Join the e Partici ipate through your local block club t r
Challenge runs s Octobe er 15th‐N Novembe er 15th, 2 2011 

G Green Your Bloc Ene r ck ergy E Efficie ency Chall lenge e

Switch to a Low Flow Sh howerhead to save on your t y wa and wate heating co ater er osts.

Sw witch your in ncandescent light t bulbs to a CF or Comp b FL* pact Fluorescent Light Bulb b.

Install a Program mmable Thermostat



Ea arn an invite to the  Green Your Block  G Party at the  Cleveland Mus seum  of f Natural Hist tory,  h 5‐ ‐7pm, Dec 7th, 2011  

Earn a $35 dona ation to  Ho ome Depot  you ur block club  by  Gif ft Card  com mpleting  a FR REE   ene ergy audit ($4 400  valu ue)   

Chance to w win  an Energy S Star  Appliance

Install at least 1 Item      Install 3 item ms      Block Club w with the    most people e who  did all 3 thin ngs 




  Green Y Your Block is a program o of the SC2019 9 Vital Neigh hborhoods W Working Grou with gene up erous sponso orship from:     

  To o Register or get qu uestions answered, attend yo our upcom ming bloc ck club me eeting  or call l the comm munity de evelopme ent corpor ration tha at serves y your area: :
Com mmunity De evelopmen Corporat nt tion:
Bellaire Puritas Development Corporation D t Buckeye Area De evelopment Corporation Burte Bell, Carr Developme Corporat en, r ent tion Collin nwood Deve elopment Cude Improvem ell ment, Inc. Detro oit-Shoreway Com. Dev. Org. y Euclid d-St. Clair Dev. Corp. D Fairfa Renaissa ax ance Dev Co orp Famicos Foundation Glenv ville Develop pment Corp Harva Commun Services Center ard nity s Kamm Corners Developme Corporati m's ent ion Little Italy Redeve elopment Co orp. Midto own Clevelan Inc. nd, Moun Pleasant NOW Develo nt N opment Corp poration North heast Shores Developme Corporation s ent Ohio City Incorpo orated Old B Brooklyn Com mmunity Dev velopment Corp. C Shak Square Area Dev Corp ker A Slavic Village De c evelopment St. Clair Superior Dev. Corp. r Stock kyard, Clark-Fulton, Broo oklyn Centre Services e Trem mont West De evelopment Corporation n West town Commu unity Develo opment Corp poration Unive ersity Circle Developmen Corporatio nt on Union n-Miles Deve elopment Co orporation

Contact :
Rachel N apolitano Deepa Ve edavyas Jeffrey Su ugalski Kathy Ada ams Anita Brin ndza Angela Sh huckahosee e Katherine Puckett e Alisha Me emaran Rediah D Douglas Lenora C ole Carlyle R osser Chris Fro hring Diane Du nleavy Michelle B Brown Denise Lo orek Cynthia C Connolly Jayme Lu ucas ReZina Jacob Va anSickle James Am mendola Sasha Ot ttoson-Deal Alex Finn narn Peggy Ke earsey Chris Bon ngorno Tiffany An ndreoli

Phone Number:
216-671 1-2710 216-491 1-8450 216-341 1-1455 xt. 23 3 216-383 3-9772 216-228 8-4383 216-961 1-4242 216-249 9-9120 216-361 1-8400 216-791 1-6476 216-851 1-8724 xt. 10 0 216-991 1-8585 xt. 31 105 216-252 2-6559 xt.13 300 216-791 1-4907 216-391 1-5080 216-751 1-0023 xt. 22 28 216-481 1-7660 216-781 1-3222 xt. 11 11 216-459 9-1000 216-421 1-2100 xt. 25 5 216-429 9-1182 xt. 10 07 216-881 1-0644 216-961 1-9073 xt. 22 28 216-575 5-0920 216-941 1-9262 216-791 1-3900 216-341 1-0757

If f you do not know which h communit ty developm ment corpora ation to call, , contact yo our councilpe erson.    Co ouncil contac ct info can b be found on line: http:// /www.clevellandcitycoun  or call  (216) 664‐2840 

For ad dditional que estions regarding the pr rogram pleas se contact:  Marie Kittredge m mariek@slavi 216‐429‐11 182 ext 128 

*CF and Merc FLs cury: Because CFLs conta trace amounts of mercu it is impo rtant to educa yourself o proper e ain ury, ate on use, recycling an disposal of these produc CFLs con nd f cts. ntain a very sm amount o mercury — an average of 4 mall of milligrams in eac bulb. No mercury is released when th bulbs are i ntact or in us e. Like any o ch he other product cont taining potent tially hazardo materials that you use in your home CFLs come with some special instruc ous e, e ctions. CFL are made of glass and can break if dropped or rou Ls o c ughly handled Be careful w d. when removin the bulb fr ng rom its packaging, installing it, or replacing it. Alwa screw and unscrew the light bulb by its base (not the glass), a ays d e y t and neve forcefully tw the CFL into a light so er wist ocket. If a CFL breaks in yo home, follow the clean recommendations L our nup on t box. Used CFLs should be disposed of properly. Home Depot accepts CFL and recycle them free of the d d d t Ls es charge. For more information visit http://epa e web/cfl/

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