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Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Grace Notes
Volume 41, Issue 11

November 2011



[ stoo-erd-ship,


noun 1. the position and duties of a steward, a person who acts as the surrogate of another or others, especially by managing property, financial affairs, an estate, etc. 2. the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving: New regulatory changes will result in better stewardship of lands that are crucial for open space and wildlife habitat.

Stewardship Your Finance & Stewardship Committee has selected tithing as the theme for the 2011 Stewardship season. Tithing is the means by which the Body of Christ, the Church, can exist. It has no other means of financial support. Tithing is important for other reasons, as well. It is a tangible expression of the faith of a Christian in God as the Author of Being. It is the gateway to the covenant for the believer. It is an exercise in trust which can lead to a maturity of faith. In all honesty, we are not concerned about your share of the churchs budget. What matters most is Gods share of your income. The Finance & Stewardship Committee has made presentations about tithing in several Minutes for Ministry and at meetings of each of the Sunday School classes. At Wednesday Night Live on November 9 the program will review the different aspects of tithing, and will also include a few fun activities. We look forward to seeing you there, and, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (804) 355-5161 or Yours in Christs service, Maurice Bell, Ruling Elder Coordinator, 2011 Stewardship Campaign

Stewarding Our Property Your Property Committee works throughout the year to maintain our facilities
and to care for their function and appearance. Not only is it faithful stewardship of Gods gifts to do so, but it also makes a witness to visitors of our gratitude for our facilities and our responsible attention. Events such as the Candlelight Carol Service (December 18th) and the meeting of the Presbytery of the James (February 18th) will bring an especially large number of visitors to Grace Covenant. We want our sanctuary, hallways and meeting rooms to echo the warm welcome they will receive from our members, and we are drawing up a list of projects to that end. If you would like to participate in a project (such as, e.g., painting the basement hallway), please give your name to Cal Gray (804/673-0587, or Wayne Casey (804/222-3468, We will be contacting you in November about getting started. Thank you!

Volume 41, Issue 11

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Twenty-Three Years of Music Ministry (Part 5 of 6)

In June 1997 I left St. Petersburg, Florida, and became the new Director of Music and Organist at First Presbyterian Church in East Hampton, New York. First Presbyterian was founded a year after the town of East Hampton was first settled and has ministered to those living on the eastern end of Long Island for over three centuries. The church sits just outside the center of the village and is a popular site for weddings throughout the year. My responsibilities at the church included directing the Chancel Choir, the Junior Choir, and a Youth Handbell Choir which I started my last year at the church. The Chancel Choir had only fourteen singers when I started, but that number increased to twenty-six by the time I left in 2000. While living in East Hampton I took an interest in gardening. One of my choir members was a landscape architect and needed an assistant, so I accepted a part-time position as a gardener. One of our clients was songwriter Billy Joel who, at the time, owned a large Provenal-style home on the Atlantic Ocean. I managed to see Billy only a few times, but it was a thrilling experience to work on the property of a famous musician. As one can imagine, New York is an expensive place to live. As such, I needed to seek employment to be able to live in the area. In addition to my church job, I was the appointed accompanist and organist for the Choral Society of the Hamptons. Also, I was introduced to childrens theater in East Hampton and became the Music Director for Stages, a childrens theater program that produced five musicals per year. In Stages I worked with the children and grandchildren of both Alec Baldwin and Chevy Chase. East Hampton is two hours from Manhattan, and I wanted to experience living in the city just so I could say I lived there. I shared an apartment with two other people in New York City and worked part-time for MultiPlan, a managed health company. After a few short months with the company I was offered a fulltime position; however, I declined because I did not want to leave my musical career, which I loved and wanted to continue. It was a big decision to leave New Yorkthe worlds most eclectic city, the serene landscape of the Hamptons, and the musical culture that abounded everywhere. But Richmond has always been home, and I knew that I wanted to return to full-time church music. In November 1999 I came across a Director of Music position at an historic church in Richmond: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. I mailed my resume and, when I returned from Thanksgiving break, there was a message on my phone from Dana McKnight, requesting an interview. The rest is history and covered in next months Grace Notes. Chris Martin Director of Music

Volume 41, Issue 11

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Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of the James Fall Gathering

Saturday, November 5, at Chester Presbyterian Church the PW POJ will be holding a Fall Gathering. Guest speaker Dr. Felecia Douglass, Pastor of New Covenant Church will present an overview of the Horizon's Bible Study, "Confession the Beatitudes." Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the Meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. Light refreshments will be served beginning at 8:00 a.m We will be carpooling from Grace Covenant. Please RSVP to Beth Coltrain at 329-8218 or to your Circle Leader. *Leadership training for all leaders will be in the afternoon. The Presbyterian Women Holiday Luncheon will take place Tuesday, December 6. At 12:00 noon the JR Tucker High School Choir will be singing in the Sanctuary. Please come hear the choir at noon and join us for lunch in the Fellowship Hall after the concert.(Circle # 2 is in charge)

All Circles Meet on Tuesday, November 8

rcle 1 PW Ci Circle ening

PW Circle 2 11:00 a.m. Covenant Room


PW Circle 3 9:30 a.m. Social Room Hostess: Margaret


PW Cir

cle 4 .m. oom


eigh Sa

10:30 a

e Avenu 7 Park 172

L Laura stess: Ho

R Forum

Hostess: Brenda Harris

ell a Popp ss: Juli Hoste

Stewardship Corner and Financial Update Remember the Hungry


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$4.50 A MONTH

Grace Covenant collects for the 5 a meal fund throughout the year. In fact, Grace Covenant has been collecting since it was 2 a meal. Traditionally, the first Sunday of every month has been dedicated for an additional gift to the 5 a meal fund and, during the Wednesday Night Live gatherings, cans are placed on the tables for loose change for the fund. Except for our annual Souper Bowl offering, proceeds from the 5 a meal fund are divided 75% going to the Presbyterian Churchs national program and 25% going to local causes. In recent September's contributions of $39,900 were fairly years, the Mission Committee has strong, up 44% from a low point of $22,500 in given to the Central Virginia Food August. For the first three quarters of the year Bank and Stuart Circle Parish meals contributions are down less than 1% from last year, but they include $18,800 in 2011 pledges paid last ministry. Our Souper Bowl year. For the same period total income, exclusive collections have gone to Meals on of repayments from the Child Development CenWheels and Freedom House in ter and a bequest, is down slightly more than 1%. recent years. General Fund expenses in September totaled only Excluding Souper Bowl collections, our average monthly collection (January September) for the past three years: 2009 - $255/ month, 2010 - $252/month, and 2011 - $179/month. We have collected $208 for the 5 a meal fund so far in October. With two Sundays and two Wednesdays remaining, our monthly averages for the year should improve. So remember, on that first Sunday when you eat from the Lords Table, as Jesus told Peter, Feed my sheep, you too, can feed Gods sheep with your gift to the 5 a meal fund. Also, remember that you can give to the fund any Sunday. Thank you for your kind gifts to the 5 a meal fund and your gifts of non-perishable food that are given to the William Byrd Community Center. As always, if you have any questions you can contact the bookkeeper, 359-2463, ext. 205.
$41,800, which was $3,800 less than total income. Our Five Cents per Meal offering in September was a relatively low $136.

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Grace Notes

Memorial Poinsettias
Those interested in providing memorial poinsettias for use in the Sanctuary during the Christmas season should send information and payment to the church ON OR BEFORE Monday, December 5. Those ordering poinsettias are asked to provide information on the form below and mail or bring it to the church office. The price of the plants is $10.00. Checks should be made payable to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church and marked for Memorial Poinsettias.



Grace Covenant members and friends may participate in the Christmas celebration by making a gift toward the purchase of fresh greens to decorate the Sanctuary. The gifts, in any amount, may be made in honor or memory of a friend or family member. The names of those remembered will be printed in the Candlelight bulletin with the memorial poinsettias names. Information and contributions should be sent to the church ON OR BEFORE MONDAY, DECEMBER 5. Please use the form below. IN MEMORY OF ______________________________________________________________________ BY __________________________________________________________________________________ Checks should be made payable to Grace Covenant and marked for the Christmas Greens Fund. PLEASE SUBMIT INFORMATION AND PAYMENT BY MONDAY, DECEMBER 5 GCPC. 1627 Monument Avenue. Richmond, VA. 23220

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Grace Notes


Dont miss this event. Its the best Christmas gift youll purchase this year. Guaranteed!

Grace Covenant will be participating in the Salvation Army Christmas Angel Tree program this year. Angel Tree is a ministry of Prison Fellowship, delivering love in the form of Christmas gifts and a message of hope to children of prisoners. Angel Tree Christmas connects the parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts by local church volunteers, who purchase and deliver these gifts and bring the gospel to children. Often times the local church will host a Christmas party for the children, their caretakers , and family. We will have a Christmas tree on display in the Narthex and the Fellowship Hall to choose an angel you would like to bless. All gifts need to be turned in no later than Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

The Power of a Simple Gift

Operation Christmas Child invites you to pack a shoe box with small toys, school supplies, other gifts, and a personal note to introduce a hurting child to Gods love. The small gifts of love and messages of hope through Jesus Christ are delivered to needy children overseas. We have two displays in the Narthex and a table outside of the Choir Room. For additional information or questions, please contact Susan Farrell at 804-314-1937 or the Missions Committee.

Its time to order Poinsettias and Christmas Greens! If you would like to purchase a Poinsettia or give toward Christmas Greens, in memory/honor of a loved one, please return the enclosed insert with your payment by Monday, December 5. These Poinsettias and Christmas Greens will decorate the Sanctuary for the Candlelight Service and the Christmas holiday season.

Openers/Closers November 6 November 13 November 20 November 27 Rob Rosebro Jef Londrey Kent Cardwell Whit Whitley

November 20 November 27 Greeters November 6

Katherine Baird Maurice Bell TBA

Leslie Hartman Carol Wood Bob Copeland Megan Meyer Marcia Manning Kent Cardwell Carol Wood Leslie Hartman Carol Wood

Wednesday Night Supper/Glass Monitor November 2 November 9 November 16 November 23 November 30 Nursery Volunteers November 6 November 13 November 20 November 27 Childrens Worship Kits Kaete Unterzuber Elementary Sunday School November 6 November 13 TBA Erika Tabor Lisa Cardwell Mary Gray Ann Hubbard need volunteer Cal Gray Cherry Corley Scott Boze Pat Ball Kent Cardwell

November 13

November 20 November 27

Host/Hostess for the Fellowship Time Volunteers host our Fellowship Time in the Social Room after Worship on Sundays. If you would like to volunteer to host the Fellowship Hour one Sunday, please sign up on the sign up sheet in the Social Room or the Glass Office. Grace Notes Deadline: Friday, November 18 is the deadline for submissions for our November edition. Volunteers for Grace Notes are needed to help prepare our monthly newsletter for bulk mail from 9:00 a.m.12 noon on Tuesday, November 29. If you would like to help for part, or all, of that time frame, simply come to the church library and enjoy some fellowship with other members as you volunteer in this ministry.

Grace Covenant Child Development Center

Happy Halloween from Grace Covenant Child Development Center! What an exciting time for us as we kick off the fall season. October is safety month, and so we've had lots of visitors coming to the Center to share with us a few tips on how to stay safe. The kids were overjoyed at seeing the fire truck in the parking lot, and sat so nicely to listen to the fireman talk to us about fire safety. One fireman even put on his full gear to show the kids what a fireman would look like in a real emergency. Some of us were a little bit scared when the mask went on, but all the more reason to show them what a fireman looks like if there were ever a fire. Now we know who the good guys are! He also gave parents some basic tips for the whole family, such as checking your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks. A police officer brought his car another day, and spoke to us briefly about 9-1-1 procedures. The kids got to see the lights, and even sit in the car! Not only did we get to learn about safety with firemen and police cars, but we also incorporated community helpers in general into our October theme. Maggie the mail person brought all the kids some mail, and we took pictures of the kids in the mail carrier. A local school bus came to the parking lot, and we got to sit in the seats all together. We even got to see a street sweeper, and learn how they keep our streets nice and clean! To wrap it all up, GCCDC is throwing a Fall Festival on Halloween day for our families, with games, booths, and even a costume parade! The week before, we will be discussing the difference between real and pretend, and discussing why costumes aren't scary. As if October didnt have quite enough excitement, we'll really start to get into the holiday season in November. The threes will learn the story of the very first Thanksgiving, and we'll even have a Thanksgiving meal here for lunch one day. They will all dress as either pilgrims or Native Americans, and act out the friendship between the two. What a great way to teach about God's love and forgiveness, by using a story about enemies overcoming their differences and turning into friends. And what better way to demonstrate Christian fellowship than to dine and play together all at the same time? We are really looking forward to the theme of compassion, friendship, and cooperation in the weeks to come! - Nicole Williams, Interim Director
CDC Board Members are: Cal Gray, Jean Appich, Jordan Ball, Susan Boze, Cherry Corley, Catherine Kerns, Marcia Manning, Janet Miller, Christof Meyer, and Beth Coltrain


November Birthdays
2- Andrew Kennedy 4- Sky Harper 5- Lydia Coleman 5- Eddie Cardwell 7- Belle Pace 11- Johnny Norris 11- Emily Bell 12- Forrest Whitley 13- Lynne Norris 13- Loretta Albertis 14- Beverly Proffitt 14- Hannah Coltrain 15- Ben Gordon 16- Mac McClanahan 16- Elizabeth Russell 17- Vivien Chen 18- Elisabeth (Aldridge) Spivey 19- Cole Stepahin 21- Mary Harwood 22- Martha Rubin 22- Alexandra Roever 28- Ella Appich 29- Janet Chenoweth 29- Helen Holt

The lady across the table at dinner recently asked me my age. Some folks dont like to tell how old they are, and consider it impolite if you inquire. One of our Westminster Canterbury residents had a quaint comment about this. I quote as best as I can remember: I dont mind telling my age because I like for people to know WHY I look the way I do. I have traveled down many roads during my life, and some of them werent even paved. I can relate to that. I expect you can also. Win Arn and Charles Arn, a father and son team, have provided us with a new resource; The New Senior: Preparing Your Church for the Age Wave, Institute for Church Growth, Monrovia, California. For those of you who hesitate to be thought of as Older Adults, you may be able to identify with their term: New Senior. Win and Charles have identified several qualities that help us define and distinguish the New Seniors from their traditional contemporaries.
New Seniors enjoy going out. New Seniors have goals they want to accomplish. New Seniors would rather serve others then be served. New Seniors eat nutritionally and exercise regularly. New Seniors feel 10-20 years younger than their chronological age. New Seniors look forward to the future. New Seniors have supportive friendships. New Seniors are often part of groups that share common interests and concerns. New Seniors have a sense of humor. New Seniors regard retirement as a time for work, study, service, and play.

What do these qualities concerning persons born between 1920 and 1945 say to us in our plans for adult ministry at Grace Covenant?

Sunday Monday Tuesday 1 Staff Meeting 10:00 am Care Team 3:00 pm Mens Group 8:00 pm 6 Mission Study Team 8:30 am Handbell Choir 8:30 am Sunday School 9:45 am Worship 10:55 am Fellowship Hour 12 noon 7 Mens Lunch 12 noon 8 Staff Meeting 10:00 am PW Circles Meet Care Team 3:00 pm Christian Ed, Property and Finance Committee Meetings at 7:00 pm 15 Staff Meeting 10:00 am Care Team 3:00 pm Mens Group 8:00 pm

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Wednesday 2 NO CHOIRS! Wednesday Night Live 6:00 pm 9 Carol Choir 4:30 pm Junior Choir 5:00 pm Wednesday Night Live 6:00 pm Chancel Choir 7:15 pm 16 Carol Choir 4:30 pm Junior Choir 5:00 pm

13 STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY 14 Mens Lunch 12 noon Mission Study Team 8:30am Handbell Choir 8:30 am Worship Committee Sunday School 9:45 am Meeting at 7:00 pm Worship 10:55 am Fellowship Hour 12 noon 20 Mission Study Team 8:30 Handbell Choir 8:30 am Sunday School 9:45 am Worship 10:55 am Fellowship Hour 12 noon 27 Mission Study Team 8:30 Handbell Choir 8:30 am Sunday School 9:45 am Worship 10:55 am Fellowship Hour 12 noon 21 Mens Lunch 12 noon Conrad Center 5:15 pm

Wednesday Night Live 6:00 pm Chancel Choir 7:15 pm


22 Staff Meeting 10:00 am Care Team 3:00 pm

Thanksgiving Dinner 6:00 pm Program & Service 7:00 pm Chancel Choir 8:00 pm 30 Carol Choir 4:30 pm Junior Choir 5:00 pm Wednesday Night Live 6:00 pm Chancel Choir 7:15 pm

28 Mens Lunch 12 noon

29 Staff Meeting 10:00 am Care Team 3:00 pm GRACE NOTES MAILING!



Saturday 5 Officer Training 9:00 am - 12:00 noon Wedding for Glass/Alexander 6:00 pm

3 Mothers Together 9:30 am 4 Wedding Rehearsal for Fellowship Committee Glass/Alexander 5:00 pm Meeting at 7:00 pm Community Group 5:45 pm 10 11

12 SUNTRUST MARATHON Officer Training 9:00 am - 12:00 noon

Mothers Together 9:30 am Community Group 5:45 pm Administration Committee Meeting 6:00 pm 17 Mothers Together 9:30 am Community Group 5:45 pm SESSION MEETING 7:00 pm 24 THANKSGIVING DAY CHURCH OFFICE & CDC CLOSED! 25 CHURCH OFFICE & CDC CLOSED! Community Group 5:45 pm 18 GRACE NOTES DUE!

19 Officer Training 9:00 am - 12:00 noon


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Dinner is served from 6:00 - 6:30 p.m.

November 2 Baked potato bar, rolls, salad bar, sheet cake November 9 Rock castle chicken, Harvard beets, salad bar, rolls, apple crisp November 16 Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, collard greens, salad bar, brownies November 23 THANKSGIVING DINNER! Turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, peas, salad bar, rolls, pumpkin pie for dessert November 30- Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, salad bar, chocolate eclair cake
Meals are: $5.00 per adult $2.00 children and students $12.00 maximum per family

Wednesday Night programs are from 6:30 - 7:15 p.m. every week in the Fellowship Hall. Programs include special guest speakers or people in our own congregation, sharing various topics.
November 2: Beth Chapman, Janet and Bill Stuarts daughter, is introducing Rebecca Hickman, President, Blue Star Families. Mrs. Hickman will share the efforts of Blue Star in easing the absence of family members who are in military service. November 9: In Malachi 3:10 we read, Test me in this, says the Lord Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. Maurice Bell will share with us that when we tithe we return to the Lord the things with which he has blessed us. November 16: Marjorie Adams, a long-time member, will share with us how Grace Covenant came into being and about our legacy, of establishing Presbyterianism in Richmond and in forming many Presbyterian churches. November 23: Brint Keyes will remind us that we have more to be thankful for other than the first celebration of turkey and pumpkin pie. November 30: Ernie Gardner and Chris Martin will regal us with Advent Hymns. Several years ago, Ernie led us in writing our own hymn. Many remember his solo rendition of arias from Handels Messiah. His operatic tenor voice could be called an ethereal blessing.

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Grace Notes

Chancel Choir to Begin Rehearsing Music for Candlelight

Want to sing in the choir for Candlelight, but dont have the time to make a commitment to the Chancel Choir for the entire season? Heres your chance! Every year we invite members of Grace Covenant and friends from the community to sing with the Chancel Choir at the annual Candlelight Carol Service. This years Candlelight Service will be Sunday, December 19, 5:00 p.m. In order to participate in the choir for Candlelight, singers must attend at least four rehearsals (listed below) including the Saturday morning rehearsal prior to the Candlelight Service. Contact Chris Martin for more information. We hope to see you at one of our rehearsals! Chancel Choir Candlelight Rehearsal Schedule Wed., Nov. 16, 7:15-9:00 p.m. Wed., Nov. 23, 8:00-9:00 p.m. (Thanksgiving Eve) Wed., Nov. 30, 7:15-9:00 p.m. Wed., Dec. 7, 7:15-9:00 p.m. Sat., Dec. 10, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon Wed., Dec. 14, 7:15-9:00 p.m. Sat., Dec. 17, 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (mandatory dress rehearsal) Choral Music In the Bleak Midwinter Harold Darke I Saw Three Ships Craig Curry Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day John Gardner Glory to God in the Highest Carl Schalk
He Whom Shepherds Once Came Praising David Cherwien

Adoration of the Wise Men Craig Thoburn Stay With Us Egil Hovland

Candlelight Carol Service

Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church 1627 Monument Avenue

Chancel Choir Junior Choir Carol Choir Handbell Choir

Reception is given held by the Presbyterian Women. Childcare provided

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Grace Notes



Keep up the good work! William Byrd also accepts and needs, toiletry items such as paper towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo. Our church has been giving non-perishable foods items to the William Byrd Community House for several years to help assist their food pantry. The William Byrd Community House maintains a food closet that serves Richmond City and the adjacent counties. When available, their food pantry also provides individuals with the basic household items and toiletries to maintain themselves and their families. These are everyday items that Food Stamp dollars will not cover and may be very costly to a low-income family. We have participated in this ministry by giving nonperishable food items. In the past Grace Covenant has collected food one Sunday a month but this is a collection we are able to take every week. Items can be placed in the grocery cart outside the Social Room. YOU CAN HELP in the simplest ways!

Annual Christmas Pageant

December 11 at 9:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall The Annual Christmas Pageant is being written by Evelyn Tower and directed by Janet Chenoweth. All Sunday School Classes are invited to participate. Infants, toddlers, preschool, Elementary and 7th - 12th graders and higher. More information to follow in next months Grace Notes.

Cameron Baird has won the lead role in Fox Elementary Schools play: Seussical the Musical, based on the books by Dr. Seuss. She will be playing the role of the Cat in the Hat. The performances will be at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 8, and at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Friday, December 9. The performance will be at the school. If you would like to attend, please save the date and come to support Cameron Baird, daughter of Katherine and Brian Baird. Admission is free.

The Staff
Brint Keyes

2011 Officers
Our Elders serve the church as leaders; our Deacons lead the church in service. Please feel free to approach them with any questions or feedback about GCPC's ministries.
CLERK OF SESSION: Everett Reveley ELDERS: Jean Appich (11) - Christian Education Brian Baird (11) - Evangelism (M) Maurice Bell (13) - Finance/Stewardship Kent Cardwell (12) - Missions (M) Cal Gray (11) - Property (M) Matt Hartman (13) - Worship; Evangelism Cheryl Jacobs (12) - Worship (M); Administration Catherine Kerns (13) - Christian Education; Evangelism Caroline Leith (11) - Worship Katie McCullough (13) - Administration (Co-M); Mission Dana McKnight (11) - Finance/Stewardship (M) Christof Meyer (12) - Discipleship Tom Miller (12) - Christian Education (M) Everett Reveley (12) - Finance/Stewardship DEACONS: Pat Aldridge (11) - Cards and Prayer Ministry Betty Appich (11) - Deacon Support Pat Ball (12) - Flower Deliveries Cherry Corley (12) - (Vice-Moderator) Susan Farrell (12) - Visitation, Transportation Jim McCullough (13) - Deacons Fund Nikki Hazlegrove (13) - Meal Deliveries Julia Poppell (11) - (secretary) Visitation Dawson Watkins (11) - (Moderator) Visitor follow up Carol Wood (13) - Visitation and Prayer Ministry Sid Yates (12) - Ushers (M=Moderator) MISSION STUDY TEAM: John Nevin (Moderator) Matt Johnson (Co-Moderator) Brian Baird Matt Hartman Catherine Kerns Christof Meyer Everett Reveley Brint Keyes (ex officio)

Interim Pastor Chris Martin

Director of Music and Organist Vanessa Strait

Administrative Assistant Martha Rubin

Bookkeeper Willie Alford


Church Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Phone: (804) 359-2463 Fax: (804) 278-6298 Sundays: 9:30 a.m.
10:55 a.m. 12:00 noon

Sunday School for all ages in the Education Building Worship Service in the Sanctuary Congregational Fellowship in the Social Room

Grace Covenant Child Development Center Nicole Williams

Interim Director


Address Service Requested

November November November November November November November November November


Dont forget to set your clock BACK one hour before going to bed on Saturday, November 5, 2011.

December 10, 2011
The PEOPLE Group will gather at the beautiful home of Will Madden located at 3 Glebe Close at Westminster Canterbury at 6:00 p.m. Mark your calendars and plan to attend this wonderful evening of fellowship. Please bring an appetizer, main dish, salad, side vegetable or dessert to share.