“Philosophy Shifting… From Time to Time-less… From Waiting to “Done Now”… How you can change everything”

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Perhaps the spirituality books that I have read and the other books on manifesting your destiny have enabled me to cross the Rubicon, or the event horizon- so to speak. This year I sat done and meditated on what kind of obstacles were causing me to wait so long for answers and solutions. I think that many of us hold a viewpoint that “solutions” to problems always take time to be solved. Either I am being overly confident or have stumbled across that Rubicon. What if? You believed that for each question or answer that you were seeking; this answer was just moments away? It would change your philosophy on life in general. No longer would you believe in stumbling blocks and hurdles as you progress from one point to another. Let’s make believe that the “universe” is all knowing and that this “all knowing” is also infinite- meaning that it exits in the past, the now, and also into the future. It knows “all”. That includes- “what you need”. Instead of holding onto the belief that solutions take up time, you switch your faith or belief into “knowing” that solutions can come “instantly”. It’s an exercise in changing what you believe about this entire world. You decide to drop the old belief that “answers and solutions” will take up time- and instead hold an unshakable faith that the “answers and solutions” are practically right in front of you, that you can find them instantaneously. That “faith” and “unshakable knowing” would perhaps shake the foundations upon which you normally operate. I recently decided to adopt this attitude. I have to admit that what has happened to me is that my actions toward finding a “solution and answer” are now more aware of this possibility. It seems that I am accomplishing very much more “in the now” and by doing so have jumped over some invisible old fashioned hurdle that used to keep me “wondering” or “pondering” or “planning” instead of “believing that the solution will appear in “moments”. I have found that instead of waiting to accomplish something that I thought would require “some time”; I instead am able to either find the solutions in the now, or at least start figuring out “how I can solve the problem exponentially quicker”. With the help of technology and the internet I believe that this philosophy will become more and more standardized- so that people will be able to solve their personal, business, or life questions in moments instead of days, weeks, or years. It is a true testing of one’s own ability to make a commitment to “shift your beliefs about reality in general”.

If the “universe” knows what I need even prior to my need for it, then there exists the potential that I will solve the problem “in the now”. This “new philosophy” may just make life much more exciting, as you or I find that the answers to our questions, the solutions to our problems don’t take physical and mental “force” or “inertia” – but that finding “solutions” lies in believing (the mental belief- a passive thing) that they already exist and are waiting for you to find them….in the now. I know this one “philosophy shift” is going to make 2007 a year full of “instant accomplishments”; so I am motivating you too in this effort. Make your life more simple by adopting these traits. Write down your goals for this year, and then re-think or re-write them in the terms that “instant solutions are possible”. It will also cause you to be more empowered (enthusiastic) in “moving forward toward goals” and also “give you more faith along your daily journey”. To help you do this, periodically during the day, re-fresh your mind with this “new philosophy” and see what happens. When you wake in the morning, make a conscious effort to remember this “in the now” potential. You’ll be more enthusiastic, more empowered, and any fear(s) may simply melt away. Live with less “doubt” and more “knowing”- knowing and believing that you randomly arrive at your goal due to the enormous power and potential of the “universe” knowing all and especially “knowing what you need before you need it”. This may in fact be what “faith” is all about…driving away from “doubt” and “believing that all will work well”. Take skepticism and throw it out the window, you really don’t want it slowing down your journey. Of course still use your brain to reason, but don’t put up that old fashioned barrier of “doubt” and “skepticism”- just as the farmer “knows” that the rains will come to grow his crops- you too should take the belief that the rains (solutions) will come for you in the right time and at the right moment. Toss your limits aside. Yours- Brian January 19, 2007 Some good authors that may foster this faithDr. Wayne Dyer Deepak Chopra Gregg Braden


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