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November 2011

It Wasnt the Stork Who Helped Deliver this Precious Bundle

Feel confident and comfortable knowing our team of five obstetrical physicians are here to deliver your baby. Make the right choice. Call for an appointment today.


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Beauty is the point.... Practical experience is the inspiration. Together, they make your property blossom. Effective landscape architecture creates the setting for your residence to display the elegance of your life-style and a growing investment in the appearance and value of your property. Enhancing your home with practical, simple-to-maintain plantings and eye-pleasing spatial arrangements is our skill. Your ideas receive serious attention. Your custom design gets our quality execution. Your budget is respected. Thats how we get satisfied clients. Enthusiastic referrals. Repeat business. Wed like to know your wishes. Please call Michael or Frank Montemuro: 215-340-7890, or visit us at

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Christopher Willett, born in 1959, is a Bucks County

painter with a family lineage dating back to the Plymouth settlers who arrived in this country aboard the Mayflower. Willetts fourthgreat grandfather, Augustine Willett, was a captain under General Washington. Willett is also a descendant of Edward Hicks, known for his work titled Peaceable Kindom. In more recent history, Willett artisans were renowned for their designs and beautiful works in stained glass that adorn the Bryn Athyn Cathedral on the Pitcairn Estate.

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Dec 3rd & 4th 1-5pm


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r Ain | June 20 08

A b b i e D A n A s | M A r c h 2 0 11

D e A n T h o M A s | J u ly 2 0 0 8

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Artist Alan Fetterman 26

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Around Town
1. Joseph Demchur, Hilde Wachtel, Bruce Hamilton and Patricia Whitman at the Art of Wine fundraiser at the Michener Museum. 2. Lori High, Kim Madarasz and Margaret Corbett at La Chels Grand Opening in New Hope. 3. Mike Markowitz of the Hickory Kitchen with Jenny Salisbury and Donna Burne of A Womans Place accepting $500 that Markowitz raised to help women in need. 4. Jim Wentzel with copies of dtown at the top of Clingmans Dome, the highest point in Tennessee and third-tallest mountain east of the Mississippi. 5. Jim McMaster, Mary Ellen McMaster and Paula and Kevin Putman supporting the arts at the Michener Museum. Locals turned out to fight breast cancer at Dominique Danielas Couture for a Cure at the Ramada in New Hope. 6. Louise, Christie, modeling a wedding gown, and Fred Williamson at the event. 7. Christina Cavalcanti and Matt Beck of Salon Gratitude in New Hope provided hair services for the show. 8. Ellen Bollenbacher, survivor, model and local businesswoman, lends her support.

Dog of the Month

By Scott Holloway

Breed: Schnoodle Age: 10 years old Owner: Gary and Sarah Hall

If you hear a strange noise coming from the end of a leash, dont be alarmed. Its only Bisket. After being raised not to bark at much, instead he now emits something that sounds more like a sneeze than the typical canine hello. When Bisket gets excited, you might mistake his enthusiasm for an allergy attack. Still, its hardly an issue for Bisket. His gentle and friendly personality rarely give him a reason to sneeze, or bark, or whatever were calling it. Bisket gets along with nearly any dog or person who crosses his path and never passes

up an opportunity for some playtime or a cuddle. When either of the Halls are on the sofa, Bisket will jump up, stand there and stare at their laps until they move into a suitable position to accommodate him. When Bisket isnt politicking for laptime, he can be found taking a ride in the Halls Jeep, a favorite pastime. And with the cold weather fast approaching, youre sure to find Bisket frolicking in the snow. With his winter coat, the snow balls up on his legs like dozens of marbles, and the Halls melt them with a hair-dryer.

Shoes are fun, but bones are better.

Unique toys (including some for serious chewers AND the seriously bored), healthy treats, natural foods, supplies and more. Dogs are welcome in our store! Let your pup pick something out.
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good things for good dogs

Now is the Time - Build Your Dream!

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J.R. Maxwell will build the home of your dreams, expand your existing residence, or create beautiful millwork to improve your favorite space. 215.345.1953

Freshly Baked Scones!

Cakes | sCones | ConfeCtions

Pumpkin Scones Are Here!

A Most Delicious J. Scone, as interpreted by Robert Beck

tues.fri. 8:006:00, sat. 8:003:00 4119 swamp Road, Doylestown, Pa 18902

Doylestown Shopping Center

The Friendly Jeweler

by Jack Firneno Photos courtesy of brendan ekstrom and Tom Frangicetto

Psychic babble A Life of Art Told in Song


Music | november 2011

I had been writing songs for a while. Theyre moods and sentiments that wouldnt fit with Circa [Survive]-type material.
colin Frangicetto

olin Frangicettos debut fulllength album offers what may be the closest one can come to taking a walk through an artists mind. Best known as the guitarist in local heavyweight Circa Survive, Frangicetto took advantage of his main bands endof-year downtime in 2010 to turn five years worth of stray recordings and musical ideas into a fully realized artistic statement, recording by himself under the name Psychic Babble. I had been writing songs for a while, on and off in my free time, that I always felt needed their own channel of expression, Frangicetto explains. Theyre moods and sentiments that wouldnt fit with Circa [Survive]-type material. The record, My Brothers Ears/My Sisters Eyes, released earlier this fall, features Frangicetto playing every instrument, layering and deconstructing his material until the album was complete. Its harder to record alone than with a group, he admits. When youre feeling unconfident about what youre doing, theres no one there to reassure you. But sometimes you get a more pure, artistically sound product, because its not compromised. Theres no one else in on the decision-making process. But the album isnt the worlds first introduction to Frangicettos work

outside of Circa Survive. He had posted older songs online, released an EP in the summer and his paintings have cropped up on both the web and the walls of local shops across his native Bucks County. The album is, however, an unfiltered cross-section of Frangicettos present life and past influences and also a hint toward his future. Available digitally and on vinyl, My Brothers Ears/My Sisters Eyes is often ambient and abstract, channeling Frangicettos visual art. Painting to me is very free, he says. Criticism about music is often harsh and directly related to your personality, but I dont see that with art. Its more anonymous. I feel like I can make anything as crazy or offensive as I want with zero accountability. But in other places, the songs are lush and melodic, revealing his love for the music of his youth. My dad would play [the Beach Boys album] Pet Sounds on repeat, and I grew up listening to Paul Simons Graceland. The lyricism and melodies just make them timeless, he says. I emulated a lot of that unconsciously over the years. Id play a song for people and theyd say it reminded them of [Beach Boys songwriter] Brian Wilson or [the band] Love. As I honed in more on my own songs, a melody would pop into my head and just scream Pet Sounds.


Chester River



Mikey Jr

Upbeat Manifest


I Am

Frangicetto says the album is dedicated to his family and closest friends. Its my way of immortalizing how they make me feel and everything theyve done to support me over the years, he explains. Throughout the album are subtle winks and nods to those people Frangicettos father, Tom, took the picture that graces the cover along with a few straightforward tributes like Samantha, written for his wife. For now, Psychic Babble is just a recording project, but it may not stay that way forever. Theres not even a band to play it right now, Frangicetto says. But its already building its own fanbase, which is mind-blowing and kind of cool. He plans to maybe play a few cities after he releases another solo album, but the record also serves as a signpost for a different avenue. People have told me the album has a film-score quality to it, Frangicetto says. Its no coincidence, then, that he scored his first film recently Play Dead, a short horror-comedy currently making the rounds on the indie-festival circuit and wants to do more. A couple friends of mine are directors, and I told them I wanted to get into it myself, he says. When one of them came back to him with an offer to score Play Dead, it came with one caveat: a four-week deadline. I threw myself into the fire, Frangicetto laughs. Id never actually tried it before, but I had a blast doing it. Its pretty amazing what you can do with a laptop, keyboard and guitar. With Circa Survive still in full swing, theres no telling what will come next for Frangicettos solo work. But whether its another record, an art exhibit or music for a film, the answer is somewhere inside the Psychic Babble. Go online at:



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Medical, Cosmetic, Laser and Surgical Dermatology for Adults and Children
We are pleased to announce the opening of our NEWEST LOCATION: The Gilmore Building 65 East Butler Avenue, Suite 203, New Britain, PA 18901 215.836.7212 |

FREE SKIN CANCER SCREENINGS on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the end of 2011

A Lee Family Art Show

October 30 December 2, 2011 Opening Reception Saturday, November 5, 2011 6pm 9pm
ARTISTS Helen Lee Meyers Susan Hallgren Martha Manco Jennifer Fordham Cynthia Meyers Casey Shannahan

Shop 10 - Peddler's Village Courtyard Lahaska, PA | 215.794.9486 Hrs. Sun-Thurs 10-6pm | Fri & Sat 10-9pm

The jewelry business is like fishing. You never know what youre going to catch.
Vadim Krivitsky

oak Gem Jewelry Dazzling Design and Peace of Mind

by Jack Firneno | Photos by Jon Wertz

adim Krivitsky, owner of Oak Gem Jewelry in Lahaska, finds his chosen business fascinating. And in dealing fine estate and secondhand jewelry, theres a subtle irony that never escapes him. Its the part Krivitsky loves the most that he hopes his clients will never experience. The jewelry business is like fishing, Krivitsky says. You never know what youre going to catch. While the unknown may be appealing to a dealer who stumbles upon a rare or coveted piece, for an individual investing in $1,865 Trianon earrings or a $30,000 Kieselstein diamond bracelet, they need to know exactly what theyre getting. These are major purchases, Krivitsky says. You have to have to be sure theyre coming from a legitimate source, especially in the secondhand market. Conversely, the same goes for a person selling fine jewelry to a dealer. It can be daunting
20 business | november 2011

to look at a piece of jewelry and not know how much to ask for it, he continues. A dealer could tell you its worth a lot less than it actually is, and you wouldnt be the wiser. A 1920 Cartier necklace could have $1,200 worth of gold in it. If you take it to a place with a We Buy Gold sign in the window, they may give you an offer based on that value. But I can tell you that, in the right market, it can be worth $12,000 as a collectible. Its that atmosphere of trust Krivitsky strives to infuse within Oak Gems walls and with all his clients. Located just outside Peddlers Village, he offers customers not only pieces of fine jewelry, but also peace of mind. My motto is, Im here to help people sell jewelry, he explains, proudly. And with a career spanning more than two decades, Krivitsky says his years as a buyer of secondhand jewelry has given him the experience he needs to


get the most for a client. Ive spent most of my career buying these pieces directly from estates and private collectors, he explains. I bought for true value instead of market value, which makes it easier for me to assess a good deal. There are countless manufacturers and products, and the value of a piece is not decided just by how attractive it is or the amount of precious metal in it. You also have to consider who made it and when. His expertise, coupled with Oak Gems excellent standing with organizations like the Better Business Bureau and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, gives his clients the security they need to feel comfortable with their purchase. So much so, in fact, that Oak Gem now does much of their business through their Web site with buyers making purchases from as far away as Germany, England, China and Australia. We sell on approval, he
22 business | november 2011

says, of the online part of his business. If they dont like it, they can ship it back for a refund, no questions asked. And while his business may be worldwide, local clients always remain a priority with Krivitsky. One of the main reasons we set up shop in this area is there arent many people here who really understand the true value of fine jewelry, he says. Rather than people having to travel to New York City for that kind of dealer, says Krvitisky, he provides the same service much closer to home: Again, its about comfort and trust. Theres no obligation to sell and no fee to have a piece appraised. And if you think the price is fair, Ill write the check on the spot. Go online at

Dont be a Turkey.
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FACT: Alliance Adjustment Group knows how to deal with your

insurance provider to get the best settlement possible for your damage.


Public Insurance Adjusters 263 N. Main Street Doylestown, PA


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Bucks Country Gardens
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by April solla and oliver White Photos courtesy of Alan Fetterman

Alan Fetterman A Lifetime of Artistic Challenges F

or years, Alan Fetterman traveled the world, landing everywhere from Europe to South America. But far from leisurely vacations, his jaunts were tuned to a specific agenda: to explore, observe and document. With sketchbook in hand, Fetterman tirelessly captured the array of cultures he encountered, translating them on paper in a language all could understand. Im an explorer, he says. I went far and wide to discover my inner-self. In 1988, during a stint in Paris, Fetterman who previously worked in construction realized his calling. Growing up in a military family, Fetterman knew all too well the principles of hard work and survival. But he also recognized his innately curious, creative nature with prolific volumes of poetry and music and a degree in philosophy to his credit. After spending 10 hours in the Louvre, awash in the rich visual landscape,
Artist | november 2011

Fetterman emerged with a new conviction. Thats it, Im an artist, he recalls, on the motivation the worldrenowned museum inspired. Upon his return home, he picked up a set of brushes and embarked on a different kind of journey. Decades and nearly countless paintings later, Fetterman has completed the transformation into committed-life artist, exercising his creative spirit in oils on canvas. These may be strange economic times, but the collectible fine arts remain proven investment havens. Although many [artists] have suffered in one way or another, especially those who survive solely on their work, I stay steadfast and have dug my boots deeper into the very ground I stand on to paint, Fetterman says. I have continued to devote myself to the arts and now, through the Silverman Gallery, my work continues to be embraced on both a regional and national platform.




Artist | november 2011

Art is at its best when it comes from an artists deepest sensibilities.

Alan Fetterman

Fettermans commitment to the local arts scene is evidenced both in the more than 25 solo shows to his credit to date and his creative philosophy. As an American artist, I have painted in many parts of the country and abroad, Fetterman says. But most importantly, Im a Bucks County/ Pennsylvania artist. What drives me is the dynamic of our region. Art is at its best when it comes from an artists deepest sensibilities. And while many might fall victim to a sort of artistic malaise, Fetterman is careful to continually challenge himself. His latest works, dubbed Bucks County Life and Lore, will be revealed at his latest one-man show, opening Nov. 12. The presentation has been kept a tightly held secret so far, says Joan Perkes, director of the Silverman Gallery, who is hosting the show and represents Fetterman. Alan [Fetterman] is a regional icon, and this body of work is powerful, unique and matches his philosophical bent.

Fetterman describes the venture as a compilation of painting, prose and presentation. There is a contemporary story line that infuses the life, lore, and dynamics of our region into his latest output. An artist must explore and continue to challenge himself, Fetterman says. My penchant for our areas landscapes and community is ever present, but the approach is fresh, the visual language distinct. The exhibit will include five large 36" by 40" paintings of local landscapes, as well as an extensive array of other sizes. But its what Fetterman has dubbed the Grand Reveal that will fill the exhibit with character and story. Over the last three years, I have been creating a collection of art that speaks in multiple values. The paintgs reveal story lines via progression and presentation, he explains. In addition, as one who has always taken pride in the hand-carved frames that hold my
30 Artist | november 2011

work, Ive learned to make frames with the talents of Tom Stanley and Dave Madery. I can only hope others enjoy them as much as I have creating them. While Fettermans work has already left an indelible mark on the local arts scene, a new book, seven years in the making, is set for a February release. Illuminate, penned by regional art historian and critic Cathie Viksjo, provides a retrospective look at Fettermans career. His [Fetterman] spiral rise as an artist has been astounding, Viksjo says. The time has come, I believe, to compile a monograph of his art and times. The Bucks-County art tradition begs for this discussion and critical assessment. The Silverman Gallery will host a book signing in February with Fetterman to celebrate the release of Illuminate. For more information, go online at the



200 works 50 artists 1 exhibit

Exhibition Sponsor Maureen Major Support from Carol

and Gregory Church & Louis Della Penna and Kathy & Ted Fernberger

Additional support from Gratz Gallery & Conservation Studio

by caitlin burns Photo by Wendy Mccardle

Alliance Adjustment Group Your Partner in Property Damage Claims

For most, Hurricane Irene roared through our area bringing rain, wind, minor inconveniences but not the dreadful prognostication that some feared. But for the less fortunate in low-lying regions, homes and businesses alike are still recuperating from the damaging floodwaters that the storm also carried with her. And while surveying the initial damage from any powerful weather event might seem like a disheartening prospect, there are people on the side of those dealing with the costly aftermath. Public adjusters represent home and business owners against their insurance companies when damages occur. We sat down with James Wagner, owner and founder of the Alliance Adjustment Group, Inc. and a nearly 20-year industry veteran, to learn what you need to know and do when taking on or dealing with your insurance company. A large percentage of our business is storm-related, whether caused by wind, rain, snow or ice, says Wagner, who opened Alliance in 1999 and now has nearly 30 full-time employees. If a property owner has damage to their home or business, all they need to do is call us. Our team will assess the damage, review the policy, prepare the estimates, report the claim, negotiate the settlement and process the payments. Our clients simply sit back and allow
32 home | november 2011

us to handle their claim, start to finish. Its our primary focus at Alliance Adjustment to ensure our clients receive the maximum settlement for their damage based on the terms and conditions of the policy. We are industry leaders and true experts in our field. Protect Your Investment While Alliance certainly serves as a trusted partner when disaster strikes, the process starts long before you might need their help. When shopping for or reviewing coverage for your home or business, its best not to cut corners. A leading cause of insurance-company claim denials is the fact that policyholders fail to have proper coverage in place, Wagner explains. He points to sump-pump overflows as an example: If your home has a basement, finished or not, make sure you insure the property with an insurance company who offers a back-up of sewer or drains endorsement. This may provide an opportunity for coverage should you get water in your basement during a heavy-rain event. Wagner also recommends meeting with your agent periodically to make sure you have the proper coverage in place for your specific property. Oftentimes, a homeowner may make changes or additions to their home and fail to advise their agent. Its important for the insurance company to be aware of any significant changes to the

Its our primary focus at Alliance Adjustment to ensure our clients receive the maximum settlement for their damage. James Wagner
Pictured left: Robin (l) and James (r) Wagner stand at the ready for their clientele in tough times.

property to ensure that it is sufficiently protected. For instance, clients often do not take changes such as pools into consideration and do not have enough coverage. If there is insufficient coverage in place when the damage occurs, Wagner says, it becomes more difficult to get the money from the insurance company, when the claim is filed. When It Rains, It Pours Flooding, a major concern for those close to the banks of the Delaware River and other local waterways, can cause serious structural damage and mold if not promptly and properly handled. Wagner suggests taking a proactive stance. If you have flood damage, the best thing to do is dry the building as quickly as possibly, he says. And while that might be easier said than done, Wagner has a proverbial ace up his sleeve. His team at Alliance can coordinate the emergency services to remove the water and dry the property. It is paramount to properly dry and treat the effected areas, not only to create a safe environment but also to comply with the policy, Wagner explains. The policyholder has a duty to protect the property from further damage. We make sure that happens. And since the company operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an Alliance adjuster is available to speak with you no matter when your emergency occurs.

A Reliable Resource If you find yourself in need of a public insurance adjuster, how do you know youre choosing the right one? The best thing a client can do is ask for referrals, Wagner says. Its really the best indicator of an adjusters ability and reputation. Alliance has proudly been a part of the community for over a decade and regularly provides references upon request. They know the ins and outs of insurance policies. An otherwise routine claim can easily be derailed or possibly even denied due to something as simple as missing the correct form or missing a prescribed deadline, Wagner adds. As part of the process, Wagner also recommends investigating results. Our firm is known throughout the industry to provide unmatched service, he says. We employ specialized estimating systems supported by the latest technology to deliver public adjustment services, second to none. Simply put, we will continue to negotiate the claim on behalf of our clients until the insurance company has agreed to pay for all of the damages. For more information on Alliance Adjustment Groups services, call 267-880-3000 or go online at



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by lauren Greaves Photos courtesy of Jamie Parker

The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen Nourishing Minds and Bodies

If there was ever a time to count your blessings, give back to the community and reflect on the significance of generosity in the world, the fastapproaching Thanksgiving and the holiday season that follows usually serves as the perfect opportunity. And while the collective sense of community betterment and energy expended on donating canned goods, recycling old winter coats or adding a few bucks to our grocery bills to support those in need lasts only for a regrettably brief part of the year, the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) has taken philanthropy beyond a seasonal practice and made it a year-round job. Founded in 1981 by a group of clergymen and community activists who looked upon the streets of Trenton and found many who went hungry on a daily basis, they began giving out sandwiches and milk from the trunk of a car to anybody who needed a meal.
38 community | november 2011

They eventually took up residence in the basement of a Trenton church to feed more of those in need. By the end of 1982, TASK had dished out over 40,000 meals. But over the past 30 years, the organization has come a long way since its modest beginnings. According to Dennis Micai, the executive director of the organization, their efforts are now overseen by a board of trustees and fueled by their team of 23 employees and 3,000 volunteers. He explains that the crux of the daily operations at TASK is still providing two square meals a day, as well as meals to satellite locations four nights a week. But TASK is much more than just a free and needed meal. They also provide adult-education classes, something that sets their mission far apart from other food-related organizations. Our mission is beyond just feeding the hungry, Micai says. Some patrons


Our mission is beyond just feeding the hungry.

Dennis Micai

have talents and abilities that were never conducive to traditional learning environments. They might have low self-esteem, or they made mistakes in life. But if you give them the right outlet, they will succeed. The right outlet includes one-on-one tutoring sessions with volunteers, a computer lab and a resident social worker. Micai explains that people use these classes for an array of reasons: to obtain their GED, to take remedial classes that will prepare them for higher education, to learn basic reading and writing skills in order to obtain a drivers license or do homework with their children. TASK has even established a thriving


community | november 2011

art program for painting and drawing, as well as music, the performing arts and creative writing. According to Micai, many succeed in the unique environment, because it uses personal motivation, first and foremost, to drive their success. TASK also distinguishes itself from other nonprofit organizations for other reasons. They receive no government funding except for a small grant to fund the adult classes. This, however, is a well-intentioned drawback. Micai says that government funding would equal placing certain restrictions on who is allowed to receive a meal from the soup kitchen. The inevitable red tape would entail keeping track of each patron, sign-in books and potentially an income guideline. But at TASK, anyone from all walks of life can receive a meal, no questions asked. Its has been the policy since 1981, and it continues to be as TASK celebrates its 30th anniversary. Looking toward the future, Micai says they will continue to partner with the other nonprofit and socialwork organizations in the Trenton area, a tradition they help foster and promote. TASK recently began sending meals to Hightstown, N.J., the first satellite operation outside of the Trenton city limits. And as the holidays approach, they are busy planning an array of special events, including a gift for every client and an adopt-a-family program. TASK is also currently negotiating the sale of the land around their building, enabling them to set up parks, community gardens and even a possible hydroponic greenhouse, where they can teach patrons to grow food for personal use as well as for profit. To learn more about TASK programs, make a donation or volunteer, go online at

Wa s n Whee s


d & use h new in Nov. c for eacle sold the ehi ated to v don


Unleash the Fun!

Sat., Nov. 12th, 9am 5pm
100% of dollars raised will go to the Bucks County SPCAs Centennial Campaign.

$ $

(Additional donations welcome)

5 Car Wash

Comprehensive diagnostic check-up Consultation with Service Advisor Detailed inspection form within 30 min. Estimate of any necessary repairs 20% OFF any services performed Schedule your appointment today!

9.95 27-Point Service Check

1 Dogs (hot dogs, that is...)

Certified Pre-Owned Pets

Meet and Greet, Noon 2pm

Routes 313 & 611, Doylestown


Sales: M F 8am 9pm Sat. 9am 6pm Service: M F 7:30am 9pm Sat. 8am 6pm

by cailen Ascher Photo by Wendy Mccardle

A Focus on Womens Health Getting Back to Basics

As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But for women in the midst of busy lives and schedules, balancing demanding careers and growing families, sometimes even the simplest lessons get lost in the mix. Especially when it comes to doing the right things to maintain your own health. We sat down with Dr. Carolyn Ianieri, an obstetrician/gynecologist at the Doylestown Womens Health Center, to remind us that making time for fitness, ensuring proper nutrition and pursuing preventative medicine are the most-effective and efficient ways to enjoy a lifetime of good health. Nobody Gonna Break-a My Stride Our ultimate goal is to prevent sickness altogether, not just treat issues once they arise, Ianieri says. Our aim is to help our patients develop a lifestyle that promotes wellness. We try to lead by example, showing our patients the benefits of a well-balanced life by living actively ourselves. And first on her list? Fitness and exercise. Movement is key to taking charge of your health, Ianieri stresses. Along with the added benefits of decreasing your waistline and perhaps opening up a new world of fashion possibilities,
42 health + beauty | november 2011

Make simple changes you can incorporate comfortably into your life, rather than trying to modify too many habits at once.
Dr. carolyn ianieri

exercising helps fend off health problems stemming from obesity such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, difficult pregnancies or deliveries and heart disease. Fitness is important at all life stages whether youre a young girl looking to set yourself up for a lifetime of health, a woman in her 30s trying to get pregnant or a woman reaching menopause and concerned about weight gain, she says. Ianieri suggests taking small steps with a new exercise regimen, starting with just 10 minutes a day. Setting a goal of losing 25 pounds can be overwhelming, she explains. Its better to set yourself up for success

Pictured left: The team of physicians at the Doylestown Womens Health Center is committed to providing quality health care for all.

with a schedule you can stick to. Once a person starts feeling better and sees the benefits of regular exercise, theyll naturally want to increase their commitment. You Are What You Eat It might be another old saying, but they last for a reason. Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, and healthy eating sets you up for optimum health, Ianieri says. A woman who eats a balanced diet will undoubtedly get more folic acid, calcium and vital nutrients into her system. We know that folic acid is especially critical before and during pregnancy to reduce the risks of birth defects. Again, she notes, small, manageable changes are key: Make simple changes you can incorporate comfortably into your life rather than trying to modify too many habits at once. Those adjustments can be simply trying whole grains, educating yourself about true portion sizes or choosing water and unsweetened iced tea over soda. Ianieri also suggests packing lunch or snacks if youre going to be out for the day. If you have healthy food at your fingertips, youll be much less likely to stop for fast food or indulge in something unhealthy, she says.

Thinking Ahead Ianieri and her colleagues spend a lot of time educating their patients about the importance of vaccinations throughout their life. They dont just protect the patient; they protect their loved ones as well, she says. Ianieri points to the resurgence of pertussis, or whooping cough, which once claimed the lives of up to 10,000 Americans annually. Pertussis often manifests as a mere cold in adults but can result in severe illness or even death in infants, she explains. Its an especially important concern for those with children and women who are planning on starting a family of their own. Ianieri advises all women to speak with their health-care providers about pertussis, as well as flu vaccinations, for new parents and anyone who might consistently spend time with their baby Pregnant women are considered to be in the high-risk group for contracting the flu and related complications, she explains. We follow CDC guidelines and recommend that all pregnant women be vaccinated. For more information, go online at or call 215-340-2229.


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The reality is that as we age, sometimes

gynecologic surgery becomes necessary. Fortunately, there is a new ,minimally invasive option, thanks to the daVinci Surgical System. Smaller incisions, shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery, mean less time away from your life.

I have been an OB/Gyn serving the Doylestown area for almost 20 years. I am also the first physician in Bucks County to be certified in the use of the daVinci Minimally Invasive Surgical System for hysterectomies and myomectomies. Come talk to me about your surgical concerns. I will work with you to find the best procedure to fit your needs. Scott A. Dinesen, D.O., F.A.C.O.G.
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The Visionary Landscape

November 5-26, 2011

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Winter Carpet , 18x24 Oil Panel by Peter Fiore
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Design With the Environment, Savings and Convenience in Mind

By Scott Holloway | Photo Courtesy of Laura Hawley

As autumn starts its slow fade into winter, its now the perfect time to concentrate on the interior of your home. And while a complete redesign might not be on your agenda, according to Cyndi Haaz, ASID, president of Cyndi and Tucci, Inc., a Bucks County-based interior-design firm, there are new and exciting design enhancements to consider. High on her list: motorized shades that promote energy efficiency and help with the sometimes hard-to-reach windows in todays homes. Installing motorized window treatments can help reduce heating and cooling costs, Haaz explains. They can even be programmed to open and close as the sun moves across your home. Remotecontrolled shades will also help eliminate glare and preserve paint color, fabrics and the flooring in your home by blocking the harmful UV rays that cause fading, she adds.

But like any design feature, a motorized window treatment must be aesthetically pleasing and work to enhance the style of your home. The available fabrics and colors allow me to design window treatments for the clients budget and taste, Haaz says. We can even do motorized draperies and roller shades that use the customers own material. An added benefit is the absence of hanging cords to distract from the appearance or pose a safety risk to children or pets. Motorized shades also offer another benefit: convenience. They provide the answer to handling difficult to reach windows with the touch of a remote button or wireless wall switch. The possibilities include walls of windows, such as those that extend to a secondstory, skylights and hard-to-reach windows over bathtubs or kitchen sinks. For homes with older residents or those with physical limitations, they can work wonders. Its helpful to not have to step into your bathtub to open or close the shade. And with a click of a button, you can enjoy the view while bathing without compromising your modesty when getting out of the tub, Haaz says, with a smile. Go online at


spotlight | november 2011

Bring Your Appetite for Good Taste.

Meet Your Friends at the Best Happy Hour in Town! 5 7 Weekdays! Then Stay for Dinner!
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Join us for Piano Music provided during the dinner hour by Dave Gustafson! 6 10 pm

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Relax, Refresh and Unwind Join us for dinner, stay for the dancing or make FH your last stop of the Night! Late Night - 10 to close Dancing with DJ

New Harvest Prix Fixe Menu Personalized Each Week by Chef Homacki! $ 35


Philly Sports Special menu & pricing during games Great TVs Great People!


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Fire Pit lit each night at dusk!

Call Christine at (215) 340-1003 for the personal touch your special event deserves. Reserve NOW for choice dates! $25 Gift card for each $500 booked. Now Accepting Thanksgiving Dinner reservations! 194 W. Technorati Ashland Avenue Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 340-1003

Big City Dining in the Heart of Doylestown

by Anne biggs Photos courtesy of Terree yeagle and lisabeth Weber

Like Spinning Plates Local Renaissance Woman Shares Her Passion for Life and Art
Any conversation about how business, art and culture intersect in todays world is likely to get buried in buzzwords and catchphrases like Web 2.0, viral and social media integration. But underneath the semantics is the fact that anyone looking to make a name for themselves must be in many virtual places at once. And while its a fairly new concept to which both young entrepreneurs and established organizations are currently adapting, for LisaBeth Weber, its been a way of life for over 20 years. Running at broadband speed before most people discovered dial-up connections, shes since toggled between tabs as a successful designer, artist musician, and, most recently, consultant. A Joyous Path Even a cursory look at Webers personal and professional life reveals a deep sense of self-belief and a fiery passion for
48 A closer look | november 2011

the artistic pursuits she loves. However, its her versatility and having many proverbial irons in the fire that stands as the true testament to the various interests she pursues. Sometimes you have to compromise just to pay the bills, but I endeavor to put my energy into work that feeds my soul, Weber says. My personal mission is to make a living while making a difference. Lettering, one of Webers earliest passions, led to her creating a handwriting-styled font, ITC Weber Hand, which was released in 1999 by the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). Soon after its introduction, the style grew to become one of ITCs most popular fonts for its underlying decorous, gently structured quality. Earlier this year, ITC released her expanded Weber Hand font family, which now includes Bold, Condensed and Condensed Bold, adding versatility to the standard version. And while the

I endeavor to put my energy into work that feeds my soul. My personal mission is to make a living while making a difference.
lisabeth Weber

inner workings of the font world might be unfamiliar to most, the additions are quite an accomplishment. Although design might be Webers oldest passion, shes hardly the type to spend too much time pursuing any single discipline. Six years ago, Weber volunteered her services at the Philadelphia Film Festival, primarily working in the filmmaker guest services department. While Webers prinicpal job was simply driving the attending filmmakers between screenings, their hotels and wherever else they needed to be, she left a lasting impression. My boss told me I have to come to Sundance, she recalls. With her sights trained on Utah, Weber has worked with the prestigious film festival for six years, spending two weeks a year at Sundance, attending screenings and even writing a review that the County Theater in Doylestown posts on their Web site each year. As

a Sundance Theater Manager, shes responsible for operating her assigned theater, liaising between the filmmaker and the projectionist and running question-and-answer sessions between the creative talent and attendees. As a woman of many talents, music also plays a starring role among Webers pursuits. An accomplished songwriter, Weber has released three albums. Her most recent record, The Fire Tower Sessions, was produced and engineered by Grammy-winner Bil VornDick, who has also worked with Bla Fleck, Alison Krauss and other notables. Over the years, Weber has opened for the likes of Ralph Stanley, Nanci Griffith and Roy Clark and has had two songs featured on the National Public Radio show Car Talk. But as life often does, one door leads to another. While at Sundance this past spring, Weber met Debra Granik, the director of the 2010 Oscar-nominated

film Winters Bone, and Marideth Sisco, a bluegrass musician who appeared on and contributed to the movies soundtrack. After meeting up for a jam session and staying in touch after the festival, Sisco contacted Weber about her music. She ended up inviting me to sing my song Evergreens with her [Sisco] and her band backing me up, Weber says. We performed together at the World Caf Live in Philadelphia and the Highline Ballroom in New York City. It was a huge thrill. Im still expecting it to play out in some way with another opportunity, like going on tour as Dolly Partons opening act or having her cover some of my songs. Embracing the Cause As dedicated as Weber is to her artistic endeavors, shes also always on the lookout for ways to use her talents to support the causes about which shes passionate. Her background in design has also informed Webers Cause Pins, her signature line of lapel pins with short, memorable slogans and thoughtprovoking ideas. Adorned with simple, poignant phrases like Be True, Be You and Autism: Fund the Research, Fund the People, the pins have graced
50 A closer look | november 2011

the chests of celebrities and luminaries from Pete Seeger to Hillary Clinton. Today, she creates pins for current issues, using humor and earnestness in equal amounts. Sit. Stay. Spay. and My Dog Rescued Me. are just two examples that pet-lovers might wear to promote responsible animal care and ownership. Weber also includes a local touch to her pins, incorporating her Bucks County roots proudly into her work. With slogans like Fonthill. Mercer Museum. Spruance Library. Explore History. Doylestown, Pa., locals can proudly display their hometown pride and area connections on their lapels. But its more than just collectibles that Weber contributes to the local communities. She serves on the board of directors for the Womens Business Forum of Bucks County, has completed in several marathons on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America and regularly volunteers in election campaigns. Webers political involvement paid off in 2008, when each congressional district in the country invited local artists to design and paint an ornament for display on the White House Christmas tree.

Weber submitted an ornament, featuring a wind turbine inspired by Gamesa Energy, a manufacturer based in Bucks County. Entitled Red, White, Blue and Green Energy, the design earned her an invitation to a White House reception along with about 700 other artists and guests. I feel a personal commitment to live my life joyously and make a difference in others lives, Weber says. Where Commerce & Creativity Meet With the world of marketing now mirroring Webers long-time pursuits, shes begun helping others blend the worlds of commerce and creativity. With the launch of her new business, Creative Biz Guru, Weber employs her years of experience promoting herself and her artistic talents to help others spread the word about themselves. Especially now, during these tough economic times, people are looking outside the box for a different approach, something that sets them apart from the others, Weber says. Ive been there, done that. And even though my background is in the creative arts, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to make it in business. I can help others develop a business strategy that is distinctly their own. I think of it as opening a window to applied ideas. And the ideas Weber has applied to her own interests are rooted in building relationships, whether its on stage, creating art or designing creative business strategies. I really love networking. It feels very genuine, not forced a nurturing event, she says. If I cant help the person I meet, I may know someone who can. I have a little box of associates, colleagues and friends in my head. Go online at:

R O X E Y B A L L E T P R E S E N T S T H E 17 t h A N N U A L


in partnership with TCNJ Center for the Arts Tchaikovskys American Holiday Tradition

Saturday, November 26 3pm & 7pm Sunday, November 27 1pm & 4 pm Monday, November 28 10am Special School Show Friday, December 2 7pm Saturday, December 3 3pm & 7pm Sunday, December4 1pm & 4pm
The College of New Jersey Kendall Theatre 200 Pennington Road Ewing, NJ 08628 To purchase tickets or 609.771.2775 Tickets $15 - $50

20 Donaldson Street, Doylestown, PA 18901

SUNDAYS Soup & Chile from Genevieve's EVERY 2nd & 4th TUESDAY Ladies Night Out: Chair massages, Clairvoient readings by Jean Westbrook Leavitt, Boutique Clothing & Accessories, Skin care & Cosmetic demonstrations, and special large fruit & cheese plate and medium latte for $8. 7pm-9pm FRIDAY NIGHT IMPROV-come sing, play music, read poetry or do some stand up comedy! All material must be rated E for everyone! 8pm-10pm. SATURDAY NIGHT Join us for the amazing musical talent of our "house band" Jim Bag! 7pm-10pm.

THERESA MAYS owner & trainer cell 215.859.7902 fax 215.996.1146

AT THE FARM 302 Farm Lane Doylestown, PA 18901

Affordable designs, exceptional beauty.

Together we can create warm and inviting environments that are comfortable, functional and designed for your individual sense of style and budget. Cyndi Haaz, ASID Interior Designer for Everyone 215.491.9944

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Cars for a Cause Local Dealer Supports Animals in Need

By Scott Holloway | Photo Courtesy of Jack Thompson

There are few things in life that people tend to lavish more attention on than their cars and their pets. And while not everyone can afford wheels worthy of such adulation, conversely, no animal should go without a loving a loving and tender hand. And later this month, youll have an opportunity to do both. On Nov. 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thompson Toyota in Doylestown will host Wags n Wheels, a charitable event in conjunction with the Bucks County SPCA (BCSPCA) to help fund a new animal

shelter in Richland, as well as support county-wide animal welfare program development Were offering everyone who comes in a variety of services for their vehicles, says Laura Thompson Barnes, vice president of the Thompson Organization. One-hundred percent of the money raised will go toward helping the BCSPCA reach their goals. Throughout the day, Thompson will offer a 27-point service check on any vehicle for a mere $9.95 donation. The service includes a comprehensive diagnostic check-up on 27 vital areas of your vehicle, a consultation with a service advisor, a detailed inspection form within 30 minutes and 20-percent off any needed maintenance performed that day. Please note, service checks are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance. In addition to ensuring your engine is running in top form, volunteers will also be on-site to hand-wash cars for a $5 donation. There will also be a meetand-greet from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. with certified pre-owned pets that are available for adoption through the BCSPCA. And if youre in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, Thompson will be donating $25 from every sale throughout the entire month. To schedule your service check, go online at or call 215-345-9460. For more information on the BCSPCA, go online at
spotlight | 55

by carla Merolla odell Photos courtesy of Pheasants eye Productions

Speaking for Shapiro Telling Eight Million Stories Eight at a Time

A tabla virtuoso, a singing poet, an organist, a Noh performer. Thats half of them. An instrumentalist, a Broadway actor, a concert pianist and a dancer. These are the subjects of Bert Shapiros latest film, Speaking for Myself, and the latest in the cast list of people he finds intriguing. Passion. Thats the prerequisite, thats the trigger, Shapiro says, sitting at his editing screen in his studio nestled in the wooded cliffs of Pipersville, where hes finished all 13 of his previous films with focuses ranging from a Hollywood hairpiececreator to cigar-makers, from fencers to organ-builders. Im interested in whats behind the faade of appearances and what drives a person to create, to succeed. I ask, and Im lucky. People talk to me and tell me things. The art of listening is how Shapiro conceptualizes each film, and the pursuit of finding what lies beneath the words is what drives the
56 A closer look | november 2011

82-year-old, who, after a long career in educational publishing, became interested in making documentary films. In 1995, instead of settling into retirement, Shapiro began working full time, learning camera work and non-linear editing, and launched his own production company, Pheasants Eye. For a fellow who cant even type, technology continues to be challenging: I compensate by having good friends who can help. Friends like Loic De Lame, his very talented cameraman and editor, whom Shapiro describes as not a Hollywood type but he [De Lame] knows what the power boys do and how they do it. How the duo did it on Speaking for Myself is through freestyle storytelling. No script, no plan of action, not even a shooting schedule. The cameras simply started rolling, and there were no retakes.


The challenge to stay authentic, allowing the artists to indeed speak for themselves, came during Shapiros conversations and in Loics subtle editing. The choice of what to ask and what to delete is always intentional. Because while there may have not

been a plan, there was always a goal: to advocate for the artists whose dreams are powered by commitment and challenged by disappointments and dead-ends. The scales tip when the successes are weighed down by what review doesnt make the paper, what film doesnt get screened, whose music doesnt get played, who doesnt get the part. An artists life, Shapiro says, is more than the sound bites in a two-minute TV news segment or a two-column review in the New York Times.

behind whats d d in ces an ereste Im int pearan ap te, ade of to crea the fa erson p rives a what d o shapir eed. ber t to succ


A closer look | november 2011

In Shapiros film, audiences learn just how important it was for Nohperformer Toshinori Hamada to reinvent himself in Manhattan and how tabla-virtuoso Samir Chatterjee sees limitless opportunities in a city with only geographical boundaries. Organist Renee Anne Louprette feels pushed by a city that can pressurize you, and actress Irma Sandrey loves the gorgeous risk she takes at every performance. Eclectic instrumentalist/composer Elliott Sharp is grateful for a place where he can exist on the fringein this strange corner in the same forgiving town where pianist Jenny Lin hears 24hour inspirational noise. And along the streets where poet/singer Tracie Morris feels rhythm beneath her feet, Baroque-dancer Carlos Fittante can strut the pavements behind a mask. And no one much cares. Thats probably because every New Yorker is on his or her own stage, whether a street performer doing shtick in front of Saks Fifth Avenue or an office assistant animatedly talking on a cell phone on a lunch break. Between each of these eight vignettes, New Yorkers in all their honest, brash, idiosyncratic behaviors are seen living the life the camera has captured. This is Bert Shapiros love letter to his city and all her actors. Speaking for Myself will show at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 8 at the County Theater in Doylestown. Admission is free for current members. Go online at

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Enjoy the warm, festive ambiance of our cozy rooms. A spectacular riverside view. Choose from an elegant luncheon, a relaxed cocktail party or a sumptuous formal dinner.

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Tis the season for holiday parties Book your party now Where Memories Happen

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More than 25 years experience Nationally Certified Scientifically Proven Methods Relationship Focused Positive Atmosphere Over 14 Class Offerings In Home Training Available

Full Service Dog Training, Boarding, Grooming & Day Care

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Your Source For Natural Stone & Custom Design

Over 50 years experience in natural stone fabrication. Visit our showroom minutes from Doylestown, Route 611 North to Ottsville & right onto Brownstone Road. Providing Bucks County with the highest quality craftsmanship since 1992.

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Ristorante I l Melograno

Cucina Italiana

We offer a large selection of fresh seafood, fresh pasta, veal dishes, and a nice selection of homemade and imported desserts! Serving Doylestown since 2000! Mercer Square Shopping Center BYOB on Tuesday, Wednesday, and 73 Old Dublin Pike Thursday. $10.00 fee per bottle. No BYOB Doylestown, PA 18901 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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and After.

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Wednesday: 1/2 Price Blackboard Specials, 5-9pm, with beverage purchase. Dine in only, no sharing. $3 Sam Adams Bottles All Day Thursday: $9.95 Blackboard Specials 5-9pm
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s t
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Joshua Homacki (l) and David Montague (r) infuse their creativity and passion into every meal at the Freight House.

The Freight House Big-City Dining in the Burbs

by ingrid Weidman | Photos by Wendy Mccardle

hat do Audrey Hepburn and one of the best dining experiences in Bucks County have in common? If Hepburn continues to set the bar for beauty, style and sophistication then the Freight House is a similar yardstick against which all restaurants are measured. It also doesnt hurt that a photo of the iconic actress greets guests before embarking on their epicurean adventure. In 2003, a group of local investors began renovations to the historic building, says general manager David Montague. Attention to architecturally preserving the original design is evidenced in the exposed beams and open duct work. Adding to the look, 40-foot ceilings lend a sense of opulence complemented by the farreaching midnight-blue granite bar, embossed leather booths and Tiffany style lamps adorning tables thoughout the restaurant. And while the attention
64 Food + Dining | november 2011

to detail in the dcor is a Freight House hallmark, its the buildings neighbor that defines it as one of the most unique venues in Bucks County. The restaurant sits parallel to the last stop of Septas R5 line from Philadelphia to Doylestown. The busy commuter train station fills the senses with sights and sounds of a bygone era. The convenience of the train allows our guests to travel from downtown Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware Counties without the worries of traffic or driving, Montague adds. Over the past decade, the Freight House has built a reputation not only for their one-of-a-kind ambiance, but for their innovative cuisine as well. Our menu is exciting yet approachable, says executive chef Joshua Homacki. We use seasonal ingredients from local farmers. The menu offers a host of fall flavors that really pop. Homackis experience hes a Johnson and Wales


With their unique ambiance and setting, the Freight House is a true Bucks County dining destination.

We want every customer to experience the spark of culinary excitement, the attention of impeccable service and to know that the Freight House offers the finer side of fun, a place make a memory. David Montague
University graduate and veteran of some of Philadelphias finest kitchens and fresh approach shines through in his new fall menu. Featuring something for every palate, guests can start their meals with the signature R5 steamed mussels, complete with applewood bacon, charred leeks and a mustardcream sauce. Entrees include the cast-iron bison ribeye, complemented by brown-sugar balsamic-glazed onions and a loaded baked potato,
66 Food + Dining | november 2011

or the gold Angus flatiron steak with a roasted-poblano-and-mushroom salad and three-cheese stuffed pepper, both Homacki favorites. The fall menu offers Sullivan County Duck with smoked maple-walnut grits and smoked-thyme quince, as well as an array of fresh seafood dishes, including the autumn arrival of the Island Creek oysters. The desserts feature a warm-bacon apple crisp with smoked-popcorn ice cream and pumpkin rice pudding. The Freight House also welcomes guests with tempting house specials every night of the week. Mondays feature half-price martinis, including the warming Smores or the pumpkin-spice martini. Tuesdays are Au Pear nights, featuring drinks made with Hanger One Spiced-Pear Vodka. On Wednesdays, diners are invited to sample the extensive wine list at discounted prices. We offer 25-percent off bottles and half-off glasses, Montague says. Our wine

menu features our Conductors List of fine wines while an ever-changing clearance list of discounted bottles encourages guests to experiment and be a little adventurous any night of the week. And while its hard to find a better culinary experience in the area, the Freight House doesnt stop there. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we host a piano player from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Come dance the night away with our DJs every Friday and Saturday, Montague says. Sports fans are welcome with game-day specials and an array of flat-screen televisions at the bar and outside on the deck. After the game, challenge a friend to a game of shuffleboard or simply relax by an open fire. Our fire pit is lit every night at dusk, Montague says. Its a great place to dine or enjoy a glass of wine or a cognac with friends. As the holiday season fast approaches, the Freight House provides an exclusive and festive venue for business and family gatherings. Our private dining room seats up to 80 people, and our professional staff and coordinators ensure an event to remember, Montague explains. We also rent out the entire restaurant for up to 300 people. Need a gift idea? Now through Jan. 1, every $100 you spend on a gift certificate earns you an additional $25. Be it a first date, business dinner, anniversary celebration or a night out on the town, the Freight House will prove to be a memorable and exciting choice. We want every customer to experience the spark of culinary excitement, the attention of impeccable service and to know that the Freight House offers the finer side of fun, a place to make a memory, Montague says. We are big-city dining in the heart of Doylestown. Go online at

Bucks Countys Source For Veterinary Care

Owned and operated by a professional film and TV makeup artist, Allusions Cosmetics offers a wide range of brands that will help you find the perfect look for any event at affordable prices. Services include eyelash extensions, eyelash lift/perm, permanent mascara, and eyelash and brow tinting. Now offering airbrush tanning.

Relocated from AKA Salon in New Hope to Doylestown

Allusions Cosmetics Studio 812 N. Easton Road Doylestown, PA 18902
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S .H avet o c ke d W it It Yo u h r Wa y ! Now Serving Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday from 9am-11:30 am Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm | Friday & Saturday 9am-9pm | Sunday 9am-7pm io n s ..

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by carla Merolla odell

few months ago, I attended one of those beauty parties. What I came away with was the new knowledge that since the ring finger is the weakest digit, it provides the gentlest application of eye cream (which I bought), and the thought that this kind of direct marketing might be a good opportunity for my younger step-daughter, who, at the time of this writing, is planning a career in the beauty industry. She even makes her own emollients. Emollients is one of our favorite words. So I contacted not only the consultant from the party, but the two top rival companies as well. I asked a laundrylist of questions, looked up ingredients and, most importantly, I sampled. It took more than a month to make my decision. Well, two decisions. One was which product line I thought was best. The other: that I would sell it. I am now a independent beauty consultant. So in addition to writing, I am carrying a big black-and-pink bag (thats a hint) around town, handing out catalogues and samples and booking parties, where we apply exfoliants, serums, moisturizers andemollients! The thing is, until I embarked on this new and additional career, I hadnt embraced girly things since retiring my Barbie doll after her last and tragic hair appointment. Except for sunscreen, I hadnt paid much
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attention to my skin. And except for that ugly two-year period between 1977 and 1979 when I didnt dance disco but did dress it, I hadnt worn more than a little mascara and lip-gloss for special occasions. Until I received my starter kit. Now, Im all about liners and definers, and Im meeting a lot of women like me, who rebelled after being raised by moms who wouldnt get the mail at the curb without putting on lipstick, who wanted to be admired for our brain power instead of our blush powder. These same women arrive at my parties after a long day of work or family, wearing their weariness or anxiety like a winter coat, but leave saying, This was fun! I feel great! You know how you feel when you have a bad cold? Worse if youre lying on the couch in a sea of balled-up tissues. Better after youve showered and put on clothes. With my right hand held high and my left hand on my beauty-kit bible, I swear theres a connection between believing you look pretty darn good and feeling pretty darn good, or healthy, or confident. Women and men. Look like a million. Feel like one in a million. Make a million. Yep, thats me, diving into my blackand-pink bag, saying, You have got to try this new collagen-boosting nightrepair serum. But the real boost is more than just skin-deep.


What Does Integrative Therapy Mean to You?

At Vital Link Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Physical Therapy, we have combined Safe, Effective, Affordable one-on-one therapies with a superior team of specialists that work with your medical doctors to get you the care and results you want and need. J. Adam Wagner, DC, is pleased to announce that Upper Perk & New Hope Physical Therapy has joined him at VITAL LINK in Doylestown to form a unique and comprehensive team approach to restore function and relieve pain, faster!
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Find the comprehensive care youve been waiting for. The Team makes the difference!

Visit our conveniently located office: 314 N. Broad Street, Doylestown, PA 215.230.8100 |


Laser and Aesthetic Center

New Pelleve RF Face & Neck Rejuvenation

The Regions Most Experienced and Trusted

Experience Makes All The Difference.


The Institute has performed over 900 treatments to date. We are the leaders nationwide. Dr. DeBias is a key opinion leader for Ellman, maker of Pelleve, and recently gave a presentation in New York to the company regarding facial skin rejuvenation. Quickly becoming our most popular procedure. Comfortable 20 miunte no-down-time procedure. Reduces lines, wrinkles while while stimulating collagen and heating the deeper support structures of the skin. Special discount for patients who have had ActiveFX/Titan Full Face Procedure.

The Institute has performed over 175,000 Aesthetic procedures to date! The Institute Owns Over 50 Lasers and Light Sources. Dr. DeBias is the Most Experienced Aesthetic Physician in the Region and Has Performed Over 160,000 Aesthetic Procedures to Date. Dr. DeBias has Trained Hundreds of Physicians in Laser and Aesthetic Procedures and is Internationally Recognized for His Skin Tightening Protocols.

ActiveFX/ DeepFX Laser Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation

Safe, 12 Minute In-Office Procedure. Refresh Eyelids, Face, Neck and Body Skin. Reduces Pore Size, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Unwanted Pigmentation and Scarring. Dr. DeBias pioneered the ActiveFX Procedure and has received international recognition. He has performed over 10,000 Fractional CO Procedures and is considered the most experienced physician in the country performing Fractional CO

ActiveFX/ DeepFX $995

Consistently Voted Best Aesthetic Physician in the Region

ActiveFX patient of Dr. DeBias

Cosmetic Injectables Botox & Dermal Fillers

Dr. DeBias is in the top 1% of Cosmetic Injectors in the Country by Status and Experience. Dr. DeBias is one of only a few physicians in Pennsylvania to have achieved the Elite Status of Diamond Provider for Botox/Juvderm and Double Platinum Status provider for Restylane/Perlane. Dr. DeBias is a national speaker/trainer for Dysport/Restylane/ Perlane. He is one of only a few physicians in Pennsylvania having this prestigious position. BEFORE PROCEDURE 1 WEEK AFTER PROCEDURE 1 MONTH AFTER PROCEDURE

$50 rebate restrictions apply.

DYSPORT $4 per unit

ReJuvelase TM Full Face & Neck Rejuvenation

SmartLipo MPXs

SmartLipo $500 OFF


Dr. DeBias was the first in the region to obtain SmartLipo MPX technology and continues to be the leader in delivering optimal results safely and comfortably in his office suite.


1st Laser Treatment

Up to $150 value

$495 50% Off


BOTOX $10 per unit

Buy 1 Get 1 Free ($100 Value) Extra $25 Rebate Pelleve RF Treatment For Face/ Neck Wrinkle Reduction

Aesthetic Procedures Are What We Do All Day, Every Day!

5 Fractional CO Lasers 3 SmartLipo MPX Lasers 9 State of the Art Skin Rejuvenation Devices RF Device for Skin Rejuvenation 9 State of the Art Lasers for Hair Removal 8 State of the Art Lasers for Pigmented Lesions 7 State of the Art Lasers for Spider Vein/Vascular Lesions 6 LED Devices for Acne Breakouts, Oily Skin, Rejuvenation


Laser Hair Removal Package Up to $500 value

Buy 1 Get 1 Free


$395 per syringe

Restylane Perlane Rebate


$65$395 Restriction Apply.

Offers Cannot Be Combined With Other Offers For Same Procedure. Expires 11/30/11

GLENN A. DEBIAS, D.O., Medical Director LISA WOLF, M.D.

Members of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

110 Hyde Park, Doylestown, 18902 1030 Continental Drive, King of Prussia, 19406

215.230.1804 610-535-6868 Newly expanded hours. Call for details.

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