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Kezia Desa
Brief Overview of the Company:
Boston Analytics is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based market research and business analysis firm. They provide their clients with the inputs they need in order to make intelligent business decisions. They provide these inputs in the form of customized market research and data analysis. They conduct both primary and secondary research to gather the data they need to answer their clients' business questions. Boston Analytics provides corporate, consulting and financial services consulting and financial enterprise-wide knowledge management services. They provide fully customized knowledge services as well as flexible, preconfigured knowledge products and repositories. All knowledge services and products are tailored to meet the specific needs of corporations, consulting companies, and financial services firms If it were a listed company in India I would probably call it a KPO. It is a limited liability company registered in Boston and so as of now I would say it does research and analysis for corporate, consultants and financial institutes across the world. It has a back end office in Mumbai because of the labor cost arbitrage. It has two other offices -Boston and London. Employee strength is not known.

Solutions Description 1) Market Research and Business Analysis -Business Research & Analytics For Corporations and Consulting Firms They provide their clients with analysis that enables them to make strategic decisions or with day to day knowledge processes that help them to manage data better. They offer this service via: Process & Methodologies: Raw data becomes complete, error-free, actionable knowledge through the application of Boston Analytics’ five-step

optimization process. Knowledge AcceleratorTM Boston Analytics has embedded the collective expertise of their world-class team into a flexible, preconfigured knowledge system.

2) Financial Analytics Knowledge Solutions for Financial Institutions Via the knowledge route Boston Analytics helps Financial Institutes capture and capitalize on critical investment opportunities. Boston Analytics’ knowledge services and products help financial institutions:
  

Increase both breadth and depth of research coverage Boost overall productivity through access to 24-hour support and ability to scale operations quickly Improve yield through cost savings and more effective leveraging of their inhouse analysts for higher value-added work

By combining creativity with third-party objectivity, their research uncovers hidden trends and opportunities, while enabling clients to focus budget and staff on other highvalue activities. By using Boston Analytics for time-intensive analytical tasks, their clients can benefit from savings ranging from 40% to 60% per analyst. Moreover, teaming with Boston Analytics allows its clients to leverage in-house analyst resources for higher-value activities and innovative work. These benefits, combined with the superb quality, reliability, and timeliness of its research, analysis, and modelling, deliver significant financial benefits to Boston Analytics’ clients. They deliver this via: Knowledge CrystallizerTM Boston Analytics has embedded the collective expertise of its world-class team into a flexible, preconfigured knowledge system.

3) Business Research & Analytics Cases Supporting Their Clients’ Strategic Decision Making and Knowledge Processes

Global corporations, emerging companies, and consulting firms in a wide range of industries turn to Boston Analytics for knowledge services and products that support their strategic decision making and day-to-day knowledge processes. Following are representative cases describing its business research and analytics work in several industries, including: Automotive: Assessing Acquisition Opportunities in the U.S. Truck Bedliner Industry Chemicals: A Comprehensive Chemical Capacity Knowledge Repository Energy: Evaluating Global Energy Trends & the Impact of Technology Healthcare: Analysis of Imaging Services for Clinical Drug Trial Healthcare: Prospect Database for Healthcare Financial Services Firm High Technology: Analysis of Access Control Systems for Enterprise Use Telecommunications: Analysis of Wireless Messaging Solutions e.g. Automotive: Assessing Acquisition Opportunities in the U.S. Truck Bedliner Industry A globally renowned advisory firm came to Boston Analytics for an overview of the U.S. truck bedliner industry in order to better understand the opportunities for acquisitions. Boston Analytics performed a broad-based industry structure analysis that included:

• • • • •

An overview of the industry — primary uses of bedliners, key players in bedliner manufacturing, segmentation of the industry (spray-on vs. drop-in liners), and key growth drivers Evaluation of the competitive landscape Channel dynamics — the relative size of all retail outlets Penetration of bedliners among truck dealerships, including regional differences OEM participation The end-user market (both OEM and aftermarket), including identifying the typical end-user, determining the overall size of the end-user market, projecting expected growth in the end-user market (pickup truck sales), and identifying pickup truck market segmentation.

Boston Analytics derived an analysis of growth prospects that took into account the significance of bedliners in light truck accessory sales, the crossover possibilities for offering bedliners in the SUV market, and segmentation — the prospects of spray-on bedliner segments as compared to drop-in bedliner segments. The client used their analysis to evaluate the industry from an investment opportunity perspective. The knowledge provided by Boston Analytics also formed the basis for further evaluation of specific companies within the industry.

Management Team: Boasts of employees from McKinsey & Co., Charles River Associates, and from financial institutions such as Lexington Partners and

Oppenheimer and Co. Their includes graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Indian Institutes of Management, the Indian Institutes of Technology, and other prestigious institutions. Major Customers: Not available directly Major Events in the company (M&A etc.): Godrej industries acquires a 4% stake in the company in 2005 Financials: Not Applicable – Limited Liability Company Sources of Revenue: Knowledge services Competitors: ADL, Gartner, Forrester, IDC, McKenzie global Institute, Reuters, Bloomberg. Company Strategy: Personalized Knowledge Services across the globe at a lower cost. Summary - Take away: They are targeting companies that would outsource knowledge management to others. Good global reach with well connected top management. They are also on a hiring spree and have taken three high profile alumni from Harvard, Stanford and Wharton on board. This is probably to lend more clout to their reports and make their organization more renowned. They also work for governments as I came across some reports on development in West Bengal, Turkey. The job description would be to do research on a variety of verticals and to come up with a sound analysis based on various management frameworks. They are looking for a junior and senior analyst. Senior Analyst MBA (preferably IIM) or PhD with 2-5 years of experience in an analytical/ research role Leads all analytical components of work Analyst Fresh MBA, BTech (preferably IIT) or MA in economics with strong analytical skills Conducts research and analytics

Research Associate Undergraduate with market research experience Gathers information

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