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PEFC /16-01-01

PEFC the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is a system embraced by retailers around the world. The PEFC green trees logo assures your customers that wood-based products from timber to furniture, packaging to paper come from responsibly-managed sources.

PEFC /16-01-01

PEFC is the worlds largest forest and wood product certification system, applying the highest ecological, social and ethical standards to forestry management. At its core is an independently verified Chain of Custody process that tracks certified material through the supply chain from the forest to the end-user. It also requires that workers fundamental rights are protected. The level of assurance provided by PEFC systems is second to none.
Today, some 10,000 companies and over 230 million hectares of forest in 30 countries are certified to PEFC Standards. This is equivalent to two-thirds of the globes certified forest area, the same area as Mexico, or France, Germany, Italy and the UK combined. From this, tens of thousands of products are now available as PEFC-certified.


The choices that retailers make can have a significant impact on the state of our global forests. As well as supplying wood-based products, forests offer a precious living resource, provide habitats and shelter for all kinds of biodiversity as well as playing a fundamental role in climate regulation. An estimated 1.6 billion people across the world rely on forests for their livelihoods. Yet activities such as illegal logging, agricultural clearance and urban development each threaten forests and the ecosystem services they provide. As consumers become more attuned to sustainability, the important role of the retailer in helping them to make positive purchasing choices is apparent. With the PEFC label gaining wider coverage daily, shoppers now actively seek it out to confirm that their buying choices are safe and sustainable.

PEFC is fast becoming a global brand, easily recognised and widely respected.


PEFC is an independent, not-for-profit organisation promoting sustainable forest management by certifying forests and the products that come from them. This is achieved through two separate yet linked processes: Forest certification assures that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social, and economic requirements balancing People, Planet and Profit; Chain of Custody certification allows for the tracking of wood from the forest source to the final product. Certification is awarded after third party audits verify compliance with PEFCs internationallyrecognised Sustainability Benchmarks.


Chain of Custody certification is a mechanism that enables retailers to demonstrate the sustainability benefits of PEFC-certified products in their stores, supported by traceability and the benefits of knowing that wood from illegal and controversial sources is excluded from their supply chain.



How retailers can use the logo Leading UK retailers are already using PEFC certified products as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies. The PEFC label is found on wood-based products ranging from timber for store construction and fit, to paper products such as till rolls, receipts, marketing materials, point-of-sale merchandise and, of course, packaging.

How you can support responsible forest management ask your suppliers for PEFCcertified paper, packaging and wood products check if they have PEFC-Chain of Custody certification develop an inclusive wood-based products procurement policy ask your certified suppliers to apply the PEFC logo on product to assure your customers of responsible sourcing consider PEFC Project Chain of Custody for new store construction.




PEFCs rigorous standards include requirements to: safeguard ecologically important forest areas protect and enhance biodiversity prohibit forest conversions prohibit most hazardous chemicals prohibit genetically modified trees respect the rights of workers and indigenous peoples encourage local employment comply with fundamental International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions provide consultation with local people and stakeholders respect traditional land rights and local customs.

For further information about the PEFC programme visit:

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