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Hold! Till the tidal upraise is over & you shall always be the winner. Part- 1. Para 1.

If you limit the meaning of Ego to mere inflation of your actual self then In that c ase proper justice to its expansive essence shall go as missed. For not being ab le to pierce your limited though logical understanding too; should be considered as Ego. The difference between intelligent and wise comes out of a very thin line that matters as diverse as two solar galaxies apart. Remember the meaning and p rocedure of sanitization grossly differs between a house wife and a research lab w orking upon life saving drugs. To understand the same in light of the subtlest s ubject Ego, layered in number of sheaths; this article is the most needful subject for people who want mere success and do not want to leave any room for leakages; even at nano scale. Para 2. We today exist in a very fast moving world where each day there is a vast additi on to life sciences and those newly acquired addition then further impress upon o ur realities of life. Brought and educated in 1990s (or for that matter men and w omen of any age) shall acquire their understanding upon rationales established d uring their respective brought up and education that include basics like eating habits, clothing, responding to various situation of life. When any generation c oncludes with its resolve towards any situation; it does so upon the basis of it s times and they are never wrong considering the facts of their times. For instan ce the generation of 1970s considered an irrational freedom as its way of life in comparison with todays generation that is absolutely career conscious; yet binda s (joyful). Para 3. The need for writing the above lines was to establish that when our understandin g is not able to transcend the facts of the present times and we attempt to conc lude with our judgment based upon, may be, rationale understanding of our times t hat situation too shall be considered as us acting under the effects of Ego. Whethe r at workplace or at home (in light of a family where marriages are not confined amo ngst homogeneous clans) people of different age groups, people with totally diff erent upbringing, people from different subcontinents form as a team. Such diversi ty shall always experience a vast variety of justified truth in light of peoples un derstandings. In such situation no one person can acclaim as the only right one. Para 4. A genuine inability to comprehend each others situation shall easily make way for resentful conflict amidst finest of the people working together; anywhere. Work ing together in teams; though none shall confirm their self under the shadow of Ego but the fact is that undesirably each one shall come under its spell. Its like all innocents unintentionally and unknowingly working against the interest of one a nother. Remember the meaning and procedure of sanitization grossly differs between a house wife and a research lab working upon life saving drugs. And the same go es for the most subtle part of human existence i.e. Ego. Taking a thick stock of i t easily makes passage for adequate fog to penetrate and pull the aspirant from the corridors of success towards a deliberate failure. It is a subject (Ego)where even Yogis fail to succeed despite of their arduous jou rney and hard efforts but caution, submission and humility can enable any special or ordinary one transcend its venomous spell that engulfs the aspirants with an y objective towards growth inner or outer. That what appears to be most logical c onclusion upon any vital person or subject in life, rationale, subjective or obj ective could also be the outcome of an injected serum of malefic unidentifiable Eg

o. An understanding once developed towards its identity shall afford all chances for the warriors of harmony and affluence succeed most. (Under Para 2. It was deliberated that people of different generations hold thei r respective truths gathered from the realities of their times and they hold a log ical conclusion for any understanding they form within themselves. Under Para 3. Another indication was referred that summarizes towards situations where Ego constructed on any account come into its foreplay for any relationship or conduct. ) The difference between intelligent and wise comes out of a very thin line that m atters as diverse as two solar galaxies apart. It is not necessary that the inte lligent shall succeed at all times whereas it is for sure that the wise ones sha ll always end up with more harmony and inner growth... For more find it in the P art-2 of the same article at Dinesh kumar(learning under discipl ine)