A PARTNERSHIP FOR NATIONAL UNITY is committed to the creation of a Guyana in which citizens can live productive lives free from the ravages of poverty, secure in their homes and in their communities and are able to enjoy the benefits of political, economic and cultural development and freedom.

BY A PARTNERSHIP FOR NATIONAL UNITY Thursday 3rd November 2011, APNU Secretariat
SUMMARY: The PPP has the effrontery to attack Commissioner Felix when they themselves acted in concert with Roger Khan, and his cohorts in the GPF, to bug Commissioner Felix’s phone and office to further their criminal activities; APNU List of Candidates provide a unique balance of competent people of all ages from all geographic regions of Guyana, all ethnic groups and occupations; APNU Campaign Update.

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The PPP has the effrontery to speak about former Guyana Police Commissioner, Mr. Winston Felix, and through the voice of the buffoon Kwame McKoy whose only claim to fame is his sexual abuse of young boys and physical abuse of defenseless young women. Kwame’s mad, power drunk behavior is the symbol of the debauchery, sickness and depravity now entrenched in this gang of thieves called the PPP/C. They are so fearless and barefaced in their thievery that they have no pangs of conscience when they stole the front-lands of a village, bought from the blood and sweat of former slaves, to build mansions from the proceeds of corruption. It is most shocking that they would have chosen a village with such historical significance to build an enclave of mansions, obviously, from the proceeds of bloody drug money and stolen tax-payers money. Their great insensitivity is displayed by this brazen theft to build mansions merely yards away from the evident surroundings of abject poverty. Just take a look at the roads in Sparendaam and Plaisance. Just take a look at the thousands of unemployed young men and women ravaged by the scourge of drugs from which these Government thieves are reaping benefits to build their lavish lifestyles. The PPP has the effrontery to attack Commissioner Felix when they themselves acted in concert with Roger Khan, and his cohorts in the GPF, to bug Commissioner Felix’s phone and office to further their criminal activities. A Partnership for National Unity 121 Regent Road Bourda Georgetown Guyana

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The PPP should be ashamed to criticize Commissioner Felix when they starved the Guyana Police Force of funds and vital resources while facilitating the equipping of Roger Khan and his personal army of assassins. The PPP should bow their heads in shame over the massive forestry concession and housing lands to Roger Khan to further his criminal activities and were accessories to the elimination of their own Minister by Roger Khan when he refused to sign off on the land deal. GECOM APPROVES THE APNU LISTS OF CANDIDATES FOR THE GENERAL AND REGIONAL ELECTIONS A total number of candidates approved by GECOM for APNU is four hundred and fifty-nine (459) as follows: Regional Elections three hundred and twenty-seven (327) of whom one hundred and thirty-eight (138) are females; Geographical Constituency Elections forty-five (45), of whom nineteen are women; National top-Up List eighty-seven (87) of whom twenty-nine are women. APNU candidates reflect the “CEGGO principle” – Competence, Ethnicity, Gender, Geographical, Generation and Occupational diversity. The Lists, therefore, provide a unique balance of competent people of all ages from all geographic regions of Guyana, all ethnic groups and occupations. Women and youth are well represented. APNU is confident that its Lists present a competent and experienced team to lead the Government of National Unity after the 2011 General and Regional Elections. All of the members of the APNU Leadership Council are included on the List of Candidates. New faces include, outstanding indigenous leader from Surama, North Rupununi, Mr. Sydney Allicock, who recently won the prestigious Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence for his public and civil contributions, his commitment to sustainable development and the livelihood of hinterland residents; Businessmen, Charles Ceres; S.A.V. Paul, Ali Majeed Mazarool, Ronald Bulkan and Morris Wilson; University professors, Dr. David Hinds and Rishi Thakur Srithackoor; Agriculturalists, Dr. Kenneth Sealey and Dr. Vernon Mc Pherson; Accountants, Junior Garett and Jaipaul Sharma; Attorneys-at-Law Michael Summersaul, Joseph Harmon and Trenton Lake. Women on the Lists include: Journalist, Nicole Telford; Dr. Karen Cummings; Management Consultant, Sandra Jones; Lecturer, Gentian Ann Miller and Gem Ann Roberts. Among the many young people included in the List are: Administrator, Annette Ferguson; Lecturer, Tabitha Sarabo; Youth leader, Christopher Jones; TV Journalist, Malika Ramsey; Technician, Ganesh Mahipaul; Manager, Gulab Bulkan; Attorney-at-Law, James Bond; Youth leaders, Mimi Fernandes, Nickola Dalrymple, Shondel Hope, Belinda Harris and Mark Walkes. Over the coming days, APNU will release the profiles and photographs of its four hundred and fifty-nine (459) candidates for the benefit of the public.

Today we are introducing five (5) of our Candidates to you: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ms. Mimi Fernandes Dr. Dalgleish Joseph Ms. Annette Ferguson Mr. Gulab Bulkan Ms. Ndibi Schwiers

APNU CAMPAIGN UPDATE The Elections Campaign of A Partnership for National Unity has been intensified. Daily, in every Region of Guyana, there are varying campaign activities geared to carry the message of APNU. The young people in the campaign have been using their musical caravan around the country to sensitise their fellow young people. This activity continues to be well received. They have also undertaken the task of raising the profile of APNU by mounting posters and flags throughout the ten administrative regions of Guyana. On Friday 4th November 2011, Presidential Candidate, Brigadier David Granger, will visit five communities in Sub-Region 1 of Region #8, while on Saturday 5th November 2011, the first APNU Rally will be held on the Buxton Tarmac starting at 18:30 hrs (6:30 pm). Public meetings were one of the activities which formed part of our campaign activities. Meetings were held across the country in all ten (10) administrative regions: Bombury junction in Region #1; Fear Not Bus Shed in Region #2; Den Amstel in Region #3; Triumph on the East Coast of Demerara; Fairfield in Region #5; No. 51 Village on the Corentyne; Itaballi in Region #7; and Wisroc in Linden were a few of the areas where public meetings were held. Participating in some of these meetings were: Leader of the PNCR, Mr. Robert Corbin at Uitvlugt; Mr. Malcolm Haripaul at Bartica; Mr. C.N. Sharma at Strath Campbell; Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine in Albouystown; and Mr. E. Lance Carberry at No. 51 Village on the Corentyne. Apart from these meetings, many other meetings were held in all of the ten (10) administrative regions of Guyana. Please see the List of forthcoming Rallies & Public Meetings below: DATE
Sat. 5th November Tues. 8th November Sat. 12th November Wed. 16th November Thurs. 17th November Fri. 18th November Sat. 19th November Wed. 23rd November Thurs. 24th November

6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:00 pm 5:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm

Buxton Tarmac Rosehall Arch rd., Rose Hall Town Peter Ramnauth’s Square, Region Republic Square, Corentyne Queenstown Bus Shed Main & New Streets, New Amsterdam Mahdia Mentore Street, Hopetown Vreed-en-Hoop Tarmac

Fri. 25th November Sat. 26th November

6:00 pm 6:30 pm

McKenzie Market Square Square of the Revolution

A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) Secretariat 121 Regent Road, Bourda Georgetown, Guyana Thursday 3rd November 2011

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