Wooden Tracing Board hand-painted by J.

Bowring, 1879 “Tracing Boards are training devices using symbols of the Renaissance classical revival assembled into integrated images. The First Degree Board [depicted above] sets out the general Western metaphysical scheme and shows the place of the human individual within it.” ”The Second Degree Board is a symbolic representation of the individual in greater detail. Here Jacob’s Ladder had become a winding (spiral) stair leading to the interior of the Temple.” ”The Third Degree Board alludes to a process, analogous to death, by which the individual can, if it be God’s will, transcend the limitations of ordinary human life and realize a richer interior potential.” - W. K. Kirk MacNulty, Freemasonry - A Journey through Ritual and Symbol

Masonic Beliefs and Practices
Initiation Into the Lodge (1) The Symbolism of the Lodge

Although the rule is no longer rigorously applied, Freemasonry requires that candidates must be of sound mind and able bodied; any physical handicap is supposed to bar admission.” - Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus This is similar to the basic requirements for admission into the Yahad or “Unity group” described in several of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

As the candidate “progresses through the ceremonies he learns that at the building of King Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem the skilled masons were divided into two classes, Apprentices and Fellows; that they were presided over by three Grand masters (King Solomon, Hiram King of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff) who shared certain secrets known only to them; that these secrets were lost by the murder of Hiram Abiff - a result of his refusal to divulge the secrets - and that certain substituted secrets were adopted ‘until time or circumstance should restore the former’. The implication in the ritual is that Freemasonry was already established in Solomon’s time and has continued as an unchanged system since them. The ritual, however, as the candidate quickly realizes, is not literal or historical truth but a dramatic allegory by means of which the principles and tenets of the Craft are handed down.” - John Hamill, The Craft, A History of English Freemasonry “While there probably are some actual stone-workers who are Masons, Masonry does not teach is membership the literal techniques of stonework. Rather, it takes the actual ‘operative’ work of Medieval Masons and uses it as an allegory for moral development. Thus, the symbols of Masonry are the common tools that were used by medieval stonemasons: the gavel, the rule, the compass, the square, the level, etc. Each of these has a symbolic meaning in Masonry. For example, Masons are said to meet ‘on the level’, meaning that all Masons are brothers, regardless of social status, personal wealth, or office within the Lodge or in the world at large. Similar symbolism exists for other tools.” - Andrew Fabbro, Freemasonry FAQ Version 1.2 “The purpose of Masonry is to train a human being so that he will reconstuct, through the body of change and death which he now has, a perfect physical body which shall not be subject to death. The plan is to build this deathless body, called by modern masons Solomon’s Temple, out of material in the physical body, which is called the ruins of Solomon’s Temple.” - Harold Waldwin Percival, Masonry and Its Symbols in the Light of “Thinking and Destiny” “And since sin has destroyed within us the first temple of purity and innocence, may they heavenly grace guide and assist us in rebuilding a second temple of reformation, and may the glory of this latter house be greater than the glory of the former.” - Masonic prayer “The lodge as a room or hall is an oblong square, which is a half of a perfect square, and which is inside or outside the lower half of a circle. Each lodge meets in the same room, alike furnished, but the lodge working in the Apprentice degree is styled the Ground Floor, the lodge working the Fellow Craft degree is

called the Middle Chamber, and the lodge working the Master degree is called the Sanctum Sanctorum, all in King Solomon’s Temple.” - Harold Waldwin Percival, Masonry and Its Symbols in the Light of ‘Thinking and Destiny’ “Q. Where were you made a Mason? A. In the body of a Lodge, just, perfect and regular. Q. And when? A. When the sun was at its meridian. Q. As in this country Freemasons’ Lodges are usually held and candidates initiated at night, how do you reconcile that which at first sight appears a paradox? A. The sun being a fixed body and the earth continually revolving about the same on its own axis and Freemasonry being a universal science, diffused throughout the hole of the inhabited globe, it necessarily follows that the sun must always be at its meridian with respect to Freemasonry.” - Masonic ritual “Freemasons today claim always to meet symbolically at noon on the basis that Freemasonry is a worldwide organisation and therefore ‘the sun is always at its meridian with respect to Freemasonry’. Masonic reference to God as ‘the most high’ is therefore a description of Re, the sun god in his ultimate position, the zenith of the heavens at noon. - Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Note that the initiation rights for the various degrees of Freemasonry may vary somewhat from lodge to lodge. (2) First Degree - Entered Apprentice Freemason The working tools of an Entered Apprentice are the gauge and the mallet. “When the Candidate is first admitted into a Masonic Lodge his condition as an Entered Apprentice is represented by the Rough Ashlar, the first of a set of three symbols which the Craft calls the Three Immovable Jewels. An ashlar is a building stone; a rough ashlar is a stone which has not yet been shaped into the form required by ts place in the structure.” - W. K. Kirk MacNulty, Freemasonry - A Journey through Ritual and Symbol

K. too. cord. the candidate is lead three times around the perimeter. Freemasonry . “I was hoodwinked (that is. and it is for this reason that one must ask to become a Mason. blindfolded) and dressed in loose-fitting white trousers and top. made ready by the workingtools of the fellow craft.)” .” .A Journey through Ritual and Symbol The initiation to the first degree begins when the candidate is brought before the entrance to the temple and the guard hits the door with the hilt of his sword. In the coronation of an Egyptian pharaoh. the new king is conducted around the Temple to show himself worthy . Unbeknown to me a hangman’s noose had been put around my neck and draped down my back. (We later learnt that this mode of dress. cable. to be adjusted in the building. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. my left leg was exposed to the knee. Several Masons have written to me that most of the information Knight and Lomas present about Freemasonry is either outdated or incorrect The candidate was questioned with a dagger blade pressed to his throat about his eligibility and whether his motives in joining are worthy. pausing on each lap to be introduced as a “poor candidate in a state of darkness”.. I had been relieved of all metal objects and I was not ready to be lead into the Temple.. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus The hangman’s noose is actually called a “cable-tow” which is defined as a “rope.Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite “The material which makes up the First Degree encourages the Candidate to take such a deep look at himself and the workings of his psyche.) After a short prayer.” . and the left breast of the tunic had been drawn aside so that my chest was bared on that side. Kirk MacNulty.The perfect ashler is also a stone. No one should b persuaded to assume that sort of responsibility until he feels he is ready for it.W. ritualistically.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. symbol or method of control of and initiate” (which may have been how a person was led during the Inquisition). was exactly how a medieval heretic would have been treated by the Inquisition prior to making his confession. and the trestle-board is for the master workman to draw his plans and designs upon. The candidate is then brought before the Worshipful Master’s pedestal: . the rough smock with the running noose about the neck. (Although the dagger is apparently not used in many [if not all] American lodges.“. I have been reliably informed that it is still used in United Grand Lodge of England [UGLE] rituals. One foot was in a simple slipper (the expression for this is ‘slipshod’).

” . How were you prepared? A. The secret signs. By being divested of all metals. the square and the level. The candidate is then presented with a white lambskin apron “more ancient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle”. erected to God. Q. speeches and singing. Your answer? A. Having been in a state of darkness. What were said to you from within? A. being hoodwinked? A. as all brothers and fellows have done before. and to receive a part in the rights and benefits of this worshipful Lodge. hoodwinked. who has long been in darkness. grips and password of the first degree are explained. Q. what is the predominant wish of your heart? The answer is whispered into the candidate’s ear. the left-hand pillar in the Porchway of Solomon’s Temple. (3) Second Degree . By first meeting with resistance. is a celebratory dinner with much toasting. Q. afterward gaining admission Q. with a cable-tow around my neck. whom I afterward found to be a brother. and now seeks to be brought to light. and dedicated to the holy Sts.the Volume of the Sacred Law (the Bible). How gained you admission? A. neither naked nor clothed. Throughout the ceremony Apprentice is taught moral virtues based on architectural analogies. At the conclusion. Who comes here? Q. as in each degree. in which condition I was conducted to the door of a Lodge by a friend. Then let that blessing be restored. The candidate is admitted to the Temple in the same garb as he wore during the First . John [John the Baptist and John the Evangelist]. Light. A. as well as the meaning of Boaz.“Q.Fellowcraft Mason The working tools of a Fellow Craft are the plumb. the Square and the Compass.Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite The abbreviated modern version goes: Q. The blindfold is removed and the “lights” of Freemasonry revealed . barefoot nor shod. Mr -----. How did you know it to be a door. By three distinct knocks.

‘What are the peculiar objects of research in this degree?’ The answer he is required to give is: ‘The hidden mysteries of nature and science. The candidate first must pass a series of test question before he is given a password to enter the temple which is in total darkness. as in a bond of fraternal affection and brotherly love. “The Second or ‘Fellowcraft’ Degree of Freemasonry gives very little knowledge to the candidate but it does introduce the idea of ‘hidden mysteries of nature and science’ and makes a clear reference to what is called the ‘Galilean Heresy’.” . The ceremony begins with a brief review of the other degrees and the candidate is told: ”But the Third Degree is the cement of the whole. Brotherly love. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. which spreads the cement and completes the work of the Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft. This time he learns the meaning of the right hand pillar of Solomon’s Temple. which shall follow at the resurrection of the just. and a white apron with two rosettes. veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.Degree. it points to the darkness of death and to the obscurity of the grave as a forerunner of a more brilliant light. .Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. new signs and passwords revealed.’ On completion of the making of the new Fellow Craft he is told: ‘You are now expected to make the liberal arts and sciences your future study’. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus (4) The Third Degree .Masonic ritual “In the Second Degree ceremony the candidate is asked. Q.Master Mason The working tool of a Master Mason is the trowel. when these mortal bodies which have been long slumbering in the dust . What is Freemasonry? A. including: Q. “Jachin” and is permitted to extend his “researches into the hidden mysteries of science and nature”. it is calculated to bind men together by mystic points of fellowship. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Again the candidate is conducted around the Temple. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.” . relief and truth. A peculiar system of morality. What are the three grand principles upon which Freemasonry is founded? A. He then has to recite memorized answers to a series of questions.

” . The Sign and the Seal Refusing to divulge the secrets of his craft. Masonry and Its Symbols in the Light of ‘Thinking and Destiny’ After a prayer and a ceremony resembling the first two degrees. as was his wonton custom.Masonic Ritual “According to Masonic tradition Hiram was murdered by three of his assistants [Jubela. And this event was for some reason regarded as so laden with meaning that is was commemorated in the initiation ceremonies for Master masons .Graham Hancock. blindfolded and tied with cable-tow around his waist.” .” .in which each initiate was required to play the role of the murder victim. Such was he manner of his death. and clothed with immortality. the Worshipful Master tells the story of Master Hiram Abiff. enters the lodge. As I touched he ground a funeral shroud was immediately draped around me. which laid him lifeless at his feet. and Jubelum] soon after he had completed the bronzework of the Temple [of Solomon]. pressed against his breast. At that point in the story. said to have been the “principle architect” of Solomon’s Temple. The candidate goes down on his right knee.Graham Hancock. reunited with their kindred spirit..” . At the east gate. He is received on both points of the compass. Hiram receives a violent blow on his forehead which drops him to his left knee. so that I hinged backwards as I swung into the darkness.. I was held straight and my feet were kept in place. Jubelo.” ”In the light of the candle I saw the Worshipful Master reach forward over his pedestal with an instrument which touched my forehead and I felt many hands pulling me backwards to the floor. so only my upper face was uncovered. the candidate receives a light blow to his temples and is pressed to the ground by two deacons to his left knee.Harold Waldwin Percival. the third ruffian “struck him a violent blow full in the center of the forehead with a heavy stone maul. The story where Hiram seeks to escape by the west gate and is struck with another blow. The Sign and the Seal “The candidate after this is prepared.shall be awakened. it being the hour of high twelve. “Wither our Master Hiram Abif had retired to pay his adoration to the Most High.” .

Great is the Spirit of Freemasonry [Ma’at]. Finally. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Ma’at means righteousness.” The candidate’s gaze is directed down in the darkness to an open grave.. “As I reached the vertical position the Worshipful Master whispered two peculiar words in my ear. Ma’at-ba-aa. The Worshipful Master continues: “.. Born in Blood The Junior Warden attempts to raise the candidate from his “grave” using the grip of an Entered Apprentice. Soon he hears a bell strike twelve times and is carried from the ‘rubble’ grave to a grave dug on the brow of a hill ‘west of Mount Moriah’ (the Temple Mount).” ”. and justice within a level and ordered symmetrical scheme and cannot be properly translated into English.These words are pure Egyptian” meaning: ”Great is the established Master of Freemasonry [Ma’at]. Inside are a human skull on a pair of crossed thighbones.John J. but fails. Knight and Lomas have chosen “Freemasonry” as the closest equivalent meaning.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. the initiate hears the three murderers decide to bury him in a pile of rubble until ‘low twelve’ (midnight). then set out to escape to Ethiopia across the Red Sea. when they will carry the body away from the Temple. will again receive you into its cold bosom. The Senior Warden then is told to try using the Fellowcraft grip which is equally ineffectual. Robinson. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. The candidate is then told: . The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.” .” . the Worshipful Master himself grips the candidate tightly using the “Lion’s Paw” or “Eagle’s Claw” grip and pulls the candidate immediately to his feet. He hears the murderers agree to mark his grave with a sprig of acacia. when this transitory life shall have passed away. the candidate is wrapped in a blanket and carried to the side of the room..” ”Ma’at-neb-men-aa. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “Blindfolded on the ground..You will perceive that you stand on the very brink of the grave into which you have just figuratively descended. truth.. A Freemason has confirmed that some of the ceremony is recognizable but the last part about the particular words is not correct. and which. To symbolize the burial of Hiram Abiff.

It is said that Amen is said to be the Hebrew word for ‘the trusted one’ or ‘the faithful one’.. He asks for further light in Masonry. there resides a vital and immortal principle. square and compass.“. Waite. He is brought to light by the Master of the lodge. Aymen. and takes the obligation of a Master Mason. It happens that his figurative story is grounded on the fact of a personality mentioned in Holy Scripture. “Some of these seventeenth-century manuscripts [preserving the ‘Old Charges’] do not refer to Hiram Abif. New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry The legend of Hiram Abiff is closely tied to the origins of German Templarism.A. he is also referred to as Aymon. that is. that the Lord of Life will enable us to trample the King of Terrors beneath our feet. and lift our eyes to that bright morning star whose rising brings peace and tranquillity to the faithful and obedient of the human race. which has led some to believe that the character was an invention of this relatively recent period. A Man or Amen and sometimes Bennaim.” . which inspires a holy confidence. “He takes the three steps to the altar where he kneels for the third time. Masonry and Its Symbols in the Light of ‘Thinking and Destiny’ Traditions from the Ancients (1) The Murder of Hiram Abiff A Modern Invention? ”The legend of the Master-Builder [Hiram Abiff] is the great allegory of Masonry. He receives the pass and grip of a Master Mason and wears his apron as a Master Mason. the significance is in the allegory and not in any point of history which may lie behind it. and hoodwink and cable-tow removed. However. which fits the role of Hiram Abif perfectly.” The Worshipful Master indicates a small illuminated star to the east of the candidate.” . but this historical background is of the accidents and not the essence. with the flap and all corners down. rests his hands on the Bible. the name Hiram Abif was only one designation for this central figure. Amnon. This is a symbol that with one who has reached this degree both aspects of the Thinker are operative above feelingand-desire because feeling-and-desire have put themselves under the guidance of the Thinker. Thus he sees that both points of the compass are above the square.Harold Waldwin Percival.E. But we also know that Amon or Amen is the ..Even in this perishable frame.

Hiram was not an architect but a master worker in brass and bronze. giving a literal description of ‘the king that was lost’.the crucified Spirit of Good. The Temple and the Lodge Sequenere Tao II? ”The only reasonable explanation that we had come across regarding the actual name of the Masonic hero was that Hiram meant ‘noble’ or ‘kingly’ in Hebrew.Baigent & Leigh. He was not murdered but lived to see the temple completed and then went back to his home.” . Hiram is also identified with Hermes through the inscription on the Emerald Tablet. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. which allowed the pharaohs in death to become Osiris and live eternally as a star. Sequenere was the “new king over Egypt. its underlying principles run back to remotest antiquity. four hundred miles south of the Hyksos capital at Avaris. but he died from violent blows on the head rather than divulge anything. that knew not Joseph”. who was vizier around 1570 B.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. while Abif has been identified as old French for ‘lost one’. Apophis.’ Thus the murdered Master is a type of the Cosmic Martyr . they speculate. the Universal Spirit. Quabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy “According to scripture. while the legend in its present form is comparatively modern. Masonic. one in essence. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus A Connection with the Mystery Religions ”To the initiated Builder the name Hiram Abiff signifies ‘My Father.” .” . the dying god . three in aspect. the city of Sequenere Tao II. Hermetic.whose Mystery is celebrated throughout the world. The identification of Hiram Abif as Sequenere is based on the skull of the mummy. Apophis sent henchmen to extract the information from Sequenere.Manly P. near the end of Hyksos rule. which appears to have been smashed by three sharp blows.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. the true Egyptian king who lived at Thebes. similar to .E. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. Could there be an ancient linkage here?” . Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Knight and Lomas advance the theory that Hiram Abif was actually Sequenere Tao II.name of the ancient creator god of Thebes. It is generally admitted by modern Masonic scholars that the story of the martyred Hiram is based upon the Egyptian rites of Osiris. whose death and resurrection figuratively portrayed the spiritual death of man and his regeneration through initiation into the Mysteries. wanted to know the secret rites of Horus.” ”The efforts made to discover the origin of the Hiramic legend show that.C. Hall.

Kirk MacNulty. encouraged the idea of Freemasonry’s direct connection with those ancient rites.” ”Although there is evidence for a generic connection between the Craft and the Ancient Mysteries. .In Egyptian legend the first Horus was uniquely conceived after his father’s death and therefore his mother was a widow even before his conception. Masons with a philosophical turn of mind recognized the similarities between their Order and the ancient traditions.” [See Isis. IV. Freemasonry . It seemed logical therefore that all those who thereafter became Horus. ed. assisted by a young Thebian priest. the kings of Egypt. the Old Testament Hebrew for ‘Abiff’ is abyu (Kohlenberger.A Journey through Ritual and Symbol . Was he buried alive in punishment for his crime? “Masonic ritual refers to Hiram Abif as the ‘Son of the Widow’.Frater Baraka. Hallaj: Mystic and Martyr 1994]. both men had ‘sons of David’ play key roles in their lives (Hiram worked for Solomon. Masons among them. some of which. As evidence. Knight and Lomas point to a mummy found alongside that of Sequenere.W. The unembalmed body was that of a young man who died with his genitals cut off and his face contorted in agony. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. the Black Virgin for more information. there is no explanation of how the material might have been transmitted or how the tradition could remain hidden through the rigors of the Dark Ages and the probing of the Inquisition. i.those dealt Hiram Abif. Simeon and Levi. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus A Sufi Martyr? Sufi martyr Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj.. found their way to the Middle East.] .e. “Baphomet: A ‘Mystery’ Solved At Last?” (2) Symbolism from the Mysteries “In the late 18th and early 19th centuries many Europeans.” . and third. is shared with Masonry.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. like the ladder from a Temple of Mithras. who died in 922 CE “bore some interesting parallels to the Old Testament’s descriptions of Hiram the artificer: first. which is Arabic for ‘Son of David’). The similar symbolism. both men were sons of widows. And the killers described in Masonic lore as the Juwes? Knight and Lomas suggest that they were two of Joseph’s estranged brothers.. where they discovered the relics of those cultures which had practiced the Ancient Mysteries. second. and one of Hallaj’s prosecutors was named Ibn Daud [Massignon. would also describe themselves as ‘Son of the Widow’. The New International Version Hebrew-English Interlinear Old Testament 1987).

. practically verbatim.Manly P. and even chapters. well read and possessing an extensive library. “Much of the writings of Albert Pike are extracted from the books of the French magician.. or the Elect. American Freemasonry was raised from comparative obscurity to become the most powerful organization in the land. to conceal the Truth.. upon crowning with laurel the bust of Pike in the House of the Temple: ‘Pike was an oracle greater than that of Delphi. the most famous being Morals and Dogma. which it calls Light.“Masonry. Pike (1809-91) was a Confederate brigadier general during the American Civil War who was almost singlehandedly responsible for the creation of the modern form of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Sepulchre of Osiris .. from them. Levi was an occultist. Hall.Maurizio Nicosia. Eliphas Levi.The Rite is organised as a pyramid. similar to Eraclitus path Çwhich rises and descends and it is one and the sameÈ. Outside of the perhaps half a million members of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. at the top of which a ‘mysterious stair’ of seven steps is placed. Long may his memory live in the hearts of the Brethren.General Albert Pike.’ Affectionately termed ‘Albertus Magnus’ by his admirers. philosophy and travel. Morals and Dogma A brief note about Albert Pike is in order. Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins pp 413-414 “.” .. the majestic tomb of Hiram. and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve to be misled. he served as Grand Commander of the order from 1859 until his death and wrote a number of books on history. one of the greatest transcendentalists of modern times. a Platonic philosopher.conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages.” . 33? Deputy for the Inspector-General for the District of Columbia.. and yet Pike has inserted in his Morals and Dogma whole pages. Wealthy. He was Truth’s minister and priest. who by the rituals of magic invoked even the spirit of Apollonius of Tyana. Jr. most masons have never read Pike’s work. The pyramid image immediately leads to the Egyptian sepulchres and to the journey of detachment from the body and rising. which constitute the target of the initiation..” . it wonderfully synthesises the sedimentation of traditions that the Rite has made. a metaphysician. Pike is often criticized by fellow masons who charge that his mystical and often controversial views have provided ample ammunition for enemies of Freemasonry. At the same time. and to draw them away from it. His victories were those of peace. Pike wrote of Hermeticism and alchemy and hinted at the Mysteries of the Temple. Through his zeal and unflagging energy. To Pike the following remarkable tribute was paid by Stirling Kerr.

In time.W.. The pre-Christian Mysteries simply assumed the symbolism of . God will behold God in the Mirror of Existence and there will be then. and when that temple is complete. There were two basic types of system . every old master painting he had investigated conformed to ‘fairly straightforward geometric and/or arithmetic subdivisions of the rectangle’. 1485). and associated them with humanist scholarship. The Way of the Craftsman “The ancient Mysteries did not cease to exist when Christianity became the world’s most powerful religion. And gave the planets birth! In choral numbers Masons join. each human being will square his stone and place it in that temple.” . that he is building a temple to God. is an individual stone. until Alberti’s time. as there was at the beginning.“’Let there be light!’ .. It survived. indeed it seems to have been known to the Ancient Egyptians and to our own megalithic culture. and it had great appeal in the High Renaissance and its aftermath. According to Professor Cornford.” .Henry Lincoln. To illume the rising earth! Well pleas’d the Great Jehovah flood The Power Supreme pronounc’d it good. He is building an edifice in conciousness in which he. manual masonic tradition of mediaeval times. The Holy Place “One who would walk in the Way of the Craftsman must do one thing more. Kirk MacNulty.” ”The other type of system was the masonic-geometric. often surrounded by an atmosphere of craft (if not cult) secrecy. this was ‘incomparably the older of the two.one ‘was based on the account of the creation given in Plato’s Timaeus. only God. Great Pan did not die! Freemasonry is the proof of his survival. himself. Refulgent streams from chaos broke. Moreover the number system used was a kind of invocation of the divine inasmuch as the building or painting became a microcosmic rehearsal of the primal act of creation. and subsequently went into eclipse.from “Anthem III” in William Preston’s Illustrations of Masonry (1804) (3) The Architect of the Universe “According to Professor Cornford [of the Royal College of Art].the Almighty spoke. He must remember.” . since it both dissociated art and architecture from the old. It proceeds by calculation as much as by construction using instruments. always. and was published by Alberti in his Ten Books on Achitecture (Florence. To bless and praise this light divine.

the new faith, perpetuating through its emblems and allegories the same truths which had been the property of the wise since the beginning of the world. There is no true explanation, therefore, for Christian symbols save that which is concealed within pagan philosophy. Without the mysterious keys carried by the hierophants of the Egyptian, Brahmin, and Persian cults the gates of Wisdom cannot be opened.” - Manly P. Hall, Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy “For he (God) is the Builder and Architect of the Temple of the universe; He is the Verbum Sapienti.” - Yost, i, 411 “In Plato’s Timaeus, there appears the earliest known equation of the Creator with the ‘Architect of the Universe’. The Creator, in the Timaeus, is called ‘tekton’, meaning ‘craftsman’ or ‘builder’. ‘Arche-tekton’ thus denoted ‘master craftsman’ or ‘master builder’. For Plato, the ‘arche-tekton’ crafted the cosmos by means of geometry.” - Baigent & Leigh, The Temple and the Lodge “Although Freemasonry require each of its Candidates to confirm his belief in God, it does not expand on the subject but leaves religion and its practice to the individual Mason. As a result, men of all religious persuasions have been able to join in the study of Freemasonry’s moral and philosophical principles.” - W. Kirk MacNulty, Freemasonry - A Journey through Ritual and Symbol (4) Thoth and Enoch “In ancient Egypt, the engineers, draftsmen, and masons who worked on the big architectural projects were accorded a special status. They were organized into elite guilds...” ”Evidence of the existence of these special guilds was uncovered by archaeologist Petrie during his expeditions to the Libyan desert in 1888 and 1889. In the ruins of a city built around 300 BC, Dr. Petrie’s expedition uncovered a number of papyrus records. One set described a guild that held secret meetings around the year 2000 BC. The guild met to discuss working hours, wages, and rules for daily labor. It convened in a chapel and provided relief to widows, orphans, and workers in distress. The organizational duties described in the papyri are very similar to those of ‘Warden’ and ‘Master’ in a modern branch of...Freemasonry. - William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

“I am the great God in the divine boat...I am a simple priest in the underworld anointing in Abydos, elevating to higher degrees of initiation...I am Grand Master of the craftsmen who set up the sacred arch for a support.” - Thoth to Osiris, The Egyptian Book of the Dead “According to a very old Masonic tradition, the Egyptian god Thoth “had played a major part in preserving knowledge of the mason craft and transmitting it to mankind after the flood....” - David Stevenson, The Origins of Freemasonry “...The author of a well researched academic study [The Origins of Freemasonry]...went so far as to say that, in their early days, the Masons had regarded Thoth as their patron.” “...The Book of Enoch has always been of great significance to Freemasons, and...certain rituals dating back to long before Bruce’s time [1730-1794] identified Enoch himself with Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom.” In the Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia is an entry ‘that Enoch was the inventor of writing’, ‘that he taught men the art of building’, and that, before the flood, he ‘feared that the real secrets would be lost - to prevent which he concealed the grand Secret, engraven on a white oriental porphyry stone, in the bowels of the earth’.” - Graham Hancock, The Sign and the Seal

Masonic Ceremonies and Regalia
(1) Ceremonial Aprons

“Egyptian hieroglyphics depict their extraterrestrial ‘gods’ wearing aprons. The priests of ancient Egypt wore similar aprons as a sign of their allegiance to the ‘gods’ and as a badge of their authority.” - William Bramley, The Gods of Eden Egyptian “priests were not permitted to wear wool, since wool came from animals, and animals obviously were unclean. They wore only fine linen, stored in special rooms of the temples and cared for by other priests whose function it was to assure their cleanliness.” - Bob Brier, Ancient Egyptian Magic “The earliest ceremonial aprons appear to have been simple and unadorned. As time went on, mystical symbols and other decorations were added. Perhaps the most significant change to the apron occurred during the reign of the powerful

Canaanite priest-king, Melchizedek, who had achieved a very high status in the Bible. Melchizedek presided over an elite branch...the Melchizedek Priesthood. Beginning around the year 2200 BC, the Melchizedek Priesthood began to make its ceremonial aprons out of white lambskin. White lambskin was eventually adopted by the Freemasons who have used it for their aprons ever since.” - William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

The Worshipful Master Masonic Apron “presented me with a lambskin or white linen apron which he informed me was an emblem of innocence and the badge of a Mason; that it had bee worn by kings, princes, and potentates of the earth; that it was more ancient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle; more honorable than the Star or Garter, or any other order that could be conferred on me at that or any time thereafter by king, prince, potentate, or any other person, except be he a Mason...” - Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite “In ancient Masonry, the Masonic apron was an untrimmed white lambskin tied around the waist. This lambskin has been proclaimed by Masonry to be a badge of innocence and purity...”

.MPH. representative of the Macrocosm and the microcosm. The skull and crossbones are a continual reminder that the spiritual nature attains liberation only after the philosophical death of man’s sensuous personality. and confers degrees beyond the Blue Lodge’s three degrees. Freemasonry A Journey through Ritual and Symbol “The apron shown above contains a wealth of symbolism: the beehive. the rough and trued ashlars. and the trestleboard. and the alternately black and white serpent of astral light. It consists of nine degrees additional degrees: Mark Master. The center of the apron is occupied by the compass and square. “A Masonic Apron With Symbolic Figures” (2) The York Rite The York Rite. the Temple. Most Excellent . a context within which purity and innocence are vital. Past Master. and checkerboard floor. K. like the Scottish Rite. is an appendant body of Masonry.” . emblematic of the Masonic lodge itself. Kirk MacNulty. and the blazing star and tools of the Craft. the pillars. and further required that the Templar wear a sheepskin girdle about his waist at all times as a reminder of his now of chastity. the mallet. signifying the life centers of the superior and the inferior man. the pyramids and hills of Lebanon. the trowel.W.” .”The Templar Rule forbade any personal decoration except sheepskin.. Below is an acacia branch with seven sprigs.

Select Master.Andrew Fabbro. Freemasonry FAQ Version 1. and Super Excellent Master.Master. Robinson. and fund cataract surgery for the financially disabled. The difference here is that there are some who would willingly swear to defend the Christian faith on the grounds that they would defend any man’s faith. The York Rite Templar commanderies in the United states alone claim over a quarter of a million members. and Royal Arch Mason. Order of the Knights of Malta and the Order of Knights Templar. and the Chivalric Orders of the Order of the Red Cross. which comprise the top degrees of the York Rite are specifically Christian.2 “The York Rite Mason progresses through a series of degrees that culminate in his being made a Masonic Knight Templar. “The Temple degrees. Fire and Sword (1991) . Dungeon. but rather only be willing to take a Christian OATH. The Chapter (or Royal Arch) and Council Of Royal And Select Masters (Cryptic Rite).” . one need not be a Christian. it can be stated that the oath is: in some Grand Lodges in the US and abroad. They maintain a national foundation for research into eye diseases of children. the Cryptic Degrees of the Royal Master. Or at least. which comprise the first two sections of the York Rite. are not specifically Christian.” John J.

the candidate re-enacts the excavation of the first temple of Solomon. offer their services to Zerubbabel to help rebuild the . or Seventh Degree.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. In the first part of the ceremony he must search in darkness until he finds a vellum scroll. The candidate wears his Master Mason’s apron and is blindfolded with a length of rope tied about his waist. The candidate is then readmitted with two other Companions playing the parts of the three Master Masons of Babylon: Shadrach.” . which represents a Priest of the Temple approaching the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Solomon. Meshech and Abednego.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus The three sojourners. freed from captivity in Babylon. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. “As they enter they take part in a ceremony known as Passing the Veils.” .(3) Royal Arch “The Master Mason who wants to be ‘exalted to the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch’ must fist prove himself by answering the text questions of the Craft Third Degree before he is given a grip and a password (the meaning of which is ‘my people having obtained mercy’) to allow him to enter. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus In the ritual of the Royal Arch.

which was constructed using Roman engineering principles. We repaired to the place as before. precisely cut stones requiring little or no mortar. but we believe it is actually describing the discoveries of the Knights Templar at the site of the last Temple. The account continues as they are questioned by the First Principal: “A.Temple at Jerusalem after the Jews returned from captivity in Babylon. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. it is absolutely certain that the setting of the story re-enacted in the ritual is Herod’s Temple.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.” . “The whole narrative is told as though those conducting the excavation were Jews from Babylon digging in the ruins of the first Temple. It can only refer to the ruins of Herod’s Temple because the type of arch described in the ceremony is an arrangement of stones supporting each other in compression to form a curved load-bearing structure which was unknown at the time of Zerubbabel. the three masons return and discover the keystone of the principal arch of King Solomon’s Temple and the master’s jewels. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus In the next part of the ceremony. They are assigned the lowly job of repairing the foundation. and since it is that type of arch with three keystones which plays such a prominent part of the Royal Arch ceremony. which I . The curved arch employed wedge-shaped.

availing myself of this I gave the signal and ascended. A pot. Q. on arriving at the top of the arch I found my hands involuntarily placed in this position to guard my eyes from the intense light and heat that arose therefrom above. Q. What were its contents? A. in the eastern-most part thereof was a trunk of curious form. Q. laid up in the side of the ark as a memorial of the miraculous manner in which the children of Israel were supplied with that article of food for forty years in the wilderness. What was their opinion of the rod? . overlaid with gold. a rod. What was their opinion of the trunk? A. That it was the pot of manna. and a book. Q. which Moses by divine command. having on the top and sides certain mysterious characters.descended as before. The sun shone forth with such redoubled splendor that I was enabled to descend. What was their opinion of the pot? A. with the trunk we repaired to the Grand Council. That it was the Ark of the Covenant.

Those upon its top. That it was the book of the law in which it was written. [Solomon. but by my great and sacred name was I not know unto them. we first agreeing by three times three. K. unto Isaac and Jacob by the name of God Almighty. that budded and blossomed. What was their opinion of the book? A. S. and H. and under a living arch. by divine command. I am the Lord. and bore fruit in a day. king of Israel]. I appeared unto Abraham. K. to be kept for a token.A. What does it contain? A. Q. A key to the mysterious characters upon its top and sides. laid in the side of the ark as a testimony. king of Tyre]. H. the Grand Omnific or Royal Arch word. Q.Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic . That it was Aaron’s rod. by which they found those upon its sides to be the initials of our three ancient Grand Masters. which we as Royal Arch Masons should never give except in the presence of three Royal Arch Masons. Abiff. of I. of T [Hiram.” . which Moses also.

Until we three. and a veil covering the upper face of the altar. and beheld what I humbly supposed to be the sacred word itself.Masonic ritual quoted in Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus The meaning of the sacred word is revealed later in the ceremony. They then intone: “As we three did agree. and shining in al its splendor. So we three do agree. In peace. I lifted the veil. The Sacred Word to keep. Making a “living arch”. and unity. The sacred Word to search.” . love. shall agree To close this Royal Arch. bringing the right hand with some .” “They then balance three times three. Approaching with reverential awe. and unity. Or three such as we. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. In the center of the vault I saw a pedestal of pure virgin marble.Degrees of the Ancient York Rite “By this time the sun had attained its greatest altitude. with certain mystic characters engraven thereon. In peace. darted its rays immediately into the aperture. which enabled me to distinguish those objects I had before but imperfectly discovered. love. three masons grasp each other’s left wrist at waist level and their right wrist over their heads.

” . the God of the Hebrews BUL = Ba’al. Jeho-vah.During the years between 1723 and 1813 the invocation of the name of Christ in the endings of prayers gradually died out..Stephen Knight. Jah-buh-lun.. The right hands are then raised above their heads.Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite “In the ritual of exaltation. as revealed to Royal Arch Masons. is so far from being ‘that Religion to which all men agree’ that it was determined that Holy Royal Arch workings should not be conducted in Lodges but separately in ‘Chapters’ under the control of a Grand Chapter and not of Grand Lodge.. the name of the great Architect of the Universe is revealed as JAH-BUL-ON. G-o-d.. In masonic quotations of scripture the name of Christ came very pointedly to be deleted from the text. the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld” “. The Brotherhood Knight’s analysis is only partly correct .” ”It is perhaps because the Freemasonic God... the ancient Canaanite fertility god associated with ‘licentious rites of imitative magic’ ON = Osiris.. each companion pronouncing the syllables or letters alternately.” . and the words. are given at low breath.Each syllable of the ‘ineffable name’ represents one personality of this Trinity: JAH = Jahweh.violence down upon the left.

it is itself a compound word signifying in or on. therefore this word means Lord in Heaven or on High..” . and Bul signifying Heaven on High. Born in Blood In the initiation ceremony. and expressive of the . Robinson. Jah the first part. “. On is an Egyptian word. or even how the name was originally pronounced before it underwent changes from centuries of strictly verbal communication. thereby expressing the actual. and is also a Hebrew word implying strength or power. No one knows for certain what it means. signifying Lord or Powerful. the candidate is told: “It is a compound word and its combinations form the word Jah-Bul-On. signifying Father of All. future and eternal existence of the Most High. Bul is an Assyrian word..John J. it is also a Hebrew word signifying ‘I am’ and ‘shall be’. Ba’al. is the Chaldean [Sumerian] name of God and signifies his essence and majesty incomprehensible. and Osiris is itself pure conjecture.The assumption that Jahbulon means Jehovah [Yahweh].and his conclusion is almost certainly off the mark.

Ba’al is a Hebrew word that means lord or master. one who can work miracles in the name of God is known as a Ba’al shem. ‘Jah’. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “The first part. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “Simply. very probably with a Sumerian connection. the one Lord over all” which would be very much in keeping with the Christian nature of the Royal . The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.” It is an honorific title “that is still used by the Jewish faith. Numerous deities were addressed by that title in the Middle East.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.omnipotence of the Father of all. Born in Blood On is also the Hebrew word for “one”. is the Hebrew word for their god. meaning ‘Yahweh is my god’ (El being the ancient word for a god). Father of all.I am and shall be. therefore. but their names have not come down to us.” . Lord in Heaven.” . For example. the lord (or master) of the Name. Robinson.” .John J. Jah-Baal-On could thus be interpreted to mean “Yaweh. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. which is actually Eli-jah. All the significations of these words may. be thus collected: . It can be seen in this form in the name of the prophet Elijah.Masonic ritual quoted in Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.

and hence it was applied by many of the nations of the East to denote the Lord of all things. 3. however.. and the Master of the world. [Yahweh] 2. Knight.” .the ‘existing one’. v. This word signifies a lord. 4.Arch rites. all of whom were referred to as the ‘Most High’. inspired text of this verse.. or possessor. of the Jews. Most students of Masonic lore. JAH. in the original.and.”Egyptian Mythology FAQ” “ON is but another name for the [Egyptian] god Amen. master.in Revelation 1:8. This name of God is found in the 68th Psalm.. Greek ‘Heliopolis’.” . BAAL or BEL. prefer to place the origin of On in ancient Egypt. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus . the Canaanites and the Egyptians . ON. modern-day ‘Cairo’). “1.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.” .Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite “During dynastic Egypt Ra’s [the god of the sun during dynastic Egypt] cult center was Annu (Hebrew ‘On’. the Greek word Christ used was ‘On’ .” .. This was the name by which JEHOVAH was worshipped among the Egyptians.Brad Steiger.Shawn C. Worlds Before Our Own “My feeling is that ‘Jah-Baal-On’ was simply the names of the three great gods.

commander of the temple. The Ancient and Accepted Rite of Masonry is a system of thirty-three degrees that offer such titles as perfect master.com. grand pontiff. “Today about one in five Freemasons are Royal Arch ‘Companions’. and many Masons stop at the third degree. which admits them to a spectrum of higher degrees. As an aside. grand elected knight kadosh. go through a ceremony called the royal arch. prince of Jerusalem. some 200. grand inspector inquisitor commander. more indoctrinated.000 Masons perished in the Nazi holocaust. these constituting a more fervent. and sublime prince of the royal secret. And the . closer-knit inner circle. The Brotherhood Masonry Today “History will show that Freemasonry has always been outlawed under totalitarian regimes.” .0@wolfe. chief of the tabernacle.home. Both the Church of England and the Baptist Church have recently completed studies of the Craft and have decided that it is eccentric but not dangerous. Others. however.Stephen Knight. “The old English Masonic model involving three degrees of membership still exists.InterNews 1.” .A Freemason correspondent does not remember these secret words being given in the Royal Arch Degrees so the ritual may have changed since Duncan’s book was written. that of master mason.

judiciary and armed forces as well as the industry.Stephen Knight. nor even hear mentioned.Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “The ‘Masters’. The Grand Orient of France removed the requirement for belief in a Supreme Being and for belief in the immortality of the soul in 1877..Ancient and Accepted Rite is but one of a staggering array of rites and orders. with the three lowly [Craft] degrees governed by a Grand Lodge and the thirty higher degrees governed by a Supreme Council. legislature. who form the largest proportion of Freemasons..it has no international organization. The Brotherhood “The Grand Orient of France is considered a clandestine body by many Grand Lodges due to a major revision of the Constitution of Freemasonry. USA.” . commerce and professions of many nations. The Ancient and Accepted Rite of the Thirty-Third Degree is the only cohesive masonic group run on truly international lines.” ”Although Craft Freemasonry is worldwide.” . This was done on the basis of Freemasonry’s lack of status as a religion. This is the real picture. ‘Whereas Freemasonry is not a . are in most cases quite unaware of the thirty superior degrees to which they will never be admitted. which effectively operates a worldwide network of Freemasons in the most powerful positions in the executive. The Supreme Council in London is one of many Supreme Councils in various parts of the globe. of which the senior is the Supreme Council of Charleston.

U. Today. Passing and Raising under its own authority. many Grand Lodges treat it as irregular and are very cautious about the Rite of Memphis and Mizraim. Masonic communication between the Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Orient of France ground to a screeching halt.” ... Seeing as M&M had the capacity to do exactly this as it functioned under the Grand Orient of France.better known as .’ This caused considerable uproar in England. whose Grand Lodge came to the conclusion that the Grand Orient’s actions were in violation of the Landmarks of Freemasonry. These Grand Lodges are extremely wary of organizations claiming to make Masons while operating in their regions. Craft Lodges function entirely under the authourity and legislation of the regional Grand Lodges. In the United States.Jody Lemoine “There are also a number of social organizations that draw their membership from Masonry without actually being connected with it. Visitors from France could not be received in English Lodges unless they could prove that they were initiated within a Lodge the professed belief in the G.O. “The Grand Orient of France permitted the Rite of Memphis and Mizraim to govern Initiation. the most visible of these is the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine .A.religion and has therefore no doctrine or dogma to affirm in its Constitution.T. and understanding the questionable status of said Grand Orient.

That’s almost twice as much as the second richest charity. Its assets for 1984 were estimated by the internal Revenue Service at $1.979 billion.8 percent of its 1984 income on its program services.” . the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine was created mainly by American actor William Florence.2 “The Shrine is the wealthiest ‘charity’ in America. and four times as much as the American Cancer Society which takes third place. This is expressed as ‘Pleasure without intemperance. hospitality without rudeness.The Shrine spent only 29.. While touring France. The Shrine is most noted for its emphasis on philanthropy and its jolly outlook on life —it has been called ‘the playground of Masonry’. Forence attended a party given by an Arabian diplomat and became fascinated by Eastern rituals.07 billion. 67.Andrew Fabbro. compared with 84 percent by the American Red Cross.” ”Founded in New York in the 1870s.2 percent by the . with assets of $1.the Shriners .Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “Members of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles the Mystic Shrine for North America (AASONM is an anagram for A MASON) are members of the Scottish Rite’s 32nd degree.” ”. and/or Knights Templer of the York Rite. and jollity without coarseness’.which admits only those who are at least thirty-second-degree Masons. the American Red Cross.” .8 million in assets. Freemasonry FAQ Version 1. with $446..

They accept no government nor insurance monies and no patient is ever charged a cent. they spend about $1. ”The budget for the Scottish Rite Hospital. Still.in Dallas is about $42..500. 70.00 per day on charities. In fact..” .6 percent by the American Heart Association and 73 percent by National Easter Seals.00 per year.William T. as a combined group.” . They feel as though there would be too many strings that come with the money and the only people they must answer to now is the Board of Directors and the Scottish Rite Bodies.almost twice as much as the Shrine. This includes the Scottish Rite Hospitals and Shriner Hospitals. no other charity in the top fourteen listed by the IRS gave less than 57 percent of their total income to their program services .American Cancer Society.Freemason Correspondent The Communist Machines (1) Precursors in the Carbonari “It has been said that the European version of the Order of the Illuminati contributed in no small measure to the development of revolutionary doctrines which eventually culminated in the .000.000. New World Order “In defense of the Fraternity.000. The hospital has no accounts receivable department.

the supreme government of all the Secret Societies of the world was exercised by the Alta Vendita or highest lodge of the Italian Carbonari. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail “In the early nineteenth century.Arkon Daraul..Russian and other Communist Machines..and Filippo Buonarroti.. German..Mgr. and disseminating information about a number of wholly fictitious secret societies.It develops a comprehensive philosophy of secret societies. perhaps sooner than Weishaupt had passed away. Grand Orient Freemasonry. And it credits such societies with a number of historical accomplishments.Charles Nodier.D. an alleged Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. “published anonymously one of his most curious and influential works. Leigh & Lincoln.As soon as.. and until Mazzini wrenched the scepter of the dark Empire from that body. Unmasked as the Secret Power Behind Communism In 1816. D. A History of Secret Societies in the Army under Napoleon.make a point of inventing. Dillon. for example.. So convincing . Charles Nodier. certain figures .” . and England. it continued with consummate ability to direct the revolutions of Europe.” . a master conspirator who was much admired by such men as Bakunin . including the downfall of Napoleon. The Alta Vendita ruled the blackest Freemasonry of France.Baigent.” . George E. Secret Societies “..

as a means of self-defense. “For the purpose of avoiding suspicion of ulterior motives. began to form themselves into a real secret society which conformed to the blueprint of the fictitious one.” Francis I. “When he went back to France. Mazzini . the history of this organization started in Scotland as happy democratic mystics. was supposedly admitted to the Order.Baigent. The Order now spread through Germany.” ”The Italian patriots Garibaldi. they took to charcoalburning. Leigh & Lincoln. France and England. Templarism and the discipleship of the way of the Sufis. King of France. declaring himself Protector of the Carbonari. which is described as the industry par excellence of Scotland.was this information that perfectly innocent people found themselves being harried and persecuted for alleged membership of clandestine organizations that did not exist.” “It has been said by some historians that the inspiration of the Carbonari and similar societies came from preChristian times.” . the victims. and he increased their numbers. The Messianic Legacy According to the Carbonari. for there were settled in the Alps communities which seemed to owe allegiance to Gnostic and other ideas which some profess to see reflected in Freemasonry. Confronted by such persecution. or “charcoal-burners”. he scrupulously fulfilled his undertaking.

they spread to many other lands. where they were responsible for the Totenbund (the Death League) which was dedicated to assassinating tyrants. to be called the New and Reformed Palladian Rite.. teaching that the divinity is dual and that Lucifer is the equal of Adonay. Secret Societies (2) The Palladian Rite Hoax “In 1870. The whole masonic world was set up at Charleston. New World Order “No mention of it would ever be made in the assemblies of the Lodges and Inner Shrines of other rites. including Germany.William T. Its religion in Manichean newgnosticism.for the secret of the new institution was only to be divulged with the greatest caution to a chosen few belonging to the ordinary high grades. and its members were again found to be ready for any sacrifice for republicanism and rule by the Carbonari. For fifty years they had fought in civil war. Pike was to be called the Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry. Pike was to draw up the statutes and grades.Arkon Daraul. and Mazzini was to be called Sovereign Chief of Political Action. ”Palladism is essentially a Luciferian rite. The effect which they had upon the world was considerable: and it continued to be so..) . the sacred city of the Palladium.” .” . Still.and Cavour revived the secret society after 1830. Mazzini and Pike reached an agreement for the creation of the new supreme rite.

For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade. is struggling for humanity against Adonay. but Lucifer.. Thus. would Adonay and his priests calumniate him? Yes. and unfortunately Adonay is also God. God of Light and God of Good. the doctrine of Satanism is heresy. Lucifer is God. the Manicheans and the Templars have admitted. no beauty without ugliness. would Adonay (The God of the Christians) whose deeds prove his cruelty. barbarism and repulsion for science.Gen. the God of Darkness and Evil. as the only logical metaphysical conception. the equal of Adonay. the Gnostics. the system of the two divine principles fighting eternally. as well as. no white without black. Albert Pike.. and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer.and hatred of man. .” . Occult Theocracy “If Lucifer were not God. after them..Edith Star Miller. ”That is why the intelligent disciples of Zoroaster. and one cannot believe the one inferior in power to the other.

Gerry O’Sullivan. and there was even a Papal Benediction given to Sophia Walden. It’s interesting that one hundred years ago. Then one morning he proclaimed his conversion to Catholicism. three years after Pike’s death. Shortly thereafter. Catholics and Mormons who were allegedly kidnapping children and holding them as slaves. Leo Taxil. Satanism in America “In many anti-Masonic books you’ll see what is supposed to be a quotation from Pike. who claimed to have left the order. He began publishing the memoirs of a woman named Sophia Walden. And a hundred years later. we seem to be experiencing more of the same. whom no one had even met.” . After a few years. Taxil was engaged in an elaborate hoax to discredit the . The historical fact is that those words were written in 1894. Taxil broke down and confessed that he’d made it all up.“Instructions” “In the 1880s. saying that all Masons of the ‘Higher Degrees’ are secret worshipers of Lucifer. They were written by a notorious atheist and pornographer named Gabriel JogandPages who was better known by his pen name.Catholic tracts. For two years this fed into an anti-Masonic hysteria in Europe. he declared that he had unearthed the doings of the Satanic Masonic sect called the Paladins. you also saw nativist stories in the United States about Masons.there was a Parisian publisher named Leo Taxil who was famous for his scurrilous anti.

was a Freemason. “Conscience and The Craft” (3) The Russian Revolution The February 1917 Revolution was provoked by Freemasons and was operated from the few masonic Lodges left after decades of persecution from Tsarist Secret Police. but it had already been published by a man named Abel Clarin de la Rive. Taxil’s public confession notwithstanding. Kerensky took over as Prime . the lie continues to shadow the name of Pike. ”His purpose was to show that the Church had failed to recognize the ‘threat’ posed by Freemasonry and was. After the Petrograd uprising in July 1917 which led to the resignation of Lvov. ”Rive’s book. headed by fools and incompetents. who took Taxil’s hoax at face value. Justice Minister in the provisional government of Prince Georgi Yevegenievich Lvov.” . therefore. ”Since that time. She translated the ‘quotation’ into English. an Episcopalian Christian. La Femme et l’Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle (Woman and Child in Universal Freemasonry).Church of Rome and made up the Pike quotation out of thin air. Alexander Kerensky. to his death. Taxil publicly admitted the hoax in 1897. several writers of antiMasonic books have simply repeated the ‘quotation’ without checking on its source or authenticity.Jim Tresner. who was. was quoted by Edith Starr Miller in 1933 in her book Occult Theocrasy.

but also the supreme freedom-fighter against the tyrannical God of Judaism and Christianity. he saw Satan ‘as the spiritual had of revolutionaries. Although Lenin himself never explicitly indulged in any such cosmological conceptions. Satan was not only the supreme rebel. theological. in its means of eliciting loyalty from its adherents. Having spent more than twenty years working his way up through the ranks of Freemasonry.” . there is no question that he recognized their utility. Leigh & Lincoln. religious in character. According to one commentator. Bakunin had acquired a metaphysical philosophical framework for his social and political ideas.” .Baigent. The Messianic Legacy Bakunin and Lenin “were both apocalyptic zealots.Stephen Knight. The Brotherhood “In its organization.Minister and appointed exclusively Masons to the government. and according to Bakunin it was a moral. revolution was more than a social and political phenomenon. the true author of human liberation’. in its techniques for recruitment. Bakunin was a selfproclaimed Satanist. Lenin’s revolutionary party structure derives directly from Bakunin. But for Bakunin. as Lenin himself acknowledges in his notebooks. It was ultimately cosmic. and theological obligation to oppose them. in its Messianic urgency. while their Marxist . The established institutions of church and state were instruments of the oppressive Judaeo-Christian God.

Still.. supposedly Christian doctrine of ‘poverty and equality’.Robert Anton Wilson..” ”Some writers claim that a group know as the ‘Illuminated Ones’ was founded by Joachim of Floris in the eleventh century and taught a primitive..William T.” . resulting in superior human intelligence. Cosmic Trigger See Patar and the Judean Illuminator for ancient Egyptian and Judean connections to the “Illuminati”.” ..in comparison Pharisees.. “The term ‘Illuminati’ was used by one early writer. This group was condemned by an edict of the Grand Inquisition in 1623.P. Mendel. Menendez Pelayo.rivals. Michael Bakunin: Roots of Apocalypse The Illuminati Exposed Mysterious Beginnings (1) Islamic Parallels “Sufi historian Indries Shah traces the name of the Illuminati back to a verse in the Koran which mentions a shining star. as early as 1492 and is attributable to a group known as the ‘Alumbrados’ of Spain.” . New World Order “The sixteenth century saw the rise of a powerful society based upon a secret ..were .A. The Alumbrados were said to receive secret knowledge from an unknown higher source.

the ‘Helpers’. Illuminated ones. During this time he was to receive the illumination which was emanated from the supreme being. Bayezid now preached that there was “no after-life of the kind currently believed in: no reward or punishment. in the mountains of Afghanistan the Roshaniya. As a reward for this service. which is now in the north-west of Pakistan. inner training which dated from Abraham’s rebuilding of the Temple at Mecca. of Afghanistan.and women. he stated.” Merchants and soldiers “contributed lavishly to the chief’s upkeep and his most expensive military. political and espionage system. only a spirit state which was completely different from earthly life. whose family claimed descent from the Ansar . Bayezid set up a small school.cult. known as khilwat . his ancestors had been granted initiation into the mysteries of the Ishmaelite religion: the secret. A period of probation was expected from each candidate. during which he would to into periods of concealment or meditation. if they belonged to the . the mystical Hiram. The spirits.” ”The earliest figure named in the history of the cult is one Bayezid Ansari.to carry out the organization and direction of the world. who assisted Mohammed after his flight from Mecca nearly fourteen hundred years ago. who desired a class of perfect men.” At this stage of success.” ”Not far from Peshawar.silence. where he carefully coached those who had been initiated by him in the knowledge of the supernatural that he claimed.

You have no allegiance except to the Order.. look after yourself. he told them: and all humanity which cannot identify itself by our secret sign is our lawful prey.or was there something Mary Shelly was trying to tell us?” (2) Adam Weishaupt “Rather than obey the dictates of the real. and also with other cults which called themselves ‘Illuminated’.A whole culture was collapsing. formed. satisfying his nostalgia with the marvels offered by impostors and necromancers. a society of the same name (the Illuminati) came into being in Germany. “Coincidence. and adjust himself to his reduced limits.A. late eighteenth-century man took refuge among phantoms...” “Forty years after the last religiomilitary leader of the Afghan Illuminate Ones died. acting through living members. drink and be merry.. Viatte. Victor Frankenstein was also in Ingoldstatdt around 1790 creating his famous monster. Gain power.Arkon Daraul.. it is said. Les Sources occultes du ..Eat.. Coincidences of date and beliefs connect these Bavarian Illuminati with the Afghan ones. the young professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University.Order.. he fled matter and denied its existence. could continue to enjoy themselves and be earthly powers.” . by Adam Weishaupt. Secret Societies One of my correspondents has pointed out that in Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein.” .

Weishaupt founded his own sect of the Very Perfectibles better known as the Illuminati . and philosophic discussions. Still. Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt. by mutual helpfulness. lay the foundation for the reformation of the . into a secret doctrine based on Manichaeism.William T.with five original members. Mayday of 1776.Romantisme: Illuminisme-Theosophie 17701820 Adam Weishaupt “adopted the teachings of radical French philosophers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau (17121778) and the anti-Christian doctrines of the Manicheans. He was indoctrinated in Egyptian occultism in 1771 by a merchant of unknown origin named Kolmer. self-described as reformist libertarians. who was said to have traveled Europe in search of converts. The Magic of Obelisks “Adam Weishaupt. determined to free the world from the Jesuitical rule of Rome and help humanity back to the pristine Christian faith of the hermetic martyrs.” . conceived the idea of founding an order which. He is reputed to have been initiated by a German merchant named Kolmer. young Weishaupt decided to organize a body of conspirators. counsel. New World Order “Brilliant and well trained by the Jesuits in the conspiratorial methods of access to power. he had spent many years in Egypt.” . partisans of absolute equality. would increase morality and virtue.Peter Tompkins.

and.” “We are not informed as to just how Weishaupt became associated with Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwid Baron Von Knigge. he secured admission to a lodge of Freemasons in 1777. His ambition outweighed his judgement. that was named ‘Lodge of Caution’. in 1780. though such qualities gave him headway for a time. dispatched the Marquis de Costanzo to propagate Illuminism in the north and Knigge probably then first showed interest in the society. He became more and more enthusiastic as the plan was revealed to him. He was too shrewd and subtle for his own good. after his initiation in 1773. Modesty and humility seems to have been no trait of Weishaupt. Like many other promoters. and. Weishaupt. which is best translated as ‘intellectually inspired’. in . which was soon changed to ‘Illuminati’. and oppose the progress of evil. for the latter lived in North Germany. ‘Order of Perfectibilists’ or ‘Perfectionists’. But it dragged Freemasonry down without helping Illuminism very much. Although he formerly belonged to the Jesuits. was of the nobility. Weishaupt sought the aid of Freemasonry to give his machine both propulsion and ballast. But noblemen were found in abundance in the most fraudulent orders in Germany claiming some Masonic connections. his ideals were too refined for a rude world.world. all of which objectives were expressed in the name. for he was one of the first to attempt to fly with little knowledge of human aerodynamics. Ironically. showed little interest in Freemasonry.

the vicious attacks and accusations by Baruel and Robison had great influence. Johann Bode. with the help of a Masonic bookseller. established in four Bavarian cities.. intellectuals..By 1779. and down into France and Northern Italy. and Herder were attracted. accepted the invitation to visit Bavaria and receive full access to all of Weishaupt’s materials. Poland. especially. the order branched out through Southern Germany and Austria. such as Goethe. bringing to his aid the assistance of Johann J.” . Sweden. and Italy. Belgium. yet.. it is said. The Magic of Obelisks “Knigge. Knigge not only completed the scale of degrees but became a proponent of them. was a highly religious and intellectual man and would have had nothing to do with that or any other order which was antiChristian. Hungary. Schiller. Denamrk.Peter Tompkins. Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia. C. Mozart. Thereafter.Henry Wilson Coil. 1961 “Unable in Catholic Bavaria to achieve this utopian goal by direct means. there were 54 members of the Illuminati. a prominent German Mason. The order was at first very popular and attracted. Holland. It had 2000 names on its rolls and spread to France. some of the best men in Germany and some of the worst. Bode.1781. mostly young noblemen and clergymen. Weishaupt determined to work from within an existing organization: the Masonic order.” . and it was even charged that the Illuminati were themselves .

he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information.. Ingolstadt.. for Weishaupt found fault with some of . Dates were given in a sort of cryptography. the headquarters. where no secrecy is necessary in our endeavors to render men wise and virtuous. for examples. The Illuminati were extremely secretive. and described Weishaupt as ‘an enthusiastic philanthropist’.” .Henry Wilson Coil.. etc.Thomas Jefferson “The Illuminati were finally beset by both internal and external disorders.” .William T.” .agents of the Jesuits.If Weishaupt had written here. even identifying themselves and their chapters by assumed classical names. he would not have thought of any secret machinery for that purpose. Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia. and the principles of pure morality. This has given an air of mystery to his views. was Eleusis. Weishaupt was Spartacus. was the foundation of his banishment. Austria was Egypt. Still. Knigge was Philo. 1961 Thomas Jefferson “strenuously defended the Illuminati. though the latter were opposing it in their usual secret manner. New World Order “As Weishaupt lived under the tyranny of a despot and priests.

Knigge’s ritualistic work and peremptorily ordered it changed, whereupon, Knigge became disgusted and resigned in 1784. The Jesuits had fought it from the first and eventually all priests became its active enemies and raised so much opposition that the Elector of Bavaria supressed the Order by edict, June 22, 1784, many Illuminati being imprisoned and some, including Weishaupt, being forced to flee the country. Though the first edict had been obeyed, it was repeated in March and August, 1785. Not only Illuminism, but Freemasonry was exterminated in Bavaria and neither ever recovered its former position. The Illuminati seem to have completely disappeared everywhere by the end of the 18th century.” - Henry Wilson Coil, Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961 “The suppression of the Illuminati of Bavaria in 1785 created a tremendous furor whose echoes reached as far as New England, drawing George Washington out in support of the suspect American Freemasons. In fact the Illuminati proved to be the unwilling occasion for the birth of modern conspiracy theory. Wildly exaggerated accounts of their supposed wickedness and of the imminent peril which they represented for society were published in a great epidemic of pamphlets. Their secrecy, their insistence on recruitment of important civil servants, their concealment of the true aims of the society from all but a few highly placed initiates, combined to make them into the bogeymen not only

of the German conservatives but of a wider European public. Four years later, when the French Revolution broke out, the mythical beliefs about the Illuminati of Bavaria were incorporated in a vaster and wilder conspiracy theory, which found room also for the Templars.” - Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians “What is today called the conspiracy theory was born in the flood tide of books, pamphlets, and articles denouncing the Illuminati and linking them to an ever-lengthening list of other supposed plotters. The scope of the accusations is reflected in the title of one anti-Illuminati book, published in 1797: Proofs of a Conspiracy against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried On in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and reading Societies, Collected from Good Authorities....The 170year-old Proofs of a Conspiracy was reissued in 1967 by the John Birch Society, which apparently considered the Illuminati a clear and present danger.” - Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects (3) Rites of the Illuminati “The aristocratic mumbo-jumbo of the Templar lodges pandered to the confused conservatism of the German nobles and ad a great deal in common with the mumbo-jumbo of the Rosicrucians, to whose ideas the Illuminati were absolutely opposed. The Bavarian Illuminati were an austere emanation of the spirit of the German

Professorate, inspired by a consciously bourgeois program, irreligious and radical.” - Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians “The ceremonies were divided into three principal classes and those into degrees as follows: I- The Nursery 1. Preparatory Literary Essay 2. Novitiate 3. Minerval 4. Minor Illuminatus 5. Magistratus II- Symbolic Freemasonry 1. Apprentice 2. Fellow Craft 3. Master 4.(a) Scots Major Illuminatus ..(b) Scots Illuminatus Dirigens (Directory) III- Mysteries 1. Lesser (a) Presbyter, Priest, or Epopt (b) Prince or Regent 2. Greater (a) Magus (b) Rex or King (some of these latter degrees were never completed)” • Henry Wilson Coil, Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961

“Status as a Mason was not required for

initiation into the Order of Illuminati since the fourth, fifth and sixth degrees of Weishaupt and Baron Von Knogge’s system practically duplicated the three degrees of symbolic Freemasonry. Although Knigge claimed to have a system of ten degrees, the last two appear never to have been fully worked up.” - Jeff_Jorczak@vos.stratus.com “Openly political and antimonarchial, Weishaupt’s ‘Illuminati’ formed another channel of ‘higher degrees’ for Freemasons to graduate into after completing the Blue Degrees. Weishaupt’s ‘Illuminati’ had its own ‘hidden master’ known as the ‘Ancient Scot Superior’. - William Bramley, The Gods of Eden “In the lower ranks - the ‘nursery’ - the member was very much in the dark as to the way in which the Order was run, and how it should accomplish its design of freeing the world. As he progressed, however, he found that a part of his service to the Society was to gain financial and social power, and to place them at the disposal of the group. He was expected to be a diligent Mason, and to try to gain control over Masonic funds. It was not until the tenth rite of promotion had been completed that the member was given - with the grade of Priest - certain definite knowledge. This included the fact that the Illuminati were proposing to destroy princes and prelates throughout the world, and were to remove forever the feeling of local nationality from the minds of men. The ways in which this was to be done

God and any faith in a deity. such as The French Revolutionary Club. as well as other existing institutions.Arkon Daraul. The Illuminati had been driven even further underground. and the member who arrived at the highest position (that of Rex. and sought to establish what they called a ‘New World Order’. Subsequently this was developed further. ”The very highest degrees showed that the rationalism and materialism of the thinkers who developed it were determined to stamp out belief in religion. or . administration and the Press. the Jacobin Club.involved infiltrating high positions in education. and had no real meaning. ”The Jacobin Club met in secret and eventually boasted of having some of the best-educated and most influential men in France among its 1. the initiate was told.300 members. The Jacobins vowed to destroy the monarchy. a larger meeting hall was needed. As radicals flocked into these new varieties of Illuminism. taking on a variety of names. were human inventions. The Hall of the Jacobins Convent was leased. Secret Societies Revenge of the Templars? (1) Threads of Conspiracy “After their recent exposures in Bavaria. and it was from this hall that they eventually derived their new name. and that all men were capable of equal advancement. King) learned that he was now equal to a king.” . hence the need for kings over ordinary mortals was an illusion.

Many years later. Rome must be attacked. The initiation took place in an underground room near Frankfort. 1789. Grand Masters of the Templars. he told Catholic priests about his initiation.‘Universal Republic’.. that after the fall of the French Monarchy. The introducers took from it a manuscript book [which] on the first page. were not told the name of the sect that brought them these mysteries. the 266 lodges controlled by the [French] Grand Orient were all ‘illuminized’ without knowing it. Cagliostro..” “The famous magician and occultist. and that the first blows were to attain France... The book stated that Illuminism was a conspiracy directed against thrones and altars. Germany.William T. Still. New World Order “An iron box filled with papers was opened. for the Freemasons in general..’then followed a form of oath.read: ‘We. was initiated into the Illuminati in 1783.” .In the following month the Revolution broke out.. traced in blood.” .. and only a very small number were really initiated into the secret.” ”By March.

and a Masonic medal of the sixteenth or seventeenth century has upon it a sword cutting off the stalk of a lily. D. through which anarchist beliefs had passed from the medieval heretics in the west and the Assassins in the east to the Templars and thence through the four .” .’ on his seal.. The three letters ‘l.” .Cagliostro (Nesta H.Edward Burman. He had introduced into Masonry a new Rite called the Egyptian. and endeavored to resuscitate the mysterious worship of Isis. were the initials of the words ‘Lilia pedibus destrue’. P. Barruel [a Jesuit scholar] derived all evils from Mani and the Manicheans and demonstrated the existence of a continuous historical conspiracy. Wesbster. Secret Societies and Subversive Movements} “Cagliostro was the Agent of the Templars. and the words ‘talem dabit ultio messem’. and therefore wrote to the Freemasons of London that the time had come to begin the work of re-building the Temple of the Eternal. ‘such harvest revenge will give’. ‘tread under foot the Lilies [of France]’.General Albert Pike. Morals and Dogma “In his Mémoires pour servir æ l’histoire du Jacobinisme published in three volumes from 1797 to 1798. The Assassins Holy Killers of Islam “In the minds of Barruel and Cadet de Gassicourt [Le Tombeau de Jacques de Molay] there was in invincible belief in a continuous historical conspiracy.

David Conway.. and to have uplifted the veil of Isis.[To do so] would have been to initiate the multitude into the secrets of the Masters.Templar lodges which were set up after the death of Jacques de Molay in 1314.” . The registers of the Order of Templars attest that the Regent. and of course Robespierre and Danton. Ritual Magic “A Lodge inaugurated under the auspices of Rousseau. the fanatic of Geneva became the center of the revolutionary movement in France. The Murdered Magicians . and a Prince of the blood-royal went thither to swear the destruction of the successors of Phillipe le Bel on the tomb Jacques de Molai.The Templars and their Myth “All revolutionaries and murderers since then had been part of a single ‘Templar’ society .Edward Burman.” . The Assassins Holy Killers of Islam Eliphas Levi claimed that the French Revolution represented the Templars’ revenge for the persecution they had suffered in the thirteenth century.. the Duc d’Orleans.including Cromwell. Brazil and Sweden. was Grand Master of that formidable Secret Society.” . and that his successors were the Duc de Maine. conspirators in Portugal.Peter Partner. the murderer of Henry IV of France.” .” ”It was impossible to unfold to the people the conspiracy of the Templars against the Thrones and the Tiara. the Prince of Bourbon-Condé and the Duc de Crossé-Brissace.

”A panic was created simultaneously around the nation. It would later be known as ‘The great Fear’.General Albert Pike. This produced a famine so intense that it brought the nation to the edge of revolt.’ but in reality the conspirators held up the food supplies and blocked all reforms in the National Assembly to exacerbate the situation. Horsemen rode from town to town telling the citizens that . and the populace starved.” . One of the leading figures in this scheme was the Duc d’Orleans.. the Jacobins set into motion one of the most elaborately timed revolutionary exercises ever attempted. The Illuminatists claimed that their revolution would be ‘for the benefit of the bourgeoisie with the people as instruments. half the work was done. the grand Master of the grand Orient lodges. Thus armed. ”By July 14. and thenceforth the Army of the Temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope. 1789. on July 22. Even French historians now acknowledge that the purpose of the revolutionaries was not to destroy the Bastille or liberate the prisoners. Morals and Dogma (2) The Reign of Terror “In the spring and summer of 1789. the Bastille was stormed. from which a grand total of only seven prisoners were ‘liberated’. but to steal arms and gunpowder..”When Louis XVI was executed. an artificial shortage of grain was created by Illuminist manipulations of the grain market.

we find the tricolor replaced by the red flag of the social revolution. the chateaux. Fraternity.‘brigands’ were approaching and that everyone should take up arms. Anarchy continued to grow as citizens began raiding and pillaging and not only for food. Soon. In the cemeteries the cherished motto of the Illuminati.. complied. obedient to their monarch. Wesbster.William T. Citizens were instructed that the conspirators were being harbored in the larger estates. Still. was posted by the order of the Illuminatus ‘Anaxagoras’ Chaumette. he [Thomas Jefferson] described the carnage as ‘so beautiful a . Secret Societies and Subversive Movements “Terror was rampant in the streets of Paris. and that by edict of the King all should be torched. whilst the cry of ‘Vive notre roi d’Orleans!’ gives way to the masonic watchword ‘Liberty.” ”In 1791. New World Order With the overthrow of the monarchy in 1792.Nesta H.In November 1793 a campaign against religion was inaugurated by a massacre of the priests all over France.” . “from the 10th of August onwards.. The people. These were also known as ‘Exoterion’. ‘Death is an eternal sleep’. after returning to the United States from a three-year stint as minister to France. and were modeled on Weishaupt’s plan to honor the god of Love. the flames of destruction were soon burning out of control. Equality. Feasts of Reason were celebrated where women of easy morals were enthroned as goddesses.” . In the churches of Paris..

William T. Secret Societies and Subversive Movements “In France members of the revolutionary committees in charge of the extermination toiled day and night over maps. The revolutionary leaders embarked upon a fearful new project that was to be copied by tyrants ever after. Their excesses. Fearful Revolutionary Tribunals tried to . Industries were decimated. the new revolutionary Republic found itself faced with hundreds of thousands of working men for whom it could not find employment.revolution’ and stated that he hoped it would sweep the world. He claimed to believe that ‘most Frenchmen were Jacobins. libraries burned.” ”By 1793. New World Order “The system of the Terror was thus the answer to the problem of unemployment . Even the great chemist Lavoisier had been guillotined on the excuse that ‘the Republic has no need of chemists’. reflected that national will. Wesbster.unemployment brought about on a vast scale by the destruction of the luxury trades. Maximilien Robespierre believed depopulation to be ‘indispensable’.” “Toward the end of 1793. ”The idea was to reduce France’s population of twenty-five million down to either eight or sixteen million.Nesta H. the bourgeoisie all but wiped out. if one called them such. depending on which source you believe. much of France lay in ruin. calculating just how many heads must be sacrificed in each town. Still. called ‘depopulation’.” .” .

and a never-ending stream of victims marched to a variety of deaths. and 144 poor women who sewed shirts for the army were thrown into the river.Thomas Jefferson Rosslyn Chapel (Click here for a full-size image..Estimates of the final death toll at the time ran around 300.) Mysteries of the Templars The Baphomet .” .. Still.. 500 children were killed in one butchery. In Nantes.000. New World Order “I have seen half the earth desolated. it would be better than it now is.The liberty of the whole earth was depending on the issue of the contest. & left free.” .” ”.William T.. Were there but an Adam & Eve left in every country.determine who would be killed.

. Dungeon.” . or mottled. Fire and Sword (1991) In the list of charges drawn up by the Inquisition against the Templars on 12 August 1308. of which some had three races and some one. Item. or gray.. that in each province the order had idols.” Baphomet was “the Templar symbol of Gnostic rites based on phallic worship and the power of directed will. Sometimes the idol worship required kissing the cat below the tail. witch was red.” .worshipping the devil in the form of an idol called Baphomet.. The androgynous figure with a goat’s beard and cloven hooves is linked to the horned god of antiquity. the goat of Mendes. a form of witchcraft that passed on the courage of the fallen knights. namely heads. Robinson. The Magic of Obelisks “Some confessed that they had also worshipped an idol in the form of a cat. there appears the following: “Item. or black.John J. The Templars were forced to eat food that contained the ashes of dead Templars.. and others had a human skull. that they adored .charges of .Peter Tompkins.(1) Rumors and Charges An Abominated Idol ”Public indignation was aroused by. Sometimes the cat was greased with the fat from roasted babies.

The Articles of the Accusations An Eastern Origin? ”. that in his reception. which they wore around themselves next to the shirt or the flesh. Item..” . Item. that they (the receptors) enjoined them (the postulants) on oath not to reveal the aforesaid to anyone. that it made the trees flower. and especially in their great chapters and assemblies. Item.. the aforesaid small cords or some lengths of them were given to each of the brethren. variously . that they surrounded or touched each head of the aforesaid idols with small cords. that they said that the head could save them. that [it could] make riches. Item. that they did this in veneration of an idol. Item. that [it made] the land germinate.. that (they venerated them) as God.these idols or that idol. Item. Item. Item. that they venerated (them).. Item.. Item. that (they venerated them) as their Savior.They bestowed worship in their chapter on a heathen idol. Item.

the transmuted consciousness. ras el-fahmat (head of knowledge) means the mentation of man after undergoing refinement . ‘father’ is taken to mean ‘source. In Sufi terminology.” . [Once or twice the form Mahomet is actually used by witnesses in the trial.” .’ In Arabic.] Like so many persecuted heretical groups of the past.Idries Shah. The idea that Muslims were idolaters was itself a part of another system of ‘smears’. The Sufis Sufi martyr Husayn ibn Mansur al- . The word means ‘father of understanding. The Murdered Magicians “Probably relying upon contemporary Eastern sources.” ”It was impossible for the Templars to have ‘picked up in the East’ the practice of worshipping an idol bearing the name of the Prophet Mohammed. since no such idol existed anywhere in the Levant. they were said to hold their chapters only secretly and at night. Western scholars have recently supposed that ‘Bafomet’ has no connection with Mohammed.Peter Partner. chief seat of. which etymologically was the same word [in Old French] as ‘Mohammed’. the pejorative representation of the oriental world by western Christians. even among breakaway sects such as the Ismailis or the Druse.’ and so on. but known as a ‘Baphomet’. but could well be a corruption of the Arabic abufihamet (pronounced in the Moorish Spanish something like bufihimat).described as to its physical characteristics.

namely the commemoration of a decapitated Sufi martyr whose head became a relic and who had been given the sobriquet abufihamet? The only problem here is that despite all the other abu. turns out to have been known by several titles beginning with abu-.” . a . Could the charge that the Templars ‘worshipped a head called Baphomet’ not have had some factual basis. 1970). there is no known documentation linking him to abufihamet.Frater Baraka. Various Sufi sects have rituals commemorating Hallaj’s death. crucified.. He was “a pantheist. an alleged miracle worker. and Shah claimed that Hallaj was the model for the ‘Hiram Abiff’ character in the Master Mason initiation ritual. beheaded.Hallaj died in 922CE.. Finally convicted after a nine year inquiry.titles belonging to Hallaj. and his torso was cremated. or at least privy to. Hallaj was maimed.. IV. Hallaj was imprisoned and tried for blasphemy for his public descriptions of his mystical union with God.” Hallaj “according to the medieval Islamic poet and historian Farid al-Din Attar. Some of the stories surrounding his death include an account of the Caliph’s Queen Mother having Hallaj’s head preserved as a relic (Singh. and a most definitely unorthodox Muslim. “Baphomet: A ‘Mystery’ Solved At Last?” A Gnostic Origin? ”Another theory suggests that Baphomet is a compound of the words ‘baphe’ (baptism) and ‘metis’ (wisdom) .Both theories imply the Templars were worshipping...

He said at his initiation ‘an idol representing a human face’ was placed on the altar before him. Hughes de Bure. which head they kiss and worship at all their provincial chapters.” . described how the ‘head’ was taken out of a cupboard. and to represent the head of a man with a long beard. one of the three perceptories under the jurisdiction of the Grand Priory of Champagne at Voulaine.secret knowledge. and that it seemed to him to be of gold or silver. another Burgundian from a daughter house of Voulaine.a man’s head with a large beard. save only the Grand Master and the old ones.Encounters magazine. He “was received into the order at Mormant. Several commentators believed this points to the Templars having been gnostics (‘gnosis’ meaning knowing). but this not all the brothers know..Philip’s instructions to his seneschals During The Trial of the Templars in 1307 Brother Jean Taillefer of Genay gave evidence. and his kinsman Guillaume . or aumbry. in the chapel.” . Brother Pierre d’Arbley suspected that the ‘idol’ had two faces.. issue 11: 45 (2) A Bearded Head The Brothers Testimony The idol was described by Philip the Fair as: “.

which he had adored at one of these chapters.Noel Currer-Briggs. The Shroud and the Grail .” . implying that it was only shown to senior members of the order on special occasions..A Modern Quest for the True Grail According to the most consistent accounts. if for no other reason.” .” “Nearly all the brethren agreed that the head was bearded and had long hair.Ian Wilson. as distinct from copies. like the majority of their contemporaries. except that he thought it was of a reddish color. Jean de Turn. The Shroud of Turin .d’Arbley made the point that the ‘idol’ itself.. regarded long hair as effeminate. was exhibited at general chapters. spoke of a painted head in the form of a picture.” .about the natural size of a man’s head. and the Templars.” ”The treasurer of the Paris temple. so the length of the ‘idol’s hair was remarkable for this.The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ? The mysterious object at one of the Templars’ Paris ceremonies was “brought in by the priest . with a very fierce-looking face and beard.Deposition of Jean Tallefer “He went on to say that he could not describe it more particularly. the idol was: “.

” .” . Secret Societies .” . is put around the neck. it was a human head without any silver or gold. The Shroud of Turin . clearly referring to copies.” . The Shroud of Turin . it was laid on the altar. this must never be removed.Stephen of Troyes “Other descriptions.in a procession of the brethren with lights.”a holy thread. with a grizzled beard like a Templars. included mention of gold and silver cases. accorded ceremonial strikingly reminiscent of that used by the Byzantines.Arkon Daraul. very pale and discolored. Like the sacred thread of the Parsis and other ancient Middle Eastern cults. wooden panels.The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ? Upon being initiated into the Order of the Peacock Angel (Yezidis). of intertwined black and red wool. But the Paris head is different.Ian Wilson. and the like. One gets the distinct impression that this was the holy of holies. and it sounds like the cord that the Templars were accused of wearing when the Order was suppressed as heretic.The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ? The Templar Cord ”In the Inquisition evidence there are several references to members of the order receiving on initiation a little cord that had been in contact with the ‘head’.Ian Wilson.

a morass completely hostile to progress and to the spiritual evolution of mankind. based on allegations that he was revered by the Order. nourished by the sexual lifepowers of the members. Robert de Clari described the opulence and numerous relics at the sacred chapel of the Boucoleon Palace. An egregore is a magical entity that is artificially created by the focused thoughts and desires of a medium (analogous in many ways to Tibetan tulpas.” . The Templars took part in the sack of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade in 1203-4.) Supposedly a medium or statue could then serve as a tenant for the egregore. bigoted. but a gestalt of vitalized shells. introverted in human nature .(3) Theories About the Head John the Baptist? It is possible that the head idol was Alchemists’ symbol intended to represent Caput Mortuum the severed head of (the dead head) John the Baptist. “The Egregora does [sic] exist in the so-called ‘astral plane’ and it is a demon.Marcel Ramos Motta . maudlin. It is not a true Microcosm. an illusory entity. that is to say. a focus for everything that is negative. amongst them supposedly the head of John the Baptist. defeatist.

(from P. R. Koenig below) “The representation of the egregore as bust recalls the ancient literary tradition of animated statues or Salome, who wanted the head of John the Baptist, probably to master his visionary powers.....The classic prototype of such an egregore is Baphomet, the alleged egregore of the Templars, who was (as the Roman Emperor of the Gods) likewise worshipped in the form of a bust. In the secret statutes of the Templars, Baphomet was besought with the introduction to the Qu’ran and dismissed with the 24th chapter of the Book of Sirach.” - P. R. Koenig, “Too Hot to Handle” A Likeness of the Lord? Another possibility as to the identity of the Baphomet may lie with Nicodemus, who in the Gospel of John who brought spices for Christ’s burial. He is also mentioned in the apocryphal Evangelium Nicodemi (4th C.) as a ruler of the Jews who testified in Christ’s favor. The Interpolation in the First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval (12??) tells of the flight of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea to England and includes the following intriguing passage: “Nicodemus had carved and fashioned a head in the likeness of the Lord on the day that he had seen Him on the cross. But of this I am sure, that the Lord God set His hand to the shaping of it, as they say; for no man ever saw

one like it nor could it be made by human hands. Most of you who have been at Lucca know it and have seen it.” - Interpolation in the First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval The Skull of Hugues de Payen? ”Another possibility for the origin of the Head relates to the imagery on the first Grand Master’s shield, which consisted of three black heads on a gold field. After about two hundred years, it is plausible that this head imagery could have worked itself into the legend of the Baphomet. According to more than one account, the Head was the actual skull of Hugues de Payen, which was preserved as an object of veneration.” - Forrest Jackson, “The Baphomet in History and Symbolism” The Mandylion/Shroud of Turin? ”Surely this evidence [given by Templars at their trial] suggests that copies of the head, perhaps some of them not unlike the Sainte Face de Laon, others of carved stone or alabaster, such as those of the Nottingham School of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, were widely distributed throughout the order’s houses. This would at least explain why nothing resembling a pagan idol was found after the brethren had been arrested, and why none of the pictures found in their chapels raised so much as an eyebrow.” - Noel Currer-Briggs, The Shroud and the Grail - A Modern Quest for the True

Grail The idol was also described as: “...An old piece of skin, as though all embalmed and like polished cloth.” - Chronicles of St. Denis Ian Wilson also hypothesizes that the Templar idols were representations of Christ’s face copied from the Mandylion/Shroud. A possible surviving example, on a painted panel found at Templecombe, England, shows “a bearded male head, with a reddish beard, lifesize, disembodied, and, above all, lacking in any identification mark....It conforms too, to some of the most rational Templar descriptions: ‘a painting on a plaque’, ‘a bearded male head’, ‘lifesize’, ‘with a grizzled beard like a Templars’. (The Templars cultivated their beards in the style of Christ).” - Ian Wilson, The Shroud of Turin - The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ? A Daemon Guardian? ”...The descriptions given of it [the Baphomet] varied wildly. The physical characteristics assigned to the ‘Baphomet’ seemed to come either from the maufé or demon of northern folklore, or from church reliquaries. It was often said to represent a cat, a beast traditionally associated with witchcraft and heresy.” - Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians “INQUISITOR: Now tell

and worshipped it. was finally overrun by the Moslems in 1244. It was presented. Michelet. A statue of the demon guards the door of the parish church at Rennes-le-Château. Procés des Templiers Based upon the idol’s description as a “demon” having “very fierce-looking face and beard”. the head. inspected their castle and is . trembling in all my members. Baibars. I’ve seen it at seven chapters held by Brother Hugh de Peraud and others. pushed back his cowl. It seemed to me that it was the face of a demon. the idol very likely could have been Asmodeus. INQUISITOR: What did one do to worship it? BROTHER RAOUL: Well.from M. and everyone threw himself on the ground. of a maufé [evil spirit]. Every time I saw it I was filled with such terror I could scarcely look at it.us about the head. it was like this. the “daemon guardian” who helped Solomon build his Temple.” . BROTHER RAOUL: Well. the site of their foundation. INQUISITOR: What was its face like? BROTHER RAOUL: Terrible. “The Templars’ stronghold in Jerusalem. Thirtythree years later the victorious sultan.

It was hinged on top. A label was attached. and contained what appeared to have been relics of a peculiar kind. ...Among the confiscated goods of the Paris preceptory a reliquary in the shape of a woman’s head was found.” .The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ? (4) A Feminine Origin? CAPUT LVIIIm ”.recorded to have discovered inside the tower ‘a great idol. on which was written the legend CAPUT LVIIIm. wrapped in a cloth of white linen.. with another red cloth around it. made in diacritic letters]. most beautiful. Leigh & Lincoln. The Shroud of Turin .” . He ordered this to be destroyed and a mihrab [Moslem prayer niche] constructed in its place.. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail The reliquary was: “A great head of gilded silver. and constituting the image of a woman.. Indeed the existence of such a head proved to be one of the dominant themes running through the Inquisition records. Inside were two head bones.Ian Wilson.Baigent.We found indisputable evidence for the charge of secret ceremonies involving a head of some kind. in whose protection the castle had been placed: according to the Frank who had given it its name [this is an unreadable word.

‘Head 58m’ .David Wood. where the rose is constructed with a centre of five petals. Leigh & Lincoln. We may now complete the simple equation which exposes her secret number: 5 X 8 = 40 = 58 . but the astrological symbol for Virgo. it is one and seven.” . But it is worth noting that the ‘m’ may not be an ‘m’ at all.” . the eight-fold name.” .” .Baigent. it is our root.Oursel. According to Von Hammer. GENISIS (1986) “That it had a feminine origin is shown by Gerald Massey who writes ‘METE was the BAPHOMET or mother of breath’. it is octinimous.The bones inside were those of a rather small woman. surrounded by eight petals. the formula of faith inscribed on a chalice belonging to the Templars is as follows: Let METE be exalted who causes all things to bud and blossom. Le Procés des Templiers “Caput LVIIIm .Kenneth Grant. Nightside of Eden Cults of the .remains a baffling enigma. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail “The number 58 is less puzzling if one remembers that five (5) is the number of the pentagram and eight (8) is indicative of Isis.18 ISIS ”The numbers 5 and 8 are also exhibited in the beliefs of the ‘Brothers of the Rose Cross’.

and so he carried it away with him. “A great lady of Maraclea was loved by a Templar. He obeyed the injunction and at the appointed time he opened the grave again and found a head on the leg bones of the skeleton (skull and crossbones). and on the night of her burial.Severed Head ”Herodotus (4:26) speaks of the practice in the obscure Issedones of gilding a head and sacrificing to it. Several vases of the fourth century BC in Etruria depict scenes of persons interrogating oracular heads. The same voice bade him ‘guard it well. Then a voice from the void bade him return in nine months time for he would find a son. The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind A similar tradition could be found in the Celtic cult of the severed head which figured predominently in Peredur. this wicked lover crept to the grave. a Welsh romance about the Holy Grail. And the severed head of the rustic Carians which continues to ‘speak’ is mentioned derisively by Aristotle. dug up her body and violated it.” .” . but she died in her youth.Ward. for it would be the giver of all good things’. a Lord of Sidon. Cleomenes of Sparta is said to have preserved the head of Archonides in honey and consulted it before undertaking an important task. Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods “One chronicler cites the name of the .Julian Jaynes.

” . “Angels Among Us! The Gnostic (Johannine) Christian Path” Use of the Atbash Cipher Dr. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail “At one time there was only God.Synopsis from the Merovingian Bible. which would seem quite clearly to derive from Isis. He was all omnipotent and existed alone. Issa).” . She became so overwhelmed with love at her creation that when he kissed her.Baigent. The Chosen Response was the first acknowledgement and reaction of love between a male and female in the universe. she gave him a reaction which was to become known as the ‘Chosen Response’.Yse. Her name is Yse (pron. thus he split himself in two in order to create a mate. being ‘The Holy Grail’. and this became the greatest secret of and mystery of mankind.woman in the story . Hugh Schonfield in The Essene . This caused him to become discontented. He kept the elements of Order and Logic for his own being and gave his mate the elements of Chaos and Emotion for her being. Leigh & Lincoln.

“By this analysis. His wife or consort.” .” . for example.David Wood. female wisdom. The Messianic Legacy Schonfield “showed that by applying the Hebrew Atbash code to the name Baphomet. when the Templars worshipped Baphomet what they were really doing was worshipping the principle of Wisdom. is revealed.he called it the ‘Atbash Cipher’ .Odyssey “had discovered a system of cryptography .” . Nehemaut. The Sign and the Seal “From the Templars’ use of the Atbash Cipher.Graham Hancock. therefore. Leigh & Lincoln. the name Sophia [ShVPIA].Baigent. This system of coding figured. and had made its teachings available to the West.Baigent. . Leigh & Lincoln.” . was known to the Gnostics as Sophia. in a number of the scrolls found at Qumran. The Messianic Legacy The Black Virgin ”Plutarch compares Isis to knowledge. Sophia is equated with Isis by Plutarch. it is probable that some form of Nazarean or neo-Nazarean sect had continued to survive in the Middle East as late as the twelfth century. Genisis Isis’s magic was allied to the wisdom of the Egyptian god Thoth.which had been used to conceal certain names in Essene/Zadokite/Nazarene texts.

No gift of the gods. so far as our limited capacities allow us to rise toward them. In addition to . is to be found in ‘the sex of Isis’. obscuring the light of the sacred doctrine whose blaze lights the soul of the Initiate. Turin Shroud . Morals and Dogma “The great Egyptian goddess Isis.and Typhon to ignorance.Pierre Plantard de St Clair (former Grand Master of the Priory of Sion) “The Templars.. Their greeness and blackness points to the beginning of the opus whose secret.” . like Isis. according to alchemists.” -Ean Begg..In Whose Image? The Shocking Truth Unveiled “The ankh [the looped cross of Egypt] which Isis carries as supreme initiatrix may account for some of the oddlyshaped scepters carried by the Black Virgins who.is Isis and her name is Notre Dame de Lumiére. often depicted as a black woman. is inextricably linked with alchemy and is closely associated with the Black Madonnas of Europe.composed a prayer to Our Lady acknowledging Bernard to be the founder of her religion. is so precious as the knowledge of the Truth.General Albert Pike. imprisoned and awaiting death in the Castle of Chinon. he holds.. and that of the Nature of the gods.” .Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince. often favor the color green. The Cult of the Black Virgin “The Black Virgin.” .

Coptic. Others were originally constructed of a dark wood like ebony (and later pear) or deliberately darkened through periodic treatment with oil or wine.the numerous hymns and sermons he addressed to her. or sorrow. whose versicle ‘I am black. Syrian. Black represented the color of earth . like the pavilions of Solomon. Like the black tents of Cedar. or divine flesh. O ye daughters of Jerusalem’ is the recurring refrain of the Black Virgin cult. Many effigies of goddesses were black including Isis. the Bride of the Song symbolized the Church and the Virgin Mary.” . or Ethiopian images transported to France during the Crusades may have served as prototypes for the Black Madonnas.the source of fertility and life. Emperor Baldwin II (who helped establish the Templars in Jerusalem) exchanged pieces of the Shroud of Turin . daughters of Jerusalem. the epithalamion of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. In 1247. Churches of the Black Virgin often bore the name of Mary Magdalene. Diana and Cybele. he wrote about 280 sermons on the theme of the Song of Songs.Song of Songs 1:5-6 Most of the several hundred statues in France known as Black Madonnas were accidentally darkened by smoke and fumes from votive candles.” -Ean Begg. From early on in Christianity. The Cult of the Black Virgin “I am black. but beautiful. but I am beautiful.

the German bishop Otto of Freising reported in his Chronicon a most astonishing epistle.even . Bishop Hugh of Gebal. he reported. a town on the Mediterranean cost of Syria. There she was revered as a medium of occult revelation. The Pope. And that king had affirmed in his letter that the River of Paradise was indeed located in his realm. The Hidden Legacy of the Templars (1) Deep into Africa Prester John ”In the year 1145. ”Bishop Otto named as the intermediary. The Sign and the Seal “Prester John is a corruption of Presbyter John . it was reported. was named John the Elder or. and formed a thriving Christian kingdom in the lands of the Ends of Earth. He was reputedly a lineal descendant of the Magi who had visited Christ the child. whose existence had been totally unknown until then. He defeated the Muslim kings of Persia.the Apostle John .” .Graham Hancock. through whom the Pope had received the epistle. being a priest. The ruler. Prester John.with the Abbey of Vézelay for the purported body of Mary Magdalene. A secret tradition states that the Magdalene was Jesus’ wife and bore Jesus’ offspring to Southern France. had received a letter from a Christian ruler of India.

at a time with Europe was threatened by Muslim invasion... launched the Second Crusade. but that this was not true. in 1147. in which he declared his definite intention to come to the Holy Land with his armies.org) “.” .toadnet.. According to chroniclers of those days.No sooner had Bishop Otto reported the existence of Prester John and of the River of Paradise in his realm. accompanied by other rulers and many nobles.Steve.Schaper (@cheswicks. Europe was swept anew by word from Prester John and his promises of aid.exceed in . Prester John sent in 1165 a letter to the Byzantine emperor.” . to the Holy Roman emperor. then the Pope issued a formal call for the resumption of the Crusades. Emperor Conrad of Germany.Graham Hancock. Two years later. then believe without doubting that I. The Sign and the Seal “If indeed you wish to know wherein consist our great power. and it becomes conflated into a rumor of hope of assistance. ”As the fortunes of the Crusaders rose and fell.in the Gospel.. it says that a rumor had arisen that John would never die.indeed. as befits the place where the River of Paradise . Combine that with the several emperor Johns of Byzantium. the Gates of Paradise . and to lesser kings.were situated. Prester John. Again his realm was described in glowing terms.

” . ”Our magnificence dominates the Three Indias. virtue.We have made a vow to visit the sepulcher of our Lord with a very great army.. but so muddled were medieval notions of geography that India was thought to be somewhere near the Nile.. in 1177. Seventytwo kings pay tribute to me. or Ethiopia. the Pope wrote to PresterJohn. I am a devout Christian and everywhere protect the Christians of our empire.. Emperor of Byznatium (1165) “Where was Prester John? His reference to the Apostle Thomas’ tomb pointed to India. and continues through the valley of deserted Babylon close by the Tower of Babel. Thomas the Apostle rests.Mysteries of the Past . and power all creatures who dwell under heaven.. It reaches through the desert toward the place of the rising sun. and extends to Farther India.riches.to wage war against and chastise the enemies of the cross of Christ..Prester John in a letter addressed to Manuel Commentus. thus when.. where the body of St.. his letter was presumably carried into ‘Middle India’..” .

... amongst other things. “Derived from Jano. of riding ‘deep into Africa. is deduced to have been the mythical Prester John.Rohas was the old name for a town in the remotest highlands of Ethiopia . the word [Jan] meant ‘king’ or ‘Majesty’.. “a member of the Grail Company.. of your lineage and from our retinue.may you be brave and of great courage and. reigning Zagwe monarch of Ethiopia before his brother Lalibela deposed him.Graham Hancock. You confide in them and trust in them that they should and will help you.. pray. “There are Frenchmen among you.” .a town now called Lalibela in honor of the great king who was born there and who made it his capital when he returned to it in triumph in the year . a reddish-purple toga worn only by royalty.Prester John in the letter written to varous Christian kings (1165) The Churches of Lalibela In Parzival.spoke. The Sign and the Seal Prester John’s letter also contained a warning against the Templars.. who were believed to have been allied with his brother against him..“Harbay. . but they are false and treacherous.. do not forget to put to death those treacherous Templars. who hold with the Saracens..past the Rohas’.” .

” . The Sign and the Seal “Writing was seen on the Gral to the effect that any Templar whom God should bestow on a distant people...” . their prayer is granted.knights who would have had a special interest in any contender to the throne of a country which claimed to possess the lost Ark that the Temple had originally been built to house..Graham Hancock. but must help them gain their rights.” ”If a land should lose its lord... and its people see the hand of God in it and ask for a new lord from the Gral Company. When such a question is put to him the people there cannot keep him any longer..Wolfram von Eschenbach.of our Lord 1185.God sends the men out in secret.must forbid them to ask his name or lineage. “It is known that this emperor [Wedem Ara’ad .Lalibela had spent the previous quarter of a century in Jerusalem rubbing shoulder with the knights of a military-religious order whose headquarters stood on the site of the Temple of Solomon . Parzival Ethiopia’s diplomatic relationship with Christian Europe were to continue into the following century.

but also in workmanship and in conception.). subterranean world. the eleven rock-hewn churches of Lalibela were the most architecturally advanced building that Ethiopia had ever known (indeed..of Ethiopia] in the.a cool. silent but for the faint echoes of distant footfalls and priests and deacons go about their timeless . they deserved to be ranked amongst the wonders of the world..not only in scale..presented themselves reverentially before Pope Clement V at Avignon. they seem superhuman . the churches remain places of living worship eight hundred years after they were built.year of our salvation 1306 sent thirty envoys [who]. shaded and damp.Considerable efforts have been made to cloak their real natures: some lie almost completely concealed within deep trenches.” . in the considered opinion of UNESCO.. whole others hide in the open mouths of huge quarried caves. however that they were not built at all in the conventional sense. lichenenshrouded.” ”. but instead were excavated and hewn directly out of the solid red volcanic tuff on which they stand.. It is important to stress. grottoes and galleries .Towering edifices... Connecting them all is a complex and bewildering labyrinth of tunnels and narrow passageways with offset crypts.. In consequence.Giovanni da Carignano (a Genoese cartographer active during the years 1291-1329) “By a considerable margin..

They survived under this title well into the sixteenth century. And it was under the same cross that Columbus’s three caravels crossed the Atlantic to the New World. Prince Henry the Navigator was a grand Master of the Order..” . but one to which it is known that the Knights Templar were particularly attached. The Sign and the Seal (2) Portugal: The Knights of Christ “In Portugal.” On the arch “of the ceiling of the rockhewn church of Saint Mary’s. and several more can be found “in the ruins of King Kaleb’s palace . Behind the arch.a most unusual symbol in a Christian place of worship.Graham Hancock.. (Vasco da Gama was a Knight of Christ.[is]a clothwrapped column said by the priests to have been engraved by King Lalibela himself with the secrets of how the rockhewn churches were made. Columbus himself was married to the daughter of a former Grand Master of .can be seen a stylized croix pattée contained within a Star of David . their maritime explorations leaving an indelible mark on history... the Templars were cleared by an inquiry and simply modified their name. becoming the Knights of Christ.a structure that could well have been still standing and inhabited in the thirteenth century.business.” Another croix pattée is carved on a boulder on the outskirts of Axum. Ships of the Knights of Christ sailed under the Templars’ familiar red patte cross.

Dom Enrique.The first and most active figure on whom any solid information is available was Prince Henry the navigator.. and that he was constantly surrounded by Jewish doctors and astronomers . and had access to his fatherin-law’s charts and diaries.was that he would ‘have knowledge of the land of Prester John’.as he himself declared . The Sign and the Seal In Portugal. Grand master of the Order of Christ and a man described by his biographer [Zurara] as possessing ‘strength of hear and keenness of mind to a very excellent degree.) . Henry’s greatest ambition .Graham Hancock. The Temple and the Lodge “.. ‘the course of the heavens and astrology’.[who] was. Chroniclers who were his contemporaries. ambitious of achieving great and lofty deeds..” .. beyond comparison.” ”It is notable that he immersed himself in the study of mathematics and cosmography.the Order. and actively involved in seafaring by 1415.men in every was reminiscent of Wolfram’s character Flegetanis who ‘saw hidden secrets in the constellations [and] declared there was a thing called the Gral whose name he read in the stars without more ado’ [Parzival ]. as well as modern historians.” ”Born in 1394. are in full agreement that he devoted the greater part of his illustrious career to the pursuit of precisely this goal. mestrat of the Knights of Christ became know as .Baigent & Leigh.

Islam had conquered the Spains. By 1425 his brethren had colonized Madeira and the Canaries.and that he sought to achieve ..” . shipwrights. In 1445 they settled the Azores. Christianity would conquer Africa.a smaller crew make provisions last longer.” .. Jewish cartographers and Moorish pilots. then Asia. The team studied map making and how to improve navigational instruments. linguists. the most seaworthy ships of their day.nautical guides. the astrolabe and compass. and this is largely due to the adoption of a policy of secrecy which included the suppression of facts.. so great was the commitment to secrecy in Henry’s time that the release of information on the results of the various exploratory voyages that were undertaken was punishable by death. The Portugese Pioneers “Indeed.Desmond Seward. Despite this. maps instructions to navigators and their reports. Rigged with many small sails instead of one or two huge spreads of canvas as hitherto. At Sagres his staff included geographers.. made possible by the new caravels.Enrique the Navigator and “exploited every modern method. The Monks of War “Our knowledge of the Henrican voyages is inadequate. these new ships were much easier to handle .historical works. however. it is known that the prince was obsessed with the notion of making direct contact with Ethiopia . The systematic exploitation of the west African coast began in 1434.Edgar Prestage.

Among these archives a brief note was found to the effect that ‘an ambassador of Prester John visited Lisbon eight years before Henry’s death’. or what the prince and the Ethiopian envoy discussed. then Grand Master of the Order. Nevertheless. He then became caught up in various adventures which delayed him considerably. Moreover. he took ship in a small Arab barque for the Yemeni port of Aden.” In 1487 “King John II of Portugal. in 1488. had sent his trusted aide Pero de Covilhan on a perilous journey to the court of Prester John via the Mediterranean. As a result it was not until 1493 that he finally succeeded in entering Abyssinia. It is not known what the purpose of this mission was. Disguised as a merchant. . two years after their meeting it can hardly have been accidental that King Alfonso V of Portugal granted spiritual jurisdiction over Ethiopia to the Order of Christ. even before the Cape of Good Hope was rounded. Egypt and the Red Sea. Covilhan passed through Alexandria and Cairo to Suakin and there.” ”It was not until the early years of the twentieth century that certain secret archives pertaining to the last decade of his life came to light. the masters of Portuguese vessels venturing down the West African coast were instructed to enquire after ‘Prester John’ to see whether it might mot be quicker to approach his kingdom overland.this end by circumnavigating Africa (since the shorter route through the Mediterranean and then into the Red Sea via Egypt was blocked by hostile Muslim forces).

Graham Hancock. but.” In 1497 Vasco da Gama.to our great joy the tents and camps of the Emperor Prester John.Covilhan’s greatest skill was a spy (he had previously worked as a secret agent in Spain)... the Solomic emperor who had been on the throne since 1508. so elated were . The Sign and the Seal “We saw. That neither he nor any of his subjects had heard of Prester John fazed the Portuguese not at all. of Ethiopia. One can only speculate as to why this happened.. the travelers beheld him. however.the first official Portuguese embassy to the court of Prester John landed at the port of Massawa in 1520 and made its way inland [in a grueling eight month march] to meet with Lebna Dengel. or emperor.Captain of the Portuguese expedition (October 20. also a Knight of the Order of Christ “devoted a considerable part of the expedition [to India] to African exploration and is reported to have wept for joy when.Once there... in a red pavilion guarded by warriors wearing lion skins and by live lions on leashes..” ”. . 1520) “At the center of this tent capitol.. he made his way immediately to the emperor’s court where he was first welcomed but later paced under comfortable house arrest. the negus.. at anchor off Mozambique he was rightly told that Prester John lived in the interior far to the north.” .

Alcantara and Santiago were the spearhead of the Reconquista. he said. the monkish frontiersmen ranched hears of cattle and sheep..they to have found him at last. The Sign and the Seal (3) Spain: “Viva la Muerte” “In Spain the brethren of Calatrava.” .. destroying the exotic Moslem civilization of Cordoba and Granada. of the Mexican haciendas. one within the other like the crosses of the Order of Christ. consolidating the Christian advance.who had been told by priests of the ancient tradition that the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela had been ‘made by white men’. a practice which reached North America by way.Mysteries of the Past “One of the members of this embassy was Father Francisco Alvarez..” “Much of Spanish history cannot be understood without some knowledge of the brethren [which became the Order of .Carved into the roof of this great edifice [the church of Saint George].. On the vast and lonely meseta where no peasant dared settle for fear of Moorish raiders. given their final shape by the Templars’ example. that is.” ”They were the perfected instrument of five centuries of warfare with Islam. In the later Middle Ages politicians used them to capture the whole machinery of Castilian government..” . was ‘a double cross.Graham Hancock.

‘Viva la Muerte’.Desmond Seward. bore . Most of the portolans covered the area of the Mediterranean and the European Atlantic coast. that compound of unspeakable ferocity and incredible gallantry. were far superior to the Ptolemaic maps studied by academic ecclesiastics in the monasteries and fledgling universities.. It demonstrates that maps of inexplicable accuracy began to appear in Europe less than 25 years after King Philippe’s surprise raids against the Templars and the papal elimination of the Order under Clement V. ”The earliest dated portolan chart is the Opicinis de Canestris map of the Mediterranean of 1335 A. These maps. the famous Santa Maria. creating the Spanish Empire.” “. expressed in the modern Tercio Extrajero’s motto . while Portuguese brethren transformed the crusading idea into a movement of colonization which ended with Europe dominating the world..D.” . It was this spirit and the techniques of the Reconquista which overcame Aztecs and Incas. called portolans (thought to be derived from ‘port’ to ‘land’).Knight’s of Christ and The Aragonese Order of Montesa after the dissolution]. They covered the areas crucial to European sea-commerce.Is it mere coincidence that his flagship. They had become the Reconquista itself and helped form their country’s military tradition. The Monks of War “Not long after the Templar dispersal. very accurate and inexplicable seacharts began to appear all over Europe.

Holy Grail Across the Atlantic (3) England: The Peasants’ Rebellion For several years before the Peasants’ Revolt in England in 1381.” ”Another mystery was the concentrated and especially vicious attacks on the religious order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. 1492 just a few hours before the deadline for all Jews to be out of Spain?” . preaching against the riches and corruption of the church.Michael Bradley. said to be based in London. rebel leaders confessed to being agents of a great Society. Not only did the rebels seek out their properties for vandalism and fire. but by a mysterious consortium of wealthy men which included Jews and other heretics? And is it only coincidence that Columbus weighed anchor on August 3. During the months before the uprising. John. to the delight of the cheering . but their prior was dragged from the Tower of London to have his head struck off [along with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Treasurer] and placed on London Bridge.Templar crosses on her sails when Columbus set sail from Palos? Is it mere coincidence that his voyage was financed. After the revolt was put down. “a group of disgruntled priests of the lower clergy had traveled the towns. not by the sale of Isabella’s jewelry as so commonly thought. now known as the Knights of Malta. secret meetings had been held throughout central England by men weaving a network of communication.

. when asked the reasons for the revolt. and left it as abruptly when his head was struck off eight days later on Saturday. who became the leading churchman in England as successor to the archbishop whose head had been lopped off by Wat Tyler.In Freemasonry the Tyler.’” ”Pope Clement V had directed that all of the extensive properties of the Templars should be given to the Hospitallers” almost seventy years before the Peasant’s Revolt... in a network of cells throughout the country.” Walter the Tyler “exploded into English history with his mysterious uncontested appointment as the supreme commander of the Peasants’ Rebellion on Friday. and those of other civil and church leaders. less than a year after the Peasants’ Rebellion. or secret meetings. survived his efforts. June 15. Absolutely nothing is known of him before those eight days.. identified the existence of the Lollard group in the spring of 1382. Lollardy.. The Lollards conducted business in ‘conventicles’. He drove them out of Oxford and attempted to crush the entire movement. ‘First. ..mob.. said... and they somehow gained the support of certain members of the aristocracy. who must be a Master Mason. however. June 7. for the next two centuries by the expedient of going underground.. 1381.the destruction of the Hospitallers. the sergeant-at-arms.One captured rebel leader. is the sentry. That alone suggests that he was not using his real name.” “Archbishop Courtenay. and above all.

forty-one years after his death. For the first time. Suddenly. ”Opponents of Wycliffe’s Order of Poor Preachers called them and their followers ‘Lollards’. They began distributing the new Bible through-out England to anyone who could read.especially the knightly class. The Lollards grew so quickly. realized that the major problem with the Church in England was that the Bible could only be read by the educated clergy and nobility because it was written in Latin. Robinson. ”As Wycliffe translated the Latin text. Lollardy continued to grow. Although the common man was generally illiterate. then general literacy might be stimulated as well. but even the artisans and noblemen that one opponent wrote: ‘Every second man one meets is a Lollard’. the . Wycliffe decided that if an English translation of the Bible was available. ”The Lollards made such an impact in Britain that eventually Wycliffe’s words were banned and the Pope ordered him to Rome to undergo trial. By 1425. peasants flocked to the village greens and country parsonages to hear preachers read aloud from the new English translation. which means ‘idle babblers’. he organized a group called the Order of Poor Preachers. it was possible for the common man to know what the Bible actually said.John J. a professor of Divinity at Oxford University. Although Wycliff died in 1384 of a stroke before he could undertake the journey. not only among the country folk. Born in Blood “In the early 1300s John Wycliffe.” .

In fact the first Templar perceptory outside the Holy Land was built on St Clair land at a site to the south of Edinburgh now known as Temple. By the beginning of the fourteenth century the Templars had many estates in Scotland and a great deal of affection and respect from the people.” . furthermore... Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “Scotland.” The Templars reportedly provided assistance to William Wallace. Thus the . and the consequent chaos left little opportunity for implementing legal niceties.There was a strong Templar connection with this area of Scotland from the time when Hugues de Payen married Catherine de St Clair. led by a St Clair.” .” ”.. near Loch Awe in Argyll. there are many masonic graves in the churchyard. “. contains many examples of Templar graves and tomb carvings showing Templar figures. Still.William T.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas..was at war with England at the time [1307]. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.. New World Order (4) Scotland: The Scots Guard “The church at Kilmartin..Roman Church was so infuriated with Wycliffe that they ordered his bones exhumed and buried together with 200 books he had written.There was a battle between the Scots and the English at Roslin in 1303 which was won with the support of Templar knights.

Baigent.” . The Hiram Key: Pharaohs..the Order . they would be received with open arms. Stories quickly spread that these mysterious warriors had carried the Beausant (the battle flag of the Templars).Papal Bulls dissolving the Order were never proclaimed in Scotland . Leigh & Lincoln. Because of the war with the English the Templars also knew that as skilled warriors. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail “.” . where they knew Robert the Bruce was engaged in a rebellion against England.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.and there is evidence to support it .and in Scotland.Part of the Templar fleet made the decision to head to Argyll and the Firth of Forth.” The force was “led by the Grand Master of the Scottish Templars. the Order was never technically dissolved. therefore.” ”The Scots’ greatest triumph was the Battle of Bannockburn on 6 November 1314.. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “According to legend . Sir William St Clair. The battle is recorded as going strongly against Bruce’s army until an intervention by a unknown reserve force quickly turned the tide of the whole battle and ensured victory for the Scots.it was one of the few places on the planet where the Pope could not get at them. The fact that Robert the Bruce was excommunicated combined with the long St Clair family links with Rosslyn was the greatest attraction of Scotland as a sanctuary .

Indeed.a total of 9000 soldiers. the numbers were definitely fixed . the Scottish contingents had acquitted themselves with particular bravery and self-sacrifice. in effect. they were virtually annihilated. along with their commander.was explicitly accorded premier rank over all other military units and formations.. and twenty-five men plus their commander in the King’s Bodyguard. much more so than such purely chivalric orders as the Garter. and would. They were the means by which these .. With striking consistency.seventy-seven men plus their commander in the King’s Guard. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail “At the bloody Battle of Verneuil in 1424.” . officers and commanders of the Scots Guard were also made members of the Order of St Michael. pass first in all parades..maintained itself as a coherent body in Scotland for another four centuries. for example. ”The Scots Guard were. John Stewart.” ”The new French army created by Charles VII in 1445 consisted of fifteen ‘compagnies d’ordonnance’ of 660 men each . a branch of which was later established in Scotland. Leigh & Lincoln.Baigent. the Scottish Company . a neoTemplar institution.. the Star and the Golden Fleece.” “The nobles comprising the Guard were heirs to original Templar traditions.the ‘Compagnie des Gendarmes Ecossois’. The commanding officer of the Scottish Company was also granted the rank of ‘premier Master of Camp of French Cavalry’. Of these.” ”In 1474.

Some of this corpus had already found its way back to Scotland through Marie de Guis’s marriage to James V. observed that the Essenes believed that good souls have their inhabitation beyond the ocean. in a region that is neither oppressed with storms of rain or snow nor with intense .traditions were returned to France and planted there.1560. their contact with the houses of Guise and Lorraine exposed them in France to another corpus of ‘esoteric’ tradition. that is. they drew off in a body. The resulting amalgam was to provide the true nucleus for a later order .part. at their head.” . The Temple and the Lodge “c. Grand Prior of Scotland.” .A History of the Family of Seton (5) West to America? “Josephus. with David Seton. At the same time. of the self-contained and separately administered Templar patrimony.the Freemasons [Scottish Rite Freemasonry]. to bear fruit some two centuries later. but some of it was also to be brought back by the families constituting the Scots Guard. no fewer than 519 sites in Scotland were listed by the Hospitallers as ‘Terrae Templariae’ . When the Knights-Templars were deprived of their patrimonial interest through the instrumentality of their Grand-Master Sir James Sandilands. the historian of the Jews in the first century.” ”As late as the end of the sixteenth century.Baigent & Leigh.

“Now. This idyllic land across the sea to the west (or sometimes the north). This was. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Knight and Lomas argue that this was the true source of the name “America”. Africa. Historical convention. Asia) have been more extensively explored and a fourth part has been discovered by Amerigo Vespucci (as will be described in what follows). I see no reason why any one should justly object to calling this part Amerige . is a belief common to many cultures. of course. Insomuch as both Europe and Asia received their names from women.” . the name of which is ‘Merica’. however. from the Jews to the Greeks to the Celts. is due to an error committed by an obscure monk in the Duchy of Loraine who had mused over a meaning for ‘America’ and confused it with the amateur navagator. believe that the inhabitants of this far land are so pure that mortal eyes will not see them and that this place is marked by a star. states that the continent was named after Amerigo Vespucci.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. Knight and Lomas say. The Mandeans.heat. but refreshed by the gentle breathing of the west wind which perpetually blows from the ocean. these parts of the earth (Europe. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.

the Order owned a huge fleet. The harbour of La Rochelle lies in a natural bay. i. For this purpose. La Rochelle. as a startingpoint for voyages to the Holy Land and the Mediterranean islands. its discoverer. a man of great ability. for links with England. or America.at La Rochelle. and the same applies to voyages to England. the land of Amerigo. is easy to defend. and it was laid out and developed by the Templars very early in their history. is far too far north to serve as a viable port of embarkation for Palestine. There were other ports from which one could cross to Britain far more quickly and simply.Cosmographiae Introductio When the monk published the information in Introduction to Cosmography it quickly became part of popular folklore. La Rochelle must have had some very special significance. The town was not merely the seat of a simple Commanderie. but also the capital of a Templar Province. Its population grew quickly over the years. after Amerigo. Furthermore. it is very noticeable that all the great longdistance routes meet at one point .. which the Templars had built and policed. “If you look at a map of the road network of France. on the Atlantic coast.” . In which . and other seaports in the north.e. and in the south. it was far too far south. however.(from the Greek ‘ge’ meaning ‘land of’). ”For this reason.

Among these were a few documents relating to the Templar trials. a member of the Order from Nemours in the diocese of Troyes.Johannes and Peter Fiebag. I myself saw three carts loaded with straw. There were chests hidden on the carts. which left the Paris Temple shortly before nightfall. The Discovery of the Grail. at the head of 50 horse[men]. some files were brought back to Paris from the secret archives of the Vatican. They took the road for the coast. which contained the entire treasure of the Visitator Hugo de Pairaud. In one of these records was the statement of Jean de Chalons. translated from the German by George Sassoon “On the evening before the raid. also Gèrard de Villiers and Hugo de Chalons.” “After Napoleon conquered Rome in 1809. if it was neither to the north nor to the south? There can only be one possible explanation for the position of this seaport .” .Jean de Chalons “There is no record of the seizure of eighteen Templar ships from their naval .direction did the Temple’s shipping lines lead.” .the Order’s ships set course from it due west. to America. where they were to be taken abroad in eighteen of the Order’s ships. Thursday October 12th 1307.

.. Indian legends and a number of clues suggest that the landfall was Nova Scotia.John J. There is a Templar cemetery there.. after the dissolution of 1312. Henry Sinclair. and it is known that some found refuge among the Saint-Clairs of Rosslyn in Midlothian. Earl of Orkney. Born in Blood The Zeno Narrative tells of a mysterious ocean voyage west one hundred years later by a Templar descendent. they were ideally suited for piracy. Robinson. a .Since many of the Templar ships were galleys. because becalmed ships were always easy prey for those that did not depend upon the wind. or of any Templar ships anchored in the Thames or at other seaports in Britain.base at on the French coast.” -Michael Bradley. Preserving the Secrets (1) Rosslyn Chapel “It is known that the Templars fled to Scotland.” . Holy Grail Across the Atlantic “No family in Europe beneath the rank of royalty boasts a higher antiquity. too.

Their domain at Rosslyn was only a few miles from the former Scottish headquarters of the Knights Templar.has long been associated with both Freemasonry and the Rose-Croix. the Sinclairs are recognized as ‘hereditary Grand Masters of Scottish Masonry’. The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail Choir Rosslyn Chapel “is decorated inside with carvings of Masonic significance. or a more romantic interest than that of St.” -Baigent and Leigh. and the chapel at Rosslyn .” -Sir John Bernard Burke. This is the earliest specific Masonic document on record. moreover.built between 1446 and 1486 . .Scottish branch of the Norman Saint-Clair/Gisors family.nobler illustration.. Vicissitudes of Families and Other Essays Rosslyn Chapel Choir (Click here for a full-size image.and botanical significance. Clair..) “...We encountered repeated references to the Sinclair family . In a charter believed to date from 1601.

lintels.) “. plants indigenous to the New World and supposedly unknown to Europe before the sixteenth century. pillar bases and such like are mostly covered in decorative but highly detailed plant motifs. The only certain . Templar and Masonic in profusion. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Two of the motifs resemble the aloe cactus and maize cobs. vegetative growth coming form the mouths of the Celtic Green Men. entangled pyramids. engrailed crosses and well as squares and compasses. Jewish.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.” ”the symbolism is Egyptian. Celtic. towers of the Heavenly Jerusalem.. images of Moses.Arches.Everywhere there were manifestations of the ‘green man’. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. the Celtic figure that represented fertility. Over a hundred ‘green men’ have been counted but it is believed that there are even more subtly peeping out of the vegetation. with many different species represented.. A star-studded ceiling.” . Greenman (Click here for a full-size image.

with towers and a huge central curved.William St Clair himself masterminded the whole construction of the building from its inception to his own death in 1484.. In the north-east corner we found a section of the wall carved with the towers of the Heavenly Jerusalem complete with the Masonic compasses. just two years before it completion..Christian imagery was in later Victorian alterations: the stained glass windows. arched roof. the revolting baptistery and a statue of the Madonna and child. building the village of Rosslyn to house them. Rosslyn is a representation in stone of the Heavenly Jerusalem as depicted in Lambert’s copy. styled exactly as they are shown on Lambert’s scroll..Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. furthermore.. decorated with Nasorean and Templar symbolism. the layout is a reconstruction of the ruin of Herod’s Temple. and level with the organ.William St Clair had brought some of Europe’s finest masons to Scotland for this great project. “high up in the corner where the south and west walls meet. he personally supervised every tiny detail of the work.” ”From the outside. is a head with a severe gash on the right temple and in the opposite side of the west wall is the head of the person who killed him.” ”As we looked directly upwards from . The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.” Recalling the legend of Hiram Abif. Inside the Rosslyn shrine. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “.” .

the organ loft. we could see that the arched roof had a running series of keystones down its length. appeared to be the remains of the subterranean gallery leading to the Most Holy Place. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Apprentice Pillar (Click here for a full-size image. just like the one the Royal Arch degree describes as found in the ruins of Herod’s Temple!” . we observed that the fourteen pillars had been arranged so that the eastern eight of them including . we discovered six other pairs of equal beauty which from their situation.” . The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.Royal Arch Degree “In Rosslyn.) “Early this morning on resuming our labors we discovered a pair of pillars of exquisite beauty and symmetry: proceeding with our work.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.

Metal detectors have been used on the pillar and an object of the appropriate size is indeed buried in the middle.Royal Arch Degree “The famous Grail Seeker Trevor Ravenscroft claimed in 1962 that he had finished a twenty year quest in search of the Grail at Rosslyn chapel.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. ‘the Temple of Jerusalem’. Templum Hierosolyma. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “The Triple Tau. “An Introduction to Current Theories about The Holy Grail” ..‘A place where a precious thing is concealed’.‘A key to a treasure’ . signifying. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.and Theca ubi res pretiosa deponitur . The chapel is often visited now by Grail Seekers and many references to the Grail can be found in its stonework and windows.Boaz and Jachin. among other occult things. or Res ipsa pretiosa .” .. Lord Rosslyn adamantly refuses to have the pillar x-rayed.Chris Thornborrow.. It also means Clavis ad Theosaurum .His claim was that the Grail was inside the Prentice Pillar (as it is known) in this chapel. were laid out in the form of a Triple Tau.” . The formation and the proportions were exactly as the Royal Arch degree depicts today.‘The precious thing itself’..” .

for it is just possible that some clue as to the whereabouts of certain treasures of great historical interest may also be discovered. An Illustrated Guide to Rosslyn Chapel “The Companion’s Jewel of the Royal Arch is a double triangle. other important artifacts may be contained therein. for a sable shroud. twenty Templar knights were buried there in full armor. within a circle of gold. sometimes called the Seal of Solomon. Sheathed in his iron panoply. The one recorded action of the Lords Sinclair that apparently contradicts their well earned reputation for chivalry and loyalty may also be explained if the vaults are opened.” .Tim Wallace-Murphy. “Seemed all on fire that chapel proud. Before the vaults were sealed off when the chapel was completed.Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas believe that the small crypt of the Rosslyn shrine was the lower middle chamber where the masons received their wages. “The Lay of the Last Minstrel” “The vaults themselves may yet be far more than a simple tomb.” . at the bottom is a scroll bearing the words. Where Roslin’s chiefs uncoffined lie: Each baron.Sir Walter Scott. Nil nisi .

The spot we identified as being at the center of the Seal of Solomon turned out to correspond exactly with the center point of the medieval world. thou knowest enough’. An Seal of Solomon (Star of David) can be constructed from the alignment of pillars between the entrance and Triple Tau formation.” -Royal Arch Degree Knight and Lomas speculate that the reconstructed treasure vaults of Herod’s temple are located below the main floor of the Chapel.‘Nothing is wanting but the Key’. The unfinished sections of the great western wall are there. it is a very carefully executed copy.‘If thou canst comprehend these things. the spot where the Ark . the middle of the Holy of Holies. and on the circle appears the legend.clavis deest . we believe. this stone that must be raised to enter the reconstructed vaults of Herod’s Temple and recover the Nasorean Scrolls. “At the very center of this invisible Seal of Solomon.” ”Rosslyn is not a free interpretation of the ruins in Jerusalem. as far as the foundation plan is concerned. the main walls and the pillar arrangements fit like a glove and the pillars of Boaz and Jachin stand precisely at the eastern end of what would be the inner Temple. It is. Si tatlia jungere possis sit tibi scire posse . in the arched roof there is a large suspended boss in the form of a decorated arrowhead that points straight down to a keystone in the floor below.

Arrow Books 1994) “did some ground radar investigations of the chapel and found evidence of large metallic objects and vaults. John of Jerusalem.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. and the order of the Knights of the Hospital of St. They drilled down into a vault but were unable to get a mini-TV camera down because rubble kept filling the borehole. who also had been tortured to reveal their secrets by three assassins who ultimately destroyed them. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Order directly on-line from Amazon Books Hiram Key: Pharaohs. and Jubelum. Master of the Temple. Not Jubela. certainly was left unfinished upon the murder of its masters.of the covenant was placed in the Temple at Jerusalem. Jubelo. taking its name from the Temple of Solomon. but Philip the Fair of France.George Sassoon (private communication) (2) Freres Maçons “Jacques de Molay and his predecessors signed documents over the title Magister Templi. Pope Clement V.” .” ”What the secret society needed was . Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas Andrew Sinclair (The Sword and the Grail. And that temple.” .

was corrupted in English into Free-Masons]. adopted by way of secret reference to the Builders of the Second Temple. [This name. “The Templars. Morals and Dogma “Thus the Order of Knights of the Temple was at its very origin devoted to the cause of opposition to the tiara of Rome and the crowns of Kings. who worked. Freres Maçons in the French. holding the sword in one hand and the trowel in the other.” . intended to be re-built. as will be seen. who subsequently. Robinson.General Albert Pike. and the Apostolate of Kabalistic Gnosticism was .” . with a desire for brotherhood strong enough to accept any man’s personal religious persuasion as secondary to their principal goal of survival. in the Bible. ”Therefore it was that the Sword and the Trowel were the insignia of the Templars. or Poor Fellow-Soldiery of the Holy House of the Temple. the WarriorMasons of Zorobabel.John J. took as their models. Born in Blood The formation of the The Illuminati by Freemasons and the instigation of the French Revolution and anti-papacy movements in the eighteen century have been seen as a fulfilment of Templar revenge. concealed themselves under the name of Brethren Masons.men who would affirm their belief in God.

or misunderstanding at least. Saint John the Baptist [the Johannite heresy].” ”Hence Free-Masonry. proclaiming itself the child of the Kabbalah and Essenism together. For Saint John himself was the Father of the Gnostics.“Allocution of Pio Nono against the Free Masons” The Rosy Cross Dante’s Divine Comedy Dante Aligheiri (1265-1321) was an Italian Christian poet wrote his great cosmic vision in Ravenna. vulgarly imagined to have begun with the Dionysian Architects or the German Stone-workers. is throughout a misrepresentation. Through the first two sections . of the whole Spirit of that Evangel. associating with him. in order not to arouse the suspicions of Rome. “The work is a poetic trilogy.” . Hell. adopted Saint John the Evangelist as one of its patrons. and thus covertly.vested in its chiefs. Purgatory and Paradise. and the current translation of his polemic against the heretical of his Sect and the pagans who denied that Christ was the Word.

From there Bernard of Clairvaux. The Divine Comedy “Gradually he sees the Creator through the creation. three circles of three colors.” .” . reason enlightened by divine revelation.the poet is escorted by Virgil. And now his sight is strengthened. the great contemplative mystic.John Ferguson. Yet.” . as a wheel move . An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mysticism and the Mystery Religions “High fantasy lost power and here broke off. who stands for natural reason.John Ferguson. and the third of flame emanating from both (here the Christian theology of the Trinity has determined the details of the mystical vision).. And here he discerns the whole universe in God.Dante Aligheiri. An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mysticism and the Mystery Religions “In that abyss I saw how love held bound Into one volume all the leaves whose flight Is scattered through the universe around. and through these a human form. He is taken into Paradise by Beatrice [an unrequited love of his youth]. yet occupying one space.. and is able to pierce through the beams of Divine light to their very source. guides him towards the beatific vision. who leads him through the hierarchy of the nine heavens. one reflected from the next.

My will and my desire were turned by love. like that of the Apocalypse. and a secret negation of every thing absolute in these dogmas. divided by a cross. Hell is impassable for those only who know not how to turn back from it. by stepping on the head of the vanquished Mephistopheles. by accepting the direct opposite of the Catholic dogma: and then he re-ascends to the light. He escapes from that gulf of Hell over the gate of which the sentence of despair was written. His journey through the supernatural worlds is accomplished like the initiation into the Mysteries of Eleusis and Thebes. The Divine Comedy A prominent Freemason writer of the nineteenth century interprets The Divine Comedy which in a light which is contrary to Dante’s Christian piety.” . The love that moves the sun and the other stars.smoothly. His Heaven is composed of a series of Kabalistic circles. Faust ascends to heaven. free from jars. by bold revelations the Mysteries. of the figures and numbers of the Kabbalah to the Christian dogmas.” ”His Hell is but a negative Purgatory. The Epic of Dante is Johannite and Gnostic. “The work of the great Ghibellin is a declaration of war against the Papacy. that is to say. like . We free ourselves from its bondage by audacity. by using the Devil himself as a monstrous ladder.Dante Aligheiri. by reversing the positions of is head and feet. an audacious application.

love. It was the emblem of beauty. and pleasure.” . Morals and Dogma “In the Islamic tradition. Gabriel is the guide in the Highest Heaven .traditions about Mohammed too are not immune from such heavenly Ascents .” ”The Rose was for the Initiates the living and blooming symbol of the revelation of the harmonies of being. in His face commingled Is every charm and grace.Gabriel serves as the revealing or dictating Angel coextensive with what in Christian tradition might otherwise be called the Holy Spirit. life. Here.” ”To unite the Rose to the Cross.the Patancle [sic] of Ezekiel.Robert Eisman and Michael Wise..” . The whole of Beauty . or the Book of the Jew Abraham. made it the hieroglyphical sign of the accomplishment of the great Work. Flamel..General Albert Pike.not unlike the role Dante ascribes to Virgil and finally Beatrice in his rendition of a similar ecstatic ascent and vision. The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered “I stood in silent ecstasy Revealing that which o’ver my spirit went and came. In the center of this cross blooms a rose and we see the symbol of the Adepts of the RoseCroix for the first time publicly expounded and almost categorically explained. was the problem proposed by the High Initiation. Lo. whatever else one might say of him.

The name derives from the order’s symbol.” . The teachings of Rosicrucianism combine elements of occultism reminiscent of a variety of religious beliefs and practices. ... They .The Beatific Vision.Joseph Cambell. Creative Mythology The Rosicrucian Manifestoes (1) Mystical Origins “Member of a worldwide brotherhood claiming to possess esoteric wisdom handed down from ancient times.singled Into a perfect face Beholding Him would cry. as Francis Yates has . by Galahad within the mystic vessel of the Grail” are the same. and to be seen.and. beheld by Dante in the radiant celestial bowl of the rose of Paradise.whoever ‘they’ were announced their ‘invisible’ existence through the publication of inflammatory tracts and pamphlets. a combination of a rose and a cross.Encyclopaedia Britannica “The psychological power of the cabal as archetype is illustrated by the original ‘Rosicrucians’ of the early seventeenth century.Ibn Al-Farid “. ’There is no God but He and He is the most High. finally. Their historical existence as an organization has never been satisfactorily established. Yet the belief in their existence was enough to engender a wave of hysteria throughout Europe .’” .

The Messianic Legacy “Others.So that only the Sons of God may understand me. Plotinus. however. view 16th. to play a vital role in the development of seventeenth-century thought. culture and political institutions.Encyclopaedia Britannica “The Rosicrucians offer an esoteric mystical gnosis.’ But the ultimate aim is ‘the joy of supplying the needs of men of good . the latter standing for ‘that subtle Quintessence which penetrates all things in a moment by its moist and temperate fire and so communicates its gnosis’. Other Mystic Figures include the interlaced Equilateral Triangles. Philo of Alexandria.argued. The circle symbolizes Unity. no reliable evidence to date the order’s history earlier than the 17th century. Phar-Min Adama. Truth is the Great Architect of the Universe.” . all contained in primal matter. and others. Salt. and the Blazing Star. Jesus. The catechism from which that phrase is taken goes on: ‘Why do you people speak so obscurely? . represented by a circle encompassed by a square (the earth-heaven symbolism in Taoist art). however. There is. Sulfur and Mercury.and 17thcentury developments as simply a revival of the order and contend that Rosicrucian doctrines not only flourished in ancient Egypt but were espoused by such outstanding philosophical and religious figures as Plato. There are three principles.” . from which the Quaternary Number results. Leigh & Lincoln.Baigent.

Rosicrucian broadside “An examination of this most intriguing of secret organizations must begin with the Fama Fraternitatis. The German manuscript probably began .report’ and ‘only to be ignored by the world. Who is the sole aim of our true brethren’. deputies of the principal College of the Brethren of the Rosy Cross. Written to All the Learned and the Rulers of Europe. We show and teach without books or masques how to speak the language of every country where we wish to be. to whom the heart of the just turns. Written anonymously in German.John Ferguson. the earliest document that clearly and unambiguously mentions the brotherhood by name and purports to tell the story of its foundation. the pamphlet was part of a larger Protestant treatise entitled in its first English translation The Universal and General Reformation of the Whole Wide World: together with the Fama Fraternitatis of the Laudable Fraternity of the Rosy Cross.” . An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mysticism and the Mystery Religions (2) Christian Rosenkreuz “We. to bring our fellow men out of the error of death. are staying visibly and invisibly in this town by the Grace of the Most High. only to live for God.” .

found their knowledge of science. The youth forthwith decided to put aside his original itinerary and to seek the wisdom of Arabia at its fount.Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “The Fama recounts the journeys of Christian Rosenkreuz. who was allegedly born in 1378 and lived for 106 years. in turn. they called him by his name. Young Rosenkreutz decided that he would translate this . And he. The sages of Damascus directed him to a city called Damcar .” . or Book of the World.” .a place that has never been identified and is presumed by many to be mythical.Encyclopaedia Britannica “Rosenkreutz apparently demonstrated great natural skills in medicine and healing. the reputed founder of Rosicrucianism. This last treasure. and the work was subsequently published in several languages. mathematics. is said to have held the secrets of the universe. and a document the Fama refers to as the Book M. and showed him many other secrets’ among them mathematics. alchemy. and other arcane matters inspiring. whose full name is thought by some to be Book Mundi. The first printed edition appeared in 1614 in the town of Kassel in western Germany. the Fama recounts the learned men ‘to whom Nature was discovered’ received the precocious boy ‘not as a stranger but as one whom the had long expected. which bought him to the attention of the wisest men in the city. In Damcar.circulating around 1610. physics.

C. the Holy Master returned to .C. R. thus discovered that the magical creatures of the Arabian Nights Entertainment actually existed. the virtues resident in the astral light. the rituals of magic and invocation. Enriched thus beyond the dreams of Croesus.prodigious work into Latin. Even the secret of the Elixir of Life and the Universal Panacea were communicated to him. and the manufacture of precious gems by artificial means. Rosenkreutz traveled to Egypt. though invisible to the ordinary mortal. C.Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “From the Arabians C. ”After three years in Damcar. so that he might share it with others upon his return to Europe. [Christian Rosenkreuz] also learned of the elemental peoples and how. with their aid. presumably. in Morocco. the metaphysical writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus.R. From astrologers living in the desert far from the concourse of the market-place he was further instructed concerning the mysteries of the stars. and the binding of the genii. the transmutation of metals. became an adept n the gathering of medicinal herbs. R. C.” . where he was introduced to magic and to interpretations of the Scriptures based on the medieval Jewish system of mysticism known as the Cabala. The youth then journeyed to Fez. where he studied natural history and. C. the legendary ancient Egyptian sage. it was possible to gain admission to the ethereal world where dwelt the genii and Nature spirits. the preparation of therapeutic talismans.

a secret one naturally. Rosenkreuz acquired secret wisdom. and was rediscovered only by accident by members of the third generation of adepts who were building one of their secret dwellings.Encyclopaedia Britannica “Rosenkreuz himself finally died in 1484.Europe and there established a House of Wisdom which he called Domus Sancti Spiritus.Manly P. but the rituals and symbols under which is concealed the Great Arcanum-that unspeakable mystery which every true Mason must seek if he would become in reality a ‘Prince of the Royal Secret’?” . 405 Christian Rosenkreuz “is now generally regarded to have been a symbolic rather than a real character. the location of Rosenkreuz’s tomb was forgotten. The number of his disciples was later increased to eight. According to the Fama. Masters of the Occult The following is a description of the tomb: “In the morning following.Daniel Cohen. Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins p.” .. so that men could not discover it. .’ however. who went to different countries.” .which he subsequently imparted to three others after his return to Germany. Hall.. This house he enveloped in clouds..and was buried in a large tomb.. After all the original members of the group died. whose story provided a legendary explanation of the order’s origin. it is said. What are these ‘clouds.

sole mighty and sole eternal God. and the height of eight foot... This vault we parted in three parts. every side five foot broad. instead of a tombstone. the upper part or ceiling. as also the seven sides and the two Heptagoni: so we kneeled altogether down and gave thanks to the sole wise. ‘This is all clear and bright. the wall or side. ’Of the upper part you shall . and was situated in the upper part in the center of the ceiling. which had learned this from the sun. Although the sun never shined in this vault. who hath taught us more than all men’s wits could have found out. and thereon this engraven: . the ground or floor. In the midst.we opened the door. was a round altar covered over with a plate of brass. and there appeared to our sight a vault of seven sides and corners. nevertheless it was enlightened with another sun. praised be his holy name.

but what therein is contained. The Archaic . the Elector Palatine.from the first pamphlet. The Fama and The Confessio.” . Curiously. but that it was divided according to the seven sides in the triangle. these texts.understand no more of it at this time. but every side or wall is parted into ten figures. which was in the bright center. every one with their several figures and sentences.Terence McKenna. you shall God willing (that are desirous of our society) behold the same with your own eyes. All this was disseminated as gospel in a kind of alchemical Protestant revival. had many doctrinal similarities to Dee’s Hieroglyphic Monad. definitely favoring the court of Frederick V. as they are truly shown and set forth Concentratum here in our book’. so that it appears that Dee’s earlier work was used as the model for the Rosicrucian broadsheets by their authors.” . “Fama” “Inside the tomb there were said to have been alchemical books with a quasipolitical overtone.

” Paracelsus. the Swiss Hermes. “whose real name was Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim. knowing that it was now time to go forth with their message of worldwide moral renewal and to open the ranks to a new and larger membership.Encyclopaedia Britannica “Paracelsus. because of the knowledge he had thus secured. Cagliostro was also initiated by the Arabians and.” . a Swiss alchemist who died in 1541. was not even born until 1493. is also regarded by some as the real founder of Rosicrucianism.Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “Paracelsus. the brothers closed the door of the vault and sealed it.” .Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects (3) Paracelsus “Included amongst the books [inside Rosenkreuz’s tomb] was “a copy of the Vocabularium of Paracelsus. He is consequently entitled to be mentioned among those initiated by the Arabians into the Rosicrucian work.” . incurred the displeasure of the .Revival < “Satisfied that they had done as Father Christian had wished 120 years before. by the renowned Swiss physician and alchemist. was initiated into the secrets of alchemy in Constantinople and there beheld the consummation of the magnum opus. nearly a decade after Christian Rosenkreutz is said to have been buried.

-Germain. All manner of trials. over whose Masonic activities to this day hangs the veil of impenetrable mystery. From the unprobed depths of Arabian Rosicrucianism also issued the illustrious Comte de St. he reached his destination and was greeted as the guest of honor. but he triumphed over them in what can be seen as a spiritual progression. and strange initiation rites were put before him. by means of which base substances could be turned into gold and silver. Hall. ordeals. astrological. Finally.” ”As the allegory began.. Rosenkreutz was preparing for the celebration.. as well as the mission he came to accomplish. as well as cosmological. He was invested with the chivalric Order of the Golden Stone.Holy See. an apparent reference to the legendary philosophers’ stone.. the author went to great lengths to indicate that the goal of . Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins p. appeared a year later in Strasbourg. magical and chivalric symbols. The exalted body of initiates whom he represented.The story of replete with rich allegorical details.Manly P. The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. 405 (4) Johann Valentin Andrae “The third and last book in the Rosicrucian trilogy. As in the earlier tracts.” . alchemical. have both been concealed from the members of the Craft at large and are apparent only to those few discerning Masons who sense the supernal philosophic destiny of their Fraternity.

It is a singular coincidence that Andrea was a fervent Lutheran . all confessing to have solved the riddle of the relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm.J.” . with or without assistance from others. or. Andrae wanted the documents to catalyze others to initiate the Rosicrucian work.Rosenkreutz as well as all the others who received the Golden Stone was a transmutation of the spirit and not the crasser sort of alchemy.Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects This tract was eventually claimed by “a German Lutheran pastor Johann Valentin Andrae (1586-1654) Andrae had envisioned a society for the reformation of social life . created the legend and published the documents describing it. however. Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America “. A few have seen Rosicrucianism as a complete hoax. Gordon Melton. Most believe.and Martin Luther’s coat of arms bore a rose and cross. more likely.and he.. that either Andrae formed an order combining his interest in esotericism and the reformation of society. Secret Societies (5) Rosicrucians in England “Several other documents on the Rosicrucian thesis were written.Arkon Daraul. Fludd is attacked by Kepler as a mystic .” . which the documents promoted.” . This was also the name of a book written by Robert Fludd..

It is significant that Bacon was appointed by the British Crown to protect its interests in the new American Colonies beyond the sea.” ”[Sir Francis] Bacon. the moving spirit of the whole enterprise . We find him writing of this new land. and engages in a wild defense of his writings. all published by the same publisher in the Palatinate. the new organ of science or thought. whose prophecy of the coming age forms the theme of his New Atlantis and whose vision of the reformation of knowledge finds expression in the Novum Organum Scientiarum. Bacon was a member . venturing forth beyond the imaginary pillars of church and state upon the unknown sea of human liberty. Upon the title page of the 1640 edition of Bacon’s Advancement of Learning is a Latin motto to the effect that he was the third great mind since Plato. .in fact. In the engraving at the beginning of the latter volume may be seen the little ship of progressivism sailing out between the Pillars of Galen and Avicenna.Gerry Rose . Almost immediately.who uses numbers as a form of cabalistic symbolism. dreaming of the day when a new world and a new government of the philosophic elect should be established there. and scheming to consummate that end when the time should be ripe.”The Venetian Takeover of England and Its Creation of Freemasonry” “One of the truly great minds of that secret fraternity .was Sir Francis Bacon. several Rosicrucian documents are written and circulated.

” . Every effort was made.” ”Fludd singled out for broad reform the realm of mathematical sciences. He declared himself to be a disciple without being a member. Hall. however. ‘I affirm that every Theologus of the Church Mystical is a real Brother of the Rosy Cross’. and he went on to express a kind of Rosicrucian dream that humankind’s ethics. in his opinion. algebra. arithmetic. Fludd described the Rosy Cross brothers as true Christians and the spiritual descendants of Hermes Trismegistus. theology. but Bacon’s position as Lord High Chancellor protected him from Raleigh’s fate [state execution]. to humiliate and discredit him. there to guide the destinies of his philosophic and political fraternity for nearly twenty-five years before his actual demise. law. politics. Bacon feigned death and passed over into Germany. a community of minds sharing the same spiritual and philosophic goals was quite enough to constitute a movement.of the same group to which Sir Walter Raleigh belonged. and optics. At last. and economics might all be subjected to the scrutiny of virtuous people and ultimately made more harmonious. including geometry. in the sixty-sixth year of his life.” . Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins p. having completed the work which held him in England. and he thought it possible that there was no formal Rosicrucian organization.Manly P. 407 “In the Apology.

Egyptian. so did Persian. The Rosicrucians.” . and compelling them to appear when desired. some of which. Their Rites and Mysteries Hargrave Jennings. These could be brought to his will by the Rosicrucian by imprisoning them in a ring. but to be able to pass into the next world (inaccessible only in appearance) and to be able to work in it. though to make his point in Victorian England he was obliged to resort to some involved and often poetically purple prose.” .. Dancing around the theme of Tantric sex as the basis of . “hinted as strongly as he could that these rites and mysteries were of a fundamentally sexual nature. and Indian become the Jinn of Moslem popular belief. Here is a distinct parallel with Arabian cabbalistical literature.Hargrave Jennings.Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “The whole of mankind is surrounded by elemental spirits [jinn] which can do him service. and to come back safe (and self-same) out of it.Arkon Daraul. bringing their trophies with them. a founder of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. is in the Arabian Nights. Babylonian.. Secret Societies “Precisely as Celtic gods became the fairies of Christan Irish folklore. a mirror or a stone.” . folklorized.. The Portable Arabian Nights The Rosicrucians “claimed not to be bound by the limits of the present world.Joseph Campbell.

which in conjunction represent life. the Old Charges fall into three groups.All have a common form: a.” ”Historically. a code of regulations for Masters. an opening prayer b.Peter Tompkins. arrangement for large-scale ‘territorial’ assemblies at which attendance was obligatory e. including an oath of fidelity.” .. procedures for the trial and punishment of offenders f. Described by Anderson as the Gothic Constitutions. some 127 versions have been traced of which 113 are still in existence.... a legendary history of the mason craft tracing it from biblical origins to its establishment in England c.. Fellows and Apprentices covering both craft practices and morals d..the Rosicrucian philosophy.. Jennings was almost specific when he pointed out that.the Masonic seal of Solomon symbolizes the intertwined triangles of male and female. admission procedures ‘for new men that were never charged before’. The Magic of Obelisks Origins of the Society The Old Charges of Freemasonry (1) The Operative Craft “There exists a collection of documents which has been called up as evidence both for the operative and non-operative origins of Freemasonry. The first comprises the . and now known collectively as the Old Charges.

said to have been in the possession of the famous Elias . none made of a marble that would not burn with fire.” .Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. dated 25 December 1583.two earliest versions.John Hamill. and largest. The third group comprises manuscript and printed versions produced after 1717.The second.. written in 1610 “traces the history of the Order from two pillars that were found after Noah’s Flood. the majority of which appear to have been produced as antiquarian curiosities. the other made of a substance known in Masonic legends as Laterus. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “A record of the society written in the reign of Edward IV. the Regius MS of c. The script goes on to describe Euclid teaching geometry to the Egyptians. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. 1 MS. One of these pillars was found and upon it were inscribed the secrets of the sciences from which the Sumerians developed a moral code that passed to the Egyptians through the Sumerian Abraham and his wife Sarah. The Craft. which would not dissolve. from whom the Israelites took it to Jerusalem.1420. group begins with the Grand Lodge No. sink or drown in any water.” . which resulted in the building of King Solomon’s Temple..1390 and the Cook MS of c. and covers all the versions datable before the formation of the premier Grand Lodge in 1717. A History of English Freemasonry The Wood manuscript.

and brought with them the charges and regulations of the lodges. and who translated the Holy Bible into the Saxon tongue. and which was unfortunately destroyed. with other papers on the subject of Masonry. (the grandson of King Alfred the Great. a mighty architect.Ashmole. and to increase the wages of working Masons.” . Illustrations of Masonry (1804) Preston’s accounts of the history of . founder of the Museum at Oxford. who also prevailed with the king to improve the constitution of the English lodges according to the foreign model. gives the following account of the state of Masonry at this period: “That though the ancient records of the brotherhood in England were many of them destroyed. in the wars of the Saxons and Danes.William Preston. yet king Athelitane.) the first anointed king of England. who were appointed overseers thereof. (AD 930) when he had brought the land into rest and peace. built many great works. or lost. and encouraged many Mason from France. at the Revolution. preserved since the Roman times.

gave charges to masons ‘as it is now in England’. Athalstan’s youngest son “’loved well the science of Geometry’ and he became a mason himself.895-939]. He.” The Regius MS and the Cooke MS. in turn. Both “say that Athelstan. Moreover he obtained a patent from the king that they should ‘make assembly when they saw reasonable time to come together’. A.Bro. “In the west of England there is a magnificent chain of cathedrals without parallel elsewhere: Exeter. Clarke. 1155. are based on the mythical history included in Anderson’s Constitutions (1773) and his own 1776 Appendix.D. beginning with the Druids and Romans.Masonry in England. Gloucester.” According to the Cooke MS. grandson of Alfred the Great gave charges to masons for he was the King of Wessex before he became King of All England [c. 1500. Worcestershire and Hereford. on which building was carried out almost continuously during the five centuries before A. and employed them in building their Temple in Fleet-street. are the only pre-Reformation versions of the Old Charges still extant. based on a lost 1360 manuscript.” . Wells. Masonry . as well asmany abbeys and castles. J. R.D. “The Old Charges (A New Look at the Oldest of Them)” “During the reign of Henry II. the Grand Master of the Knights Templars superintended the Masons. and he is reputed to have been the founder in 932 of the monastic house which was the fore-runner of the cathedral at Exeter.

a lodge came to signify a group of masons based in a particular locality. glorious projects. education.William Preston. Mortar and Mysticism”.” .the masons gathered in large groups to work on majestic. put up at a construction site. where workmen could eat and rest.“Freemasons. The masons protested that they were as loyal and law-abiding as other trades and objected to being singled out for attack. the masons bound themselves together into a local lodge . Illustrations of Masonry (1804) “The term freemason appears as early as 1375 in the records of the city of London.continued under the patronage of this Order till the year 1199. Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “At the beginning of the reign of Henry VI. Condor (The Hole Craft and Fellowship of Masons. It referred to working masons who were permitted to travel the country at a time when the feudal system shackled most peasants closely to the land. For mutual protection. a ban was placed on holding them [annual assemblies of masons] on the ground that they contravened the Statutes of Labourers. Unlike the members of other crafts of the time smiths or tanners for example . Eventually. when John succeeded his brother Richard in the crown of England.” . and training. moving from one finished castle or cathedral to the planning and building of the next.the building. p.77) observes that ‘we do not hear of this Act being put into force’ and he . in 1425.

R. by means of affable and kind meetyngs dyverse tymes. of auntient staunding and good reckonings. 1434’.The earliest printed use so far traced comes in The Pilgrimage of Perfection . It may be a coincidence but it was about this time that the earliest extant post-reformation versions of the Old Charges appeared. Illustrations of Masonry (1804) “It has been demonstrated that freemason ..in an operative context .” .is a contraction of ‘freestone mason’. Clarke. did frequent this mutual assembly in the tyme of Henry VI in the twelfth yeare of his most gracious reign. “The Old Charges (A New Look at the Oldest of Them)” “A record in the reign of Edward IV runs thus: “The company of Masons. being otherwise termed Free-Masons.gives high legal opinion that it was repealed in 1562.Bro. and as a lovinge brotherhode use to doe.printed in 1536 by Wynkyn de Worde.D.John Hamill.” .William Preston. A..” .. J.usually attributed to William Bonde . The Craft. A History of English Freemasonry “The freemason setteth his pretyss first long tyme to learn to hewe stones and .

that he settled a yearly revenue of four pounds Scots.David Stevenson. or an eminent clergyman. The Scottish records relate. Illustrations of Masonry (1804) “In Scotland such lodges [established for long-term site building activity].The Masons were countenanced and protected in Scotland by King James I. under burgh control.) to be paid by every Master-Mason in Scotland. chosen by the Grand Lodge.The Pilgrimage of Perfection “Guilds of mason were common. he became the patron of the learned. and can be found emerging in Scotland (where guilds were generally known as incorporations) in the late Middle Ages.” . and a zealous encourager of Masonry. to a Grand Master. The First Freemasons “. that he honored the lodges with his royal presence. and approved by the crown. and every new brother at entrance paid him also a fee.” . can be traced in .” .whan he can do that perfectly he admytteth him to be a freemason and choseth hym as a conynge man to be master of the Craft. (an English noble. After his return from captivity..William Preston.. who had his deputies in cities and counties. one nobly born. His office empowered him to regulate in the fraternity what should not come under the cognizance of law-courts.

Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “A final check at Oxford’s Bodleian. secret signs and words. organization in ‘lodges’. The First Freemasons (2) A Brother to Pirates and Corsairs Concerning stonemasons in the Middle Ages. and rituals of initiation. the mythical history of the craft.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.David Stevenson.” .” ”The legacy of the Medieval masons obviously contains much that is later found in freemasonry. grips and passwords would not be of much value. But they appear to have declined or disappeared entirely shortly before or after the Reformation of 1560 brought a new protestant church to Scotland. one of the great libraries of the world.Aberdeen and Dundee in the late fifteenth and early sixteen centuries. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. end even if they did travel from one building construction to another why would they need secret means of recognition?” . “their vocabulary and most likely their ability for abstract thought must have been very limited indeed. the identification of masonry with mathematics. Travel for all but the most highly skilled master masons was a rare event so secret signs. and I finally felt absolutely secure in stating that Freemasonry did not evolve from the medieval guilds of stonemasons in Britain because it would appear that there were no medieval guilds of .

speaking of the harpies. cowans or listeners (Rev. 349 . as cohen was the name of a dog as well as a priest.” ”The French-language roots of the lost words of Masonry indicate the strong possibility that the society was in existence in the first half of the fourteenth century. Robinson. a dog. an Ephraimite was termed a cowan. cohen was the title of a priest or prince. Paul exhorts the Christians to ‘beware of dogs. Vol 1. and St.” . is the masonic cowan. they are termed by Apollonius ‘the dogs of Jove’.stonemasons in Britain. Now. says. 22:15)..” . In Egypt.John J. “ignoramus” or “bumpkins” ”From the affair of Jephthah. they were priests of the sun. p. and. and a term of honor. St. because they are evil workers’ (Phil. “one who cuts” Cowan: couenne.. that ‘without are dogs’.Historical Landmarks. 3:2). Bryant. Born in Blood Masonic expressions that Robinson said were derived from French language roots include: Tyler: tailleur. or evil worker. John cautions the Christian brethren. Now.

Why the assumption that he will need money? Because he is running. which..” ”An old charge of Masonry says that if a brother comes to you. Robinson. “a protective gesture” Lewis (son of a Mason): levees. of course. wherever . “sprouts” or “scions” Abiff: biffer.Due guard (ID sign): geste du garde. “to strike out or eliminate” (Hiram a Biffe. “Hiram who was eliminated”) Jube: jube. give him ‘work’ for two weeks.We can find no fourteenth century precedent for any organization that consistently referred to fellow members as brothers [frere Macon]. but actual lodging..John J. except for the various religious orders. What he got was not the allegorical ‘work’.” . “rood screen” a place of penance or punishment (venir a Jube. “. “to get one’s just desserts) Intrant (Entered Apprentice): entrant The surviving members of the Knights Templars in England would have had to flee or hide to escape persecution and death. included the Knights of the Temple. Born in Blood “To all poor and distressed Masons. then give him some money and direct him to the next lodge. and hiding.

no weapons with which to defend yourself. Robinson.” . ”Take comfort from the fact that all of your brothers are sworn to help you. We will keep your secrets.John J. If you are naked. no armor to ward off the blows of your enemies. Your call for help will never go unanswered. vouch for him to the local authorities.“The Tyler’s Toast” “All through the oaths and the Old Charges we see emerging a mutual aid and protection society..e.Masonic initiation Another Old Charge “says that a visitor brother is not to go ‘into the town’ unless accompanied by a local brother who can ‘witness’ for him (i. You have no money with which to feed and lodge yourself.” . Born in Blood “You have come to us bound. and a safe return to their native country. we will clothe you. half-naked. protecting men who could die if caught.dispersed over the face of Earth and Water. should they so desire it. wishing them a speedy relief from all their sufferings. and defenseless. If you are hungry. who had the . we will feed you. We will shelter and protect you from your enemies.” .

Christopher Knight & Robert . with the ultimate risk of being burned alive at the stake. and later held the post of the Master of Masons of Scotland until the late 1700s.he asks that his body be cut in two and his bowels burned to ashes should he break his oath of secrecy. just as today’s Masons process in their ‘circumambulation’ of the lodge. later historical developments confirm this view because the St Clair family of Rosslyn became the hereditary Grand Masters of the Crafts and Guilds and Orders of Scotland..” . without any shadow of doubt.’ That statement makes no sense whatever in the context of a society descended from medieval stonemasons.” ”In the lecture that sums up the initiation of a new Master Mason.” ”When the Templars processed around their circular churches they had only one way to move: in a circle. Robinson. the newly admitted candidate is told that this degree ‘will make you a brother to pirates and corsairs. but would not have seemed to much to a man whose betrayal would mean days and weeks of torment with whips and chains and red-hot irons.. Born in Blood “We can now be certain.” ”. Such a penalty would seen totally out of line for a broken oath taken by a stone cutting guild member.In the initiation of the Master Mason of the third degree.right to arrest strangers of unknown business in the town)..John J..” . that the staring place for Freemasonry was the construction of Rosslyn Chapel in the mid-fifteenth century.

Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus . the masons building his scroll shrine had to know the layout of the underground vault network and they knew that this strange building was to house something of great value. the 10 pounds-ayear standard masons (or apprentices) and the 40 pounds-a-year ‘mark masons’ who were honored by the possession of a personal mark in the continental fashion.Lomas. without telling them the great secret of living resurrection which was reserved for speculative Masons. “William St Clair had an obvious problem with security. Knight and Lomas speculate that the Chapel also contained a copy of the vaults at Solomon’s Temple and its hidden treasure. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus William St Clair designed and built Rosslyn Chapel using the plans of Solomon’s Temple.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.” . and incorporating many Templar and Masonic motifs. ”William St Clair was a brilliant and talented man and we believe that he devised the First Degree of Craft Masonry and the Mark Mason Degree to give his operative masons a code of conduct and an involvement in the secret. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. It is a matter of record that he had two grades of stonemason on site. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.

Schaw started this major project on 28 December 1598 when he issued ‘The statues and ordinances to be observed by all the master maissouns within this realme.” ”He made a leading Mason by the name of William Schaw his General Warden of the Craft and instructed him to improve the entire structure of Masonry.” . Robinson Hiram Key: Pharaohs. Schaw developed a strong interest in . The younger son of a laird (landowner) with close connections with the court. being initiated into the Lodge of Scots and Perth in 1601 at the age of thirty five.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.’ signing himself as ‘the General Warden of the said craft’. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “The man who more than anyone else deserves the title of creator of modern Feemasonry was William Schaw. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas Origins of Modern Freemasonry (1) The Acception “King James VI of Scotland (also later James I of England) was the only child of Mary Queen of Scots and the first king to rule both England and Scotland. He was also the first king known to be a Freemason.Order directly on-line from Amazon Books n in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry by John J.

In these he laid down regulations for the organization and practice of the mason craft through a system of ‘lodges’.” . reviving and developing Medieval masonic mythology and rituals in a Renaissance atmosphere. in 1598 and 1599.architecture and in 1583 was appointed master of works by King James VI of Scotland.” . Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “As general warden and master of works Schaw issued two codes of statutes...” ”At first sight is might seem that his statutes are solely concerned with the organization and regulation of the working lives of stonemasons.He was doing much more.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. probably kept specific religious practices out of their lodges as to do otherwise would have been to confront the church with an attack on its monopoly of religion but as a later date the morality without religious worship of the lodges made freemasonry attractive to those developing tolerant or deistic attitudes.” . The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.David Stevenson. it would appear.’ signing himself as ‘the General Warden of the said craft’.. The First Freemasons “Schaw started this major project on 28 December 1598 when he issued ‘The statues and ordinances to be observed by all the master maissouns within this realme.” “Scotland’s early freemasons.

David Stevenson. however. From the early 1600s there are also many documented examples of the introduction of non-operatives into Scottish operative lodges. There is not. who became SolicitorGeneral under fellow Freemason James I of England.stated that the masons of the Como area of Northern Italy were so renowned and had such recondite secrets to impart to their operatives that they were formed into an Order by a ..” ”The legend of the Commacine Masters.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “In Scotland there is a wealth of evidence for the existence of operative lodges organized on a geographical basis and backed up by statue law. was a champion of inductive reasoning and has been described as “the father of modern science”.. All the evidence suggests that accepted Masonry emerged in England and spread from there to Scotland. ”It is highly likely that Brother Bacon was the driving force behind the styling of the new second degree introduced by his close colleague William Schaw.. any evidence that these nonoperative members in any way altered the nature or workings of Scottish operative lodges until very late in the seventeenth century. by which time accepted Masonry was well established in England.” . The First Freemasons Sir Francis Bacon. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs.

as the number and stature of masons grew. The evidence comes back all the time to the appearance of non-operative masonry in England in the seventeenth century.” . some lodges had begun to admit honorary members who were not stoneworkers. A History of English Freemasonry “By the seventeenth century.“Freemasons.-non-existent. The London Masons’ Company founded the Acception. Evidence of their actual existence is singularly lacking.Elias Ashmole was one of the first recorded inductees into the Freemasons.John Hamill. The Craft. but the actual first recorded induction was Dr. but none was found. Robert Moray in Edinburgh in 1641. It took in as ‘accepted Masons’ men who did not belong to the company but who were willing to pay double the initiation fee. Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “..Papal Bull and ordered to travel Europe sharing their skills and ‘mystery’. Both Ashmole and Moray were founding members of the British Royal Society..” . The traditions and records of the German Steinmezen and French Compagnonage were diligently searched for traces of a speculative element. Mortar and Mysticism”. a parallel organization for that purpose. in 1619.”The Venetian Takeover of England and Its Creation of Freemasonry” Ashmole was an admirer of the Knights .” .Gerry Rose .

in the sense of social class the ‘better’ the conversation and the more lavish and expensive the entertainment. and much was discussed in the privacy of masonic meeting placed (usually taverns) after the rather dry formal doings in Lodge were over.” In England.The sights of its prime movers were already set on a movement underpinning a type of society .. For example.Which gave occasion to many sober men to judge. Laws and Ceremonies of the most noble Order of the Garter (1672) “Masonry became so fashionable that as the seventeenth century progressed the ‘acceptance’ (the collective term for nonstonemasons) became the majority in the masonic Lodges. no less famous for martial achievements in the east. “one thing united a majority of politically conscious people at this time: the need to preserve the gain of the Civil War of 1642-51 ... The ‘better’ the Lodge .Elias Ashmole. the Templars were “ a noble Order.the limitation of the power of the King. Institutions. than their wealthy possessions in the west. in 1670. Even after their trial.Templars.. that their wealth was their greatest crime.” .” ”Much was eaten much was drunk.. the Aberdeen Lodge had thirty-nine ‘accepted’ members while only ten remained ‘operative’ masons.

Stephen Knight..admirably suited to its purposes: a stable society with limited social mobility in which a secret inner ‘Old Boy’ association could provide an environment where considerable benefit could be gained by members who knew how to ‘play the masonic organ’” . The Brotherhood “A Mason’s life’s the life for me. .” . We laugh a little. To banish care or spleen. And hail each friendly brother: In lodge no party-feuds are seen. With joy we meet each other. Then mirth and glee about. Our duty still to pay. ‘Let there be light. But careful we in this agree. we play a little. ”Th’ Almighty said. We’re all happy to a man.. With heart and hand we ready stand. we drink a little..’ Effulgent rays appearing. We pass our time with mirth and glee. we one and all With pleasure soon obey. The Master’s call. We work a little. But when the glass goes round.

That.” . Let’s be happy to a man.Christopher Knight & Robert . We hail with joy sweet Charity. But unto Masonry alone.Dispell’d the gloom. We’ll laugh a little. From east to west it spread so fast.from J. The darling of the world. “Song XXX” in William Preston’s Illustrations of Masonry (1804) (2) The Invisible College “We can be sure that the Royal society germinated from the hothouse of thinking that was released by Bacon’s definition of the Second Degree of Freemasonry well before people such as Ashmole and Wilkins pierced it all back together after the traumas of the Civil War. In mystic rays then shone. Faith and Hope unfurl’d.” . Then mirth and glee about. the glory bright To this new world was cheering. we’ll drink a little. and play a little. Then while the toast goes round. Another light. We’ll work a little. so clear and bright. Bisset.

who in letters . This is an important year because it was the beginning of the Long Parliament. Comenius wrote ‘The Way of Light’. and was in the Palatinate during the fateful Rosecrucian years.” “Now the plot thickens. Present at the meeting are Mr. John Wilkins. They call for an ‘Invisible College’. “A Description of the Famous Kingdom of Macaria. which is a Rosicrucian code name.Lomas. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. In 1645. Wilkins was the man behind the Oxford meetings which become. through different routes. When the Long Parliament started. Comenius and Samuel Hartlib were involved. along with the Englishman Samuel Hartlib. Another founder of the Royal Society was Robert Boyle. Comenius was originally from Bohemia. One piece written by Hartlib in 1640. who at the time was the chaplain to the elector of Palatine.” is a utopian work addressed to the attention of the Long Parliament. a meeting takes place for a discussion of the natural sciences. there was another outburst of ecstatic literature [following the dissemination of Rosecrucian pamphlets]. Theodore Haak from the Palatinate and Dr. A year later. With the defeat of the Palatinate they both. There was a series of meetings in England in 1640. with whom he was in close contact. the British Royal Society. end up in England. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus “We date the formation [of the British Royal Society] earlier than was previously thought. in 1660.

”The key to the actual Rosicrucian tradition in the British Royal Society is Elias Ashmole.” ”Historian Frances Yates. and the book compiled by Ashmole. De Quincey states that Robert Fludd was . in a chapter entitled ‘Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry’. ‘Freemasonry is neither more nor less than Rosicrucianism as modified by those who transplanted it in England. was Newton’s bible. and the Theatrum Chemicum Britanicum of 1652. refers to. Also.Newton had a series of papers on the book of Daniel calculating the end times. The other major. in her book The Rosicrucian Enlightenment.in 1646. This is a compilation of all the alchemical writings by English authors. again. in which he explicitly mentions the Rosy Cross and pays homage to occultists Robert Fludd and John Dee. explicitly Rosicrucian figure was Isaac Newton. whence it was re-exported to the other countries of Europe’. He had copies of both the ‘Fama’ and the ‘Confessio” in his possession. In the opening of this work he praises a mythical event in which a brother of the Rosy Cross cures the Earl of Norfolk of leprosy. quotes one De Quincey. John Wilkins writes a book in 1648 called Mathematical Magic.. His scientific works were a defense of John Dee’s work. He was unabashedly a Rosicrucian and in 1654 wrote a letter to ask the ‘Rosicrucians to allow him to join their fraternity’.. who states. in particular Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphicas. The Theatrum. an invisible college. ”Ashmole was one of the official founding members of the British Royal Society.

What is fascinating is that Elias Ashmole was one of the first recorded inductees into the Freemasons. Oxford. just three years after the death of Galileo. together with the ancient brotherhood of the Rosy Cross: the Hermetic Adepti and the company of Accepted Masons. “The Venetian Takeover of England and Its Creation of Freemasonry” “Men of science in London... which was granted in 1662.” .Gerry Rose.’ It is interesting to note how clear the tradition is. Both Ashmole and Moray were founding members of the British Royal Society. but the actual first recorded induction was Dr.” . “The Venetian Takeover of England and Its Creation of . Born in Blood “While there are many stories about the ancient origins of the Freemasons..John J. the group felt secure enough in the apparently Protestant reign of Charles II to petition the crown for a royal charter. Robert Moray in Edinburgh in 1641..” . Robinson. By 1660. The name they chose was The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge. here is an announcement for one of their meetings in 1676: ‘To give notice that the Modern Green-ribboned Cabal..Gerry Rose. Their first secret meeting was held in 1645. and Cambridge met in secret in what has been termed an ‘invisible college’. which now appears to have existed in secret Masonic lodges in those areas.the person most responsible for bringing Rosicrucianism to England and giving it its new name.

John J. Within five years of the Lodge’s founding.. Robinson. “We believe that the current content of the three degrees of Craft Freemasonry was already present in just two degrees prior to Schaw’s reorganization that inserted an extra level of speculative masonry in between Entered Apprentice . click here. with almost every member and every founding member of the Royal Society a Freemason.Freemasonry” “When Freemasonry came public in 1717.” . Fellow Craft and Master Mason.” . The Gods of Eden Like the cords worn by the Templars. “each Masonic Blue Lodge initiation requires the use of a cord. “The Baphomet in History and Symbolism” For a descripton of the initiation rites into the three degrees. two additional degrees were added so that the system consisted of three steps: Entered Apprentice.” . Born in Blood (3) The New Grand Lodge System “The new Grand Lodge system established at the Goose and Gridiron Alehouse in 1717 consisted at first of only one level (degree) of initiation.Forrest Jackson.it appeared that the Royal Society was virtually a Masonic subsidiary. These steps are commonly called the ‘Blue Degrees’ because the color blue is symbolically important in them. or rather a ‘cabletow’..William Bramley.

typical of its time not only because it stood for rationalism. in turn speculative lodges.” . This new degree was introduced and designated the Fellow Craft.” .and Master Mason (which was originally known as the Master’s Part). The speculative lodges eventually combined to form the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1736. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. the club. derived we think from the fact that these masons were not workers in stone but workers in the ‘fellow craft’ of speculative masonry. The Craft. whilst others continued their purely operative nature.John Hamill. A History of English Freemasonry “The ‘craft’ of Freemasonry was one of the more extraordinary manifestations of the Age of Reason. deism.Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus The “Scottish operative lodges began in the seventeenth century to admit nonoperative members as accepted or gentleman masons and that by the early eighteenth century in some lodges the accepted or gentleman masons had gained the ascendancy: those lodges became. We are now sure that this degree was a development of the Mark Mason degree (and not the other way around as most Masons believe). It was in one way an emanation of that most British of institutions. and benevolence. but also because of the ambiguity which turned one side of its affairs from rationality to mystery. It took shape during the first three decades of the .

this distinguished his society from those of the contemporary ‘academies’. partly because of the rage then current there for all things British. the number was twenty-two. . and Switzerland.Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects “By 1730 when the Roman Catholic Duke of Norfolk was installed (prior to the first papal condemnation of Freemasonry in 1738). was deist and non-confessional. Italy. whose benevolent nature was assumed. Russia. six of them nobles. and a middlebrow and commonsensical attitude to life. on the eve of the French Revolution. who was installed in 1782. founded on the metaphors of the architecture of the universe and the building of the Temple. But it seemed to have a special appeal in France. there had been nine Grand Masters. this optimism was typical of British Whig self-assurance.” . The Mason asserted a non-clerical ethos.” . Germany. The Freemason obliged himself to submit to the civil power. there five Masonic lodges in Paris. He claimed to be instructed and enlightened. there were lodges in Belgium.Peter Partner. In 1735. but he did not set up to be learned. by 1742. The Murdered Magicians “Toward the end of the 1730s. there were perhaps 100. The first royal Grand Master was the Duke of Cumberland. and reflected the tolerance and the confidence of Hanoverian England. younger son of George II.000 Masons in France. Some forty-five years later. Its ideology.eighteenth century.

and that not so much as we are all Sons of the same One Eternal Father. a royal Priesthood. and the Fire of the Universe. and no wonder. This makes you.” . fit Companions for the greatest Kings. You are living Stones. compared to whom the mightiest and most haughty Princes of the Earth are but as Worms. In 1787 both the Prince of Wales (the future George IV) and his brother William (the future William IV) were initiated. Queen Elizabeth II is the present Grand Patroness. since the King of Kings hath condescended to make you so to himself. You are called from Darkness to Light.Stephen Knight. by whom all Things were made. The Brotherhood “Remember that you are the Salt of the Earth.with an Acting Grand Master. The patronage by the Royal Family of the new secret society was thenceforth assured. built up a Spiritual House. who believe and rely on the chief Lapis Angularis which the refractory and disobedient Builders disallowed. but inasmuch as we do the Will of his and our . the Earl of Effingham as his proxy. the Light of the World. you are a chosen Generation. my dear Brethren.

Remember. act accordingly..” .Father which is in Heaven. what the great End we all aim at is: Is it not to be happy here and hereafter? For they both depend on each other. you see what you are. and walk worthy the high Profession to which you are called... and he that would glorify and enjoy the Sovereign Good then must learn to do it now.Eugenius Philalethes. and from contemplating the Creature gradually ascend to adore the Creator. and show yourselves (what you are) MEN. preface . You see now your high Dignity. Long-Livers (1772). then. The Seeds of that eternal Peace and Tranquillity and everlasting Repose must be sown in this Life.

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