Type3 CAAV5 Based

The bridge between graphic arts and industry

Company Product range Expertise

Vision numeric (GravoTech Group)
Over 20 years of expertise: 45 000 customers worldwide 1988 : Creation of Vision numeric 1991 : Release of first product : Type3 2001 : Release of LaserType 2003 : Release of 3DESIGN and Type3 CAAV5 Based 2007 : Vision numeric join Gravotech Group 2009 : Release of RouterType • Vision numeric is a developer of integrated and productivity-driven artistic CAD/CAM solutions for industrial applications. France 22 countries including

• Headquarter • Subsidiaries USA United Kingdom Italy Germany Spain China Japan •

VAR‟s in over 35 countries

Type3 Product Family
• • TypeEdit: the complete CAD-CAM software solution in 2D, 2.5D and 3D for CNC users. LaserType: the professional artistic CAD-CAM software for 2D and 3D laser technology. 3DESIGN: the innovative and modern 3D CAD/CAM software solution for Jewellery, Watches and Fashion Accessories. Type3 CAAV5 BASED for CATIA: Text and graphic elements integrated in CATIA CAAV5 based environment. Type3 specific development: customized software developments to fit specific customers needs and provide them with competitive assets. OEM: customized software solutions for machine manufacturers, in Type3 fields of expertise.

Type3 CAAV5 Based (“CATIATYPE”) General presentation

The birth of Type3 CAAV5 Based
• Type3 CAAV5 Based, the add-on to CATIA V5 enables early integration of text, logos, numbers, graphic elements, symbols, part identification, etc. in the design process for SIMULATION, VALIDATION and PRODUCTION purposes. Vision numeric was selected by DS as a Technology Partner via their partnership program in 1999 Since 2003, engraving functionnalities are integrated into CATIA V5 and allows easy and efficient integration of logos, serial numbers, symbols, etc. Member of PLM Marketplace

• •

Type3 CAAV5 Based, CATIAV5„s add-in offers: Logos Part numbering and identifications Serial numbers Graphic Elements Decoration Symbols Text… …to integrate early in the PLM process your lettering and graphics needs

Serial numbers,

grafiic Elements

Text, Labels,

Symbole @ ® ™ Ω …


All are integrated earlier in the product lifecycle

1) Graphic & Text functionalities
Expert and easy Typographic possibilities and handling of logos • • • • • Create text and apply various and numerous parameters Create any numbering, apply symbol characters Retrieve logos directly from the scanner or import graphic files formats such as BMP in CATIA Trace (vectorize) logos directly in CATIA after assessing, if necessary, some vectorization parameters Adds commands and icons to the CATIA V5 environment to provide complete and professional Typographic, Scanning and Vectorization possibilities

• • • • • • •

High precision of text/fonts tools TrueType, OpenType, SingleLine Mirror / inversion Place along curves, from Points, on Arcs Symbol library Full CATIA curves compatibility Associativity, parametric…

Text mode menu

Tool bar

Symbol library

Text From a point

Full details on the Tree !
Full tree visualization

Partial tree visualization

• • • • •

Direct BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG imports in CATIA Driving of 2D Scanner Precise vectorisation parameters Vectorisation of black/white and colour files Fast and easy vectorisation

Colour reduction & selection

Vectorised logo in CATIA

Adjustable Parameters for highly precise vectorisation

Scan & Vectorisation

2) Projection & Mapping functionalities

Applying 2D Artworks on simple or complex 3D surfaces. For Visualisation, Extrusion, ... Controlling deformations of the artwork !  Projection : standard or local  Mapping : conical or cylindrical. • • • • • High precise positioning with markers Full CATIA curves compatibility Associativity, Base for creating solids Base for CAM machining…

Projection : standard or local


Projection : standard or local
In RED, the “local” projection In PINK, the “parallel” projection Example of application for “local” projection


Mapping (Cylindrical or Conical)


Mapping (Cylindrical or Conical) Examples of results


Record MACROS with Feature Text.

Create a Text....

Edit the Text Macro...


Where Type3 CAAV5 Based can help you

Automotive – Aerospace – Electric & Electronic – Medical – Consumers goods – Packaging…

Where Type3 CAAV5 Based can help you

Automotive – Aerospace – Electric & Electronic – Medical – Consumers goods – Packaging…

AUTOMOTIVE… Tire, Safety Systems, Wheels, Forged parts, Interiors, Lamps …


Electrical parts, Hand power tools, Audio & Video products, Electronic and Audio Systems…


Packaging and Industrial packaging, Furniture Equipments, Sanitary Products, Watch making, Toys, Gardening products …


Motion & control technologies, Pump products, Sheet Metal, Forged tools, Plumbing products, Machinery…




Text functionality in Catia
Type3 against alternative solutions

How to create text in Catia without Type3CAAV5 Based? • • • Catia doesn't have any particular and professional text functions in standard Customer wanting to create text in Catia usually use ways arounds like : “Pocketing” method – Use CATDrawing to create text – Save as DXF to import • “Sketcher” method – Create text in sketcher using lines and curves – Very manualistic and time consumming – Depends heavily on operator's mastering of the mouse – Poor text quality

– Place text in sketcher to create pockets
– Each character is individual pocket – A lot of step

– Time consuming

Comparing alternative solutions to Type3

Ways around: – Time consuming – Limited to 2D applications

Type 3CAAV5Based solution

– Quick and easy to use
– Wraps text to any surface: works on 2D or 3D geometries – Update and modification quickly and easily – Seamless integration with Catia Manufacturing and Manufacturing workbenches – Text globally selected for manufacturing operation

– No update (need to start again from scratch)
– Poor text quality – Poor design possibilities

Customer benefits and Target

Customers‟ possibilities and benefits
• • Professional, Complete and Associative typographic module (text, numbers, symbol, …) Logo insertion directly from the library

• • • • • •

High precision vectorization of logos, graphic artworks, etc.
Option to plug-in scanners and enlarging design possibilities (logo, image) Projection and mapping on surfaces Easy-to-use thanks to seamless integration in CATIA interface Short learning curve Productivity gains PLM Integration

Benefits and opportunities for end-users
– Answer to the ever-increasing requirements of the industry for engraving, sculpture, texture and decoration of parts – Immediate productivity gains: customers benefit from Type3 expertise in typographic creation and logo handling and graphic formats are totally integrated in CATIA V5 – Ease of use: thanks to a very graphical interface, it adds icons directly in CATIA V5 environment.

– Better communication between graphic arts specialists (communication message) and engineers (product manufacturing)
– Enables early integration of text, company logos, model & serial numbers, graphic elements, symbols, part identification… in the design process for simulation, validation and production purposes.

Users‟ benefits by market
Electric & Electronic Advanced text feature Aerospace Automotive Consumer goods Ability to convert logos or artwork in vectors Packaging Hightech

Easy-to-use features

Endless text capabilities

Easy-to-use text & vectorization tools

Easy and rapid conversion of logos or artwork in vectors Powerful wrapping technology Associativity for a better PLM process

Artwork vectorization

Ability to use single line font

Accurate raster-tovector of logos Associativity for a better PLM process

Unique wrapping technology Gateway to Type3 solutions

Ability to set up advanced parameters Gateway to more artistic 3D-relief tools in Type3

Database of logos (environmental, warnings, legal…)

Integration in CAAV5 environment
• Native – Implemented on CAAV5 platform – Generating CATIA native curves – Q-Checker compatible Integrative – Using CATIA-like User Interface (GUI) – Integrated catalogue functions (.CATfct) for supplier environment – Compatible with CATIA Scripts, PowerCopy and UDF Associative – CATIA V5 associativity constraints applied to Type3 CAAV5 Based Full compatibility with CATIA 32 & 64 bits Easy learning with user-friendly interface integrated in CATIA interface

• • •




32Bit 64Bit

native + integrative + associative

Sales approach

A short Sales Cycle
– Opportunity to revisit Customer base ( relationship meetings etc)
– Opportunity to sell to Clients reaching full Sets cap

– Smaller price means shorter decision cycle and less time to budget

Installed Customer base
– Develop Optimize Revenues on Customer base
– Generate quicker sales and additional recurrent revenues • Catia Type 3 can generate New Revenues on a static and mature user base across any industry → May be they didn‟t plan to buy new CATIA licenses but they could buy Catia Type 3. • Extra RLC revenue every year, good extra cash flow – Retain / increase loyalty of customers

Bundle Strategies (for new accounts or expanding accounts)
– Bundling TYPE3CAAV5 with CATIA offerings help to differentiate from competition, complete PLM offering, look always more “specialized”

– Opportunity to create your own industry packages (Automotive, Consumer Goods, E&E, …) , more adapted and complete (especially towards supplier chain

Specific Development (Existing and New prospects)
– Can be for projects related to (and more)
• Fonts, • Libraries of Symbols and Logos • Automated Lettering creation on 2D/3D Surfaces, • CAM for Engraving/plotting/cutting, • CAD for “Artistic” modeling, • ….. Any feature related to TYPE3 fields of expertise! – This kind of projects can be offered early on with a new license but also to address specific requirement from Installed base – They perfectly match CATIA customer profile, looking for integrated, powerful, “tailor made” solutions!


Customer references
• • • • • • • • • • • • SIDEL: worldwide leader for bottle mold industry (France) ETA (SWATCH): watches (Switzerland) TADIRAN + ISCAR: telecommunication equipment for Israeli army (Israel) GOOD YEAR: tire manufacturer for bolts BERU: automotive parts manufacturer (Germany) METABOWERKE: manufacturer of electrical tools (Germany) FREIDRICH FINGSCHEIDT: automotive parts manufacturer for leading German car manufacturers (Germany) AMCOR: American, number one for packaging (USA, Belgium, Australia, Hungary,…) (USA) NORTHROP GRUMAN: military equipment manufacturer (USA) SMOBY: plastic toys manufacturer (France) LINCOLN CASTING: automotive industry VIEGA (VIEGENER): water and toilet tanks, plumbing products (Germany)

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