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CULVERHAY SCHOOL Department of Physical Education


UNIT 4 Task 3a
The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
NAME: Bradley Isaac DEPTH
DemonstrationComprehensive Not Demonstrated Detailed Demonstration Basic Demonstration

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Assessment Criteria

Pupils are able to name the major areas of the heart and its valves Pupils explain the process of blood flow through the heart and its chambers Pupils are able to name the major blood vessels bringing blood back to and away from the heart Pupils explain pulmonary ventilation Pupils briefly describe the process of gaseous exchange at the alveoli Pupils explain the process of inspiration and expiration Pupils can name the major structures of the respiratory system Pupils are able to give volumes for both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems e.g. SV, HR and TV


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Overall comments/Suggestions for improvement: Bradley you showed a good understanding of what was asked of you and as normal your recall in these assessments was very strong indeed, However to get a distinction grade you would have needed to think a little outside of the box and mention the work of the 4 heart valves in a little more detail. Overall Grade: F P M D Signed Mr. Seavill Date 04.11.2011