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Work In Progress
No. 1 Client Halico Update the Code of business conduct Discuss with Mr Cuong, Mr Minh, Ms Thuy and Peggey on contents of draft StPA progress report Translate Draft StPA progress report for and deliver to BOM meeting Deliver cordial invitations to Habeco and Halico management Ms Hang joined BOM meeting Take Sam and Eddie to Habeco for meeting with Mr Phong (Chairman) 2 Real Estate Weekly information update Create template teaser for Real estate project Completed template 1 Dung Dung Hung Anh review Done Done Done Done Ms Hang sent to client Work tasks Status Deadline Person in charge Dung Ha Van Ms Hang, Hung Anh Hung Anh Hung Anh, Dung Ms Hang Hung Anh Note Supported by Hung Anh

Viet Intelligences Corp.

Initiate teaser for CV4.4 (Skyview Le Duc Tho)

Draft completed Pending from VIC


Request information of CV4.4

Dung, Hung Anh

Attend ground-breaking event of Skyview Le Duc Tho Geleximco Draft Agreement of Consultancy for project Golf Course in Trung Minh Ky Son, Hoa Binh AEON
Hung Anh took AEON team to visit Nam

Dung, Mr Nam Nam Version 2 sent to Ms Hang for review 27/10/2011 Dung Ms Hang and Hung Anh to visit land site in Hoa Binh on 3 Nov Supported by Dung

Hung Anh

Hong project site.

Yoshiki sent AEON team maps of Nam Hong


Hung Anh

project Keppel Land Ms Hang to introduce part of Nam Hong Project to Keppel Land Planning Pending inprinciple approval by authorities Schedule to be confirmed by experts

Hoa Binh province

Agriculture project (Cassava, Ba Kich) Hung Anh to take experts in agriculture to project site for feasibility study

Hung Anh + Nam

Banking Pending Hung Anh review In progress 10 out of 25 banks updated 7 out of 18 banks updated In progress Done Finance Company update. Finance Leasing Company update in progress

Banking report

Part I (background)

Loan, Ngoc, Nam

Part II (detailed info)

Tier 1,2 of banks

Loan, Ngoc


Tier 3 of banks

Nam Hung Anh agreed to template Difficulty in finding information of Finance/Finance Leasing Companies in VN (Financial Statements, Annual Reports...)

Bank card products

Loan, Ngoc

Finance/Finance Leasing



Updates Pramex

Weekly information update

Loan Hung Anh Nam to undertake potential services Nam to undertake potential services

LienVietPost Bank

Ms Hang had lunch with Mr Minh and Mr C to set up a golf course between Mr.Philippe Garsuault, CEO of IOM, and Mr Hoang Dang, GD of

Hung Anh

Pramex Ms Hang and Hung Anh met up with Ms Son (Dep. GD) to agree on the working schedule:

In-depth discussion with functional Directors to gain better understanding of LVPB operation. (Attendees: Mr. C, Mr. Trung and Departmental Directors. Mr. Philippe Garsuault, CEO of IOM, Mr Hoang Dang, GD of Pramex) Lunch with LVPB board of management (Attendees: Mr. Minh, Mr. Trung and Mr. C. Mr. Philippe Garsuault, Mr Hoang Dang) Intimidate golf course (Attendees: Mr. Minh, Ms Son. Mr. Philippe Garsuault, Mr Hoang Dang)
Maritime Bank Movenpick - VinaCap 4 Mining (Titan & Gold)

Delayed for 1 month

December 2011

Ms Hang, Hung Anh

Hung Anh

Nam to undertake potential services Supported by Loan, Ngoc


Titan Gold Bauxite Atlantic Co., Benchmarks of Titan, Gold Processing companies 5 6 NEM My Way

Evaluation report Evaluation report

Sent to Mr Minh for review. To keep track Sent to Mr Minh for review.

27/10/2011 27/10/2011

Loan, Ngoc Loan, Ngoc Nam

Dung, Ha Van support in translation


Loan, Ngoc

Ms Hang introduced to Don Lam Visit project site in Ngoi Hoa Bay, Hoa Binh province Discuss with Mr Hng (Dep GD) on potential cooperation 01/11/2011 Ms Hang, Dung Ms Hang, Hung Anh Hung Anh Pending further project details from My Way

7 8

GAMI Food Trung Thanh Duc Viet Sausage

Hung Anh Nam Weekly information update Weekly information update Set-up of new liquid plant Dung Ha Van Nam

9 10 11

Confectionary Fuel Drinks

Weekly information update Kim Boi 12 Pharmaceuticals Weekly information update

Ha Van Nam Ha Van