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Neighborhood and Community Cats are being trapped Is your cat missing??


Cats have been socializing behind the strip mall at 8650 Old Kings Rd. S. for many years Last year some concerned citizens voluntarily took on a project to TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) With TNR, cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped and returned to the colony Over 30 cats were TNR'd and homes found for 10 more adults and 12 kittens TNR was a success as there have been no kittens born to this colony since November 2010 There could be as many as 500 additional cats if TNR had not been conducted The "caretakers" have assumed all costs for TNR, feeding and care of these cats This colony is managed by the caretakers and is registered with the City of Jacksonville Cats have been fed in the back of the building along the fence, out of sight, for over a year June 2011 - maintenance employees on the property of the strip mall reported to witnesses they were instructed to trap cats and then drop them off "somewhere on the Westside" If done, it was illegal: "animal abandonment" under Jax Animal Cruelty ordinances A neighbor wrote to the leasing company about the activity and the trapping stopped Early October 2011 a professional trapper was hired to trap and dispose of the cats When asked where they are taking the cats, both trapper and LRS Company management said "a no-kill shelter", but wouldn't say which one - because there are none for strays This week the trapper stated he is allowed to euthanize (KILL) the cats himself Thus far no cats have been brought in to JACPS (Animal Control) by this trapper, trapping company or physical location since the trapping was initiated Roosevelt and Sebastian, a pair of loving and deaf white cats, were trapped Sunday night Management has refused to discuss their concerns or options of dealing with the cats Instead, issued no-trespassing, vandalism and criminal mischief notices to caretakers Removing the colony will result in unaltered cats moving in and reproducing With no caretakers, cats and kittens will continue arriving, increasing the population Please help by calling the contacts below. Let your voice be heard. LRS Company: 904-744-5965 (management co) Mayor's Office: 904-630-1776 Allstar Animal Removal: 1-888-99-TRAPPER Jax Sheriff's Off: 904-630-0500 Jax Animal Care & Protective Services: 904-630-2489 City Council Members/ Commissioners - various members & numbers in phonebook