It was in me for a very long time now.

Most of what people right is what they perceive or what they think is correct, it is specific to a person’s thought. I attempt to something different.!! <p.s only knowing you has brought this out.!:*> It started with a self-realization that I have changed. Came as a revelation by mere accident, fate, coincidence, whatever and a pinch of my brilliance (:P).! Something was amiss in my life, I didn’t know what but something was needling me from within, everything was at its place as I had wanted it to be but it seemed I had moved. Then it struck me in the most unlikely of all plausible situations, a boring class on Mechanical Vibrations. The professor drew some graph that went up and down and had some Greek written all over it. Looking at this I was like this is exactly what my life is, up and down with some nonsense all over it, that is beyond my comprehension. Suddenly whatever he was teaching seemed interesting and a little unwillingly though I left “Angry Birds” at a critical stage and started focusing on the class, hoping that I may even find the solution of my graphanine dispiriting problem called life, in the solution to this particular question and indeed I did. After pestering the teacher’s pet for a while and his arduous attempt to make me understand some formula that involves a lot of more Greek, all I could understand was that the graph was governed by a very elementary mathematical equation and that was sufficient to answer my question. After understanding this, suddenly all the Greek around the graph made perfect sense and the graph looked like a piece of brilliance. This was it.! The moment of enlightenment; I figured, that each one of us has an equation, a pattern that governs our life. All that happens in our life, good or bad, is directed by this pattern. So I figured, to know the cause or solution to this feeling of emptiness in my life, it is essential to discover this pattern. I believe this is what people call self-realization or enlightenment, this is probably the answer sought by the sincere self-seekers. Also this answer that we all seek is something very elementary, very simple, something that is right in front of us but veiled by the mysteries of human nature. This I believe can only be uncovered by awareness, an awareness of ourselves, of the events in our lives and the linkage between them. But this requires a sense of shear surrender to the unknown realm of our soul and thus is very difficult. Yet one should never stop seeking it.