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Who is the martyr that carried out the attack in Kabul?

Monday, 31 October 2011 15:25 -

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As you might already know, Kabul was once again rocked by a heart quenching attack on 29/10/2011 which left dozens of foreign invaders dead. So in this regard, we would like to provide our readers with a brief biography of the Mujahid who carried out the martyrdom operation: Shaheed Abdur Rahman (Hazarbuz) opened his eyes 23 years ago into this world and proudly left it the other day onto one which is everlasting while also sending 25 high ranking foreign military trainers to the depths of hellfire. Shaheed Abdur Rahman was born and raised in Kabul and had left the city 9 years ago along with his family to a European country. Shaheed Abdur Rahman was a handsome man who was blessed with beautiful manners. He was brought up in loving home and had attained high educated while at the same time was well versed in religious studies. He was a man of great character who possessed tremendous zeal for an Islamic Rule which needs no further elaboration after his heroic attack. He always cherished a deep desire in his heart. When would he reach such a status of martyrdom in which the enemies of this religion are also severely harmed?

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Allah had privileged him and his family with wealth and a prosperous life. His family as a whole had homes and businesses in the country and abroad. Shaheed Abdur Rahman was blessed with all of lifes comforts. He arrived on a brief trip for his martyrdom attack and bought a car in which to spend his remaining days. With all of this worldly wealth and property, his heart still desired one thing. In his own words; The pleasure of Allah and the high status of a martyr! Shaheed Abdur Rahman had told his close and sincere Mujahid friend; Allah has fulfilled all my desires in this world but one still remains; that of attaining martyrdom in the way of Allah. Two months prior to the attack, the military officials of Islamic Emirate had introduced this martyrdom seeking Mujahid to the martyrdom brigade camp in which he trained for a full two months. After that the Mujahid was given the option of selecting his place and instruments to be used in his operation for which he chose Kabul and an explosive laden vehicle. He made the decision from the many options given to attack the high ranking foreign officials who regularly travelled on the road between Khwaja Rawish airbase and Darul Amaan. When all the information was gathered by military officials through surveillance, an SUV was chosen which would be packed with seven hundred kilograms (700 kg) of explosives to target the armored bus of the enemy. Shaheed Abdur Rahman had gotten ready for his operation but the cunning enemy would always alter its travelling time. Sometime it would go to work at 08:00 am, sometimes at 09:00 am and sometimes it would go early in the morning. The resolute Shaheed Abdur Rahman did not want to carry out his operation where there would be a chance of civilian casualties, in accordance with the conditions laid out by

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leader of Islamic Emirate. So for this reason the Mujahid turned back from carrying out his attack three times because he saw that civilians will be harmed. From his own mouth: I once targeted the enemy vehicle in Kabuls Aryana Chawk but did not go through with it because of bus nearby full of civilians. Turned back for the second time after seeing civilians walking near the same vehicle around Dahmazand area and pulled the plug on the operation a third time because of the same reason. So he carried out his attack on the fourth go in a place where, all praise is due to Allah, civilian casualties were kept at a minimum. In this lethal strike, the enemy armored truck was completely burnt and destroyed; killing 25 high ranking military trainers along with several other hireling troops accompanying the enemy convoy. On the same day another heroic martyrdom attack was carried out by Darwaish, also a resident of Kabuls Charasyab district, Aslam village. He had enlisted in Kabul regimes ANA a year ago and was sent to a battalion in Uruzgan through Kandahar province. His aspiration was to carry out an attack on foreign invaders from a close range. This ardent Mujahid was in contact with Mujahideen from Nangarhars Khiwi district and had told them about his intentions and plan of attack: (Allah willing, I will carry out my martyrdom operation on the invaders from such a close district that I will see dozens of their dead rolling on the ground and being sent to hell.) This champion also fulfilled his vow on the same morning and carried out an attack in one of the battalions in Uruzgan province, killing 11 Australian invaders and 3 hirelings as well as wounding several others before himself embracing martyrdom from enemy fire. Surely to Allah we belong and to him is the return.

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