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As a part of the course curriculum, the first year M.B.A. students are required to prepare a financial project report. The objective behind preparing this project report is to relate the management subjects taught in the classroom to their practical application. The preparation of this project report is based on financial analysis of annual reports of 5 consecutive years for a public limited company using Ratio Analysis, Common Size Statements and other financial tools. The scope of the project report is limited to the study of the financial position of the company on the basis of the published data available. Our work in this project is, therefore, a humble attempt toward this end. In spite of our best efforts there may be errors of omissions and commissions, which may please be excused.

Through this Acknowledgement we express our sincere gratitude towards all those people who have helped us in the preparation of the project, which has been a learning experience. We would like to thank the Director, Prof----------------, the faculty, the computer lab instructor and the librarian of ------------------------for their support. Finally, we express our sincere to Prof. ---------who guided us throughout the project and gave us valuable suggestions and encouragement. A success is sustained by the hands of more than one person directly or indirectly. We are grateful to our parents & friends for their love and moral support. At last but not the least, we are grateful to the almightily God, who has created this beautiful World.

Uday Pandya
(MBA 1)

Executive Summery is an important part of the project in which have we included all the information of my project in a short manner. My project is on the titled financial analysis of Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited About Company The foundations for Torrent were laid when 'Trinity Laboratories' began operations under the able guidance of Shri Mehta whose efforts are worthy of emulation. 'Trinity' was renamed 'Torrent' and with this not only did the company get a new name, it also focused on establishing its own manufacturing facilities in the early 80s. Torrent augmented its efforts with the expansion of its manufacturing capacity, emphasis on marketing and creating business opportunities through focus on exports. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited recorded a quantum leap in the year 1994. It has also been rated India's ninth best company among capital intensive companies in terms of ROCE in a study by ETIG-BCG in 2001.

Infrastructure ::

Land - 178,000 sq. metres Built-up Area - 50,000 sq. metres for Formulations, 10,000 sq. meters for API Excellent Support Services Finished Products - Oral Dosage Form, Injectables Freeze Dried Sterile Injections, API - Multi Product, Versatile Facility, Upgraded to International Standards Hygiene Zones Process step dependent special zones created for each type of activity

About Analysis Objectives To find out various critical aspects of the financial statements. To analyze and interpret the financial strength of the company. To know about trends of profit, sales expenditure, net worth, fixed assets and various other trends of the profit & loss and balance sheet statements. And the last and foremost thing is to fulfil the requirement of the course.

Analysis:We have calculated various ratios such as liquidity ratios, profitability ratios, solvency ratios, turnover ratios to find out the financial performance and soundness of the company. We have also compared the balance sheet and profit & loss account of the company for last 5 years.

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Brief overview of the industry Introduction Of The Company History Of The Company Founder & Leaders Objectives, vision & mission Organizational Design Production Marketing Personnel

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Comparative Balance Sheet And Analysis Of Balance Sheet


Comparative Profit & Loss Account And Analysis Of Profit&LossAccount

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Common Size Statements and its Analysis

Trend Analysis (Index Analysis)

Analysis of Cash flow Statement

Ratio Analysis

Finding and Suggestions

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