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TEXT: I JOHN 3:1 INTRODUCTION: Here we see that a person who has repented of sin and exercised Faith in JESUS CHRIST and HIS Gospel is "RIGHT NOW" a Child of the KING, and it doesn't even appear what he shall be. Let's notice 7 things about the Sons of GOD.

I. THEIR HEART EZEKIEL 11:19 A.A Holy Heart I JOHN 3:9 B. A Happy Heart PSALM 19:8 C. A Heavy Heart ROMANS 9:1-6 II. THEIR HUNGER MATTHEW 5:6 A.They Hunger to Think Right. Isa. 26:3 B. They Hunger to Talk Right. Mat. 12:34 C. They Hunger to Toil Right. Mat. 7:16 III. THEIR HELP ROMANS 8:26 A.Sweet Help I THESS. 4:18 B. Strengthening Help ACTS 1:8 C. Sure Help EPH. 1:13 IV. THEIR HINDERANCES I THESS. 2:18 A.Society Noah EZEK. 14:14 B. Self Daniel C. Satan Job V. THEIR HARDNESS II TIMOTHY 2:3 A.Hardness of Service II Tim. 2:3 B. Hardness of Sin PROV. 13:15

C. Hardness of Suffering II COR. 11:22&30 VI. THEIR HOPE TITUS 2:13 A.In a Promise.. B. In a Place.. C. In a PERSON, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. VII. THEIR HOME REVELATION 21&22 Evangelist Bobby Grubbs