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Shalini Kumar

Morpheus is here

Beware Lesser Gods

Radico Khaitans Managing Director, Abhishek Khaitan has a dream. Proud owner of four millionaire brands already - 8 PM, Magic Moments, Old Admiral and Contessa - this restive innovator is hungry for more. He wants to drive his company to new heights by identifying new price points and becoming a category-creator.
nd, as always, to ensure his dream is fulfilled without hiccups, he has hired the best man for the job: Morpheus. No, no, no! Morpheus, the mythological God of Dreams, is not his marketing or brand manager, but the name of the super-premium brandy he has just launched! Radico has introduced Morpheus brandy in the super-premium category in the South Indian markets and has no peers at this

price point, though the idea to hit this category might have originated from the healthy growth of existing brandies in the south. Radico wants to corner at least a 10-15 per cent market share in the premium to super premium range by the end of this fiscal. There are premium whiskeys, vodkas, etc in the market, but this is the first time that the premium brandy is being launched in India, says Abhishek. As of now it has launched the brandy in southern India. The company, later on, plans to take this brand to different parts of the country. With God of Dreams on his side, Khaitan seems confident of reaching his dream destination. You have to look only once at his track record in creating four millionaire brands to know Khaitan means business.

Redefining IMFL Segment

Success has not been new to Radico. Mind it, 8PM whiskey has been a runaway success since its launch in 1999, sold one million cases - a record for any Indian or foreign brand 26

operating in India. This record also made it the first brand in the liquor industry to make it to the Limca Book of Records. Since innovation and creativity is the buzz word there, Team Radico launched 8PM whiskey as New 8PM giving it a distinctive look Our flagship brand 8PM has been launched as New 8 PM with a superior brand experience. Made of quality grains, new 8PM extended itself to bring lavishness and enjoyment, says Abhishek. 8 pm is a decade old brand; our specialization is innovation of brands. When we launched 8 pm whisky it touched million cases 1st year. Gravure printing on bottles gives an international outlook to the brand. This label represents the new trend in producing distinctive clear look labels. The bottles are sealed with Guala caps, adds Abhishek. Another success story is Magic Moments Vodka - the fastest growing brand in its category- launched in the deluxe vodka category in 2006. It has succeeded in creating a new price point. The packaging was an instant hit - frosted bottle with a unique guitar shaped glass window,

Magic Moments vodka controls more than 70% of market share in the operating segment

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