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Interview Questions :

EMPHASIS 1. What is the daemon for logi=file? 2. How to add the user in SSH? 3. How to set a ACL for the user or a file? 4. N/W config? ndd? 5. How to create a disk to VERITAS control? 6. How to replace the failed disk in SVM? 7.Veritas cluster config file? 8. How to add a FS in zone? 9. What is the zone in DNS? 10. What is the config file in DNS? 11.What is the basic file on NFS? 12.What is vxconfigd? 13.What happened if vxconfigd is disabled? 14.what is WAN? CTS 1. How to create a gateway? 2. Performance monitoring tools? 3. File system creation steps?? 4. Diff RAID levels? 5. All the steps in VERITAS disk mgmt? 6. What is the cmd to identify the newly attached device? 7. What is cachefs? 8. User creation? 9. Entries in /etc/init tab? 10. Which FS backup u r using? 11. Mirroring 3 disks? 12. How to set the kernel parameters? 13. Why do u use gateways? 14. What are the FS types? 15. How do u add SWAP? 16. How to install patch and how do u revert back? 17. File permission changing 18. Where did the port nos and gateway are stored? 19. How do u change the run levels? 20. ACL? BOA 1. How do u find a default router? 2. How do u replace a failed disk? 3. NFS & NIs Daemons? 4. Which daemon starts NIS client? 5. How to increase the volume size? When its 95 %?

6. Kernel patches/ 7.VVM Daemons? 8. What is the part of /etc/system file in booting process? 9.If /etc/system corrupted, weather system will boot? 10.what /etc/path_to_inst contains? if corrupted system will boot or not? 11.what is the defunc process? 12. How to create the default router? Capgemini 1. Diff b/w RAID levels? 2. How to replace the root disk? 3. How to see free space in VERITAS? 4. How to monitor the server health? 5. zonecfg? 6. How to list the installed patches? 7. ssh CONFIG?? 8. Backup and restore? 9. VVM- Daemons? 10. How many disks in SUN FIRE V 440? 11. How to change the kernel parameters in Solaris? ACCENTURE do u find free space in root disk group? 2. When the system is hang?Unable to login,and console is available?what is the action u will take? 3.How do check the FS and repair? 4.What is the command to config the new device? 5.How do u increase the vol size? 6. FS error problem? the remove the pkg? whnt is pkgrm f? 8. How do u import root disk group from anther host? 9. How to share root in NFS? IBM 1. How do u increase the FS size? 2. Config of NFS? 3. How to create the alias names? 4. How to kill the zone services? 5. What is HUP? 6. How many KILL signals? 7. How do u take backup of FS 8. What is .rhosts file? 9. How to list all the process? 10. What are the daemons for NFS? 11. Diff b/w AIX and Solaris? 12. How do u know that,what patch can be applicable on the system?

13. Problem and CM? 14. Diff b/w patches and pkg? 15. Root pwd recovery? 16. RAID levels and fault tolerance? 17. How to find the required patch? 18. What is the daemon for logfiles? 19. How do u break the root mirror? 20. How to brk the root pwd? 21. How to restore System files using UFSdump? 22. How do u see the system config? 23. What is the damon for hsfs? 24. How to Enable/disable the telnet? 25. What is /etc/services? 26. What the kernel parameters? 27. Vmstat? 28. How to find the failed mirrored disk? 29. Prtdiag? JP Morgan 1.How do u see NIC card and speed? 2.what is nsswitch.conf? 3. what is nsswitch.conf? 4.Default router address/ 5.Where cron logs are stored? 6.NIS client and Salve config? 7. What will be changed in NIS master after changing in NIS slave? 8. How do u install the patches? 9. Mirroring a disk? 10. Vertial adding disk,disk group and replacing failed disk? 11. abt shared memory? THOMSON 1.How to list the zombie process? 2. How to change the kernel parameters? 3.How to check the NIC speed? 4.List the NIC card? 5.VVM daemons? 6.How to replace the failed disk? 7. How to over come memory overload? 8.How to mount a file in Sol 10,created in solaris 9? 9. How to add a volume/ 10. How to remove a disk from volume?

RELIANCE INFOTECH : 1. How to add root mirror in SVM? 2. How to replace a failed disk? 3. How do u ideInTfy the wanted/Unwanted process? 4. ITIL process mgmt? 5. DNS rev & Fwd Entry? 6. Diff Sol 9 & Sol 10 abt FTP? 7.VVM-RAID 5,if one is failed how abt the chances of data loss? 8. Boot process and Which in phase MBR takes places? 9. Can u run FSCK in remote machine? 10. VVM RAID 5,100 GB is space used?Wat will be the data space and Parity? 11. Zone cfg? 12.How do u recover the root mirror? 13. In NFS user doesnt have permission,how will u grant the access? 14. How many options do we have for shutdown? 15. What is VTOC? 16. what c0t0s0d0? 17. In /etc/shadow file,what is the name for encrypted pwd? 18.How to kill the Zombie process? HCL 1. Precaution while installing patches? 2. How to unlock the pwd? 3. How to recover the corrupted plex? 4. Diff b/w incremental and Differential backup? 5. Jump start installation & Config? 6. What type of installation u have done? 7. Diff b/w Sol 9 & 10 abt pwd length? 10. For 100 user with 10 Servers,where will u create the home dir? 11. How to get the OBP version not in OK prompt? 12.What is the diff b/w RAID 1+0 & 0+1 in SVM? 13. How replace the failed disk in SVM RAID 5? 14.Which is the H/W u r using? 15. What is DRL in VVM? 16. How to find the server crash? 17. How to find the created user info? 18. What is metasdb?what it contains? 19. How do u find the VVM instgalled in ur system? 20. How to find out disk is in VVM control? 21.Boot Process? 22.Contens of boot and Super block? 23. NFS errors and Sol? 24. How to schedule the cronjob? 25.SAMBA config?