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Further details about Massoud Khodabandehs involvement in the HRW Report are provided at the end of this section.

The role of Nejat

In discussions with residents at Camp Ashraf, the delegation was informed of various forms of psychological pressure placed on the families of PMOI members living in Iran, by the Iranian regime or groups affiliated with the regime.

Upon its return, the delegation conducted research into these groups, which are said to be set up in order to save PMOI members imprisoned in Camp Ashraf. One example is an

organisation by the name of Nejat or rescue translated into Farsi. The main aim of these groups appear to be to place pressure on the family members of PMOI members in Camp Ashraf, to in turn place pressure on their relatives in Camp Ashraf to leave the Camp and return to Iran.

Hosseinali Amiri, General Director of the Judiciary in Fars province, Iran, stated,

Nejat Association is made up of those who have left hypocrites [the name used by the Iranian regime for the PMOI] in each province, under the supervision of the Intelligence Ministry and the section for combating hypocrites. They are very active. Without referring to Ministry of Intelligence, they are contacting almost all families of the members of the hypocrites through the country 162

162, 2 May 2004

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