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Lekh Lekha 2011

This Torah Portion opens up with another very prominent figure throughout the Scriptures, giving us insight into the life of Abram/Abraham! It is named Lekh-Lekha meaning Go Forth, Yourself! and covers Genesis 12:1-17:27. It covers quite a lot of ground and contains within it many of the promises that Yahweh makes to Abram and his descendants after him through the Covenant. Genesis 17:7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a Elohim unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. This same Covenant is still in effect, its forever, and applies to us today! However, the blessings and the provision of this Covenant are only accessed after following the same pattern that Abraham does in this Torah portion. A covenant has requirements on all parties involved, and within this parshah we are given insight into our requirements within this Covenant! Genesis 12:1 Get thee out: Strongs #3212 yalak to go, walk, or come; breaking it apart prefix = He will & = to you He will come to you! In this passage, the is dropped to form the phrase lekh-lekha or - notice the repetition! 50 = ,the value of the letter representing the Word or Messiah (John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, & Joshua son of Nun or Yehoshua son of life shadow picture of Messiah). In Abrams leaving, he is promised that the Messiah will come to him! = goad, cattleprod, from the root lamad meaning to teach, represents the teacher & suffix = ownership, authority Abram is being prodded/goaded towards the teacher Messiah, and in his going forth, after being taught by the Teacher, hell be given authority! It is no coincidence that Yahweh speaks to Abraham 5 times in this parshah, 5 = meaning revelation or knowledge (and the is also added to Abram and Sarais name!) Hes being called forth to receive revelation from Yahweh. Country: Strongs #776 erets land, earth; its spelled with the same letters as #686 atsar to store up, to save, to treasure up, now remember this is what Abram is being called out of, something that has been treasured up and saved at this location. A cognate of #686 is #6113 atsar to restrain, shut, withhold, to close up, or to detain (*something that is stored here causes something else to be withheld or closed up); carries with it the idea of being barren, of being in bondage or slavery, its also used to describe the rain being shut up or stopped!

Kindred: Strongs #4138 mowledeth kindred, offspring, birth, relatives; from #3205 yalad to bear, bring forth, beget, gender, travail (*Notice how similar the term yalad looks in the Hebrew to the word yalak The Messiahs coming to Abram hinges upon his obedience to come out from his kindred) The 3 letter root of mowledeth is #4135) )muwl meaning to circumcise or be cut off & the end root of this word is ) #1881) decree, law, edict, regulation; also the 2 letter root of #1847 daath knowledge (tree of knowledge of good and evil) Abram is being urged towards the Teacher/Messiah in order to receive revelation, teaching, and instructions. He has to go forth because where he is located (Ur of the Chaldees & Haran) has another knowledge stored up/treasured here the same type of knowledge seen at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the serpents seed/word. As long as he remains here, the knowledge of Yahweh is withheld and hell remain in bondage/slavery, and barren! But instead he is commanded to circumcise/cut off this other law/knowledge/seed and its offspring by declaring the Word/Law/Revelation of Yahweh! This phrase Lekh-Lekha has a gematria of 100 (50 = ,and this phrase doubles this root), same gematria as #4448 malal to speak, utter, say in his going forth he would speak forth, utter the Word. Malal shares the same 2 letter root as muwl (#4135) to circumcise, to cut off *Is there a connection between circumcision (cutting off of the flesh and of the offspring of the serpent) and being able to speak (speak the Word)? Luke 6:45 for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. Without the circumcision of the flesh/heart and without cutting off the serpents seed in our own lives, then the Word wont be spoken forth because of our hearts condition! Sages teach that the tongue may be loosened to speak of that which is above (YHVH) by the act of circumcision! Abrams command to go forth and to circumcise (here cutting off the seed of the serpent) and later circumcising his own flesh, is so that his tongue would be loosed to speak forth the Word and the law of Yahweh in the earth! This is why we see the covenant of circumcision going hand in hand with the letter being added to his name representing revelation (Genesis 17), Abraham is able to speak forth the revelation of Yahweh once he circumcises!

Ur of the Chaldees & Haran


Since Abrams encounter with the Messiah seems to hinge on his leaving his country, we must look at what this location represents and why the knowledge of Yahweh would be shut up here! But first, lets look at where he heads to! Genesis 12:6 Passed through: Strongs #5674 abar to pass over, by, or through, to cross over (root from which we derive the term Hebrew); this is the first reference of the idea of being a Hebrew with Abram, when he leaves Haran and comes to this location! Place: Strongs #4725 maqowm standing place, place *Genesis 28 when Jacob dreams of the ladder, its referred as maqowm/the place as well Sichem: Strongs #7927 Shekem back or shoulder; the city of Shechem is in the territory of Joseph, and its Joseph today that has found himself in Babylon again and in need of learning what it means to be a Hebrew again! This same journey is required. Plain: Strongs #436 elown tree, great tree, terebinth or plain; from #352 ayil ram, strong man/leader, terebinth tree Moreh: Strongs #4176 Mowreh teacher; from #4175 mowreh rain or teacher Abram is marked as a Hebrew when he comes to the Teacher, referring to the Messiah the other terebinth tree! Terebinth trees mark a Covenant being made, Abram enters into Covenant with the Messiah/Tree of Life after accepting the call to cut off the offspring of the other (tree of knowledge/serpent). Just as Jacob saw the ladder (Tree of Life/DNA helix of Yahweh), Abram as well is experiencing this as he encounters the Mowreh! Hosea 6:3 Then shall we know, [if] we follow on to know Yahweh: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter [and] former rain unto the earth. Where does he leave from? Genesis 11:31 Ur: Strongs #218 Uwr flame; from #215 owr light, or to shine

to be or become

Chaldees: Strongs #3778 Kasdiy or Kasdiymah clod breakers; connected with the word sadeh (#7704) field or land; has the prefix

meaning like or as As if it were a field or Like a field *The significance of this location being named this is lost until its similar meaning to another word is seen! It has a very similar meaning as the word adamah #127) )ground, land; this is what Yahweh forms Adam from a picture of 2 different wombs, each one having something stored up within them! The gematria of Ur of the Chaldees Ur = 207 & Kasdiy/Kasdiymah = 379 207 + 379 = 586, same as Jerusalem! Jerusalem: Strongs #3389 Yeruwshalaim teaching of peace; from #3384 yarah to throw, shoot, cast, pour, to teach or to instruct (*Its also the root of Torah) & from #7999 shalam to be in a covenant of peace, to be at peace, to be completed/finished, to make whole or restore *Its the teaching of Torah that makes whole and restores! And in Revelation 22:2, we are told the Tree of Life whose leaves will heal the nations is located in the New Jerusalem. *Yarah is also the root of mowreh (#4175) early rain or teacher; remember that Abram is commanded to come out of his country/erets which we connected to atsar (#6113) term used to describe the rain being shut up or stopped! Ur of the Chaldees is not just another city, but the counterfeit version of Jerusalem, a city which proclaims to be a womb of light, yet really contains the offspring of the other tree! Haran: Strongs #2771 Charan mountaineer; from #2787 charar to burn, be hot, be scorched, or to be charred *This location as well is connected to the absence of rain! Deuteronomy 11:17 And [then] Yahwehs wrath be kindled against you, and he shut up the heaven, that there be no rain, and that the land yield not her fruit; and [lest] ye perish quickly from off the good land which Yahweh giveth you. Kindled: Strongs #2734 charah to be hot, furious, burn, be kindled, become angry; connected to #2787 charar the root of Haran! It is from this place, the place that shuts up the rain/teacher, that Abram is commanded to go forth from, and it is only in his going forth that hell receive revelation from Yahweh! Because it is only when he crosses over from this place that hell receive the rain or meet the Teacher! *Remember that in the Millenial Kingdom, a punishment for not keeping the Feast of Sukkot is no rain! Zechariah 14:17 And it shall be, [that] whoso will not come up of [all] the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, Yahweh of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain. Those who refuse to leave Ur of the Chaldees/Babylon/Egypt to come to Jerusalem receive no rain because theyve refused to come to the Teacher/Messiah!

Were given an exact shadow picture of Zechariah 14s prophecy in this Torah portion as well! Abrams father, Terah, leaves Ur of the Chaldees, but chooses to dwell in Haran. Its upon his death that Yahweh speaks to Abram and calls him forth! Genesis 11:31-32 Terah dies at the age of 205 205 is the gematria of Adar ,the name of the 12th month on the Hebrew Calendar. Adar is the last month of winter and the last chance for rain! Terah is cut off from the rain! Terah: Strongs #8646 Terach station or delay; his name shares the same 2 letter root as #8451 Torah ;and its spelled with the same letters as #2801 charath to engrave, or graven, describes the Word of Yahweh being engraved on the tablets of stone *Terah is one who attempted to delay the Torah by remaining in Haran, therefore he is cut off from the rainhe becomes one who is cut off just as the serpents seed is in order for the Word of Yahweh to go forth through Abram! Along with Terah, there are 2 others listed as part of Abrams family who dont go forth either, Abrams brothers Nahor and Haran. 1) Nahor: Strongs #5152 Nachowr snorting; from #5170 nachar snorting; the 2 letter root carries with it the idea of growing white or pale; gematria = 264, the same as Jordan #3383 Yarden the descender, the crossing of this river is associated with being a Hebrew as well, when these waters are crossed by Israel in Joshua 3:13 the waters of the Jordan were cut off. *Picture of the seed of those who descended/the seed of the serpent/watchers being cut off! Nahor grows pale when faced with this task, and therefore remains in Ur unwilling to deal with the seed of the serpent! 2) Haran: Strongs #2039 Haran mountaineer; from #2022 har mountain, hill; the 2 letter root forms the word ron (#7438) ringing cry, shout for joy; remember that Haran dies in Ur, in other words the shout for joy is cut off! All those who choose to stay here, will find their shout cut off if they dont lekh lekha! Abram makes this journey when he is 75 years old. 75 is the gematria of #4405 millah word, speech, or utterance; from the root malal to speak, utter, or to say (*remember it had the same gematria as Lekh-Lekha). When he crosses over, one of the marks/indicators is that he is able to speak forth the Word of Yahweh (an ability that his hindered in Ur and Haran)! And an ability hindered as long as Terah, his father, is in charge! Its no coincidence that the number 75 is seen in the book of Esther. Esther 9:16 But the other Jews that [were] in the king's provinces gathered themselves together, and stood for their lives, and had rest from their enemies, and slew of their foes seventy and five thousand,

but they laid not their hands on the prey *This takes place during the month of Adar! The serpents seed and all those who attempt to stop the rain/stop the Torah are cut off and it is declared in the earth! This becomes a shadow picture for our days as well. Being called out of Babylon/Ur and becoming a Hebrew places the duty upon our shoulders to cut off the seed of the serpent in the earth, to circumcise this other knowledge, and to declare the Word of Yahweh in the earth! This is the duty of the Hebrew!