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. BAUM OFFICE: 451 S & T II PHONE: (703) 993-1628 DEPARTMENT OFFICE PHONE: (703) 993-1640; DEPARTMENT FAX: (703) 993-1638 EMAIL: RBAUM@GMU.EDU. ALWAYS include a subject title. WEB SITE FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS: OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday, Thursday, 3:30 - 4:00 pm and by appointment PREREQUISITE: Complete Technical Foundation (especially INFS 590) Principles and methods of building commercial applications within a high-level framework. Tools for system construction are considered, along with a variety of programming languages, component integration, and design methods. Applications are investigated through program construction in varied settings, such as database systems, graphical user interfaces, and prototyping. Programming projects are required. This course will primarily use Microsoft .Net. Both the Visual Basic and C# programming language will be covered. All assignments will be PC based. All student questions are encouraged REQUIRED TEXTS: Class Notes and Course Assignments; Book Store Class Files, Johnson Center Computing Laboratories OPTIONAL SUGGESTED TEXT: C# and VB.NET Conversion, Josa Mojica, OReilly FINAL EXAM: None; grade determined by projects. GRADE: The course grade will be determined as follows: COMPUTER PROGRAMS: 1000 POINTS

TOTAL: 1000 POINTS (The program total may decrease if fewer programs are assigned). The grading scale is: 900 - 1000 A 800 - 899 B 700 - 799 C 600 - 699 D < 600 F

ALL EXAMS MUST BE TAKEN AT THE SCHEDULED TIMES. CLASS ATTENDANCE: Class attendance will not be taken. However, the student is responsible for all material presented in class, and any changes made in class, including modifications in material covered, homework, examinations, or course schedule. PROGRAM ASSIGNMENTS: Students are expected to complete all programming assignments on their own. While obtaining general information from other students is permitted, IT IS NOT PERMITTED TO DIRECTLY COPY FROM ANOTHER STUDENT'S PROGRAM OR TO COLLABORATE ON AN ASSIGNMENT. This will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. BOTH THE PROGRAM LISTING AND PRINTOUT MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR THE PROGRAM TO BE GRADED. A PROGRAM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF IT DOES NOT RUN (I.E. PRODUCE OUTPUT). Program assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the due date. Except for the last program, a program will be accepted UP TO ONE WEEK LATE ONLY (the next class) with a late penalty of 5 points per day. The LAST program is due the last day of class. Electronic submissions can NOT be accepted. Please PRINT name, class, and student ID on assignments. If an assignment is submitted late, either fax it or give it to the ISE Secretary and ask for the date to be placed on it. Do NOT slide ANY work under my office door. Assignments should be picked up the week after submission in case of problems. It may not be possible to consider problems otherwise. If you are on any travel (business or personal), ALL DEADLINES still apply. Note: No side conversations are permitted. ALL cellular telephones MUST be turned off during class. COURSE WORKLOAD: This course will require a great deal of work (well beyond the usual 3 hour course), due to the programming assignments and the amount of text material covered. INCOMPLETE grades will NOT be given for this course. Class Files The files used in the class lecture notes can be obtained by downloading them in any Johnson Center PC lab from the INFS 650 account on the network. Also included in the class account is an Assign subdirectory containing all the files needed for the assignments. Ask a consultant for the specific subdirectory to use. The dates listed in the course outline are tentative. The schedule may be revised at the discretion of the instructor. The lecture notes should be brought to each lecture for reference.


WEEK Jan 26 Feb 2 Feb 9 Feb 16 Feb 23 Mar 2 Mar 9 Mar 17 Mar 23 Mar 30 Apr 6 Apr 13 Apr 20 Apr 27

TOPIC Introduction to Using Visual Studio and .Net Syntax (Visual Basic and C#) Control Structures Structured Exceptions; Redirection Subprograms Object-Based Programming Array Classes; Collections NO CLASS SPRING BREAK Inheritance Object-Oriented Programming Class Libraries; Windows Programming Windows Programming Continued Database Processing Graphics; Multiple Forms; Dialogs; Controls Components; Deployment; Intro to Web Overview of Application Security



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