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TEXT: MATTHEW 24:14 INTRODUCTION: From the Babylonian Empire the kingdoms of this world have been four (4). In the beginning of these kingdom was Babylon,then the Medo-Persian, then the Grecian, and finally the Roman. The Roman Empire will not be rebuilt, but rather revived, because this vast kingdom has never fallen, but like a bomb with a bad place in the fuse, it is just smoldering, waiting for the AntiCHRIST to take up again where the Caesars left off. In this lesson, I do not wish to take up much time with the kingdoms past or present, but deal with the Kingdom of GOD on Earth in array under the Rule of HIS ONLY BEGOTTON SON JESUS CHRIST. This Kingdom takes place with the ROLLING STONE of Daniel 2:4S---"CUT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN WITHOUT HANDS, AND THAT IT BRAKE IN PIECES THE IRON, THE BRASS, THE CLAY THE SILVER AND THE GOLD" This is THE ROCK OF AGES and the one that is yet to sit upon the throne of David for 1,000 years. We cannot neglect the length of time here be-cause Revelation 20 gives i t to us six times . 1. The Triumph of CHRIST will begin this age. 2. The Time-lapse will be 1,000 Years. 3. The Termination will be after these years have been fulfilled. Three outstanding things to be noticed here: THE CREATOR WILL BE REIGNING 2TIMOTHY 2:12 THE CREATION WILL BE RESTORED. Rom. 8:23. A.In Plenty B. In Peace C. In Praise THE CREATURE WILL BE REJOICING. Mt.2S:21 A.Because of the LAUDED CHRIST

B. The Lifted Curse C. The Lovely City. Are you Ready for the Return of the LORD??? Evangelist Bobby Grubbs