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Study / research of Attitudes of student teachers Towards the humanistic approach of teaching" 1.

This study of the attitudes of future teachers in the context of the humanistic approach to education emerges as a stopover in the troubled contemporary times, in which, in many cases the teacher-student relationship is more and more distanced and depersonalized. Thus, the need to assess whether the channels of communication between student and teacher are adequate and are being well used, since it is through dialogue between learner and teacher generated teaching and learning processes. This dialogue should lead to a reciprocal relationship between student and teacher, because in a liberal education, both teachers and students learn from each other, and the responsibility of the teacher be a guide that encourages students to participate actively in the process, encouraging him to interact with others and relate the knowledge to their daily lives and in context. It is important that the teacher creates a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, discussion and participation, based on the needs and interests of their students, for which it must be good communication and a recursion by the teacher on strategies teaching. On the other hand, I see the need to study this issue because in the current system, the human being is becoming more automated as the system tends to homogenize human beings as mere tools to conceive and for their own purposes, denying the comprehensiveness and individuality of each person. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the attitudes of future teachers to examine whether these are going to continue playing the model imposed by the system, which consists of manufacturing machines to service the system or if you really are the future teachers to conceive of people as ends in themselves and will seek to develop each person as an individual subject and individual potential. 2. 1. What are the teachers beliefs of teaching from their attitudes and feelings to teaching? 3. APA TEACHER BELIEFS: are the mental imagery that teachers have on issues related to education, and may be the product of his thoughts, his own experience or derived paradigms of teaching practice. These beliefs about teaching often seek to undermine the new theories that seek a change in education. 1. Raths J. (2001) Teachers. Beliefs and Teaching Beliefs. Early childhood research and practice journal. Volume 3 N 1 2. Raths J. & Mcaninch A. C. (2003) ATTITUDES TO TEACHING:Are the prevailing tendency of each person to respond favorably or unfavorably to teaching. Attitudes about teaching can be positive or negative. The attitude is defined by the visible postures and human beliefs about

education. 1. Connecting Research in Physics Education with Teacher Education Section D2. Physics teacher's attitudes: how do they affect the reality of the classroom and models for change?