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1. Success Button OYEDEPO 2. Towards Excellence In Life & Ministry OYEDEPO 3. Exploring The Secrets of Success OYEDEPO 4. Secrets For Wining At Work MURDOCK 5. Tough Time Never Last DR. D. DR. D DR. D. DR. M. ROBERT SCHILLER

INTRODUCTION No one succeeds by accident. Success is not by chance but by choice. Deut.30:19. Success is not by confessing or claiming it is by continous application of God's principles for success. Everyone that must succeed must learn and apply the principles of success. Nothing functions without principles Failure has pains People - cry, commit suicide e.g. football, election, relationship, when they lose. Failure has shame e.g Adam went into hiding

Success on the other hand has gains People - dance, party, shout, In this course, everyone will move from pain to gain. Life will never give you what you deserve but what you demand/ask. Benefits do not come just because you are serving God, what you don't demand, you don't receive. (Matt.7:7-8) Lk.15:26-31. Elder brother of the prodigal son. Ignorance is dangerous. Hos.4:6, Isa.5:13. The woman with crackers. You can be a faithful servant of God and not enjoy your benefits. Jn.8:32. It is what you know that makes you free. The old man and the little boy. If you don't have the secrets of success, you will die in poverty. You have a success covenant with God. - Abraham vs Lazarus Success is yours by right and by birth. In a race of 400 million sperms. God has predetermined where He wants you to be. So as to be successful, your earthy family not withstanding. Your heavenly family has all it takes. OUR FATHER -("He that does not provide for his household etc) God made man a success - Gen.1:26-28. Have dominion. Man was deceived and fell-Gen.3. God cursed the ground. God sent Jesus to come and redeemed us from the bondage of failure. Jn.19:32-34. By His blood both the curse of thorns and of thistles wiped away. Gal.3:13 Christ has redeemed us. God wants your success to be obvious to sight. Matt.5:14-16. Success is the underlying factor in these statement. God wants you to know that he has destined you for success in absolute sense. Success is your covenant right. DEFINITIONS Success is the continual attainment of God's set goal for an individual. God has a set goal for man. You become successful if you can attain these set goals. God success plan for man. Jere.29:11 The man that pushed my car This success plan of God is revealed to man gradually Motor head lamp at night. God does not unfold all his plans at once. It is in stages. Elijah Ikgs.17:1-16 From Cheroth to Zarepath. Did God not know that the brook will dry? Don't start crying because the brook dried. You are on your way to your Zarepath. Abraham. Gen.12:1-1end, Gen.13:2

Success is not money or else 419, cocaine carrier are successful. Success is not houses or land or material thing. Al these are products or benefits of success. BEGINNING OF SUCCESS Success begins when an individual realise that he is born for a purpose. Your birth is not accidental no matter what your parents are saying. If you were not born, there would have been a gap in history. If your were not born,- someone, an organisation, congregation, office, this class, would have missed you. You must seek out your purpose. A man without purpose is a disaster going so where to happen. Life without purpose is destiny imprisoned. Living without purpose is living like a goat. Living without assignment is living in you don't know where you are going, you can never know when you reach there. Football match without goal post Life without purpose frustration/burden/toiling. Working without direction is working in futility. Every accomplishment begins with an identified assignment. Paul. Acts 22;10. When Paul encountered Christ on the way to Damascus the paramount question he asked was "what shall I do Lord." And the Lord gave him the assignment. Something was already appointed for Paul to do even before he gave his life to Christ. Gal.1:15. Paul had been a seasoned Lawyer before this time. Purpose is determined by the manufacturer not the product/not the user Your parents cannot determine your purpose. - Coca butter Paul asked and got God's plan for his life. Ask don't assume. - Man with pyjamas When purpose is not discovered, shame is inevitable. Ask. Let God show you what He made you for. Matt.7:7-8 The secret of every product is with the manufacturer Ask. Jer.33:3 (God's hotline) Hab.2:1 (Ask to see) Isa.2:2 Prayer of enquiring is not prayer in brief. COMMITMENT Once purpose is determined, you need to commit yourself to it. Gal.1:15-16 e.g Paul. Commitment = dogged pursuit of one's assignment success is guaranteed when you follow God's plan for your life. The closer you follow His plan, the more successful you become. Jas.1:22-25. Continuing therein is what guarantee continous success. The more you see, the better you run. TYPES OF SUCCESS There are 3 types of success 1. Human success 2. Satanic success 3. Covenant success

a. HUMAN SUCCESS Human success is based on human principles, traditions and methods. The driving force for human success is self. No regards for Christian values. - Getting promotion by sleeping with the boss. Paying bribes to obtain visa

It only goes for what can be grabbed. E.g 419, Armed robbery. b. SATANIC SUCCESS Based on evil principles. Pulling others down by satanic means (Gen.3:1-15) It always result in disgrace. Esther 6:1-end - Haman vs Mordecai c. COVENANT (DIVINE) SUCCESS Success based on God's principles and words. (Ps.1:1-3; Jos.1:8) Success driven by God's will. The target of divine success is the expansion of God's kingdom on earth. Matt.6:28-33. Success directed by God. Is.48:17. It is a never ending success LOCATING SUCCESS Success is not an exclusive of any land. Success is not abroad, success is in broad. A lizard in Nigeria cannot become alligator in America. Success is a function of what you know and apply. Joseph Gen.41:39 dreams interpreted; Jacob Gen.30:37-39 popular tree; David I Sam.17 knew his sting. Regardless of where we are located geographically, we are bound to succeed. Ps.1:3 & Deut.28:13. These 2 verses are clear indications of what the manufacturer expects of us. The Bible is the manufacturer manual. Manual = Manufacturers mind about his product (Do not operate until you have completely read this manual). Don't run until you identify the way. The Bible is the manufacturers manual, a good understanding of which makes you to operate optimally. Any statement about the product by the manufacturers is not an opinion but statement of fact. What God says concerning you is not an opinion. Whatsoever a watch repairer (horologist) says about a motorcar is only an opinion. A mere opinion. Someone says you are a failure - It is just an opinion. Someone says you will never make it - It is just an opinion. Ps.1:3. To be like a tree planted by the riverside means a tree carefully, choicely planted not a tree growing wild. - His fruit in his season = his expectation is never disappointed. - His leaves shall not wither = Fruits and leaves are evidence of productivity of a tree LOCATING YOUR ASSIGNMENT Locate the problem you are created to solve in earth. The reason for your existence. The reason I was created. Everything created is a solution to a problem. The fact that you are born reveals that God saw a problem that can never be solved without you. Your assignment is always to a person or a group. Your assignment is not to everybody, your assignment is to somebody. If If If If If you you you you you are are are are are Moses Aaron Billy Graham Benny Hinn D. Oyedepo = = = = = Israelites Moses Unsaved Sick Poor.

You are not an all rounder or else you become a jack. The desire to protect is a proof of your assignment. God never told you to respond to the need of the people, He told you to respond to His voice. What saddens you is a clue to something God creates you to solve. Your assignment will always interest you. You need to say in a single sentence what your assignment is, if not you don't know your assignment.

Bill Gait - Computer; Evandur Holy field - Boxing; K. Franklin - Music Your assignment determines what you see. Your assignment determines what you notice. Your assignment magnifies the problem in your are created to solve. Tailor - sees a lose button in your shirt; car mechanic - notices strange sounds of the engine. You pass by a problem because you are not made to solve it. Your assignment will make enemies for you. ENEMY: An enemy will move you from obscurity to significance in 1 day . e.g David vs Goliath . Enemy will expose the Judas in your life; the enemy will reveal the Judas by making context with Judas in your group. Enemies reveal your limitations. Your assignment requires seasons of isolation. You are not born qualified, you get qualified. REQUIREMENT FOR SUCCESS There are 3 things required for success that van be located in Jos,1:8 1. The book i.e the Bible. 2. Meditation - your heart (thus shall meditate..) 3. The act - Your obedience (observe to do) A. THE BIBLE The first thing God delivered to Joshua for success was the book of the law. The book is our success security code that must be read. Ps.119:130. Light is a product of the word. Too many Christian are satisfied with only having an experience with Christ. Experience will only give you peace, expertise will give you success. Encounter with Christ is not enough. Knowing His ways is required. His book is the compass to your success. B. THE HEART It is not the colour that makes them to go up but what is inside (The balloon). Whatever will happen in your life will begin from your heart. Prov.4:23; Prov.23:7; Prov.27:19 When you check the circumstances around you, it is a reflection of what is in your heart. Poverty, failure etc. is a reflection of the heart. Jn.3:1 Nicodemus was an elderly man who saw a young man called Jesus that have just come into the scene but have suddenly stolen the show. This young man has become so successful in ministry. Before you have success, you have to be success. Your nature places a limitation on your capability. Who you are is determined by your heart. Prov.23:7. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Your mediations determines who you become. The starting point is salvation. Nicodemus question was funning "should I enter my mothers womb again?" No. You were born by her you have these compound problems. You need to be born by another for your story to change. Once you are born again, you need to programme your heart. Prov.4:20-22 Seeing with eyes Matt.13:15 hearing with ears Converted Understanding with heart Before you breakthrough, you must break in. What you see inside today, determines what you will see outside tomorrow. Deut.6:6-9. Keep the word in your heart. Meditate with the word always. Meditate = ponder, imagine, mutter = imaginative thinking. In meditation, you rub mind with God. HOW TO MEDITATE SUCCESSFULLY a. Review or ruminate. Re-read the passage with more attention till it enters. Hearing gives faith, entrance gives light. b. Watch again - Just like Abraham, watching the stars. Think the word, speak the word, share the word, act the word and you will see the word work. C. THE ACT

"Observe to do". You can only do what you believe. You can walk with God and not believe Him. It takes agreement to walk together (Amos 3:3), but it takes believe for obedience The Circus man God's greatest obsession is for us to believe Him. His greatest pain is when we don't. God cannot lie. When you believe, you act. Jos.2:26 Faith without works is dead. It is obedience to the word of God that causes the power of God to flow in our direction. Lk.17. Jesus told them to go. "As they went, they were cleansed." The extent to which you obey Him is the extent to which He works with you. Jn.2: Putting water in pots; blind man(clay to paste his eyes) =Siloam PREPARING FOR SUCCESS One way of preparing for success is by developing a winning strategy. Prov.24:27. Preparation before building. What you don't prepare for, you don't succeed in. Purpose without pursuit is powerless but pursuit without strategy is foolishness. No one goes to war to learn how to shoot gun. Lk.14:28-30. The process of sitting down to count the cost is like developing strategies for execution REQUIREMENTS FOR DEVELOPMENT 1. Knowledge Knowledge is the accumulation of information. The acquisition of facts when you have identified your purpose, you spend time to obtain facts about it. Knowledge about Badagry. Neh.2:11-15. His first task on arrival at Jerusalem was to survey the walls and the gates. He obtained facts about his task. You require first hand comprehensive knowledge of your assignment. Go for information. If you are not informed you will be deformed. Information is the tap root of every transformation. Study those who have succeeded in your field. Attend seminars, listen to tapes. By all means, be informed. 2. Understanding By understanding we mean interpreting of facts. Understanding = going under to stand. Understanding come by assimilation of information. Understanding is the breaking of facts into comprehensible bits. E.g digestion - food taken has to broken down. Understanding has to do with sorting. Putting the facts acquired into their natural order. Understanding reconciles seemingly contradictory facts. No one has ever seen God. Lk.10:19 LESSON 3 WISDOM Wisdom is the correct application of information (Travelling at 160km per 1 hour setting to a narrow bridge). What you don't understand, you cannot correctly apply. Understanding enhances application. (The woman and the anointing oil bottle) Prov.4:7. Wisdom is the principal thing. There is no marital problem but wisdom problem. There is no financial problem but wisdom problem). Wisdom is the final phase on our building of strategy. Here we are dealing with application of sorted facts. Using what you know to produce what you purpose. You may be intelligent and not be wise. Having a wide range of information at your disposal is being intelligent. Using these information to handle issues of life especially in the area of your assignment is wisdom. Wisdom is PRINCIPAL. The Bible elevates wisdom to a supreme position. Prov.3:16-17 lists the effects of wisdom as life, riches, honour, pleasure, peace etc. Wisdom provides man's total needs = happiness. Success is balanced happiness HOW TO ACQUIRE WISDOM

a) b) c) d)

Fear God. Prov.9:10 Ask God. Jas.1:5 The word. Matt.7:24 Wise Association. Prov.13:29 (if leave stay long in the soup = soup)

WORKING AT YOUR DREAM 1. Planning:Success is a function of goals, plans and actions on the plan. If you fail to plan you have plan to fail. A planless man will live a scattered life. If by now, you don't know how much you spend on food per month, you are planless. Matt.6:34 is not a contradiction. Take no thoughts for your life does not mean don't plan. It only means don't be anxious. Anxiety is the price paid for goods you never collects. God is a planner. Water before fish etc. prov.6:6-8 The ant plans. Prov.24:3-4 (TLB). Any enterprise or business is built by wise planning. It becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. Wise planning involves budgeting of how much to be spent each month. Careful planning of your seed determines the kind of harvest you receive. Everything in life is a seed - love, money, mercy, time. Plan your seed don't throw them around. God has not asked you to respond to every need, He told you to respond to His voice. Plan your time well - (Time na money). You invest your time to get money. Plan your money well. (don't eat all) Plan your life well. 2. Diligence: After careful planning, you require diligence. Prov.22:29. Diligence = hard work. Hard work is the only remedy against poverty. Diligence does not know famine. Gen.26:12-22. Hard work does not kill, hard work refines. If you don't want hard life, go for hard work. Dignity is a product of diligence. If you are not a friend of work you will lose worth. Laziness is a destroyer of destiny. II Thess.3:10 If you don't work you are not permitted to eat. No food for lazy man. Prov.24:3034. Poverty is a product of laziness. Idleness is the producer of poverty. Prov.18:9. Waster and lazy people are brothers. Your destiny will be on the same spot until you apply the relevant force of hardwork. (Le chater liers principle, Newtons law of motion) Laziness is lethal to any dream. Every body carries the candle of excellence within, we get it lit by hard work. Work is not the time you put in but what you put into time. Hard work includes storming the brain, looking for improvements, dreaming up solutions. Draw near diligent people and observe their ways of life. (the sweeping technique). If the picture you hold is colourful enough, you will be willing to pay the price of hard work. 3. Discipline I Cor.9:24-25. Everyone run in a race. I Cor.10:22. Not everything you want to buy ought to be bought. You don't give all you want to give to your child. Not everthing you want to say ought to be said. Integrity is hard to build but easy to destroy. Every man/woman relationship outside the matrimony is indiscipline (Samson). Discipline - taste, eyes, pocket. THE WINNING TEAM One person may be sufficient to receive an assignment but it will take a fusion of several others to accomplish it. This is why you need a team. - (igi ksn ko ise igbo.) The problem of most Africans is eat alone die alone. You design a winning strategy but you put together a winning team. Prov.29;18. vise versa. What is a Team? A team consists of 2 or more individuals bond together by a common goal. In a team, individual goals are subsidiary. The common goal provides the identity of the outfit.

Examples i) Trinity. I Jn.5:7. Divining work as a team. 3 in one. All for one and one for all perfect unity. ii) Man. Gen.1:27 Male and female. For every male there is a female. Man and woman working as a team iii) Jesus. Lk.10:1; Matt.10:1. Jesus walked as a team. If Jesus needed to work in a team, you need it much more Benefits of team work i) Companionship (ii) Counsel (iii) Compliment (iv) Consolidation Developing team spirit It is the duty of the man a the head to promote team spirit. If he does not, the whole outfit will rip open. (Adam and Eve)