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Convetional methods of construction necessarily utilize- Cement - Sand - Water for mixing - Large quantity of water for post

application curing Social impacts of using cement, sand and water Cement : It is a well known fact that cement manufacturing generates CO2 , in enormous quantities, which is the major factor responsible for the green house effect and the Global Warming. The energy requirements in raw material processing and manufacturing are too high. Sand : The sand required for good quality building has to be graded river bed sand, which is damaging our ecology due to heavy excavations of river beds. Moreover the environmental conditions are challenging the sand availability day by day, and use of crushed sand has become essential. Water : Water is a crucial element in the operations and functioning of the cement products, be it mortar/plaster/concrete, mixing of cement and sand is essentially done with water. Moreover pre wetting bricks as well as post curing of substrate is essential in case of mortar, plaster as well as concrete. The quality of water plays an important role, as hard waters deteriorate the quality of the construction. As we are aware of increasing water scarcity of potable / usable water on earth today, it has become necessary to take steps to save water. Judicious use of water, other natural resources such as sand, labour and time are the needs of the day . >>> How to overcome this difficulty! How to overcome this difficulty ! To overcome these difficulties it is essential to develop alternative technologies! GREEN BUILD PRODUCTS (I) PVT LTD has developed the next generation building materials for green and water saving construction! All these Green Products are ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY, USER FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE.

These green products have many advantages, which not only make constructions green, hassle free and safe, but also offer value addition to the construction. The entire technology is water based, non hazardous and user friendly

Construction Products
BUILD FAST Plus Eco friendly wet mix Brick/NBlock Laying Adhesive

It is a pre-polymerized, wet mix jointing adhesive, which is suitable for building masonry walls with all kinds of bricks and blocks. It is laid in thin layer of 2 to 4 mm between masonry units. It is easy and effortless to spread. There is no need to pre-wet the bricks/blocks nor to post cure the wall with water.

ECO RENDER Plus Eco friendly wet mix.

It is a pre-polymerized, wet mix plastering material that is suitable for all kinds of building facades, RCC facades, masonry facades, etc. It is applied in thin layer of 4 to 6 mm on the surface and can be built in layer to layer system upto 24 mm thickness.

It shows excellent bonding to the facades. There is no need to pre-wet the bricks/blocks nor to post cure the wall using water. It can be applied in various finishes to beautify walls. Eco rendered walls can be further painted / coated as per choice.

Green Grout Eco friendly wet mix Grouting material

Green Grout is a thick paste, coarse in nature. It is suitable to be used in uneven gaps between beams and walls columns and walls, holes in walls or any similar areas. It is compatible with RCC as well as bricks/blocks, cementitious plasters, eco rendered surfaces, etc. It is compatible with both surfaces and holds to them without cracking.

Coating Products
JOTEX Pure Acrylic Poklymer Coatings and Textures

Jotex offers a range of products to finish the constructed and plastered surfaces. It is a 'total wall protection' technology that increases the life of construction by strengthening the surfaces and also improves the asthetic value of the construction. Jotex products offer strong adhesion to surfaces and impart long life to the surfaces.

features : jotex products improve weatherability of surface water resistance fungal resistance dirt pick up resistance crack resistance heat resistance

products : Jotex products offer: preparators Preparators such as Jotex Primex & Jotex Fairwall are useful for preparing surfaces to take further coats , by making the virgin surface strong & integrated. protectors Protectors such as Jotex Polycryl & Acrystretch offer 120 to 140 micron thickness films on primed surfaces & impact high weather resistance to the wall surfaces. exclusives exterol D - it is a clear coat useful to increase the dirt pickup resistance, which is applied on any precoated surface. magicoat - it is an exclusive allin-one coat useful for wall surface leveling, priming & top coating, all with one material only. It gives an experience of hassle free wall coating. exotic renders (click for more details) Exotic Renders are pre polymerized high grade texture plasters.

Exotic Renders These are a variety of pure acrylic protective coatings with natural stone fillers, for total protection as well as beautification of the surfaces. Available in various finishes polyplaster, freelancer, stonemajik.

Freelancer is applied with trowel as a single coat application. The material has all contents that are required to create the desired texture, upto 1 to 1.5 mm. Stonemajik is applied as a two coat application, both applicable with trowel. It creates a layer of approx. 2 mm and above. Polyplaster is meant for a 2 coat application, with first coat applied with trowel and second coat sprayed with a spattering gun. It creates a layer of approx. 2 mm. back

Repair Products Green Repair Eco friendly wet mix repair Morter

It is a pre-polymerized wet mix repair mortar. Suitable to repair patches in new as well as old construction. Compatible with old as well as new plastered surfaces.

Green Seal

Eco friendly Wet mix Crack Sealer

t is a soft viscous paste with high quantity of basic polymer, useful as a crack filler. It bridges the cracks in walls caused due to uneven settlement of masses and weathering in old and new construction. It cures by air drying and has negligible shrinkage. It is compatible with varied range of building materials and surfaces.

GREEN BUILD PRODUCTS (I) PVT LTD is a company based in Pune, Maharashtra, indulged in developing and manufacturing specialty products for building and construction industry. The company has developed products, which offer solutions to various problems in the field of construction, to improve the quality of construction, life of the building/substrate etc. saving time, labor, machinery, precious natural resources such as water, utilizing environmental pollutants such as fly ash, bottom ash and other renewable resources etc. The product performance is designed to give protection to the user in turn, adding to the value of the assets of the owner, increasing the life of the construction, offering ease in the maintenance of the products/substrates etc. All the products are designed with genuine intentions and conscious efforts to make them ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY, USER FRIENDLY, PROTECTIVE. The promotion of high rise buildings to meet the growing demand of space has necessitated the one time quality concept to extend the life of the structure, minimizing the maintenance. The shortage of educated / trained labor is also a constraint in making good quality construction in some cases. The environmental deterioration in terms of air, land, water pollution has become a serious concern for us today. In addition, heavy consumption of the natural resources such as water has added to the rationing of the water all across the world. Carbon releasement in air has significantly contributed to the GREEN HOUSE EFFECTS. It has become the concern for all of us to take necessary action to improve and maintain the conditions for our future generations. It is essential to alter our practices in construction and adapt to new methods, technologies and contribute to make the GREEN EARTH. It is essential to educate the users and offer the new technology which is a very good option to the conventional practices and materials.

GREEN BUILD PRODUCTS (I) PVT LTD offers innovative technology for the construction Industry which is eco friendly, user

friendly, which helps to save water, time and energy, and in turn offers value addition to the quality of construction products in different industries/sectors. The entire technology is water based, non hazardous and user friendly.

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