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R S - 2000 Marking Scheme


6. Severe earthquakes, such as those that hit Taiwan last year, can cause much suffering,
(a) Substandard buildings often collapse in such earthquakes. Give TWO Biblical reasons why
a contractor should not build substandard buildings explain your answer.
( 4 marks )
(b) Give FOUR reasons why Christians should offer help to victims of disaster.
( 8 marks )
(c) Explain FOUR ways a Christian could respond to victims of disaster.
( 8 marks )

6. (a)
- substandard buildings endanger peoples' lives which is against the
commandment: " Thou shall not kill".
- He / she should not pay or accept a bribe to build a sub-standard building
( Deut 10:15-20)
- He / she should observe building safety regulations ( I Peter 2:13-15)
- He /she should not suppress the weak and cause Tehran damage / should not
take advantage of the weak ( Amos 5:10-15)
Or any other reasonable answer. ( any 2 x 2 marks )

(b) Christians should offer help to victims of disaster because:

- the bible teaches us that it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)
- the Bible requires us to love our neighbour as ourselves ( Mark 12:29-31)
or the bible requires us to love each other (I John 4:19-21)
- the Bible teaches us to help the needy as we do it on the Lord ( so that God we
may be blessed by God and inherit his Kingdom in eternity ) (Matt 25:31-36,
40, 46 )
- Jesus praised the Good Samaritan because he showed great sympathy to others
/ was willing to sacrifice his time, money and spirit, trying to help the needy
( Luke 10:25-37)
- Christian should bear the burden of others ( Romans 15:1-3 )
- Look out for the need of others but not only our own interests ( Philippians 2 :4
Or any other reasonable answer. ( any 4 x 2 marks )

(c) In response to victims of disaster, a Christian could

- pray to God eagerly, ask Him let us know what can we do for the victims.
- Go to the disaster area, show concern and care to the victims. Accompany them
to go through this traumatic period.
- Donate generously ( sacrificial donation)
- Help the victims understand the positive meaning of suffering.
- Organizing material and human resources to help the victims
- Help victims to look up to God, asking God for grace and care.
Or any other reasonable answer. ( any 4 x 2 marks )
(N.B. Materials assistance like: money, drugs etc. should bat most counted as one

7. (a) There has been concern in Hong Kong that the mass media is sometimes irresponsible.
(i) Give FOUR examples of things done by mass media which have caused concern. For
each example explain why it has caused concern.
( 8 marks)
(ii) For each example above, explain from a Christian point of view why workers in the
mass media should not do this.
( 8 marks)
(b) Explain how Christian actors or actresses can give witness to God through their job. Give
Two examples.
(4 marks)

7. (a)
(i) The irresponsible things done by the mass media: (ii) From a Christian point of view, workers in mass
media should not do this because:
- some reported news is - they should only report the truth ( Matt 5:37 )
misleading so people are side- - they should not tell lie (Lev 19:11)
tracked. - they should keep a high moral standard
- the privacy of famous people - Freedom (speech) should not be
( e.g. stars and politician) / abused to hurt others (I Cor 8:9,
ordinary people has been Luke 17:1-2)
violated, the mass media tries to - They steal the privacy of people
entertain the public with gossip. and this is against the
- the mass media allows false commandment : Thou shall not
advertising to increase their own steal.
revenue without considering - They should take note of and
public interests. praise good events as well
- Some newspapers publish (Philipians 4:8-9)
pornographic and violent items - Sex is a gift from God to
that affect young people / public mankind and should not be
morals without considering the distorted and sold (Gen 1:26-28,
public interests. 2:18-25)
- Some reporters pay people to - They should not accept or pay
create news bribes (Amos 5:12)
- Some reporters pay bribes to
buy inside stories from police
Or any reasonable answer.
[ a(i) : any 4 x 2 marks]
[ a(ii) : any 4 x 2 marks]
[N.B. the above explanations in a(ii) can be used to support different concerns in a(I). Candidates may
freely use and combinations of the above reasons, however they should not repeat their answers.]

(b) Christian actors or actresses can give witness to God in their jobs:
- support positive courses e.g. kind-heart ambassador, charitable ambassador….
- Propagate Christian values e.g. take care of the elderly, honour parents, teach
the youth, participate in community services…..
- Witness to their Christian faith e.g. TV programme 'Christ 2000', witness for
the Lord in churches, school, community centres, prisons…..
- Be a role model, work wholeheartedly and do not arrive late or leave early.
- Refuse to take part in pornographic, violent and unethical activities for any
- Be able to stand up and refuse to participate in the superstitious worship / folk
religious ceremony before the shooting of a scene
Or any other reasonable answer (any 2 x 2 marks )

(a) Suggest FOUR reasons why people discriminate against others. (do not simply mention
negative or offensive characteristics)
( 4 marks)
(i) Some foreign domestic helpers have experiences discrimination in Hong Kong.
Give THREE examples of such discrimination.
(3 marks)
(ii) for each example, give a different Biblical principle to show the Christian should
act. (3 marks)
(iii) In each of the above situations, use the principle to show how a Christian should
act. (6 marks)

(c) some Hong Kong employers discriminate against their domestic helpers. Suggest TWO
ways employers and their helpers can work together to reduce such discrimination. Briefly
explain your answer. [Do not repeat the answers you gave in (b).]
( 4 marks)

8. (a) Four reasons people discriminate against others:
- they speak different languages / speak with a different accent, this will make
them difficult to communicate.
- They look different which make some people feel uncomfortable.
- They have different cultural backgrounds that lead to different beliefs that
affect their daily lives.
- Some people are proud of themselves and like to look down others.
- They are opinionated so that they are not available to the virtues and traits of
Or any other reasonable answers (any 4x1 marks)
(i) examples of (ii) Biblical principles concern (iii) application of the Biblical
discrimination principles
-they are exploited by - workers should be paid fairly and - pay them according to
their employer to get an promptly (Deut 24:14-15) the terms specified in
unreasonable deduction of - the Bible teaches as to love our the contract and give
their salary neighbour (Mk 12:29-31) them extra payment if
-they are compelled to - people should not treat others by they work overtime /
work overload / overtime their appearance / status (Jas 2:1-9) overload
-they are insulted by their - Jesus himself mixed with all classes - pay attention to their
employers in words and races, so Christian should feelings, see whether
-people may make fun of follow his example (Matt 8 :5-12) they are home sick or
their different appearance - Employers should not threat their satisfied in their job
/ language workers(Eph 6:9) - respect them by saying
-they are threatened to be 'please' and 'thank you'
- Cheating in the market is stealing
fired invite them to church so
other people's money. This is -
-a hawker in the market that they can share the
against the commandment " Thou
may be cheating them joy and peace of
shall not steal ".
or any reasonable answer Christian
(any 3 x 1 marks) - God created all people in his image,
so people should respect on another - respect their privacy
(Gen 5:1-2) even the space of our
- The Bible teaches us to love their home is limited.
aliens (Deut 10:19-19) or any reasonable answer
- We should not consider ourselves (any 3 x 2 marks)
superior to other people (Romans
- Or any reasonable answer
(any 3 x 1 marks)

8 (b) [N.B. The above Biblical principles and their applications can be matched with different
examples in b(i). Candidates may freely use any reasonable combination of these points.
However, they should not repeat their answers.]
(c) Ways that employers and their helpers can work together to reduce such discrimination:
- learn the language of each other so as to improve communication.
- Understand the background of each other by chatting openly.
- Learn each other's national cultures and characteristics by reading, watching
movies and joining tours
- Approach to get an explanation as soon as possible once there are
or any reasonable answer
- (any 2
x 2 marks)

9. (a) suggest FOUR factors which contribute to the increasing divorce rate in Hong Kong. (4
(i) Ann and Bob have been married for ten years. They have had many problems in
their marriage. Ann has been thinking about getting a divorce. Recently she has
become a Christian. She has talked to her Christian friend for advice.
Imagine that you are Ann's Christian friend and you want to convince her not to
divorce her husband. Give FOUR reasons based on different Biblical principles to
explain your views.
(12 marks)
(ii) Suggest Two ways Ann and Bob could work together to improve their relationship
in marriage. Briefly explain your answer. [Do not repeat the answers you gave in
(b) (i).
(4 marks)


9. (a) Factors which contribute to the increasing divorce rate in Hong Kong:
- people are less tolerant to their husbands / wives.
- People misuses divorce as a means to resolve material problems.
- Divorce is getting easier because the law is getting more lenient.
- People are more self-centred and fail to share their own problems with the
- Women are becoming more financially independent
- Divorce is no longer considered shameful
- Extra-martial affairs are increasing
- Fewer people have religious scruples about divorce
Or any other reasonable answer. (any 4 x 1 marks)

(b) (i)
Biblical principles supporting NOT to divorce:
- man must not separate what God has joined together (Mark 10:9). Marriage is
a plan of God and husband and wife should live according to His plan rather
than destroying it.
Or 'the two will become one flesh' is the will of God, and divorce will violate
God's will (Gen 2:18-25)
- * divorce is only permitted in the case of adultery ( Mathew 5:32 ). If it is not
the case in her marriage, she should stay with Bob and seek ways to improve
their marriage.
- A person who divorces and remarries commits adultery ( Mark 10:11-12 ), so if
Ann remarries another man, she will violate the Biblical teaching.
- Moses permitted divorce to bring order to a chaotic society, but it was not the
standard God originally intended (mark 10:2-6)
- Paul said that when a partner became a Christian, the believing partner should
not seek a divorce. She can bring Bob to the Lord (I Cor 7:12-13)
- Paul said that even a woman is separated from her husband, she should be
reconciled to the husband or remains single (1 Cor 7:11) She should seek
reconciliation with Bob rather a divorce. Otherwise, she should remains single.
- If they have children, it is their responsibilities to provide a healthy / Christian
home / lifestyle to their children (Eph 6:4)
Or any other reasonable answer.
[ 1 mark for mention, 2 marks for
(any 4 x 3 marks)
(ii) Ann and Bob could work together to improve their marriage:
- learn to pardon, show understanding, acceptance, love, care and respect each
- Learn to handle difficulties sincerely and to seek solutions together
Or to seek psychological and religious counselling
- go for a vacation and regain the lost feeling of love.
- Go for a retreat and have reflections on their marital nature.
- Share responsibilities in childbearing / expanse / ……
Or any other reasonable answer. (any 2 x 2 marks)
[N.B. Answers of similar nature should at most counted as one point.]