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Consultancy for CSR activities

• Handling corporate social responsibility program for a corporate entity
• Initiating and monitoring progress of community initiatives
• Involving employees in social activities
• Arranging special programs like donation drives etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of a corporate entity is expected to
serve multiple objectives, but as is obvious none of the objectives are exclusive,
rather they emanate from each other. The outline of a CSR initiation strategy can be
as follows:
A. The employees from all levels shall contribute their ideas – on broader
development issues, as well as on ways of involvement – to give a shape to the
CSR layout of the company. This should evolve a CSR philosophy of the company
that is endeared to both the company and the employees.
B. Generating a database of community initiatives (by NGOs, by individuals, by
groups of employees) and presenting their work and demands - this will
streamline the initiation of new programs / community initiatives.
C. The CIC1 (Community Initiatives Cell) shall also collect information from
employees about their non-professional background2, their exposure to
development issues, their (other) skills, their ideas of development, their idea of
involvement etc. This will help the CIC match employees and initiatives.
D. The matching of employees and initiatives will help both: initiation as well as
monitoring of community initiatives.
E. Monitoring and assessment of community initiatives shall have a mix of tangible
and intangible indicators. Community projects if run solely for “figures” seldom
remain sensitive to their humane purpose. Keeping this in mind, informal
assessment and the “feel” element from inputs of employees shall carry more
weight as compared to “figures”. The tangible indicators shall basically monitor the
financial integrity of client NGOs/individuals.
F. Involving employees shall have a four-fold approach:
i. Sensitising on development issues (interviews, visits, treks, films,
ii. Developing options of involvement according to aptitude, time, and
iii. Boosting motivation through special programs (Donation drives,
giving award to a development worker, locating a program in rural
NGO location etc.)

Alternatively called "Friends in need" cell or "Partnering Growth" cell.
This entire information shall be voluntarily given. No field shall be mandatory.

iv. Sustaining and giving recognition to employee involvement

G. Arranging special programs broadly for two purposes: for boosting “social
responsibility” motivation, and for achieving targets in emergency situations (e.g.
collecting relief help after earthquake)

The CIC shall conduct an initial assessment of current status of programs, employee
involvement, funding possibilities, relationship management with NGO and other partners
An annual plan or calendar can be prepared on the basis of initial assessment. Indicators
for assessing the progress of initiatives and a systemic database on CSR activities shall be
developed with inputs from employees.
The CIC shall submit a report of its activities on completion of the first quarter of work. A
strategic review should follow this first report in order to streamline the CSR programs.
Ongoing responsibilities of CIC:
1. Hunting good initiatives by NGOs and individuals and developing partnership
models with definite inputs from the company
2. Developing employee involvement system and giving organised inputs to grow and
sustain motivation
3. Organising special programs with various purposes including recognition to
community initiatives, boosting motivation, meeting emergency needs
Operation of the CIC:
1. Mainly operated by a consultant working for 40 to 60 days a quarter
2. Basic work space and facilities to be provided by the company at its campus
3. Budget for each activity should be outlined in the annual calendar/plan
4. The working contract shall be governed by a TOR (Terms of Reference) agreed on
mutually by the consultant and the company

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