically and allergy tested •No Animal Testing •Global Panelists •Honest Claims .4. Safety.

. Performance Driven Products Clinically tested claims For eg : Time Defiance Range Improves wrinkles by 55% in 12 weeks ……..5.

Artistry Range in India .

Toners. Lotions Creamy Massage .Artistry Range in India Daily Care Solutions ( for 12 years and above ) • • Cleansers.

Artistry Range in India Weekly Treatments ( for 12 years and above ) • • Moisture Intense Masque Polishing Scrub .

The Artistry Range Special Care ( 18 yrs and above) •Replenishing Eye Crème •Skin Refinishing Lotion •Alpha Hydroxy Serum plus • Pure White Essence .

The Artistry Range Anti Ageing Range ( for 25 yrs and above ) For Dry skin •Time Defiance Day Protect Crème SPF 15 •Time Defiance Night Recovery Crème For Oily Skin •Time Defiance Day Protect Lotion SPF 15 •Time Defiance Night Recovery Lotion .

Artistry Range in India Artistry Background Make-Up •Loose Powders •Foundations .

Anti oxidant technology to fight free radicals • Whitening Complex .Special patented Complex that lightens the skin • Hydrolipid Matrix – Maintains optimal moisture balance keeping skin looking Healthy and young • Oxi Shield Solar Complex – combination of Anti oxidant protection and SPF 15 sunscreen which protects the skin from the damaging effects of the environment •Desert Hydration Complex – Helps hold vital moisture in your skin •Aura of Protection – Inhibits and neutralizes free radical damage .ARTISTRY Science of Beauty Scientific Breakthroughs • Defence Complex 4 .

Skin .

dry surface .Skin Care Dry Skin Cells Dry Skin Cell Dry Skin Cell Dry Skin • Damaged primarily by lack of moisture and nourishment • Cells near the top are starving and create a rough.

Skin Care Oily Skin • Skin that suffers from a lack of balance between oil secretion and moisture Oil • Pink layer reflects excessive sebum and oily pores Dry Skin Cell • Thin cells near the top represent cells suffering from lack of moisture Dry Skin Cell Oily Pore • Dry cells and extra oil create an unattractive. uneven appearance Dry Skin Cell .


Moisturize & Protect Morning and night optimizes your skin . Tone & Hydrate 3. Cleanse & Exfoliate 2.The Foundation of Beautiful Skin Simple approach to maintain beautiful skin requires a 3 step commitment 1.

oil-free lotion with broad spectrum SPF 15 and patent-pending Aura of Protection perfectly balances and fully protects the skin’s surface .Daily Care • Cleanse & Exfoliate: Gentle foaming cleanser featuring Oat Extract rebalances and purifies skin • Tone & Hydrate: Refreshing two-phase toner featuring Acerola Cherry Fiber rebalances skin while controlling surface oils • Moisturise & Protect: Light weight.

ARTISTRY Daily Skin care regimen specially developed for Normal to Oily skin types .Balancing System Normal to Dry skin types .Hydrating System .

NEW Daily Care UNCOMPLICATED BEAUTY Hydrating System .

featuring Chia and Indian Fig (specially grown on Nutrilite farms) .Hydrating System Optimizes skin’s moisture level with Nourish 3.

Daily Care Hydrating CLEANSER • Exfoliate: Gentle foaming cleanser (featuring Oat Extract rebalances and purifies skin ) • Soap-free formula will not strip skin of natural oils • Smoothes skin texture visibly and to the touch • Ultra-moisturising ingredients soothe dry skin for a radiant finish. • Best for normal-to-dry skin .

• Best for normal-to-dry skin . boosting its ability to stay hydrated throughout the day.Daily Care Hydrating TONER • Hydrate: Refreshing two-phase toner (featuring Acerola Cherry Fiber) rebalances skin while controlling surface oils • Energizes skin.

Daily Care Hydrating LOTION • Protect: Light weight. oil-free lotion with broad spectrum SPF 15 and patentpending Aura of Protection perfectly balances and fully protects on and above the skin’s surface • Keeps skin perfectly hydrated throughout the day. • Features UVA/UVB and patent-pending free radical protection Best for • normal-to-dry skin .

RESULTS Hydrating System provides 12 hours of Moisturization .

NEW Daily Care UNCOMPLICATED BEAUTY Balancing System .

• Best for normal-to-Oily skin .Daily Care Balancing Cleanser • Exfoliate: Gentle foaming cleanser featuring Oat Extract rebalances and purifies skin • Oat Based Cleansing ingredient to gently remove excess sebum. without stripping the skin • Clears & Clarifies oily skin visibly and t the touch • Balancing Matrix equalizes surface oil and hydration levels. dirt and debris.

Naturally deshines T.Daily Care Balancing TONER Normalizes skin pores Controls Oil .Zone and reveals a fresh matte finish Removes residual sebum and prepares skin for moisture absorption .

Daily Care Balancing Lotion

Balances Water by enhancing skins Natural Moisture Barrier (HLM) Moisturizes and Protects against environmental damage Patent pending Aura of Protection Technology – providing antioxidant & anti pollution above skin surface


• Helps control surface oil for up to 12 hours • Controls unwanted shine all day = more than 8 hours

Artistry Creamy Massage
Lightweight massage crème – • • • • • • • Non comedogenic with mild fragrance Non acnegenic Allergy & Dermatologically tested Contains jojoba, avocado, shea butter and meadow foam seed oils Exclusive Hydro lipid matrix Botanical ingredients with active proteins For All skin types

Do It Yourself Method Massage from the centre of an area toward the outside in the following order: Forehead Area around the eyes Around the Nose Around the mouth Cheeks Neck .


radiant skin • Jojoba beads gently accelerates exfoliation Apply 1-2 times a week .Weekly Treatments Polishing Scrub • Skin-friendly purifiers and gentle polishers reveal smooth.

Weekly Treatments Moisture Intense Masque • Mango. Aloe and Cocoa butter with soothing Chamomile provide an immediate moisture surge • Restores moisture barrier preventing future drying • Exclusive ARTISTRY Hydro Lipid Matrix helps hydrate skin Apply 1-2 times a week .


Special Eye Care Replenishing Eye Creme • Coneflower and Vitamin A help reduce dark shadows and puffiness • Citrus bioflavonoids fortify and strengthen • Lindseed and licorice soothe to relieve the look of tired eyes .

firmer.Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus • Improves the appearance of skin reduces the appearance of fine lines See visible results in as little as 24 hours • • Blend of alpha-hydroxy acids & Nutrilite acerola cherry combats the visible signs of aging and maintain healthy-looking skin • Skin looks smoother. younger • Patented Oat Extract soothes skin .

They help in exfoliation.Key Ingredients Hydro-gel formula 5% AHA Provides moisture These are fruit extracts derived from various citrus fruits. Helps soothe the skin Helps in maintaining the moisture level in the skin. Oat Extract Hydrolipid Matrix How to use: To be used twice daily Morning & Night on a clean skin surface .

Dermatologist tested •Non-comedogenic and oil free •Cucumber honey suckle fragrance •Improves skin smoothness over 45% after first application .Skin Refinishing Lotion •Light lotion. gently exfoliates •Ophthalmologist.

Ingredients • Specialized Oat Extract .Skin Refinishing Lotion Key . Sugar derivative complex & Algae extract in an exclusive formulation • Contains Nutrilite approved green tea extract • Exclusive Hydrolipid Matrix .

Skin Refinishing Lotion • Provides a noticeable improvement in skin tone in 100% of the panelists in just 12 weeks • Reduces the appearance of fine lines by an average of 48% with extended use • Reduces the appearance of pores by 32% after 12 weeks of use How to use: Twice daily Morning & Night on a clean skin surface .

Improves skin texture by 52% Reduces appearance of fine lines. Improves skin smoothness by 60% Increase in the skin glow. Combination AHA & patent pending Oat extract.Skin Refinishing Lotion Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus Non acid Technology (main Ingredient is oat extract). More beneficial for Oily skin . makes skin firmer and reduces appearance of pores More beneficial for Sensitive and Dry skin Gets absorbed in the skin very fast and gives nonsticky feeling.

Pure White Essence • Clear.comedogenic • Ophthalmologist tested • Safe for all skin type .greasy. non. improves skin tone • Fragrance free • Non.skin brightening Lotion • Treats dull skin .

cucumber.Pure White Essence Key Ingredients • Black Cohosh & Asparagus extract • Patented Whitening complex of lemon. bearberry extract • Nutrilite approved Acerola Cherry extract • • Bitter Orange peel extract • Vitamin C derivatives .

• 45% improvement in skin transparency • 92% of panelists noticed that Pure White essence made their skin white/brighter in just 12 days How to use: Twice daily Morning & Night on a clean skin surface .Pure White Essence • Clinically tested visibly whitens skin in less than 2 weeks.


.Dryness Cigarette Smoke Wind Sun Pollution Exposure to the harsh weather conditions & pollution leads to Increased dryness Rough & sheen less skin surface Loss of firmness & elasticity of skin Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the Outward signs of Ageing Skin? • • • • • • Increased Dryness Fine Lines Wrinkles Loss of Firmness Loss of Elasticity Texture. Tone and Smoothness NOW YOU NOT TIME ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR SKIN’S DESTINY… .

Day Time Protection Cream/ Lotion • Protection is your best defense • Skin “remembers” how to be young again • Prevents wrinkles before they start • 10 hours of continuous antioxidant protection • Restores communication .

Day Time Protection Cream/ Lotion • HLM+ (Hydro lipid matrix with Rosemary Extract) • Defence Complex 4 with new Grape fruit extract complete protection from free radical damage • Soya & Rice Protein.Protection from UVA & UVB . Sunflower Seed extract • SPF 15.

Night Time Recovery Cream / Lotion • Repairs skin while you sleep •Optimizes cellular communication •Boosts cell energy •Restores firmness and elasticity •Wake up to more youthful – looking skin .

• Seaweed & Coenzyme Q-10 .Corn Maize Extract.Time Defiance NRC/ NRL • HLM+ (Hydro lipid matrix with Rosemary Extract) • Defence Complex 4 with new Grape fruit extract Complete protection from free radical damage • Centella Asiatica .

Clinical Results – After 12 weeks of Regular use • 41% more youthful-looking skin • 55% more effective at wrinkle repair • 19% firmer skin • 181% improvement in skin hydration • 93% felt Time Defiance leaves skin feeling soft. . smooth and with improved texture and luminosity. • 79% of panelists felt their skin looked more youthful.

Cleanse: Tone: Specialty range Protect: Energize: Cleanser Toner Pure White. AHSP Eye Crème etc TIME DEFIANCE Day Protect Crème/Lotion SPF15 TIME DEFIANCE Night Recovery Crème/Lotion .The Anti Aging Skin Care Regime The secret weapon against time.


........ the magic of make up .... your soul's mirror....... .....Your face. Lets understand...

fine-lines • Protects skin from environmental damage .Self Defining Sheer Foundation Features • Lightweight formula • Merges well with the skin • Balances skin’s moisture level • Corrects the appearance of pigmentation.

Antioxidant and a SPF 15 •Light diffusing particles .Reflects light away from lines and shadows •Coated pigments .Ensures that colour stays for 8-12 hrs .Self Defining Sheer Foundation •Oxishield-SolarTM complex .

Almond. Carmel .Self Defining Sheer Foundation Available in 3 coloursCameo.

matte-finish •Lets make-up last longer •Convenient sifter container •Dermatologically tested •Fragrance Free.Loose Powder •Prevent oily breakthrough and shine •Creates smooth.Non-comedogenic •Suitable for all skin types .Artistry .

Loose Powder Available in 3 colours Fair. Dark . Medium.Artistry .

Skin Care Regime Cleanser/Scrub Masque Toner Creamy Massage Replenishing Eye Cream Skin Refinishing Lotion/ AHSP Pure White Essence Time Defiance Range Moisturizer (Lotion) Sheer Foundation Loose Powder .

. consider your skin type Second .To choose your Beauty Regime First .also consider the most obvious flaw of the skin. Start with the CTM suitable for your skin type and a speciality product needed to take care of damaged skin condition or as a preventive measure.consider your age group. Third .

Select a Good Beauty Regimen for Others To The Product The Need Depending upon: •Skin type •Age •Daily routine .

WINNING COMBINATIONS Target at least 3 people/month Understand their daily routine and skin care regime followed by them Follow up within one week after recommending products Take referrals and follow up KEEP THE TOUCH .

Use it once and you will fall in love with it forever. It makes no false promises…. Just simple honest beauty.. .

Artistry’s Training Basket… •Artistry Beautiful You •Artistry Business Workshop •Artistry Mini Brand Experience •Health-Beauty Experience •Leadership Empowerment Program •Activities ( Beauty clinic. Spa ) For Business support refer ‘BEAUTY BOOK’ and ‘BEAUTY FILM’ . Complete Makeover.