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Introduction Process Of Memory Capacity Of The brain The Memory Stealers Mnemonics Introduction 3 Steps For A Great Memory Top 3 Memory Myths 5 Guidelines For Enhancing Your Memory About Memory Vision Products

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There is good news for everyone who wants to improve his or her memory. New research has shown that your memory power can keep increasing - all you have to do is to keep exercising it constantly. The more you jog it, the better your memory functions. It works like this: The brain has some 10,000,000,000 neurons and the more connections you stimulate between neurons, the more efficiently they recollect information. In the Information Age, you accumulate so much data on academics, business, income tax, entertainment etc through newspapers, magazines, Internet etc., that you find ourselves caught in an Information Web. This ebook will give you valuable information to take control of your memory.
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Process of Memory
Memory is a process and it has three steps namely: Registration Retention Recall Registration is the process of storing information in your brain. But you must ensure that you use a right way of registration. Registration must be proper and be impactful. For this, visualizing and understanding the information will help a great deal. Also, there is no memory without understanding. Retention: This is the ability to hold the information in your brain for as long as you want it to be. The quality of your retention is directly proportional to the quality of your registration. Recall: This is the ability to bring out the information at will. When the registration and the retention are proper, the recall would be automatic. If you are not able to recall the information when needed, that only means that the information is not properly stored in your brain. Memorising is a process and it has to be initiated. To initiate this process you have to use some scientific tools like Mnemonics.
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Capacity Of The Brain

Here are some facts with the help of which you can ascertain the capacity of the brain. The capacity of the brain is so much that its really unbelievable. It is so extraordinary that you cant fill up a brain in your lifetime. See the following facts: Fact 1 Each brain has 1012 neurons (brain cells) That is around 1 million million neurons Each neuron is equivalent to one personal computer in capacity Fact 2 The CRAY Super Computer operates at 400 million calculations per second The CRAY Super Computer would have to run nonstop for a 100 years if it has to achieve what your brain can do in 1 minute Fact 3 Start telling 10 words per second to a just born baby Continue to do this till he reaches the age of 100 years Now, if he can remember all the words which he listened throughout his lifetime, he would have used not more than 50 % of his memory power tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
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The Memory Stealers

There are three things that steal away your memory power. Just the awareness of these three things can do a lot of good. We call them as 3 D's. Any memory problem can be traced back to one or more of the 3 Ds. Disbelief: If you dont have belief in your memory capacity, it will not help you. You have learnt about the unlimited capacity to remember. So why don't you start believing in our memory. And it will surely help. Unfortunately what we do is We remember what we forget and forget what we remember! We frequently make an issue about what all we forget. But hardly any one gives credit to their memory. Disinterest: This need not be over emphasized. If you don't have interest in what you are learning, then you cannot remember it anyway. Try to search ways and means on how you can make our learning more interesting. It will be a rewarding experience. Disuse: Use it or lose it is the philosophy of the brain. So whenever you gather new information, make sure that you use it frequently. Also make proper revision in order to remember. Come out of the traps of 3 Ds.
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Mnemonics - Introduction
Mnemonics is the science of memorising information. This is a very ancient science and it dates back to 500 BC. But unfortunately these techniques of Mnemonics did not get the popularity they rightly deserved. The name Mnemonics comes from the Greek word Mnemosyne which is the name of the Greek goddess of memory. With the help of Mnemonics one can remember anything. The scope is unlimited. If we are featured in the Record Books consistently for having an outstanding memory, its just because, we are employing the tools of Mnemonics. We hold memory records for performing memory feats like memorising a 2000 digit number, memorising 705-digit binary number, memorising the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards in under 3 minutes etc. If one can get into the record books by using Mnemonics, its obvious that it can be used in day-to-day memory needs as well.
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3 Steps For A Great Memory

Mnemonics is a huge science. This is a fun way and a scientific way of learning things. If we boil all the Mnemonic techniques, we get the following three important elements. We call them the three steps for a great memory. Just remember the word VAP. V - Visualisation A Association P Pleasure Just make sure that your learning process is VAP enabled. Visualisation is a very important tool for having a good memory. It is common knowledge that you remember pictures better than anything else. Pictures are easier to understand and therefore you remember them for a long time. One of the good ways of registering the information well is to convert the information into a visual. Try to visualise what you want to learn. By doing so, you are communicating to the brain in the language it knows. And therefore better retention and recall is facilitated. Association is simply linking data. It is said that All memory is association. The law of association is: If you want to remember something, link it to something which you already know. By doing this, both the facts are linked together in the brain. This helps build your memory to a great extent.
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Pleasure is vital while learning. When learning is fun, learning is easy. You have to have fun/pleasure in the learning process. If you can enjoy the process of learning, half of the problem is eliminated. If you scan your memory bank, the things you remember well, are those with which you have associated pleasure. Unfortunately, memorising is usually equated with pressure. This is purely because of lack of awareness of Mnemonic tools right from the school days. If you consciously try to use VAP in your learning, nothing is difficult to remember. The Secret: Heres the secret why Mnemonics is a non-failing science. The most important thing in Mnemonics is that this is an automatic concentration technique. When you are consciously trying to Visualise, Associate and to have Pleasure, what you are doing is, indirectly you are paying attention on the information. Thats what memory is all about. Paying attention. These systems work like magic.
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Top 3 Memory Myths

Myth 1: Consuming memory pills and tonics is the easiest way to improve your memory. Fact: Most pills that are marketed as memory improvement pills are really not effective. These pills are definitely good for the well-being of your brain. These pills help you have a healthy brain. Please understand that healthy brain does not necessarily mean sharper brain. And if your brain is healthy, there is no guarantee that you will have a great memory. I will give you a good analogy to explain this concept. You can take some medicines/pills etc to have healthy and strong hands. Does that mean you will be able to play a piano? If you want to play a piano, you need to train your hands to be able to do that. This requires effort and patience. Just having healthy hands will not suffice. Similarly just having a healthy brain will not suffice to have a great memory, though it definitely helps. If you want to have a great memory, you need to train your brain for that. The easiest way to improve you memory is to use memory techniques. These techniques give a really good workout to your brain and build your memory muscles. Myth 2: If I cross the age of 40, it is certain that my memory power will deteriorate. Fact: Age is never a deterrent to learn any skill. And memorising is a skill. At any age, anyone can learn any skill. The only thing which is required is the willingness to try.
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Have you not heard of people who went to ballroom dancing classes at the age of 50? And you must be seeing several 60 yr old people jogging on the streets every morning. Now, these people chose the option to learn new skills. If a person can choose to be physically fit the age of 60, there is nothing that can stop him to be mentally fit. The most important word here is ACTION. If you are willing to put in action, you can improve your memory irrespective of your age. Myth 3: By using more of my memory, I am doing a disservice to myself, as I am using up the precious space in my brain. Fact: This is probably the biggest myth. You already have learnt about the storage capacity of the brain in the section Capacity of the brain. You can never use up the entire capacity of the brain. It is just impossible. What you must know, here, is an amazing secret of your brain. The more you remember, the more you can remember. Thats right. The more exercise you give to your brain, the sharper it becomes. You learn new information by hooking it to the existing information in your brain. So, the more you learn, the more hooks you create in your brain. The more hooks you have in your brain, the more information you can hang on to your brain.
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5 Guidelines For Enhancing Memory

1. Accept that you have a great memory. 2. Be interested in what you are learning. 3. Try to visualize when you are learning. 4. Exercise your brain as much as you can by way of solving puzzles, reading, crosswords, solving jumbles and occasionally challenge your memory with small memory tests. 5. Be a life long learner. It is proved that, as long as the brain is in a learning mode, you not only have a good memory, but also, all the mental faculties will tone up. You can learn a new skill, a new computer programme, playing a musical instrument, cooking a dish, learning a new language etc. About Anant Kasibhatla Anant is the director of Memory Vision -The Memory Training Company. He is an Indian National Record Holder for having extra-ordinary memory. He has a very rich experience of about ten years of training people from all walks of life on memory improvement. He has co-authored one book and is currently involved in writing two books on memory enhancement and accelerated learning. He conducts Memory Management Programmes for corporate houses, institutes and schools. For information, visit
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About Memory Vision

Memory Vision was formed to dispel some wrong perceptions people have regarding memory improvement. Its team (comprising of Anant Kasibhatla, Nishant, Venkat) has created awareness among thousands of people about why people forget, what one can do to enhance one's memory through Memory Awareness programmes and Memory Management Workshops globally. Memory Vision has conducted programmes in United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia and Singapore apart from India. Now its all set to conduct workshops in Brunei, Philippines, Australia, China and UAE too The team holds several national records (Limca) and one world Record in memory. One of the team members is awarded "International Grand Master of Memory" and Grand Master of Memory titles by International Federation of Memory Sport, London during his participation in the World Memory Championship. The Memory Management Workshop deals with all the memory requirements of the executives like remembering ideas, to-do lists, presentations, names and faces, statistics, vital company information, coming out of absentmindedness etc. The simple yet effective techniques not only help improve their memory, concentration, observation, imagination and creativity, but also zoom up their overall efficiency leading to more productivity. Memory Vision has conducted training in more than 50 companies and institutions including MNCs and Government Linked Companies in seven countries. Companies and organization like Petronas, Shell, Bank
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Negera Malaysia, Indian Oil Corporation, Nestle, Motorola, LG Electronics, Coca Cola, British Telecom, Glaxo SmithKline, Sprint RPG etc have been benefited by workshops conducted by Memory Vision. Also visit our website located at for more information on our activities, programmes, track record, achievements, feedback and other details.
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