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Unit 3 AO: 3

Introduction The multi-stage fitness test measures for cardio vascular endurance, which is the ability to work the heart and lungs for a prolonged period of time without becoming fatigued. (class notes) An example of a sports person who would need good cardio vascular endurance is Shane Williams because he has got to run around a rugby pitch for 80 minutes, so he needs to be able to run for a prolonged period of time. Another example is Paula Radcliff, who is a marathon runner so she needs to have good cardio vascular endurance. Method To set up the test you will need to have a measuring tape, cones, CD player and the CD with the beep track on it. Then to set the test up you need to measure a distance of 20 metres and put cones at each end then put the CD in the CD player and youre ready to do the test. But first of all you need to warm up, so that you dont pull any muscles, you can warm up by going for a light jog and stretching. For the stretches, you want to stretch the upper and lower parts of your body. So you can stretch your chest by doing circle motions with your arms. Then you need to stretch your legs, by doing about 10-15 lunges, lunges are when you put one of your legs forward and go down on one knee but dont let your knee touch the ground keep your knee about a cm off the ground, do these stretches while walking forward, switching legs on each one. Then to stretch your hamstring, keep one leg straight and put the other diagonally in front of you, then put the heel of the foot in front into the ground, and point your toes upwards, then you should feel a burning strain in the back of your leg that means that youre stretching your muscle. In the test you have to run back and fore between the cones, keeping with the beeps on the CD, you have to keep this up for as long as you can, this test is progressive so it will get harder as you go along. After the test you need to do a warm down so that you dont get lactic acid gathering in your muscles. In this warm down, you can go for a light jog, not going to fast though and stretching. The whole point of a warm down is so that the gaps in the muscle fibres store lactic acid and stretching gets rid of the lactic acid. Result In this test my result was 9 and nick got 9.1 and josh got 11. Discussion In this test josh got the highest score because he goes jogging a lot, so he has better cardio vascular endurance, plus he also plays rugby so that obviously improves his cardio vascular endurance. Conclusion I was pleased with my result in this test, but my target for next time will be to reach 10 because I think I can do better.

The Abdominal Curl Test

Introduction: this test is to do with muscle endurance, muscle endurance is the ability to work a muscle or group of muscles for a prolonged period of time without becoming fatigued (class work). An example of a person who would need muscle endurance is Adam jones because he needs to play for 80 minutes repeatedly rucking and scrum ageing, against the opposition. Another example of a person who would need muscle endurance is a person in the army because they need to carry a heavy rucksack and gun around all day. Methodology: In this test the equipment you need is a cd player, the sound track cd, a mat and you also need a partner to help you. To set this test up you need to get a mat then lie on it on your back. Then your partner needs to stand on your feet so that you dont move your feet. In this test you have to miss out the first beat then on the second rise then on the third go down and so on. You need to keep in time with these beats and you have to have your arms on your shoulders but youre not allowed to grasp your shirt because you can pull yourself up, it would be a unfair test and you would not be able to compare your results with your friends. Results: In this test I got to level 5 (5 minutes), Josh got to level 8 (8 minutes). Discussion: overall I am a bit disappointed because I think I can do better, I think I gave up to quick and should have tried a bit more, compared to other people in my class I had an average score. Conclusion: Next time I am aiming to get to level 6, because I think that is a good limit to push myself to. I am going to do more sit ups at home so hopefully will improve my muscle endurance so next time I will be able to last longer.

Sit and reach

Introduction: This test measures flexibility, flexibility is the range of movement possible around a joint or series of joints (class notes). Most gymnasts need flexibility to perform their routines. Methodology: The equipment you need to do the test is a special box, and a ruler. To set up the test you need to place the box against the wall or a strong barrier. And put the ruler on the end of the box on the 1cm mark. To warm up you need to stretch your leg muscles and arms and chest, So that your muscles are expanded, which improves your chance of getting a better score. To do the test your place your feet flat against the box and keep your knees down you should have a partner with you to make sure you knees are kept down, and then stretch and push the ruler as far forward as you can. But it has to be a steady push, youre not allowed to shove it because then its not a fair test. Results: my result was 18 cm and Jordans result was 15 cm. Discussion: I think that I didnt push myself to the limit, and should have done better. But next time I will try and stretch more in the beginning to get a better score. Conclusion: Next time I want to get 20 cm, because I want to do better. And I think with a bit of a better warm up I can do better, also if I do routines it can help me improve my flexibility.