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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors Home PrinterFriendly Acoustics Flow rate, shaft torque, shaft power and hydraulic power Air Psychrometrics ToolBox ShortList Basics Sponsored Links Add this Page! Combustion Drawing Tools Hydraulic pump repair Oilgear, HPM, Denison, Rexroth Vickers, HUGE Exchange Bank Link to this Page! Dynamics Torque Measurement Complete solutions from 0.02Nm to 10MNm BookMarkThe Economics Pressure boosting pumps Count on a consistent flow! Perfect solutions for water supply. Engineering ToolBox! Electrical Environment BookMark this Page! Fluid Mechanics Gas and Compressed Hydraulic pump and motor equations:

HVAC Systems Hydraulics and

Pneumatics Insulation Material Properties Mathematics Mechanics Miscellaneous Physiology Piping Systems Process Control Pumps Standards Organizations Steam and Condensate Thermodynamics Water Systems
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Flow rate
Q = D n / 1000 where Q = flow rate (l/min) D = displacement (cm3 /rpm) n = revolutions (rpm) (1) Piston Accumulators Short lead times, quick quotes, competitive pricing, high quality.

Shaft Torque
T = D p / 20 where T = torque (Nm) p = pressure (bar) (2)

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Shaft Power
Ps = T n / 9554 where Ps = shaft power (kW) (3)

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Hydraulic Power
Ph = Q p / 600 where (4) Vacuum Pump ,,, tel.02-9930590 Fax.02-9930591

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Ph = hydraulic power (kW) Sponsored Links

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Heat Exchanger Design&Fabrication Heat Exchanger Shell and Tube , Air Cooled Type Industrial Hydraulic Pumps Fast Industrial Hydraulics Repair. Request a Free Quote! 317-322-0242 www.NovaHy Hycos ATEX hydraulics Electrical powerpacks Diesel driven powerpacks Free Industry Magazines EDN

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