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The first ice-cream factory in the world was set up in the year 1851 by a vocational chief named Jacob Fussily. The first hot Fudge Sundae was served at Browns in Hollywood. Ice cream cone were an accidental innovation. During a St.Louis Exposition in 1904, when an Ice cream vendor ran out of bowls, his pastry-maker neighbor rolled in it crisp wafer. They called this Cornupopias, and people instantly took to it. The duo might have not imagined that they were in fact pioneering a product sub-gern, thought. In India, one of the earliest Ice cream related anecdotes goes thus: a traveler once presented Emperor Amber crude of Ice cream (fruit juice sprinkled on Ice). The emperor liked it so much; he ordered that he be served the same every morning. It is said that gagantic blog of Ice had to be extricated from Kashmir and carted across the land for over a month, to Delhi. By the time it reached Delhi, it would melt down to small cup-full, and emperor could relish his cup of Ice Cream every morning.


(A) Brand Name (B) Type of organization (C) Establishment Year (D) Office Address : : : : Vadilal Industries Limited Public Ltd. 1970 Vadilal House, Shrimali Society, Nr. Navrangpura Rly. Crossing, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009 Dudheshwar Road, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) 65% 80 Village Pundhra, Tal. Mansa, Dist. Gandhinagar (Gujarat) Amul , Quality walls. 500 RAMCHANDRA R. GANDHI

(E) Factory Address

(F) Market Share (G) Parlors & Restaurant (H) Vadilal Ice-Cream

: : :

(I) Competitor

(J) No. of Employees (K) Promoter

: :

(L) M.D (M) Web Site

: :



RAMCHANDRA R. GANDHI Chairman VIRENDRA R. GANDHI Vice-Chairman & Managing Director RAJESH R. GANDHI DEVANSHU L. GANDHI Managing Directors C.M. MANIAR M.N. VORA KSHITISH M. SHAH ROHIT J. PATEL NIKHIL PATEL Company Secretary AUDITORS M/s. Kantilal Patel & Co. Chartered Accountants, Ahmedabad (A member Firm of Polaris International, USA) BANKERS Bank of Baroda State Bank of India State Bank of Travancore South Indian Bank Ltd. Export Import Bank of India (Exim Bank) IDBI Bank Ltd. REGISTERED OFFICE & SHARE DEPARTMENT Vadilal House, Shrimali Society, Nr. Navrangpura Rly. Crossing, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad Phone : 079 26564019 to 24 Fax : 079 26564027 REGISTRAR & SHARE TRANSFER AGENT (For Physical & Demat) MCS Limited, 101, Shatdal Complex, 1st Floor, Opp. Bata Show Room, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380 009. Phone : 079 26582878, 26584027 Fax : 079 26581296 FACTORIES Ice-cream Division Village Pundhra, Tal. Mansa, Dist. Gandhinagar (Gujarat) Dudheshwar Road, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) Processed Foods Division Dharampur, Dist. Valsad (Gujarat) Forex Division Vadilal House, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.


Today, the name Vadilal conjures images of lip-smacking ice cream in a whole gamut of flavours. Vadilal spells quality, availability, variety and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. It has, however, been a long journey for the group, which traces its origins way back to 1907, when a certain unassuming gentleman, by the name of Vadilal Gandhi, the great-grand father of Virendra R Gandhi, Rajesh R Gandhi and Devanshu L Gandhi, started a soda fountain. He passed on the business to his son, Ranchod Lal, who ran a one-man show, and, with a hand cranked machine, started a small retail outlet in 1926. Eventually, Ranchod Lal's sons, Ramchandra and Lakshman, inherited the business and they were instrumental in giving a new direction to the company. The duo imparted a new vision to the venture and infused a spirit of calculated risk-taking into the company. As a result, by the 1970s, the Vadilal Company had already evolved into a modern corporate entity. "In 1972-73, the company had 8-10 outlets in Ahmedabad. Gradually, we moved from the city to other parts of Gujarat. By 1985, the company moved towards neighbouring states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. But the expansion was undertaken very methodically and we spent five to six years in spreading our business and then consolidating it" says Shri Ramchandrabhai Gandhi (Chairman).

To provide products and services at an affordable price without compromising the quality, says Shri Ramchandrabhai Gandhi

To become an Indian MNC (Multi National Company) in frozen foods.



Largest Ice Cream Sundae

On Nov. 10th, 2001 Vadilal broke its own record by making "The Largest Ice Cream Sundae". This ice cream sundae was made using 4950 litres of ice cream, 125 kgs. of dry fruits, 255 kgs of Fresh fruits and 390 litres of sauces. The length of the sundae was 20 feet and height was 9 feet, 180 man took 60 minutes to create this record breaking (registered in Limca Books of records) ice cream sundae. More than 50,000 people enjoyed. Vadilal has won 7 awards in the ice cream camp held at Delhi which really makes proud to the worker and the management for their hard work


There are different types of business organization. Their names and meaning is as follow:

Sole proprietorship is also known as one man businesses. It is a type of business unit where only one person is responsible for providing the capital, for bearing the risk of the enterprise and for the management of the business.

According to the partnership act 1932 partnership is a relation between person or two who have agreed to share the profit of the business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.


It is a company which is controlled and managed by both private and public sector unit. Sometimes the private sector unit manages the public sector unit for improving the affiance of the PUS.

Co-operative society is a voluntary association of individuals. It is formed for the promotion of economic interest of its members in accordance with co-operative principles

And at last we can know form all the form of organization that Vadilal is a JOINT STOCK company.




M.D (Managing Director)










Ice Cream Division:

During the period under consideration their company has maintained its frack record of growth in the sale of Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts. Their company has been able to perform the stagnant sales trend of the industry. Development introduction of new product were again a trust area of the company. The outlook for the ice-cream is positive in this year also and their company hopes to improve further on its.

(2) Processed Food Division: The domestic market also is growing exponentially. Their company is the regular supplier of mango pulp to MNCs like coke and Pepsi since last 3 years Frozen vegetables in Vadilals brand name-garden fresh and quick treat have already been introduced in US, Canada and UK market. The growth rate of the market is about 7% per annum.

(3) Forex Division: This division has won the Best Sales Award for the last three year by AMEXCO of its products. This division provides various informative and matted and precious metals. This division plan to expand its services beyond geographical boundaries and plans to capitalize. The division plan to expand its services outside Gujarat.



In this factory the machine are arranged according to the process they perform in the plant. Company produces 250 different varieties of product and distributes throughout the Gujarat by its annual turnover of Rs 60 crores. It uses 40,000 liters of milk. The production of Vadilal per day is 50 tones.

FACTORY ADDRESS :Ice-cream Division Village Pundhra, Tal. Mansa, Dist. Gandhinagar (Gujarat) Dudheshwar Road, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) ADVANTAGES :The location of the company is very good and safe in sufficient area of 50 acres in the area like Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and many more. They get easily their production-needs raw material & workers. So as to meet the consumption needs The company does not make any kind of pollution, as it is Ice Cream company there is no chance of air pollution. The transport facilities for the worker become easy as the worker comes from the nearby village. The Industry is situated in a very neat and clean place so there is no reason of getting the raw material spoiled. The qualified worker train worker. So, by this way company can save the money spending for training. Production unit is near to the city area so; company is able to cut down cost of C & F agent, distributor etc. and operational through its own vehicle in whole market.


DISADVANTAGES :In the morning the Ice Cream reaches to every retail stores but sometimes there is a great difficulty during this peak hours to control the movement of vehicles. Some times Vadilal has to compete with international brand and other local and regional brand which grab some percentage of market share As Vadilal has a perfect competitive market company doesnt response quickly to the competitor strategy. The storage facility of Vadilal is excellent but such storage facility requires high storage cost. Due to sometimes lack of finance Vadilal cannot produce more amount of Ice Cream at the time of demand so it cannot take the advantages of the market.

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Vadilal Ice Cream produces various type of product. Their Ice Cream is delicious and has different varieties of flavors. The various type of product is as below:

Tiranga Ice Candy Kachi Kery Juicy Black Currant Juicy Mango Juicy Orange Juicy Kalakhatta Juicy Jaljira Juicy Funtastic Candy Chocobar Candy Mini Chocobar Raspberry Dolly Pineapple Dolly Orange Dolly Litchee Dolly Mango Tango Dolly Bomber Candy Chococream Candy Beat Chocobar Nutty Chocobar Mini Mango TangoMini

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Pineapple Delight Cone Chocolate Drip Cone Yummy B.Scotch Cone Chasmeshahi Cone Prime Kesar Pista Cone Big Treat Royal Butter Volcano Chocolate Cone Cone No.1 Mango Treat Cone Rajbhog Cone Vadilal Treat Cone

Matka Kulfi Mango Kulfi Mava Kulfi Pista Kulfi Malai Masti Kulfi Rajwadi Badam Kulfi Rajwadi badam kulfi

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Quik Sundae Easy Sundae Choco Sundae Slice Cassatta P.k. Badam kulfi R/cut Kewra R/cut Sajan Sajni R/cut Matka Kulfi Vanilla Magic Strawberry Magic Mango Magic Pineapple Magic Orange Magic Chocolate Obsession Choco Orange Fantasy Hawaiian Fantasy Choco Strawberry Fantasy Chowpati Kulfi Dry Fruit Katri Roll Cut

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Kesar Crunch Shahi Bonanza Cashew Break Choco Scotch Butter Scotch Pista Anjeer Caramel Crunch Choco Banana Badam Utsav Caramel Kaju Draksh Butter Scotch Rich Chocolate Khandala Special Fresh Mango Truti Fruity Fresh Pineapple Fresh Strawberry Kesar Pista Vanilla Klassic Fresh Litchee Choco Rocherr Chocochips Cookies Cookies N Caramel Fruit Bonanza American Nuts Chocolate Chips

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American Nuts Black Currant Choco Scotch, Butter Scotch Chasmeshshi Choco Hazel Cashew Break, Butter Scotch Cookies Cookies N Cream Kaju Draksh Kesar Crunch Mexican Dryfruit Mocca Pina Chink, Chocolate Vanilla Rich Chocolate , Kaju Draksh Shahi Bonanza , Vanilla Strawberry Choco Scotch Cashew Break

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Frozen vegetable Frozen fruits Quick treat product Paratha Onion Aloo samosa Mixed vegetables Mutter panner samosa Quick frozen Undhiu mix Valore lilva Ratalu Methiblock

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A- MIX PLANT Mixing tank -2 no., online duplex filter, HTST, flow diversion valve, two stage Homogenizer, Turbo blender for dry mixing, storage tanks ( storage cap. 50000 lit. At pundhra) B- ICE CREAM Freezing 8 cont. freezer for ice cream and novelties production having different capacity. 2 fill and cap machine for cone and cup production. 5 Hardening tunnel for quick hardening of ice cream, novelties, cone, etc. C- CANDY PRODUCTION 2 Brine tank for manual candy production 1 cont. freezer 1 candy hardening tunnel candy mould having diff. shape and volume- 125 no. Candy wrapping machine for pillow packing D- AUTOMATIC CANDY MAKING MACHINE Pneumatic candy making machine cont. freezer wrapping machine for pillow packing with conveyor. E- SEMI AUTOMATIC CLEANING SYSTEM- CIP (cleaning in place) F- RAW MATERIAL PROCESSING Sieving machine, nut cutting machine, Hot air oven, fruit processing machinery, chocolate preparation tank, chikky making machine, cake production facility.

They use modern sophisticated machinery for making high quality ice cream. They take utmost care during selection and processing of ingredients. In their mix preparation section they use latest machinery like Homogenizer and Pasteurizer which ensure their commitment of producing good quality of ice cream. They have very sophisticated imported homogeniger (capacity 3000 lit/hr) and an automatic panel based Pasteurizer which ensures food safety. In freezing section they have automatic continuous freezers of capacity ranging from 300 lit/hr to 2000 lit/hr ice cream. They have their own raw material processing section which provides them with very pure and processed raw material to freezing section .In their raw material processing section they use ultramodern oven and machinery for heating and other treatment of fruits and nut which make these very much safe for human consumption. For cone production they have fully automatic cone filling machine. They produce fully untouched cones. As they are producing a very sensitive food product they take utmost care about cleanliness and hygiene of their plant. For cleaning they have a central. CIP system. They
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used to take plant for total CIP before and after every production shift and sterilize each and every pipe line of pasteurizer, homozenizer, storage tank, freezer, balance tank and ice cream filler using steam. Every worker is trained for their work and they follow strict norms for cleanliness and hygiene during production of ice cream. All staff that work in production area is being daily checked for their personal hygiene. Every staff use to pass through a thorough medical checkup after a fixed time interval to ensure whether he/she is fit for working in production department or not. Ice Cream is then shifted from production section to dispatch section using FIFO SYSTEM. 1. MIX SECTION : AUTOMATIC HOMOGENIZER AND PASTERIZER WITH CAPACITY OF 3000 LITRES OF MIX PER HOUR 2. FREEZING SECTION: 9 AUTOMATIC CONTINEOUS FREEZER CAPACITY RANGING FROM 300 TO 2000 LITRES OF ICE CREAM PER HOUR. 3. FRUIT FEEDER: 3 AUTOMATIC FRUIT FEEDER FOR PROPER NUT ADDITION. 4. RAW MATERIAL PROCEESS: WE HAVE OUR OWN CAKE PRODUCTION AS WELL AS A FULLY AUTOMATED OVEN FOR PROPER HEAT TREATMENT OF NUTS.

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1. The mix is first pasteurized in the process which is designed to kill germs of all possible patronages that may be present in the milk which causes human diseases. 2. This is also homogenized which form the fat emulsion by breaking down or reduced the size of the globules found in milk or cream to less than 1 mm. homogenization help to produce a smooth produce when frozen. 3. The mix is then aged for at least for four hours and usually overnight. This allows time for the fat to cool down crystallize and for the proteins and polysaccharides to fully hydrate. 4. Following the mix process the mix is flowed down to the flavored tank where any liquid flavors or colors are added. 5. The mix then enters the dynamic freezing process, which freezing which both freezes a portion of the water and whip air, into the frozen mix. The barrel freezes is a surface, tubular heat exchanger, which is hacked with a boiling refrigerant such as ammonia or Friona. 6. Then the Mix is pumped through this freezer and is drawn off the other and in a matter of 30 second with about 50% of its water frozen. There are rotating blade inside the barrel that keeps the ice scraped off the surface of the freezer and also basher inside the machine which helped to the mix and incorporate air. 7. As the ice cream is drawn with about half of its water frozen, particulate matter such as fruit, nuts, candies, cookies, or whatever you like, added to the semi frozen slurry which has a consistency similar to soft-serve ice cream. 8. In fact that soft serve, is the fact that soft only thing which differentiates hard frozen ice cream from soft serve, it is the fact that soft serve is drawn into cones this point in the process rather than into packages for subsequent hardening. 9. After the particulates have been added, the remainder of the waterish frozen. Below -25c, ice cream is stable for identified periods without danger of ice crystal growth are depended upon the temperature of storage this limits the shelf life of the ice cream.

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This is very important in process of making ice cream because each goods have two side facts and dissuade facts. So trotting process the final dissuades facts and solution for them. When the ice cream is to be consumed by the people it is to be checked that weather the product is fit for the consumer to eat or not. After checking the sample of the product the product is supplied. If the product is found defective the product is rejected so that consumer welfare is taken into account and a good image of the company is created. So, this process is very important in process of ice cream. So, about solution we can say that quality checking is one of the most important functions for food products.

Vadilal Industries Limited firmly believes in providing quality products with innovative features at competitive prices for customer satisfaction. They strive to achieve our Goals by continuously improving and upgrading Technology, selecting appropriate process and providing vibrant environment with help of High Quality standards and emphasis on Hygiene. They aim to be industry leader by recognizing the changing needs of customer and ensuring full commitment towards implementing Quality Management System as per ISO 9002.

Pundhra Plant is ISO: 9001:2000 and HACCP Certified. The certification of this plant has been carried out by BVQI under the latest regulations of food safety system, September 2002. BVQI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bureau VERITAS, a Francebased multinational organization. The plant has recently received the Export Inspection Council of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India certification for exports which in itself is a benchmark for hygiene and quality.

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We shall achive customer satisfaction by establishing and sustaining an effective quality management system

Ensure consistency in quality of product and services. Improve upon individual and then perform by means of continuous training.

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The finance management is the dynamic and important function of the company financial management is one of the managerial activities of planning and controlling the firms resources. We can also called capital as a Blood. Therefor it must be systematically maintained. Planning is one of the most important activities of the financial manager. It makes possible for the financial manager to obtain.

NEED OF FINANCE In the business unit need of finance arises due to following reason. For the purpose of expansion. For the purpose of establishment. For the purpose of renovation. For the purpose of diversification


Cash is the most important current assets for the operating of the business run on continuous basis for the smooth running of the company. There should be sufficient cash neither more is cr. Shortage will intercept the firm manufacturing operations while exclusive cash supply remain ideal. Therefore the cash and bank balance of the company are maintained at optimum level for this they can use the system of investment in reserve also. Cash is needed for the day to day expenses like purchase of raw material and giving salaries to the worker.


Company has achieved sales turnover of Rs. 13,604.72 lacs as compared to sales turnover of Rs. 11,888.88 lacs achieved during the previous year ended on 31st March, 2007.

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According to American Marketing Association Marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services. Management in any organization needs information in large quantity about potential markets and environmental forces in order to develop successful strategic marketing plans, and to respond to such changes in the market place. A mass of data is available both from external sources and within the firm. This forms a solid platform for a research to take place. Marketing Research includes all the activities that enable an organization, to obtain the information it needs to make decisions about its environment, its marketing mix and its present or potential customers and consumers. More specifically, Market Research is the development, interpretation and communication of decision oriented information to be used in the strategic marketing process.


A. Printing Media 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Newspaper: Times of India, Gujarat samachar. Magazine: Gruh Shobha, Aditya, and Cine satr. Trade General: News Week, Business Today, Fortune India Porter. Wall Painting.

B. Out-door Advertising : 1. Hording 2. Slogans 3. Other Occasional or Festival Based Advertising. C. Other Media :` 1. At Purchase outlets like stickers, plastic container, tattoos. 2. Banners. 3. Mobile van with hording.
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4. on kits at the time of uttrayan. D. Advertising Slogan : 1. The true Indian flavours It contain patriotic appeal. 2. The pure vegetarian ice creams It contains health appeal. MARKETING STRENGTH : The company takes pride in its ranking in the A & M survey puplished in 1993 wherein Vadilal marketing has been ranked 26th on all India basis viz-a-viz other marketing companies. In tune with the changing times & market development, Vadilal changed its logo in 1992 & pumped in approximately Rs 20 millions to give it a complete new face. The distribution network of around 80 stockiest & over 7000 dedicated retailer provided customer feedback to the company. Vadilal presently operates in seven states namely Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana & Diu & Daman. It plans to enter other states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, & Tamil Nadu in the near future. The introduction of concept of Happiness Parlor in 1991 reflects Vadilals marketing strategy of setting up exclusive ice-cream parlors.

MARKETING SHARE : Vadilal enterprise limited posses 25% market share in the ice-cream business in India. The company has around 250 product categories. The company holds 65% market share in ice-cream business in Gujarat regionally. The company has market sales of Rs 450 crores in the whole India while in Gujarat it has around 70-80 crores sales income. The share of Vadilal enterprise limited is up to 34% of product.

COMPETATION : The company operates in an extremely competitive market and some of its brands compete with the brand of large multinational companies. In past company was company was facing Amul especially on pricing front. But now company is successfully overcome from the competition further local and regional brand are increasing day by day which is also eating away some of the market. The company faces the rest of reach market share on account of competition through advertising trade promotion, price competition and other competition measure.
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This risk factor is common to all companies in the industry and not specific to Vadilal owe a period of time Vadilal has fought successfully fought against many brands.

BRANDING : Branding is the process of assigning a distinctive brand name or symbol to a product in order to differentiate it from the competitive product. Branded foods enjoy a wider market. Vadilal Enterprise Limited has strong consumer brand awareness. The company chose Vadilal as a brand for dedicating the owner father Mr.Ramchandra Vadilal Gandhi. Vadilal Enterprise Limited has launched a new brand Vadilal Surbhi for its subsidiary product i.e. milk. It also has another brand name Vadilal Litefor the product, which were useful for diabeties & heart Patient.

After the procedure of packing & advertising the goods are ready to sell. In Vadilal all goods are checked in quality control and then it is ready for the distribution. All goods are distributed one and only one manufacturing unit thats why no chance of duplication and spoilage from the factory goods are directly send to the distributor and that dealer and than finally the customer.

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Company member and departmental head have certain type of recruitment policy for the people. They give advertisement in the newspaper like Times of India, Gujarat samachar for the recruitment. After the advertisement is given, the candidate are called for the interview within the said time period and if they are selected they are given certain type of work Company recruits engineers or other professional on the basis of the skill and their comprehension. They insist that the person must have willingness to work in the team and have orientation to the companys goal. It is necessary that he must have good command over English and if possible other foreign languages There are total 500 workers working in the company from that 400 workers are on contractual basis and 100 workers are on permanent basis. The minimum qualification required for a worker at Vadilal Industries is he or she should be 10th pass and be of 18 or more years.


Different types of training and development schemes are taken for the executives of Vadilal Industry. Training is given to the lower or bottom level management while developing programmers are meant for the Top Level Management. The employees are provided with uniform, caps, masks and gloves. Employee safety is taken in all the cases In the beginning of the worker job, they are given training for 5 to 10 days regarding the machine on which they have to work. Generally qualified worker of the company give training to the new worker Sometimes the suggestions of the worker are taken into account. Not only but if the suggestion of the worker are worth while they are rewarded some prize. The worker are given promotion on the performance basis this motivate the worker to produce more which also beneficial to the company itself

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There are in all entire 500 workers who are divided batch-wise or production wise or category-wise. There are 3 shifts for the worker in Vadilal. Each shift is of 7 hours of this 2 shift work on mixing or manufacturing units, while other one is in charge of cold storage. As Vadilal is an ice cream factory, the work should be continuous. The Shift Are Divided As Follow : 1. 6:00 am to 2:00pm 2. 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm 3. 10:00 pm to 6:00 am The workers here are given good facilities. Timely incentives are given to motivate the workers. They are paid fair wages and bonus is given every year. The worker work only in two shifts day and night manufacturing goes only in morning and night it is preserved. They believe that investment in human capital is of utmost importance in order to achieve and sustain growth. HR Philosophy Vadilal Group has a progressive and a dynamic Human Resource (HR) philosophy. They understand that Human Resource Management is concerned with integrating people into a work environment, motivating them to work together effectively and providing them social, psychological and financial satisfaction this is what we exactly try to do. They believe in transforming the human capital into a key source of competitive advantage because they understand its value when tough competition is ruling the market scenario. Their strong value system is driven by result orientation, adaptability to change, humility and respect for subordinates and peers. They help the employees to harmonize their personal growth strategy with the growth strategy of the group.

Training & Development enables the employees to hone their skills, think out of box, develop the initiatives, adopt a pro-active approach, become more productive and have a well-defined career path which is in line with the overall organizational objectives. Feedback from Exit Interviews is used for constant improvements.
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Culture Organizational Culture is the easiest thing to comprehend and at the same time the most difficult thing to define. This is because of the aura of mystique that surrounds Organizational Culture. The companys constant endeavor is to create a performance driven work culture with focus on employee satisfaction and retention. Development Skilled Human Capital is critical for the growth of any organization. They believe in adding value to s human capital through various HR practices that co-exist in unison with each other. Performance reviews, training workshops are some of the tools that aid in nurtuing the human capital. Quality Quality is an integral part of the companys well-defined and dynamic HR policies and practices. The entire processes, development, achievement, performance evaluation and appraisals are driven by quality of output and result orientation. Work-Life They believe in work life balance and hence they have flexible working hours at Corporate Office. This keeps their employees happy and they are able to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. Open Door They have an open door management policy so that their employees are always free to discuss the problems they face and the management can always extend a helping hand to sort out the matters.

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Vadilal Industry provides monthly expenditure on salaries is approximately 6 lakhs, out of which 4 lakhs are paid to the regular employee and 2 lakhs are paid to the contractual worker.

PROVIDENT FUND Contribution of provident fund is made on a monthly basis predetermined rate of appropriate authority on accrual basis and charged to them.

MANAGEMENT DIVISION The company is funded its liability for the payment of gratuity for the employment of proper division to on approved gratuity invest fund and the annual contribution to the said fund is charged to the revenue accounts on the basic of actuarial valuation.

SPECIAL BENEFITS 1. The company provides accommodation facilities to the worker. So, that even if worker is coming from a distance place he can stay in the companys quarter. 2. The company also provides transport facilities to the worker.

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VAATSALYAM- A piece of land in the lap of nature This is a scheme of residential plots located in Ahmadabads fastest developing area for bungalows. It makes one feel like walking into a bygone area. A period of quaint yet rustic charm, of romanticism of a time, of aesthetic sans frills and simplicity synonymous with beauty. The best way to give your family a life blessed with peace, comfort, happiness wrapped in luxury. It offers you a life-style of your dreams, with every conceivable amenity and facility. And this luxury is not a piped-dream but a reality. Special Feature 1. Planning for road, common plot as per G.D.C.R. guidelines. 2. Club House facility includes children play area, gymnasium, and community hall. 3. Internal wiring for GEB connection and proposed internal cable for T.V. connection, Internet connection and telephone. Every plot gets direct access to these facilities. 4. Compound wall on the periphery of the scheme and also on both sides of the internal roads. 5. Streetlights in the entire scheme. 6. Overhead tank. 7. One big common plot for every 15 plots.

VAATSALYAM RESIDENCY Mother Nature Beckons You This is a Bungalow Scheme located in Ahmedabads fastest developing area for bungalows. Virgin fields, lush greenery, unsullied air, village like cluster; life here is essentially interplay with nature. The idea is to be in harmony with the sky, the sun, the trees, and the birds. When nature beckons you, its time to come here. Those with futuristic vision must focus here. Location Just 6 kms away from the most happening Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway and near to proposed 200 Ft Ring Road from Vaishnav Devi Mandir to Sanathal.

How to Get there From Thaltej Cross Roads to Shilaj - Nandoli way, just near K. K. Farm.

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Special Feature Planning for road, common plot as per G.D.C.R. guidelines. Internal wiring for GEB connection and proposed internal cable for T.V. connection, Internet connection and telephone. Every bungalow gets direct access to these facilities. Overhead tank. Prices are based on built-up area not super built-up. Located at fast growing pollution free residential area. Well-planned unit & society layout with attractive elevation to ensure sufficient natural light & appropriate ventilation. Beautifully landscaped garden in each bungalow. Attractive main gate with security cabin. Broad concrete paved road with plantation & streetlight. 24-hour security with intercom facility.

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The industrial visit to Vadilal industry was a wonder full visit from our college. My visit was about how an organization is run successfully. The visit was highly educational and helped one to give me a depth understanding of marketing and finance management cared out of Vadilal. I came to know the process used for manufacturing of Ice-Cream and different types of problem incurred in it. I understood the difficulties that is faced by the management of modern company and also studies the way they save the difficulties and problems.

Vadilal is a wonderful company. It is developed company with the registered office as well as factory at Gandhinagar (Gujarat). Vadilal has capereted the market of the ice-cream. It will be leader in ice-cream after few years if it continues to process in this way as it is doing now. We can tell that industry is an ideal industry and after eating its ice-cream anybody can tell that is

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BOOKS: Principle Of Management Author: P.C. TRIPATHI & P.N. REDDY. Publisher: TATA MC-GRAW & PUBLISHER Edition: 3rd EDITION.


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