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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer

1. All the sentences below use ‘the’, which one is correct?

a. Can you pass the sugar please?
b. The crime is a problem in many big cities.
c. The apples are good for you.
d. I love the skiing.

2. Which of the following does not need 'the'?

a. He's sailing up the Nile for his holidays.
b. My favourite Sea is the Mediterranean.
c. Have you ever been to the Bahamas?
d. I'd love to visit the America.

3. He’s ________ man who lives next door.

a. a
b. the
c. –
d. an

4. “I’ve been looking for ________ work for a long time”

a. the
b. –
c. a
d. an

5. Here are some Famous London Places. Which one does NOT use
a. The Bank of England
b. The British Museum
c. The Ritz (Hotel)
d. The London Zoo

6. Which of the following sentences is incorrect because it needs the

article ‘the’ before the place?
a. He’s gone to bed.
b. I’m still at school.
c. He’s in prison.
d. Stop jumping on bed!
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ARTICLES answers

a. Correct. Here the sugar is something in particular, i.e. the sugar on
the table.
b. Wrong. This means crime in general.
c. Wrong. This means apples in general.
d. Wrong. This means skiing in general.

a. Wrong. We need 'the' with names of rivers and canals.
b. Wrong. We need 'the' with names of seas and oceans.
c. Wrong. We need 'the' with plural countries.
d. Correct. With continents we do not use 'the'.

a. Wrong.
b. Correct. ‘He’s the man who lives next door’ is correct. We know which
man because of the extra information.
c. Wrong.
d. Wrong.

a. Wrong. ‘The work’ is not correct (unless it is understood which work it
is exactly by the speaker and listener.
b. Correct. ‘Work’ is uncountable and we do not know which work
c. Wrong. ‘A work’ is not correct. ‘Work’ is uncountable.
d. Wrong. ‘An work’ is not correct. ‘Work’ begins with ‘w’, not a vowel

a. Wrong. Places with of usually take ‘the’.
b. Wrong. Museums and galleries usually take ‘the’.
c. Wrong. Hotels & pubs usually take ‘the’.
d. Correct. If the first word is a place it usually does not take ‘the’.

a. Wrong. No article is necessary with bed when we mean to sleep.
b. Wrong. No article is necessary with school when we mean to study.
c. Wrong. No article is necessary with prison when we mean for
d. Correct. We need “the” because jumping is not the main purpose of