Dear Friends and Supporters: It is with great sadness that I have read the statement of Amy Saiff and

the JCSPCA Board. As Ms. Saiff has provided factually incorrect information to the public, I wish to set the record straight. While Ms. Saiff contends that I was provided a "6 month review" this was not the case. In mid-October I met with three members of the Board including Beth Agusta, Leo Spink, and Anthony Incerra. At that time I was told that a review could not be conducted as I had been provided with no "quantifiable goals." Instead, I was given a new job description and told I would be evaluated on or about January 1, 2012. In preparation for my review, I had been asked to prepare a list of accomplishments. I was never asked for this list during the short meeting, nor did the Board members in attendance wish to discuss my accomplishments. Nonetheless, I think it is important for the Public to understand what I was able to accomplish during my six months with the JCSPCA. As you look at the accomplishments, please remember that my figures are for only six months, compared to the 2010 comparators which were for 12 months of 2010.

1. I increased grant funding from $1,290 in the fiscal year 2010 (the year before I began with
JCSPCA) to $18,315 during the six month period I was employed with the Organization. There are more funding requests in the pipeline. 2. We increased membership revenue by 75.8% and "In Memory Of' contributions by 10.2% and general donations by 110.7% and lock box contributions by 35.7%. This was a group effort and I thank you for your help! 3. I increased "grants in kind" from $0 to 1242.61 (Microsoft contribution). 4. I corrected misleading reporting procedures overstating organizational performance. It appeared that this data may have been used to improperly seek funding for the Organization. If true, this type of activity placed the JCSPCA at potential civil and criminal risk. 5. I questioned what appeared to be "ghost" employment within the Organization during 2010, at a cost to the Organization of over $70,000. Once again, if proven this is a significant percentage of the total budget that could have been used for protection of the animals in our area. 6. I learned of potentially improper comingling of fund accounts. My last information is that our Auditor was addressing this directly with the Board. 7. I was ordered to breach our contract with Fort Drum. Not only would this have caused serious harm to animals in our jurisdiction, but would have likely caused the JCSPCA to be sued for breach of contract. Lastly, this contract is one of the single largest sources of revenue for the JCSPA and would have significantly impacted our ability to provide services to the rest of our area. 8. I privately and publically opposed the Board's blatant disregard for the proper and safe adoption of animals in our care. Most recently this disregard manifested in over-ruling a decision by myself and my staff to deny adoption to an applicant who had falsified he application and twice turned her pets into a Shelter. Further, upon information and belief, this applicant was being evicted from her apartment and was in violation of the landlord's

rules as to pets on the premises. Thereafter, the Board overruled our decision without so much as garnering the facts from any member of my Staff and ordered the animal (a lovely Black Lab) to be turned over to the Party who had deceived the SPCA and was in the process of being evicted from her apartment along with at least four other dogs she presently was harboring. This is but one example of the actions by the Board I sought to correct. Even though the malicious, unfounded accusations of Ms. Saiff and the Board has harmed my professional reputation and is based on untruths, I nonetheless ask the members of the Jefferson County Community to stand behind the important work of the JCSPCA. I also ask that the Community get involved, learn the facts and take actions to protect the animals in our care. My life's work has been centered around animal protection and I truly hope that bringing to light the actions of the Board will spur the Community on to do their own investigations and independently learn the facts. Please continue to provide the JCSPCA with the care and commitment you have shown in the past. Remember, it is not about a single individual, but rather about the work that we all do together.