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OCTOBER 2011: Wine Industry Report

Monthly Wine Industry News Report U.S.A.

1- The Drinks Business
October 5, 2011

US Grape Shortage Pushes Prices Up

Rising demand and tightening supply are driving grape prices up in the US wine industry. Read more:

2- Shanken News Daily

October 5, 2011 QR Codes Gain Popularity With Winemakers, But Level Of Consumer Use Remains Unclear A growing number of producers are putting QR (Quick Response) codes on wine bottles, which customers scan with smart phones to find online information about the wine, according to a report in Wine Spectator.

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OCTOBER 2011: Wine Industry Report

3- Wines & Vines

October 10, 2011 Domestic Wine Sales Steadily Up Varietal wines in single bottles grew 9% in September. Domestic wine sales at major U.S. food and drug retailers remained steadily up for the most recent period measured by the Symphony IRI Group. Four-week dollar sales ending Sept. 4 hit $351 million and grew 7% over the same period last year. The year-to-date growth rate was also 7%. Volume sales of domestic table wine grew a bit more slowly, at 5%, as prices edged up 8 cents per 750ml.

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4- Wine Industry Insight

October 12, 2011 Wine consumption on rise among U.S. Hispanic adults Recent research by the Experian Simmons consumer research firm shows that wine consumption is on the rise among adults across the U.S., but it is increasing most significantly among Hispanics.

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