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Recce Checklist

Name of location


.Basingstoke College of Technology .......................................................................................................................................

Things to take:
Stills Camera Mobile phone Notebook, pen Programme risk assessment form Maps/directions University / Union ID card Brief Checklist

(write down the details explaining of who is taking what)


Every group member Producer should have one James Taylor has completed one Yes we have college ID cards We all completed a brief The group should have a checklist
(write a brief explanation of what was discussed)


Talking to people:
Confirm ownership Exchange details Explain intentions Discuss fees/contract Editorial policy Are passes required? Availability and timings Local events Dress code Copyright issues Childrens details Yes No Y Yes No

We have discussed what is taking place with the location occupier We will give people the information they need For college, yes Yes we have booked locations and equipment


We are aware of this and are avoiding any copyright

Landmarks for directions Neighbour disturbance Risk of trespass Internal access Vehicle access Toilets Traffic control needed? Shelter Safety for hazardous environments Tidal waters Boats/safety Yes No Yes No

(for each topic write a brief explanation of the situation)

Yes No

Toilets are all around the location Yes, we are inside Yes we will be taking precautions

Yes No Yes No

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Position of the sun Window direction Power supply Size of location Strobing TV/computer screens Is floor level? Secure place for kit Cables Smoke alarms/sprinklers

(for each describe the situation at your location)

Yes No Yes No Yes No Y

We have plans for the windows There are many plug sockets around for us We have mapped out the location and what is needed


Yes, it will be on our person at all times We are arranging safe positioning for the cables Yes there are many
(for each describe the situation at your location)

Listen Traffic/roadworks Aircraft Electrical hazards Schools Weather Background music/PA system Air conditional/fridges Wooden floors Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Y Y Yes No

College normally is a live and vibrant place In the office there is air conditioning, but this will be fine

Things for director:

Take photos GVs/top shots Cutaways Backgrounds Events Additional contributors Y

(briefly describe what is planned for this location) Y Y Y

Get us an idea of the location Camera angles have been planned carefully Camera angles have been planned carefully We will be using our own background Yes, we carried out some vox pops
(briefly describe what is required and planned)

Eating Hotels

We shall be buying lunch

Check to make sure you've covered all you need and write more notes if necessary

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