ETL TESTING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ITC INFOTECH 1. What is Data Warehousing? 2. Explain The Project? 3.

What test process are done ur project? 4. Join And Selfjoin 5. Varchar and vachar2 Differences 6. What is Dimension and Fact table. 7. What is data mart? 8. Latest entry in table( Query) 9. Display the max of avg sal from each dept? 10. My table is Emp

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A. What is SCD1.B two tables. In A have 10 columns and have 0 columns whenever I write a Query likes Selcet * from A.100 tables is there.SCD2 and SCD3 15 primary key . how to update all columns at a time? . some tables have same column names there. unique 16.foriegn key. i want to display how many tables have same column names? 12. mY table name Student stdid maths phy che telu 1 25 52 32 12 5 25 42 23 44 i want to highest marks in each student output look like as stdid highestmarks 1 52 5 44 11. In my Schema .11. What is Fact Table ? what the fact tables in ur Project? 13.priority and severity 14.B ? Wt is the output above query 10.

How to see hidden files in unix? 7.dispaly 5 th highetst salary without using subquery? 18.display which dept having morethan 3 emloyees? 19. Project 2. Types of schemas in Data warehousing? 5.drop 21. OLAP and OLTp . union and union all UHG 1. How to kill the processin unix? 6. How to know which process is runnning in Unix? 4. bug life cycle? 20 delete. How to know how many members r loggin in ur system in unix cmd? 8.truncate.17. How to find files in directory/sub dir with first 5 letters? 3. eaplain test plan ? 22.

To To display emp name and his managaer name? Display each dept total employess To_char fn Trunc fn NVL fn Opearator precedence in sql Clauses in sql is traceability matrix in testing 16. What 22. Testing life cycle Etl test process Retesting and Regression testing To display max sal in table To display who was joined in last month ZENSAR . 18. To display duplicates in a table? To Delete duplicates in Trable? 13. 25. What is Datawarehousing? 10. How to know background/foreground process in unix 11. 20. 21.9. In my table have 100 rows there . 17. 12. 19. 15.I want to display 3 to 7 rows only 14. 26. 24. 23.

display even number of records query .prototype maodel.project 2. delete from duplicates & display duplicates 3.retesting and regression testing 3. DDL/DML difference 4 SDLC/STLC 5.max sal query 4.Nth heighst sal query.1 validation and verification 2.scd3 3 how to maintain history in scd2 4 group by clause 5.olap and oltp 6. 2.scd2.bug life cycle 7 priority anf severity 1.scd1.spiral model Wipro 1.waterfall moedel.

5. perticular recards display query 6. display last display query 7. concat two col query 8.only distinct values display to retrive all rows except last row 9.deptwise heighst sal query 11.count the number columns query / .

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