-ful -less -ly -like -y -ish -al -ous -ic -able

Adjectives Harmful, useful, successful, hopeful, helpful, peaceful… Childless, odourless, careless, hopeless, harmless, useless… Manly, worldly, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, friendly… Childlike, godlike, lifelike, ladylike, manlike… Healthy, dirty, dusty, snowy, windy, rainy, cloudy, sunny, sandy… Childish, boyish, girlish, mannish, selfish… Natural, national, industrial, agricultural, cultural, magical… Dangerous, courageous, poisonous, mountainous… Artistic, electric, electronic, alcoholic, economic… Respectable, knowledgeable, reasonable…
NOUN + ful = ADJECTIVE use ⇒ useful: coù ich delight ⇒ delightful: thuù vò success ⇒ successful: thaønh coâng hope ⇒ hopeful: coù hy voïng care ⇒ careful: caån thaän help ⇒ helpful: saún saøng giuùp ñôõ harm ⇒ harmful: coù haïi peace ⇒ peaceful: thanh bình waste ⇒ wasteful: laõng phí beauty ⇒ beautiful: ñeïp wonder ⇒ wonderful: tuyeät vôøi NOUN + AL = ADJECTIVE agriculture ⇒ agricultural: noâng nghieäp nature ⇒ natural: töï nhieân culture⇒ cultural: vaên hoùa continent⇒ continetal: luïc ñòa region⇒ regional: vuøng. khu vöïc occupation ⇒ occupational: ngheà nghieäp music ⇒ musical: aâm nhaïc nation ⇒ national: quoác gia medicine⇒ medical: y khoa surgery⇒ surgical: giaûi phaãu industry⇒ industrial: coâng nghieäp chemistry ⇒ chemical: hoùa hoïc history ⇒ historical: lòch söû logic ⇒ logical: hôïp lyù NOUN + ISH = ADJECTIVE fool ⇒ foolish: ngu ñaàn child ⇒ childish: hôi treû con red ⇒ reddish: hôi ñoû self ⇒ selfish: ích kyû

NOUN + less = ADJECTIVE speech⇒speechless: khoâng noùi rest⇒ restless: khoâng nghæ ngôi childl ⇒ childless: khoâng con caùi odour ⇒ odourless: khoâng muøi care ⇒ careless: baát caån harm ⇒ harmless: khoâng coù haïi tree ⇒ treeless: khoâng coù caây job ⇒ jobless: khoâng coù vieäc laøm

NOUN + Y = ADJECTIVE dust ⇒ dusty: coù buïi snow ⇒ snowy: coù tuyeát rain ⇒ rainy: coù möa sand ⇒ sandy: coù caùt dirt ⇒ dirty: dô baån health⇒ healthy: khoûe maïnh

NOUN + OUS = ADJECTIVE adventure⇒ adventurous: maïo hieåm poison ⇒ poisonous: ñoäc haïi fame⇒ famous: noåi tieáng danger ⇒ dangerous: nguy hieåm adventure ⇒ adventurous: (ban co the xem them trong cuon: cau tao danh tu tieng anhTran Quang Vinh)


(poison) http://trian4rum. (reason) 7/ Most of the food in supermarkets is very _______________ (attract) 8/ The Island has very few ___________________ resources. (continent) 2/ The ____________ University of Ho Chi Minh City has a very large language centre. but it is _______________ (tolerate) 5/ This company offered a lot of ________________ jobs. (nature) 9/ Burning garbage will give off __________________ (ban co the xem them trong cuon: cau tao danh tu tieng anhTran Quang Vinh) 2 .They can cause death or illness if taken into the body. (odour) 11/ These chemicals are _________ .salt (muoái) ⇒ salty: maën storm ⇒ stormy: coù baõo sun ⇒ sunny: naéng cloud ⇒ cloudy: coù maây wind ⇒ windy: coù gioù mud⇒ muddy: coù buøn NOUN + LY = ADJECTIVE day ⇒ daily: haèng ngaøy week ⇒ weekly: haèng tuaàn month ⇒ monthly: haèng thaùng year ⇒ yearly: haèng naêm hour ⇒ hourly: haèng giôø friend (baïn) ⇒ friendly: thaân thieän man ⇒ manly: nam tính brother ⇒ brotherly: tình anh em VERB + ABLE = ADJECTIVE maïo hieåm miracle⇒miraculous: kyø dieäu glory ⇒ glorious: veû vang nerve (thaàn kinh) ⇒ nervous: hoài hoäp NOUN + LIKE = ADJECTIVE child ⇒ childlike: ngaây thô god ⇒ godlike: gioáng thaàn thaùnh life ⇒ lifelike: gioáng nhö ngöôøi thaät statesman ⇒ statesmanlike: nhö chính khaùch NOUN / VERB + IVE = ADJECTIVE act ⇒ active: tích cöïc effect⇒ effective: coù hieäu quaû attract ⇒ attractive: haáp daãn expense ⇒ expensive: ñaét tieàn protect ⇒ protective: baûo veä reason ⇒ reasonable: hôïp lyù comfort ⇒ comfortable: thoaûi maùi enjoy⇒ enjoyable: thuù vò divide ⇒ divisible: coù theå chia ñöôïc value ⇒ valuable: coù giaù trò tolerate ⇒ tolerable: coù theå chòu ñöïng VERB +ED = ADJECTIVE disappoint ⇒ disappointed: thaát voïng satisfy ⇒ satisfied: haøi loøng surprise ⇒ surprised: ngaïc nhieân bore ⇒ bored: chaùn VERB + ING = ADJECTIVE disappoint ⇒ disappointing: thaát voïng satisfy ⇒ satisfying: haøi loøng surprise ⇒ surprising: ngaïc nhieân bore ⇒ boring: chaùn [1] : Give the correct form of the words in brackets: 1/ This country has a ___________________climate. (pleasant) 10/ Oxygen is an ___________________ gas. (Nation) 3/ I think the prices here are ______________ (reason) 4/ I don’t think the food is very good. (attract) 6/ I think it’s very __________ of him to expect us to work overtime every night this week.

(history) 36/ It was a _____________ conclusion from the child’s point of view. They’re a __________ couple. you will probably get a good grade. It’s not ______________ (danger) 26/ Carbon dioxide occurs in the air in a ____________ form. (help) 40/ Everyone was very ____________ towards me. (adventure) [B] : CAÙCH THAØNH LAÄP DANH TÖØ. and Mrs. (chemistry) 15/ There have been many _______________ developments in this century. (enjoy) 33/ Many people still refuse to believe that smoking is ______________ (harm) 34/ As it was very ___________ all the trains were late. (logic) 37/ Mr. (use) 25/ The children can play here. They will be very ____________ for my studies. She was __________ with surprise. (health) 39/ He is always eady to give assistance to his friends. (week) 23/ Don’t be afraid of the dog. (nature) 27/ She was so surprised that she was unable to speak.(effect) 17/ Your new dress makes you more _____________ (beauty) 18/ Firemen wear ____________ clothing. (nation) 14/ He wants to be a ______________ engineer. (child) 38/ Clean air provides us a ____________ supply of oxegen. He is _______ to them. (friend) 41/ They were ___________ in winning the contract. It is _______________ (tree) 31/ A ____________ statue stands in the middle of the pagoda. He’s _____________ (harm) 24/ Thank you for the books. Jones have been married for ten years. (poison) 29/ You are grown up but you are still ______________ (child) 30/ No trees can grow on that soil. (wonder) 16/ English has become an ________________ means of communication. (confuse) 22/ “Time” is an American _____________ news magazine.12/ If you are ______________ when you write your composition. http://trian4rum. (protect) 19/ How many ____________ holidays do you have? (nation) 20/ Japan is an ____________ country (industry) 21/ I was _______________ about the dates. (success) 42/ For the more _______________ tourists. They have no children. there are trips into the mountains with a local (ban co the xem them trong cuon: cau tao danh tu tieng anhTran Quang Vinh) 3 . (care) 13/ Baseball is the _________________ sport in the United States. (speech) 28/ Those berries are _____________ Don’t eat them. (life) 32/ The weather was excellent and we had an extremely _________ holiday. otherwise they would get burnt. (fog) 35/ He likes reading _________________ novels.

training. teaching. memorize. (safe) 4 http://trian4rum. sadness. illness…. shorten. socialize. overchange… Rewrite. sharpen. invention. enlarge. scholarship. refusal. economise. underdo. wisdom. SAI GON GIAI PHONG is published seven days a week. He is ________ active in spite of his old age. depth. musician. cruelty. Safety. (free) 3. overturn. mislead… Outrun. 4. If you burn the garbage. dislocate… Misunderstand. tighten. outnumber. overheat. director. socialism. enable. “Hoang Le Nhat Thong Chi” is a ________ novel. darkness. construction. comradeship… Childhood. approval…. variety. encourage. The plane arrived ________ after a violent storm. driver. industrialize… DIS + verb Mis + verb Out + verb Over + verb Re + verb Under + verb IZE Formula [2]:Fill in the blanks with correct form of the word provided. (ban co the xem them trong cuon: cau tao danh tu tieng anhTran Quang Vinh) . recall… Undercharge. foften… EN + Adj / Noun enrich. loyalty. happiness. Film makers always try to show viewers the different life styles and interesting ________ aspects of many countries in the world. it will give off ________ odour. Verbs Dislike. It is a _____ newspaper. goodness. (poison) 7. discharge. She has a very busy ________ life. Length. warmth. misread. truth. Women nowadays have more ________ to participate in social activities. strength… Freedom. loosen. The company is very efficient and gives a ________ service. width. decision… Development. building… Kindness. disagree. honesty…. physician. capitalism. outlive… Overact. When did ________ come to the village ? (electric) 11. leadership. attendant. boredom… Guitarist. appointment. He has a ________ for English novels. endanger… Noun / Adj + ISE / Sympathise. retell. historian… Patriotism. underdevelop. jogging. undersign… Adj + EN Weaken.Formula Verb+ER/ OR / ANT Verb + ION / TION Verb + MENT / AL Verb + ING Adj + NESS Adj + TY Adj + TH Adj + DOM Noun + IST / IAN Noun + ISM Noun + SHIP Noun + HOOD Nouns Teacher. neighborhood. (history). revolution. ability. underline. heroism… Friendship. outweigh. violinist. assistant… Action. (society) 12. parenthood… [C]: CAÙCH THAØNH LAÄP ÑOÄNG TÖØ. novelist. (speed) 10. direction. (culture) 2. Swimming. disinvest. brotherhood. (prefer) 5. (day) 6. removal. (wonder) 9. manager. overpay. Some children have to suffer from life time ________ (abnormal) 8. actor. 1.

Much ________ work requires a good knowledge of (ban co the xem them trong cuon: cau tao danh tu tieng anhTran Quang Vinh) 5 . but it is ________ (tolerate) 42. (calculate) 48. The government wants to ________ this training centre. He did some old jobs at home ________ (disappoint) 33. (surprise) 18. She looks ________ beautiful. He looks thin. You should be ________ to tell them exactly what you think. He was ________ right when he said that the man was guilty. (intend) 20. (broad) 25. He is unhappy because of his ________ (deaf) 38. (crowd) 37. The guests were ________ welcomed. This man led a ________ happy life. which may cause death or injury if taken into the body. (decide) 27. He is young man with great ________ (expect) 47. Movies have ________ dress fashions. (military) 39. (true) 40. (attract) 15. (high) 35. They got the ________ of being successful in life. I feel ________ in this book. I’ll give you further ________ (explain) 22. These snakes will not cause you any serious harm even if they bite you. Their study is getting on ________ (satisfy) 14. (succeed) 36. I am ________ grateful to you for your help. (satisfy) 43. (actual) 31. John’s ________ improved at his new school. (repeat) 23. but ________ he is very healthy. This is a ________ of a previous talk. Children are ________ to overcome problems. I don’t think the food is very good. They are ________ (harm) 16. He was ________ in his job. I like your new ________ machine. (disappoint) 19. Nitric oxide is ________ harmful. (disappoint) 34. The new job ________ him. They were ________ when they read the result. (reason) 17. (cordial) 30. May I borrow your ________ ? (calculate) 49. Many people find it ________ to advertise. This company offered a lot of ________ jobs. (waste) 29. (science) 24. We must make ________ for our old age saving money. We found out the ________ about him. She only did her _____ task. (decide) 28. Our grandmother didn’t work outside the home when she was young. (provide) http://trian4rum. Carbon dioxide occurs in the air in ________ form. (interest) 21. (complete) 32. (true) 41. He has no ________ of leaving the city. The house was ________ with people. (behave) 21. (tradition) 26. They’ve got a ________ result. (develop) 50.13. (satisfy) 46. (determine) 45. (nature) 44. It acts as a poison. His ________ to retire surprised us all. The industrial ________ will lead to the country’s prosperity.

She has been worn down by ________ and illness. (sun) 67. (extreme) 52. (ban co the xem them trong cuon: cau tao danh tu tieng anhTran Quang Vinh) 6 . In some places. Violence is not the best ________ to an argument. (produce) 68. (bore) 59. Uranus.51. Venus. (poor) 56. The planets of our ________ system are Mercury. (solve) 62. The doctor told me to ________ in slowly. (awful) 53. The ________ of his wife was a great blow to him. (know) 69. It is ________ to have short hair nowadays. Jupiter. It was quite ________ (excite) 60. He has great ________ in God. (compare) 55. Neptune and Pluto. They all passed their exams without the slightest ________ (difficult) http://trian4rum. Mars. Your rice field is more ________ than ours. I enjoy the football match. I was introduced to famous ________ (art) 63. Not long ago. Saturn. (believe) 61. I’m ________ sorry for the delay. the weather changes so quickly that it’s very _______ (predict) 70. Toys are necessary for the mental ________ of children. (achieve) 58. (breath) 54. (lose) 64. It’s ________ kind of you. (grow) 65. Our pupils are raising money for the ________ (poor) 57. An ________ man has stolen all our money. Mary was ________ with long and difficult exercises. It is often useful make a ________ between two things. This is the greatest scientific ________ of the decade. (fashion) 66. (ban co the xem them trong cuon: cau tao danh tu tieng anhTran Quang Vinh) 7 .