a. starting story b.introduction 1.problems related to water 2.solution 3.how it should be done 4.

now problems implementing the solution 5.solution of the problems faced 6.conclusion good morning friends today my topic of presentation is water bodies should be nationalised so let me ask u a ques?? how many of you think that if next world war happens it would be because of wate r??? yeah water is the maaaain necessity for the development of nation it is required in irrigation, for industrial purposes, for sewage and manyyyyyy works but the problem occurs when one's need is not fullfilled according to the requir ement yeah dat is wat happening these days u often hear the news of fights between many states for water, those who living in villages must have seen how there are inter villages rivalar ies due to water btw i forgot to tell u water bodies include rivers, ponds, lakes, tanks, reservoirs, dams students from haryana punjab and delhi would be often hearing news of fights b/w state ministry because of passing of water u know one fact if the water bodies would have been nationalised the annual flood in bihar region would not be there and the annual drought in rajasthan and nearby areas..u wouldnt even have known abt these terms according to the surveys india has the most powerful hold of the waterbodies in world but the problem is the water is not channelised properly dat is because in india water is not a nationlised yeah presently the scenario is that the water bodies are property of the states, communities and lower groups so whenever the point comes to sharing of water, it leads to a constant unsolvab le fightthe idea proposed to overcome these problems was to nationalise the wate r bodies i mean to say all the rivers should be declared a national property instead of state property a comission should be made for maintaining the work regarding proper distributio n of water among states Agricultural development, ground water recharge and above all, the ecology as a whole, depend heavily upon sustainable water resource development. Therefore, it is most critical to rehabilitate and protect our conventional water resources such as tanks and ponds. 1. Implement all water and environmental laws without any fear or favor. Involve local Panchayats and civil society, in construction and maintenance of water and irrigation related activities.

7. so that water resources are protected. The untreated effluent discharged by industries. 8. untreated domestic sewage and untreated hospital biological wastes should be prevented from mixing with fresh water. 9. 5. this commitee should not be under any poilitical pressure and should be complete . now many of you would be thinking why government is not implemeting this yeah its a obvious ques actually the current scenario is that our government is very lazy for a new idea s and for the implementation of this all states must agree to the proposal now many state governments have some fear that after dis nationalization they wo nt have the freedom of using a excess water teh another problem is dat if this nationlazation take place several of dams and canals would be made to connect all the rivers for this lakhs of acres of land would be required this can only happen with a smart and modern architecture well we dont have to worry about that coz we have many great architects like e. Unregulated diversion of water from agriculture to urban and industrial uses should be curbed. Privatization of water. Water is also the mast important for human sustenance. All water management practices should be carried out only with peoples participation. there by dictating terms for our own water. this seminar emphasizes the development of micro watersheds and check dams. and to revamp traditional irrigation institutions: to restore and rehabilitate minimum of 1000 tanks and ponds in community participation.2. 10. With due to conserve and stop surface water run-off. All rivers in India should be nationalized. Central and State governments should allocate more funds for water resources development and protection. To sensitize and create awareness regarding conservation and management of water resources. which forces our governments to suspend subsidies and to impose price on water. Central and State governments should never budge to the compulsions of international organizations like World Bank. Water is the most important and critical among the common property resources. Therefore this seminar is against handing over of our water resources to private companies. Therefore this seminar emphasizes that water resources should not be privatized.4. 6. but also opens up the floodgate for the inflow of foreign capital. not only increases commercial transactions in water. shridharan the man behind delhi metro precautions precautions:.

it has been said dat the third world war would be due to water well in india no one would fight for water after this change .so if the proposed idea comes into play then the needy would get the water to his requirement 2. no draoughts and floods 3.ly anti corrupt well now because of lokpal bill i hope we can think of anti corrupt committe conclusion:.

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