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Unit3 A03 Multi Stage Fitness Test

Introduction. The Multi Stage Fitness test also known as the cardio vascular endurance test (C.V.E test or bleep test) is a progressive maximal test on cardio vascular endurance or stamina. Cardio vascular endurance is the ability of the heart and lungs to work over a prolonged period of time without getting fatigued. (Class notes). A good example of where C.V.E is needed in public services would be the Army(on patrol for hours), Police Force(chasing criminals), and fire service(carrying people out of a burning building quickly), A good sporting example of someone who needs C.V.E. would be a football/ rugby player(running up and down the pitch for the duration of the game), marathon runner (to run for the whole race as fast as possible(Paula Radcliff), long distance cyclist( to complete the race (lance Armstrong).

Methodology. The test proceeds of timed stages with *bleep* intervals progressively getting quicker and quicker without any rest at all. I t is made of a 20m length track that has been measured and marked out with cones and in my case a painted out line in our sports hall. And you must run from one end to the other keeping in time with the bleeps. The equipment that we used was a row of cones, one of the lines in our sports hall and a CD player for the bleeps levels and intervals. You only get 3 in a row chances on missing the bleeps. For example if you run and miss the bleep once and catch the next bleep you have all three lives left, but if you miss three in a row youre out and the test is over.

Results. Me: level 10 Jamie donne: level 8.4 Michael: level 10.8

Discussion. Out of the results Ive recorded I got the one of the highest scores. I was pleased with the results and feel the reasons behind it are that I do a lot of fitness for my Muay Thai training. The highest level one of the boys got in my class was Michael and he got a level 10.8 and I know that Michael does a lot of running compared to me because he does training for harriers and does hurdles. This running training is more specific to the test and means that he will get a better score on the test. James Donne got to level 8.4 this is because maybe he did not push himself hard enough to get a higher level and does not do any sports training.

Conclusion. Overall I think I did pretty well after doing my test in GCSE P.E when I got a level 9.3, but I was lucky enough to re-do the test in my public services class with better foot wear and scored a level 10 which I was pleased about, but I will definitely try to get to a level 11.5 at least by the end of my 8 week training programme however I might not get a higher level because in my training programme strength is going to be the most important and I will not be working on my C.V.E.